Braun Series 9 Pro Review: Should You Buy It?

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Pros: very fast and powerful, comfortable, excellent closeness of the shave, great performance with longer and flat-lying hairs, easy to use, practical cleaning station, solid battery life, power case

Cons: pricey, not quite as comfortable as the standard Series 9

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[4.5 out of 5 stars]

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With more than 6 years since the introduction of the original Series 9 and two incremental updates along the way, a major overhaul to Braun’s flagship shaver was long overdue.

And while we were all expecting an all-new Series 10, Braun decided to follow the same approach as before and simply improve the existing Series 9.

But this time around, the changes do seem to be more significant than before: the new Series 9 Pro comes with a redesigned shaving head (cassette) and a really interesting accessory, the power case.

I managed to buy the Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc model ahead of the USA launch and in this review, I will be sharing the things that truly matter to us, the end users.

Having tested the shaver extensively for a couple of months, I’ll discuss the pros, cons and shaving performance and we’ll also see if it’s a worthy upgrade for current Series 9 owners.

That said, let’s dive right in.

Features overview

As mentioned above, I got the Series 9 Pro 9477cc model, which includes the automatic Clean & Charge station and the new power case.

In the beginning, only the 9477cc and 9465cc (no power case) were available in the USA exclusively through Braun’s website.

However, more Series 9 Pro models are beginning to show up on Amazon, like the 9465cc in Noble Metal or the gold 9419s.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc


See the price on Amazon

The 9465cc/9460cc only includes the standard hard leather travel case instead of the power case (so it also costs less than the 9477cc).

Braun Series 9 Pro 9460cc


See the price on Amazon

The solo 9419s (no cleaning station) is usually the cheapest.

Performance-wise, all of them are identical to my 9477cc, so you might consider this a 9460cc, 9465cc or 9419s review as well.

The 9477cc is also available in various European countries, alongside many other S9 Pro models, with or without a cleaning station or power case.

The shaving performance is however identical throughout the entire Series 9 Pro range.

The shavers that do not come with a cleaning station (called solo models) will only work with a Series 9 station of type 5430, also shipped with the 93xx Series 9.

So if you already own a 93xx Series 9 (like the 9385cc or 9390cc), you can use your existing cleaning station with a solo S9 Pro like the 9427s or 9419s, for example.

For more details about the various Series 9 models, differences and compatibilities, you can check out my comprehensive guide.

With that out of the way, let’s start the review with a quick look over the most important features of the Series 9 Pro.

1. New 4-blade shaving head

Braun Series 9 Pro shaving head.

This is in my opinion the highlight of the S9 Pro — a change to the actual shaving head that can have a direct impact on the performance of the shaver.

Referred to as a 4+1 Pro head, the Series 9 Pro comes with a redesigned cassette that also has a new part number, 94M.

Compared to the previous Series 9 cassettes that come with the regular Series 9, the S9 Pro cassette has a new trimmer that should be even better at catching and cutting longer facial hair.

The new ProLift trimmer.
The new ProLift trimmer.

According to Braun, the new Series 9 Pro can shave a beard length of up to 7 days, improving the already excellent performance of the regular Series 9 in this regard (5 days).

Another benefit of this redesigned cutting element could be in the form of reliability.

As some users have reported in various online reviews and even in the comments section of this website, some of the existing Series 9 cassettes would fail after a few months of use.

And in many cases, the culprit seemed to be one of the two central trimmers.

But we’ll have to wait and see if the 94M cassette will be better in that regard.

Tip: the new 94M/94s cassette is backward compatible with all the previous Series 9 models. So you will be able to use it on your existing Series 9.

The redesigned element is now called a ProLift trimmer (the one with the gold finish) and it is different than the previous HyperLift&Cut trimmer when compared side by side.

94M and 92s cassttes.
The new 94M cassette (top) next to the old 92s (bottom).

I will share my thoughts on it in the performance section of the review after testing the Series 9 Pro on various beard lengths.

The other 3 shaving elements of the cassette have remained unchanged.

By the way, Braun still tries to push the idea that the Series 9 has 5 shaving elements (the so-called 4+1 Pro Head).

Well, it has 4 active shaving elements, so that’s just marketing fluff. The Panasonic Arc 5 for example truly has 5 blades. The Series 9, including the 2021 Pro, has 4.

2. Flexing shaving head and a redesigned locking switch

The range of motion of the Braun Series 9 Pro.

Things are exactly as before with regards to the flexing capabilities of the S9 Pro’s head.

And that’s good because the Series 9 has the simplest and most effective head I’ve seen on any foil shaver.

Even though it only moves up and down, the range of motion is generous, the head is pretty slim for a 4-blade shaver and the 4 cutters also move smoothly.

This makes shaving with the Series 9 Pro effortless and it’s very easy to maintain the foils in optimal contact with the skin.

What is different in the case of the Series 9 Pro is the switch that locks the head in place for more control.

Previously, the thumb rest doubled as a switch, while in the case of the S9 Pro models there’s a small, dedicated switch right below the thumb rest.

I honestly don’t see any advantages to this change, but it is there and Braun makes a pretty big deal out of it, calling it a Precision Switch, even though it does the exact same thing as before.

3. Sonic + AutoSense technology

The shaving head of the Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc.

The former is again carried over from the regular Series 9.

Basically, the 4 blades move at a rate of 10 000 oscillations per minute, hence the 40 000 cross-cutting actions per minute in the specs (4 * 10 000).

That’s not anything out of the ordinary (Panasonic shavers have motors capable of 14 000 cutting actions), but the numbers alone don’t mean much.

The Series 9 Pro continues to feel very powerful and fast, even more so than previously (mode details later on).

The AutoSense technology supposedly adjusts the power depending on the beard density, but I have never been able to notice any differences in speed.

Again, this is pretty obvious in the case of other shaver brands that use a similar technology as you can hear and feel the changes in speed.

4. Wet & dry, cordless only use

My S9 Pro 9477cc is a wet & dry shaver, hence it will only work cordless.

In fact, all the other Pro models are wet & dry as well. You can shave dry or with your shaving cream or gel of choice.

Just like the previous Series 9 generation, the 2021 Pro shavers are equipped with larger rechargeable batteries that provide up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving.

5. Power case

This is another novelty of the Pro models and one that is quite useful in my opinion.

Precisely, it’s a hard travel/storage case with a built-in rechargeable battery that charges the shaver while it’s stored inside the case.

Not all models include this case though, but fortunately, the 9477cc does.

The new Braun Poer case that's included with various Series 9 Pro models.

And just like the S9 Pro’s new cassette, the case is also compatible with the older Series 9, so you will again be able to buy it and use it with your existing shaver.

It’s also compatible with the Series 8.

I will get back to the case later on in the review.

6. Clean & Charge station

The so-called 5in1 SmartCare center only comes with the cc models and it’s the same station of the 93xx Series 9 models (type 5430).

It automatically cleans, lubricates, dries and charges the shaver.

As usual, we’ll check it out in the Cleaning & Maintenance section.

7. Pro LED display

Nothing has changed here either compared to most of the previous Series 9 models.

Braun Series 9 Pro display.

As such, we have the same white backlit display that shows various icons like battery charge, cleaning reminder and so on.

Being a Pro display, it also shows the last remaining 9 minutes of battery charge in actual Arabic digits.

8. Precision trimmer

The usual slide-out trimmer is present on the Braun Series 9 Pro as well.

The trimmer on the Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc.

It comes in handy for trimming and shaping your sideburns or even trimming a few stubborn flat-lying hairs.

Build quality and ergonomics

Being an evolution of the Series 9, the Pro shares pretty much everything with its predecessor.

As such, the shaver’s dimensions, weight, build quality and overall aesthetics and fit&finish have remained unchanged.

The Series 9 Pro and Series 9.

That said, the Series 9 never set any standards in this regard (Panasonic is in my opinion the best with its Arc 5 and Arc 6 lines).

While the Series 9 Pro is clearly above average when it comes to the quality of the construction, things could be better.

For example, the shavers always looked and felt a bit plasticky with the thinner panels and lighter weight.

The 9477cc that I’ve been testing comes in a matte silver color, so it looks better in my opinion than the chrome versions and the satin finish helps with hiding smudges and hairline scratches.

The Braun Series 9 Pro held in hand.

And I also think that the Series 9 Pro looks more spectacular in the official photos than in reality.

And for the price of the shaver, they could’ve used aluminum instead of plastic for the silver panels (like Panasonic does in the case of a few selected models).

However, there’s nothing really wrong with plastic and my 9477cc still feels pretty solid in hand, with no creaking sounds or panel gaps.

Starting from the top, we have the 4-blade 94M cassette that apart from the updated gold trimmer, is the same as the previous 92 cassettes.

It’s very easy to remove thanks to the two release tabs on the sides of the head.

Removing the cassette from the Series 9 Pro is very easy.

But it’s not always as smooth to put it back on as it sometimes snags onto something. A quick fix to that would be to press and hold the release tabs while putting it back in place.

Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning nevertheless as some users have asked me specifically about a fix.

The range of motion for the 4 cutters is on the other hand excellent.

It also takes just a bit of pressure in order to move them, so this system actually helps with keeping the foils in contact with the skin at all times.

The 4 cutters on the Braun Series 9 Pro can move independently.

I personally find this, along with the very basic front-to-back flexing of the entire head to be the most efficient system on any foil razor.

Below the head there’s a texturized thumb rest that used to double as a head locking switch.

This is one of the changes specific to the Braun Series 9 Pro, a rather insignificant (and unnecessary) one.

There’s now a smaller tab that acts as a standalone switch. In the free position, the head can swivel freely.

Sliding the tab down will lock it in a fixed position, while a ratcheting system still allows you to move the head manually in a different position.

The Series 9 Pro PrecisionLock: locked (left) and free (right).
The Series 9 Pro PrecisionLock: locked (left) and free (right).

This can be useful when shaving a tighter spot like right below the nose.

In my experience, the previous implementation of this worked just fine, so in the case of the S9 Pro, it’s merely another thing added to the list of new features.

The power button is very clicky and has a very short travel when pressed.

It’s also a travel lock that you can activate by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.

A red padlock icon will show up on the display to confirm that the power button is now locked and the shaver can’t be switched on by accident.

The travel lock padlock icon shown on the Braun Series 9 Pro display.

You can deactivate the travel lock by pressing and holding the power button again for 3 seconds.

The display is the same as before, pretty basic and not particularly sharp. There’s some backlight bleeding around the symbols when they show up on the display.

The battery indicator has 5 levels, represented by 5 small segments that turn off gradually as the battery charge drops.

The Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc in this review, as well as the rest of the Pro models, come with the more advanced display that also shows the remaining 9 minutes of use in actual Arabic numerals.

In the past generations, this was only available on a few specific models.

Other icons that show up on the display of the S9 Pro are the foil replacement reminder, cleaning indicator (cc models only) and low charge.

Braun Series 9 Pro 947cc back view.

On the back of the Braun S9 Pro there’s the usual slide-out hair trimmer, exactly as before.

The dimpled rubber sleeve is very grippy and that same material is used on the trimmer itself.

You can also see the two metal studs that connect the shaver to the cleaning station.

My 9477cc weighs 206 grams (7.26 oz), so it is 10 grams lighter than my other older S9 shavers, including a 9290cc that comes with a smaller battery.

I personally find it very enjoyable and easy to use, even for beginners. The head is pretty slim for a 4-blade foil razor and conforms easily to the different areas of the face.

Overall, the Pro Series 9 is exactly as before in terms of build quality and ergonomics.

It probably won’t wow you, but there’s nothing that really stands out in a bad way either.

Included accessories

The Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc that I’ve been testing comes with the following accessories:

  • Clean & Charge station (Type 5430)
  • 1 x Cleaning cartridge
  • Power case
  • Charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manuals

There’s no textile or leather case included with the models that come with the power case. Also, there’s still no protective cap for any of the Series 9 Pro models.

Braun S9 Pro 9477cc accessories.

I would have liked to see one of those textile/leather cases included as well and give the user an option when traveling.

The standard Series 9 leather and textile cases.

While the power case is really nice and useful, it’s also very large and heavy (I will be getting into more details in the charging section).

Battery life and charging

The Braun 9477cc, as well as the rest of the models in the new 2021 Pro range, are all suitable for wet&dry use.

As a consequence, all of them will only operate in cordless mode, so you won’t be able to shave while the razor is charging.

The battery fitted to the S9 Pro is the same one used in the previous generation, so you’ll get around 60 minutes of cordless shaving time.

That’s pretty good and above the industry average. Moreover, Braun has a good track record regarding the reliability of their batteries.

Charging a Series 9 Pro from the mains takes around 50 minutes.

Charging the Braun 9477cc.

In the case of the cc models like the 9477cc, 9465cc, 9460cc, etc. you can do that by plugging the cord directly into the shaver’s port (the regular way) or you can also charge it via the cleaning station.

All Series 9 Pro models have a rather basic 5 stage battery indicator, each segment representing around 20% of battery charge.

However, you may have noticed in some of the official product images of the Series 9 Pro that the display shows the digit 9:


That is a bit misleading and some users have rightfully thought that they got a shaver with a less advanced display.

That is not the case. The display will show a digit (starting with 9) only when the battery charge drops below a certain threshold and it can only last for around 9 more minutes.

After that, the counter will start going down as you’re using the shaver.

Here it is on my 9477cc that normally only shows the bars:

The Braun Series 9 Pro battery indicator showing a digit instead of the bars indicator.

When a digit is being displayed, a red plug icon will also blink intermittently, informing the user that the shaver must be charged.

Let’s now take a close look at the charging case.

Quite a few Series 9 Pro models, be it cc or solo, also come with the so-called Braun PowerCase.

The Braun PowerCase.

This accessory is brand new and quite exciting.

It also works with every other previously released Series 9 and Series 8, so you can buy it and use it with your existing shaver.

The only part number I’ve found so far is 9484pc.

The case works like a power bank and according to Braun, it provides an additional 50% worth of battery charge to your Series 9.

But after trying it a few times, I think that number is slightly underrated as I’ve been able to charge my shaver from 0 to at least 80% (4 bars on the shaver’s battery indicator).

The new Braun Power case that's included with various Series 9 Pro models.

The charging time using the case as opposed to charging directly from the mains is also impressive, being only slightly slower.

It took around 40 minutes to charge my shaver (with the battery completely depleted).

The case itself is built like a tank.

It’s extremely sturdy, very nicely finished and offers excellent protection. The cleaning brush also fits nicely in its own place.

The inside of the PowerCase.

That said, it’s also quite large and heavy, which isn’t great when traveling. And that’s the main purpose of this case in my opinion.

Once you place the shaver inside, the case won’t automatically start charging it unless you press the case power button.

The top cover also has this small cutout/window so you can see the charging progress on the shaver’s display.

The viewfinder in the PowerCase that allows you to see the shaver's charge level.

In order to charge the case’s battery, you’ll have to use the standard Braun charger (also included with each shaver).

So the case features Braun’s two-prong connector instead of a USB Type-C port for example.

That would have been more practical when traveling since you probably already have a charger for your phone or laptop.

But nevertheless, this type of accessory is genuinely useful and hopefully we’ll see something similar from the other brands as well.

I also think Braun deserves props for making it compatible with the previous Series 9 and 8.

Series 9 Pro shaving performance

Let’s now get to the part that matters the most: how good the new Braun Series 9 Pro shaves.

There’s a lot to be covered here, so I’ll break down this section into several chunks.

But if you like to skim through the details, here’s the short version:

The Braun Series 9 Pro shaves fantastic.

It’s one of the most enjoyable, comfortable and effective electric shavers on the market right now.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc


See the price on Amazon

The S9 Pro is a safe buy for the majority of users out there, regardless of what they’re wanting from an electric razor (if the budget is not an issue). It’ll probably do the job (and quite well).

That said, there are some shortcomings as well as you’ll see next.

Closeness of the shave

This was never one of Braun’s strong points, at least not in the past 10 years or so.

While the closeness has always been more than adequate, it lagged a bit behind Panasonic, the brand that is still class-leading in this regard.

The Series 9 is in my experience the closest shaving razor in Braun’s current lineup.

And with the new Pro, things are at least as good as before.

The new shaving head/cassette of the Pro models (94s/94M) features a redesigned cutter that in theory doesn’t have any influence on closeness.

The two outermost foils are the elements that actually cut the hair at skin level and those are the same as before.

And since the Series 9 Pro comes with the same motor as before, the closeness should also be pretty much the same as before.

After testing it for a few weeks, I can confirm that it is at least as good and most users will find it very satisfying.

And I say at least as good because the Series 9 Pro sounds and feels a bit faster than my other, regular Series 9.

It’s a bit louder and feels punchier, even though on paper it is exactly the same.

I also used it side by side with another 92xx Series 9 and the Pro just bites into the hairs with more strength.

It is a bit difficult to explain, but it feels slightly more powerful and effective at cutting the hairs close to the skin.

The closeness, especially on the neck and cheeks is among the best I’ve got (while shaving dry). Maybe a tad better than with the regular S9, but it would be really difficult to quantify.

Where the Series 9 Pro still lags behind an Arc 5 for example is right below the nose and on the chin where my beard is really thick and dense.

But it’s not a huge difference and I’m probably nitpicking.

All in all, the closeness with the Braun Series 9 Pro is really good. And that’s not even the shaver’s main advantage over most other foil razors out there.

That said, I don’t think you should necessarily buy it for that alone if you already own an older Series 9 in good condition.

A cheaper option would be to buy the new cassette that is backward compatible (more details on that in the Replacement parts section).


Regardless if you’re shaving wet or dry with the Series 9 Pro (with or without a pre-shave lotion), the comfort will be very good.

Unless you deliberately try to inflict some pain by pressing the head excessively or moving it extremely fast over sensitive areas, you’ll probably enjoy a smooth and irritation-free shave.

That said, the Braun S9 Pro, which to me seems (subjectively) more powerful, can also feel just a bit rougher if you’re very sloppy.

Again, I did try it side by side with the standard S9.

The Braun Series 9 Pro with the regular S9.

The difference is not major by any means, but I was able to notice it.

It didn’t result in any post-shave rash or discomfort, but during use, the Pro (with the new cassette) is slightly rougher.

My S9 Pro 9477cc also pinched the skin a couple of times and snagged a few long hairs.

The foils get only a bit warm after extended use, so no problems in that regard.

As a disclaimer, I have very sensitive skin, especially on the neck.

I think the Series 9 Pro will still be a great option for users with irritation-prone skin that also experience razor burn, ingrown hairs/folliculitis or need a few days between shaving sessions.

But if you want the absolute best for very sensitive skin, I think you should get one of the standard S9 models. The new 94M cassette, in combination with the punchier motor, are slightly less forgiving.

My guess is that the AutoSense sensor is just more liberal with the power, hence the Braun Series 9 Pro runs at peak power most of the time.

Speed and effectiveness when shaving longer hairs

This is the area where the Braun Series 9 Pro really shines and it’s better in my experience than any other foil razor on the market.

It’s powerful and fast and it takes me less time to complete my shave compared to using anything else, especially when shaving longer stubble.

The S9 Pro is very effective at catching difficult facial hair: longer, stray, flat-lying hairs that also grow in different directions.

These are usually a big problem for foil shavers and require many passes in order to get them.

The Braun Series 9 Pro is one of the best I’ve used so far when shaving a 4-day beard (most of the hairs on my neck stay flat on the skin as well).

Braun says that it can shave even a 7-day beard and I think that’s doable.

The redesigned ProLift trimmer is apparently the key element that makes the Pro Series 9 so effective.

The old one was already really good, to be honest, but any improvements are welcome.

The very simple head flexing system and the generous range of motion for the individual cutters allow optimum contact with the skin without much effort on your part.

This, together with the razor’s effectiveness with difficult hairs make for very enjoyable and short shaving sessions.

Also, most of the clipped stubble remains trapped inside the cassette.

Usually a foil shaver will make a mess on your forearm and shirt, but that is minimal with the Series 9 Pro.

Wet shaving performance

Braun shavers are generally very good when used dry regardless if it’s an entry-level model like the Series 3 or a range-topping Series 9.

They’re very comfortable, especially when compared to similarly priced razors from other brands and quite good with long and flat-lying hairs.

Most users will shave dry anyway, so the dry shaving performance of the Series 9 Pro was a priority during the test period.

But since all the Pro models are suitable for wet shaving, I also tried the 9477cc with shaving cream.

Unsurprisingly, the performance was stellar, the head glides easily on the skin, provided you’re only using a thin and watery layer of lather.

The comfort and closeness are also top-notch, but not that far off compared to a dry shave.

Some users could benefit more from shaving wet, but I think most will rather save some time and shave dry.

For example, I did notice a smoother finish below the nose where the hairs are very wiry and coarse compared to simply shaving dry.

Head orientation — does it matter?

You may have noticed that in Braun’s official press images of the Series 9 Pro, the shaving head (cassette) always appears with the gold ProLift cutter towards the front of the shaver, and not the other way around:

Braun Series 9 Pro official product photo.
Image credit:

This may lead some users to believe that this is the correct way of fitting the cassette to the shaver.

On the other hand, in the Series 9 Pro presentation video, the cassette appears flipped 180 degrees, so with the golden trimmer towards the back of the shaver:

In reality, there’s no right or wrong way and Braun never explicitly mentions how the head should be positioned.

I tried it both ways and I couldn’t really notice any difference. With the Series 9 (the regular one), I did have a preference for one vs the other (the difference was subtle though).

That said, depending on the particularities of your facial hair — how dense it is, the direction of growth, your technique, the speed of the stroke and so on — fitting the cassette one way or the other could yield better results.

So my advice is to simply try it both ways, ideally during the same shave, and see which one works better for you. In most cases it shouldn’t be a significant difference, so don’t stress too much about it.

Hair trimmer

I was never a fan of Braun’s slide-out trimmers (first introduced with the Series 5).

The new Series 9 Pro uses the exact same design, with the trimmer located on the back of the shaver.

The Braun 9477cc with the hair trimmer extended.

I find it awkward to use because of the way you have to hold the shaver and it’s only effective when you go against the grain, so you must hold the shaver upside down.

That’s also not ideal when you’re edging the bottom part of your sideburns, for example.

And even when moving against the grain, it’s just not as effective as a Panasonic trimmer nor does it cut the hairs as close to the skin.

I also wouldn’t use it to pre-trim my beard as it would take a lot of time and effort.

In conclusion, the trimmer on the Braun Series 9 Pro is mediocre at best, so just as it was on the regular Series 9.

Noise level

As mentioned a couple of times earlier in the review, the Braun Series 9 Pro is a bit louder than the standard models, but still among the quietest shavers in Braun’s lineup.

That doesn’t mean much though as foil razors are loud nevertheless.

And so is this one, especially when compared to a rotary. So nothing out of the ordinary in this regard — it will still wake up someone sleeping nearby for example.

Cleaning and maintenance

We know that the Braun Series 9 Pro is available with various accessories, the automatic cleaning&charging station being probably the most important one to factor in when deciding which model to buy.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc.

Personally, I prefer getting the ones that come with the station (for any Braun shaver from the Series 5 and up).

There are a few reasons for that:

  • The cc models don’t cost a lot more than the solo models;
  • There are many cheap third-party cleaning solutions available;
  • The station is the most practical out of all the brands since you can take the cartridge out, seal it and store it for future use;
  • It’s easy to use and does a great job cleaning and lubricating the shaver;
  • In time, some dirt and grime will accumulate inside the cassette and it is fiddly to clean it manually.

The Series 9 Pro 9477cc that I’ve been using comes with the cleaning station, so you have the option to clean it manually or automatically.

Let’s see what each of the two methods is like.

Automatic cleaning

The cleaning station bundled with the 9477cc and with all the other S9 Pro shavers is the same one from the previous 93xx Series 9 generation.

It has 3 cleaning modes (Short, Normal, Intensive) that the station automatically selects depending on how dirty the shaver is.

In practice, that claim is a bit misleading as the shaver itself cannot assess that; instead, it uses a simple timer-based logic to determine how long it’s been since the last automatic cleaning cycle.

In the case of the Series 9 Pro, the station tends to select the intensive cleaning mode extremely often, even after a short shaving session.

That was the case with the previous Series 9 as well. It’s not a big deal since the difference between the three cleaning modes is rather insignificant.

In order to get the station ready for use, you simply remove the cap from the cartridge, pop open the station by pressing the button on the back and slide the cartridge in place from the back.

Inserting the cartridge into the S9 Pro station.

Make sure the station is on a flat, sturdy surface so the solution won’t spill.

Close the station and connect the charging cable and you’ll all set.

The shaver must be dry and free of lather/foam before using the cleaning station.

So if you shave wet (with shaving cream), make sure to rinse the shaving head with water and pat it dry with a towel.

Also, before placing the shaver in the station, the head locking switch must be in the free position; otherwise, the shaver may not sit properly in place.

Tip: Before cleaning, I also like to remove the cassette and gently tap out the hairs so they won’t end up in the cartridge. This way it will last longer and the solution will remain cleaner.

The Series 9 Pro station selects the cleaning modes once the shaver is placed inside.
The Intensive cleaning mode being selected (3 droplets).

Once you put the razor in place, the station will determine the cleaning program and show one, two or three droplets, corresponding to a short, normal or intensive cycle.

The shaver will also begin to charge automatically.

You then press the start button and the cleaning will begin.

The 9477cc during the automatic cleaning process.
The 9477cc during the automatic cleaning process.

Throughout the cycle, the shaver will be turned on and off and a pump will flush the solution through the shaving head.

It’s very short — even the intensive one lasts a couple of minutes — but quite loud.

After that, the station will start drying the shaving head. There’s a small fan that blows air through a cutout in the front of the station.

The drying phase lasts less than 50 minutes and it’s reasonably quiet. You can stop it at any time by pressing the start button on the station.

But if you let it run through the entire cycle, the shaving head will be mostly dry, at least on the outside.

On the inside, it will still be a bit damp, so I prefer to take out the shaver from the station and let it air dry with the cassette removed.

Braun S9 Pro 9477cc with the cassette removed for effective drying.

The station charges the razor, but not during the actual cleaning or drying.

I always take out the cleaning cartridge and put the cap back on once the drying is done.

This way the alcohol-based fluid won’t evaporate and the cartridge will last longer.

Being able to do this makes Braun stations really practical (as opposed to the ones from Panasonic or Philips).

The fluid also acts as a lubricant, so you won’t have to do it yourself (more on that next).

Manual cleaning

If you get a solo Series 9 Pro or for some reason you don’t want or can’t use the station, you will have to clean the shaver manually.

And for the most part, that’s pretty straightforward.

Here’s how I usually do it.

Just as before, I like to remove the cassette and tap out the bulk of hairs trapped inside.

Tapping out the hairs from the cassette.

Make sure to do it gently and never hit the actual foils on a hard surface, just the plastic frame.

You can also use the cleaning brush, but only on the inside of the cassette.

Some users take this one step further with a few jets from a can of compressed air.

That’s pretty much what a basic dry cleaning would look like.

But since the Braun Series 9 Pro is waterproof, rinsing everything with water and (optionally some liquid soap) is certainly more effective and recommended.

You don’t want dirt building up in the corners of the cassette as it will be difficult to remove in time.

So I simply put the cassette back in place, turn the shaver on and rinse it generously with warm tap water.

Rinsing the shaving head with warm water.

I do this for 10 to 15 seconds. For some extra thorough cleaning, I also add a few drops of liquid hand soap on the foils and with the shaver still turned on, I spread it with my finger so the lather covers all 4 cutters.

Cleaning the shaving head with liquid hand soap.

After that, I rinse everything with warm water and finally turn off the shaver.

I prefer to remove the cassette and give everything one final rinse, inside out. I then shake off the water and pat everything dry with a paper towel.

In order for the moisture to evaporate completely, I don’t attach the cassette to the shaver just yet and let it air dry overnight.

That’s pretty much it.

As you can see, manually cleaning the Series 9 Pro 9477cc is pretty effortless, however, I think it’s better to also use the station at least once a week.

It does a better job than me at removing any stubborn dirt, especially from the inner corners of the cassette.


Manually cleaning an electric razor also implies the need for lubrication.

If you only clean it dry or with water, but without soap, then once or twice a week should be enough.

If you also use soap, then you should lubricate the cutters after every cleaning as soap removes any trace of lubricant.

Regarding what you should use, any type of light lubricant that is mineral oil based will do. For example, clipper oil is cheap and effective.

You can check out this guide for a few options that I personally use.

Another excellent choice would be a spray lubricant for electric shavers. That one also cleans and removes mineral deposits from the blades.

Tip: If you use the cleaning station regularly, there’s no need for additional lubrication.

Replacement parts availability

All the S9 Pro models come with Braun’s new cassette, the 94M.

The letter M only designates the matte silver color of the foil frame.

That said, there could be a 94s as well that will feature a glossy/chrome silver frame.

And that’s because the Series 9 Pro 9477cc comes with the 94M cassette (matte finish), but the online user manual mentions the 94s as a replacement part.

The printed booklet does indicate the 94M as the only available cassette though.

The Series 9 Pro 94M cassette is finally available in the USA as well. Previously, the part could only be bought from Europe.

Braun 94M cassette

Braun Series 9 Pro 94M cassette.

See the price on Amazon

However, the previous 92s/92b/92M cassettes that come with the regular Series 9 will also fit the Pro shavers.

So if for some reason you cannot get the 94M, you can fall back to one of the older cassettes.

Braun 92s cassette

Braun Series 9 92s replacement cassette

See the price on Amazon

The only difference is that ProLift trimmer fitted to the 94 cassettes that’s a bit better at catching longer hairs.

But then again, I don’t find it quite as smooth and gentle as the previous cassettes.

Getting back to the 94M cassette, you will be able to use it on your existing Series 9. I already tried it on my 9385cc and 9290cc and it works perfectly.

The price of the new cassette is a bit higher compared to a 92s, but should go down as time passes.

As usual, Braun recommends changing the head every 18 months, but in practice, that’s not really the case.

Depending on how often you shave and how coarse your beard is, you may need to replace it sooner than that.

Properly cleaning and lubricating your shaver will however extend the cassette’s longevity.

Wrapup—Should you buy the Braun Series 9 Pro?

If you want a great-performing electric razor and your budget is not limited, the Series 9 Pro is one of the best you can currently get.

Considering the pros and cons of the Braun Series 9 Pro (9477cc, 9465cc, 9460cc etc.), the users that would benefit the most from it are the same as in the case of the standard Series 9.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc

Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc.
The S9 Pro 9477cc.

Precisely, men with sensitive, irritation-prone skin or men that shave less often.

But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

The Series 9 Pro is comfortable, shaves close, it’s fast and powerful and very efficient at catching difficult hairs.

It’s also quite manageable for a 4-blade shaver, so even a beginner will get used to it.

If you also shave your head, the Series 9 Pro is one of the most capable out there.

The flexing of the head and in particular the movement of the individual cutters makes shaving the scalp a breeze.

I do not shave my entire head, but I do cut my hair myself and I always use a Series 9 for the skin fade on the sides and back of my head.

It shaves extremely close and it’s very comfortable when used in that manner, unlike other popular options like the Andis ProFoil or the Wahl Finale that are quite harsh and aggressive.

Black men should also consider the Braun S9 Pro as its performance is among the best with wiry, curly hairs that tend to become ingrown.

Overall, the Series 9 Pro would be a very safe choice for most users.

As hinted at throughout the post, I don’t think you should upgrade if your Series 9 is still in good shape. While the S9 Pro feels punchier and a bit faster, the overall performance is similar.

That said, there are some better alternatives in a couple of situations, which leads us to the next and final section of the review.

Alternative shavers

The first one is when you have a rather limited budget and the Series 9 Pro 9477cc costs more than what you’re willing to spend.

In that case (and also considering the small performance differences), getting one of the previous Series 9 generations makes a lot of sense.

Braun Series 9 9390cc

Braun Series 9 9370cc.

See the price on Amazon

If the 93xx models like the 9370cc or 9390cc are also too expensive, the next best thing would be the venerable Braun Series 7.

I am not referring to the 2020 S7, but to the previous generation which is a lot better.

The Series 7 is the closest shaver performance-wise to the Series 9 (Pro), in the sense that it has a similar profile: very comfortable, good with longer facial hair and an excellent/safe choice for most users.

The Series 7 is also significantly cheaper, especially if you go for a solo model (no cleaning base) like the 7893s.

However, I think you should get a cc version like the 7865cc or the 790cc for the same reasons I outlined above for the S9 Pro.

The Braun Series 7 7865cc is one of the best all-around electric razors.
The old generation S7 7865cc.

The 7 won’t be quite as good as the S9 (Pro) with longer hairs, but it’s still better than most foil razors out there. So even if you shave every 3 to 4 days it will still perform well.

For more details, you can check out my detailed comparison as well.

Finally, if you’re extremely particular about the closeness of the shave, you’ll probably want a Panasonic Arc 5.

Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S

Panasonic es-lv65-s Arc 5

See the price on Amazon

That one edges ahead when it comes strictly to closeness.

On the other hand, the Series 9 Pro is a lot better with longer, flat-lying hairs. It’s also more comfortable.

For these reasons, I recommend getting the Arc 5 if closeness is particularly important and you tend to shave more often as the Panasonic works best on short stubble.

The price of older models like the ES-LV65 is also very reasonable.

That shaver doesn’t come with a cleaning station, but you don’t need one as it’s easy to clean manually and the Panasonic stations aren’t as practical.

The Arc 5 can come across as too aggressive for men with very sensitive skin, so you should factor that in as well.

Braun Series 9 Pro vs Philips 9000 Prestige

It’s only fair to compare the Series 9 Pro, one of the best foil shavers out there right now, to what is arguably Philips’ best current rotary razor, the Series 9000 Prestige.

See the price on Amazon

I will only be addressing the difference in performance, so things like value for money or availability in different parts of the world will not be considered.

Strictly from a performance point of view, as in how well it shaves, I think most users will find the Braun Series 9 Pro better than the Philips 9000 Prestige.

Braun Series 9 Pro vs Philips 9000 Prestige

This mainly stems from the intrinsic advantages of foil shavers over rotaries and the Series 9 Pro does almost everything right.

For most users, the Series 9 Pro will be more comfortable, faster, more effective and easier to use than the Philips Norelco 9000 Prestige.

The closeness should also be slightly better in most cases.

And I say most cases because there are users that will simply get better results with rotary shavers in general.

As a result, I can only recommend the Philips 9000 Prestige over the Braun Series 9 Pro to users that know from previous experience that rotary razors work better for them.

Otherwise, the Braun Series 9 Pro will be a safer choice.

The Prestige is impressive with longer, flat-lying hairs and that’s its main advantage over most foil shavers.

But the Series 9 Pro is also just as good for shaving longer stubble, but it is better than the Prestige for things like comfort, a less steep learning curve and even closeness.

Again, these are general guidelines and some users will not have the same results.

That’s why I think previous experience with rotary shavers is key here and should be considered before buying the Series 9000 Prestige.

That pretty much concludes my take on the new Braun Series 9 Pro (9477cc).

Over to you now — Have you had the chance of trying it? If so, what was your experience?

If you have any other questions regarding the Series 9 Pro, make sure to post them in the comments below.

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Hey. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of I independently buy and test electric shavers and I’ve been sharing my findings on this site for almost 10 years, hopefully helping others choose a suitable shaver.

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  1. Thanks Ovidiu – outstanding review as always, and I agree on all points. As an exclusive wet shaver, I found the shave as comfortable as my 9385 after a couple of weeks, but I do agree with the perception of a slightly closer shave and perhaps a more aggressive feeling head (presumably because of the redesigned central cutter). With a good lather, almost imperceptible, but I can see a dry shave needing more attention to pressure and technique than with the 93X cassettes. An expensive shaver, but with the addition of the charging case maybe actually more of a bargain than it appears, because like you I agree the case is a tank and would likely cost a fair penny if purchased separately. Although heavier and bulkier than the conventional leather or fabric, with a fully charged case you could probably travel close to a month (or more) with just shaver and case, depending on how you shave, and it will certainly protect the shaver. Kudos to Braun for the addition!

    • Thank you so much, Allan. I honestly don’t know why Braun greatly underestimates the figures for the case — that thing can store an impressive amount of charge. And you’re right, it could probably get you through a month of traveling.

      I think the most obvious difference compared to the 93xx cassettes (at least in my experience and only during a dry shave) is that the 94M is grabbier (and even pulls a few hairs) when you move the shaving head faster over an area with denser/flat-lying hairs. I’ve tried doing it several times, alternating between the 9477cc and my 9385cc and the latter is simply more forgiving when used in that manner. But again, I don’t think this will be a problem for most users.


  2. Good Review.

    Yeah, based on this review, I’ve concluded I’ll wait for Braun Series 10. And possibly get the new head (94*) if the need arises.

    I recently examined a Braun Series 9 Sport model very carefully to see if there were any differences. As far as I could tell, it was the same Series 9 with an overall black color. Apologies if this is already covered here at

    And…. I’ll keep watching for the ARC-6 appearance in the US.

    Thanks Ovidiu.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for the comment, much appreciated.

      Holding on to your Series 9 for the time being is probably the best option. Regarding the Sport model, you are correct, it’s just a regular Series 9.

      I doubt Panasonic will officially release the Arc 6 outside of Japan, but you never know. I will be getting it via a proxy service as they don’t ship to Europe where I’m based.


    • Hey, buddy. Haven’t written a reply to an article in quite some time. I appreciate the time you have taken to update many of your articles! Shows you’re not a one and done. So my question is, I’ve been enjoying my Panasonic Arc3, but I’m considering upgrading. I’m torn between anything Panasonic or Braun. What would be a good step up? Price is a factor.

      • Hi Jeff,

        Thank you, I really appreciate it. I think you should stick to Panasonic since you’ve been pleased with the Arc 3. A noticeable step up would be the Arc 5. Some of the newer models are pricey, but the older generation, particularly the ES-LV65-S or the ES-LV67-K are often heavily discounted. I would keep an eye on those and grab one when I see a good deal.


  3. Hi Ovidiu,

    Thanks for an inadept review. I’ve seen Pro version around for sometime in the shops here in Tokyo. S9 Pro comes with a premium price!

    Speaking of which, I’ve been using Braun Syncro Pro for about 4 months and I still believe it gives a closer shave than any other Braun shavers. I was also able to get my hands on Braun 360 Complete as well as Braun Activator. The original 360 Complete foil and cutter block came with such a disappointment! Although foil and cutter block replacement on the same shaver gives way better outcome.

    I wonder what pathway Braun has taken that decided to debut S9 Pro as everyone was anticipating S10 to be debut since S9 lifespan has already passed 6 years. I believe S9 Pro will stick around for another at least a year or couple of years.


    • Hey Steven,

      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. I would love to get my hands on a Syncro someday. I’ve been meaning to buy a couple of must-have (older) shavers for quite some time.

      As for the Series 9 Pro instead of a Series 10, the reason is probably the same as why Apple used to launch the S iPhone instead of a completely new model: it saves them time and money and people would still buy them. I also think the S9 Pro will stick around for a couple of years.


  4. Glad to see you reviewing the S9 Pro. For me it’s a bittersweet launch, as I was expecting the 10S. Now as a inside information from P&G who owns Braun, in the last 2 years, there was a lot of innovation in the brands such like Oral-B for ex. But the general direction of the company trough out the lineup is “cost cutting” and you can feel that in every product. Hoping to read more from you.

    • Thank you for your comment and info, Cosmin. That’s really interesting — unfortunately, that direction was pretty obvious considering the shavers launched during the past 5 years, particularly the 2020 Series 7 which to me was a major letdown.


      • That’s an awesome piece of info, Vincent, thank you so much for sharing it. Reallly looking forward to seeing how all this pans out.


        • No problem, Its a news that I am gladly shared with the community here. For now, S9 pro buyer will be at peace that the facts S10 will not be out for the coming 3 year.

          On a side note, recently I am trying the pre-shave gel from “The Art of Shaving”, a sample product I got from my cousin working in P&G, It is really good and complement the S9 Pro so well, I even rated it above the JB pre shave lube. Maybe you should get one if you have the chance.

          • Thanks again, Vincent. Haven’t tried the gel from The Art of Shaving — is it a pre-electric shave gel by any chance? I’ve only managed to find the standard pre-shave gel that must be used with shaving cream, so basically for a wet shave (link to the product page).


        • The sample I received are the one of standard pre-shave gel. The product description memo I had from my cousin stated can be used standalone, although for optimum benefits suggested to purchase the optional power brush that used to spread the pre-shave gel but I choose to use it standalone. I can feel the texture are lighter than the JB lube and without the tingling sensation from the menthol/mint from the JB lube. I highly recommended you to try once.

  5. Another great review! Very timely as I was just considering an S9-Pro yesterday… From everything in your review it sounds like a pass to me. I’ve been using my 9370 for years and I’m very happy with it. I recently dug out an older ES-LV61 Arc 5 (that was initially bought for my wife but she never cared for it) and was struck by how much better that shave was than I get from the 9370 (faster too – I can get the 9370 close to the Arc but it takes a lot longer to get that last bit) I’d say my skin is average (not sensitive) and I don’t perceive a comfort difference between the two razors. I’ll be switching to the ES-LV61 going forward. I realize there are several newer Arc5 models but from your reviews, the “upgrades” seem to be targeted primarily at “comfort” rather than performance. Something I don’t seem to need. What a happy find to already own an older but better performing razor that’s essentially “new”! (I do LOVE the clean&charge station of the 9370… I’m gonna miss that convenience but as you say, the Arc5 is easy enough to clean manually)

    Again, another great review!

    • Hey Kenneth,

      Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it.

      I think you made the right call, there’s really no point in getting it, especially since you’ve stumbled upon the Arc 5 that seems to be just right for what you need.

      The ES-LV61 is actually a first-generation Arc 5, but still a mighty performer compared to even the latest models like the 2021 revision G. The motors have been refined and are more compact, but the speed is the same at 14 000 cycles per minute and the two inner blades are also the exact same ones that come on the 2021 models. You could upgrade to a newer foil when that time comes, but as you’ve said, the improvements are mostly related to comfort. Here’s a post that you might find useful when replacing the foil/blades.


  6. Ovidiu, congratulations for your review.
    I currently own three razors: a braun 9 series, a Panasonic es lv67 and a philips 9000 series.
    In the last two years I have mainly used the Panasonic and the braun, until a month ago I saw on the internet the advertisement of the new dual precision sh 91/50 heads for Philips 9000 series and I decided to buy them to see if the results with them were on a par with the other two foil razors.
    Well, to my surprise, after trying it for a month, I can safely say that I got the best results ever with these new dual precision heads.
    Now I will also try to buy the new 94m foil for braun and the panasonic arc6, to see if they live up to the results obtained with the dual precision from Philips which are currently my favorite choice for daily dry shaving.

    • Hi Giuseppe,

      Thank you so much for the comment, I truly appreciate it. I am yet to try the SH91 (on any Philips), but they do seem very intriguing, especially coming from someone that normally prefers foil razors — just like I do. I will definitely try them.

      I’ll be reviewing the Arc 6 as well, hopefully soon enough.


  7. Thank you, Ovidiu, for this excellent review, as always. No surprise here, Braun is not progressing much lately. After I got my Panasonic ARC 6, I have no interest in trying anything else. However, I would appreciate if you could review the new Philips Series 9, it would be very helpful to have your comprehensive review. Thank you for your outstanding efforts!

    • Thank you for the comment, Vasyl, you are way too kind. That is correct, unfortunately, and in some ways, it’s actually regressing (for example, the 2020 Series 7.).

      I will be reviewing the Philips Series 9000, for the moment I’ve only ordered the new SH91 heads (that come on the Series 9000) to check out the compatibility with other current Philips shavers.


      • Ovidiu – I can confirm that the SH91/50 heads (cutters + comb) on the new Series 9000 fit the original Series 9000 Norelco shavers (and probably many others), and function just fine. The locking rings are identical, and although the cutter shaft appears slightly different, it runs normally. Nice that Philips has made all of these cutter/comb combos interchangeable, because for a modest price you can essentially duplicate the shave of any recent model by just swapping out the cutters/combs on the body of your shaver.

  8. Good review Ovidiu.

    As a 9350 owner who doesn’t travel for long terms, I’ve concluded I will not upgrade to Series 9 Pro and will not buy a separate power case neither. But I’m considering get a 94M cassette when available in my country, because much of the hairs in my neck stay flat and my 92M cassette is already 14 months old.

    Did you notice the same improvement catching flat hairs when attaching the 94M to a standard Series 9? I mean, the new cassette fits in previous Series 9, but series 9 is less powerful than Series 9 Pro, so I don’t know if the greater effectiveness shaving flat hairs only lies with the new ProLift trimmer.


    • Hi Pablo,

      Thank you for the comment. The effect is still noticeable even when I used the 94M on my older Series 9, although to a lesser degree. The closeness is also slightly better.

      In my case, the flat hairs were cut more effectively, but I also had to go a bit slower to avoid any of them getting pulled. That does seem to happen more often with the 94M cassette. It’s also a bit less forgiving if you press harder (it did pinch the skin a couple of times).

      I think it’s worth getting once it’s readily available and at a similar price to the 92 cassettes.


  9. Amazing and very informative review as always! Thanks so much, Ovidiu!

    I’ve been using 9477cc for a few weeks here in Australia. Can’t agree more on most of your points, perhaps your rating on performance feels a bit harsh (4 stars) vs (4.5 stars on ‘older’ 92XX/93XX models).

    Performance-wise this shaver is a beast. The slightly higher pitch reminds me of the ‘turbo’ setting on old Series 7 which in fact was 10% higher rpm than what normal function is (i.e. 11,000 vs 10,000rpms). Braun makes reference on their website that Pro is up-to 10% quicker/more efficient than older Series 9 which might mean they implemented something similar to the ‘turbo’ as part of the autosense functionality (e.g. overclocks the motor).

    There is definitely an improvement in the closeness that I can feel, especially after a wet shave compared to the old Series 9. Interestingly, I found that Braun states on their website the following:
    – Old Series 9 – shaves UP-TO 0.05mm
    – Pro – shaves BELOW 0.05mm
    This could be just a marketing trick but nevertheless, there is definitely a noticeable improvement with closeness – not sure if this is due to the new cassette or a bit stronger motor.

    I also found that the power case is quite robust except for the plastic bit that connects two sides of the power case – it feels very thin and not the most robust solution Braun could put there… could be just my impression but I feel like this might snap after a period of opening and closing the case. I guess the time will tell.

    I also own Series 9000 Prestige and Panasonic LV9Q in addition to Series 9. I have been switching between these 3 shavers every few months just to see which one I prefer. After >2 years of switching – I have to say that Braun Series 9 is the one I always tend to go back to. For me, it hits the best balance in terms of comfort, closeness, and simplicity (e.g. simple head, good cleaning station, easy to take on trips) so it ends up the one I tend to gravitate to over and over. Hope someone tossing between a number of shavers finds this useful.

    Lastly, someone mentioned a 91/50 shaving head from Philips – this head has exactly the same shaving rings as Prestige, except Prestige one has some sort of ‘nano particles’ sprayed over the materials and 91/50 is a simple stainless steel version. I would say 99.99% shaving performance will be the same as Prestige.

    • Hi Miki,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share this — really valuable info.

      I admit that it was a toss-up between the 4 and 4.5 performance rating — I might just bump it up to 4.5 as I continue using it.

      I’ve also noticed the 10% faster statement on their website, but to me it seemed related more to the ProLift trimmer and how effective the Pro is with longer/flat hairs. But as you’ve said, the bump in power is noticeable as well.

      I’ll be getting the SH91 heads pretty soon and I’ll compare the performance to the Prestige’s SH98 (I also expect similar results).

      Thanks again for the comment, much appreciated.


      • Thanks so much for replying Ovidiu!

        Braun is leaving things up for interpretation, e.g. they don’t refer to 10% efficiency on 94M replacement cassette pages of their website so I am interpreting that it has something to do with a shaver itself. Interestingly enough they do say the following:
        “For Series 9 Users: Upgrade your Series 9 with the new ProLift trimmer helping to capture and cut more hair thanks to its innovative geometry – 30% wider opening and 35% thinner tips vs. Series 9.?”

        Anyhow – forgot to mention another thing – I actually appreciate the change of the lock switch. The way I hold a shaver (resting my thumb where old Series 9 lock was) caused a lot of unintended switching of the head and it made me hold the shaver less comfortably as such. No more problems with a Pro so this is a huge improvement for me.

        Another interesting thing I noticed is that pop-up trimmer is a hit or a miss depending on the device, e.g. this is my 3rd Series 9 device (1st was 9290, then 9390, now 9477) and with the first 2 the trimmer was substandard – couldn’t straight sideburns with it. However, with 9477 the trimmer is super sharp and efficient – as good as Panasonic ones. I heard these before on Amazon reviews where some people mentioned that after having to replace their Series 9 the trimmer on a replacement unit was better.

        Lastly, I also noticed a new Series X on Australian website:

        Not sure if this is letter X or roman numeral for 10 – it looks more like Philips’ version of OneBlade. Same as per your review – it doesn’t look like Braun will be coming out with another Series shaver for at least another couple of years.

        • Hi Miki,

          That is indeed one situation where the S9 Pro locking switch will be better. The thumb rests on all my older S9 are really stiff and jerky, so it never occurred to me that some users might accidentally slide them up during use. But it makes perfect sense.

          As for the S9 Pro trimmer, I don’t know if I’m just unlucky or simply not getting along with it, but mine seems just as blunt as before.

          I was actually interested in getting the Series X, but couldn’t source one locally yet. And you are correct, it’s just a OneBlade alternative, so a totally different type of shaver/product.


          • Hi Ovidiu,

            Have you considered to do a review of the Philips Oneblade? It is not a shaver but it’s the best trimmer I’ve found for when my the beard is too long and I need to trim it before use my Braun Series 9. As a supplementary tool for this task, I think it’s priceless. Because, as you’ve already mentioned, the pop-up trimmers don’t work as well.

            And for this reason, a review as a useful device to combine with a good shaver can help to newbies and oldies.

            Thank you and keep up the good work!

          • Hi Javier,

            Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I have actually considered reviewing it for quite some time, but I simply haven’t got to it yet. But I will, hopefully sooner than later.

            I also think it’s a fantastic tool for pre-trimming a long beard.


  10. I have been using Philips rotary shavers for long time.
    I have just bought the series 9 pro and I am impressed. It’s really well made and shaves very good. Main reason for not upgrading to latest prestige shaver is lack of cleaning station.
    After each shave, it displays the foil replacement indicator for a second with some bars. What does this mean? Is it like a lifetime indicator?

    • Hi Ahmed,

      That is correct, the number of bars in conjunction with the foil icon shows the cassette’s remaining lifetime. You shouldn’t however decide when to change it based solely on that, but rather when the performance starts to drop significantly.


  11. Hi Ovidiu,

    Thank-you so much for posting these reviews. Your website is an invaluable resource!

    Braun certainly don’t make it easy with all the models on the market. I’d love to get your advice on a couple of options currently available in Australia. Comfort and value for money are my priority.

    This is what is available this week (prices in AUD):
    Braun Series 9 9467cc $449
    Braun Series 9 9360cc $399
    Braun Series 8 8453cc $275
    Braun Series 5 5140S $199

    What would be your pick for best value for money for a comfortable shave for sensitive skin? I have had a beard for 8+ years and returning to using a foil shaver. I will likely shave every 2-3 days (gotta clean up my act for work!).

    I’d be very grateful for your thoughts.

    • Hi Luke,

      Many thanks for the comment.

      The budget pick would be the Series 8 8453cc — that one is basically the Series 5 plus a bigger battery plus a cleaning station (performance-wise they are the same). I think it’s worth the price difference. As someone with sensitive skin, I find it adequate, regardless of whether I’m shaving wet or dry. The most comfortable of the models you’ve listed is however the Series 9 9360cc. As I mentioned in the review, the Pro is a bit more aggressive and somewhat less forgiving than the standard S9.

      That said, the 9360cc costs more than the Series 8, so if you want the one that offers better value for money, that would be the Series 8.


    • I have, actually. The comfort is great and the shave overall is very similar to what you’ll normally get from a 92xx or 93xx Series 9 with the 92 cassette. When used on the Pro, you do feel that the shaver is more powerful, but the comfort still remains excellent.


  12. what clean station types are compatible with new S94XX solo? Only 5430? I saw a lot of pictures of clean station 5425, it looks just same as 5430, while someone says 5425 comes with S90XX CC or 92XX CC.

    • Yes, only the type 5430 station will work with the Series 9 94xx. The other ones look the same, but are not compatible and the cleaning process won’t start (tried it myself).


      • Hi Ovidiu,
        Thank you for your comfirmation. Also I saw the mannual of 9410S says it is compatible with 5430.
        However, I saw 2 different types of 5430, one with an even panel, while the other with a “step” on the panel; one with 2 charging contact points at same level, while the other has 2 charging contact points one upper and one lower.
        Are these 2 types of 5430 work same, or any differences?
        Thank you


        • Hi Scott,

          No problem. There’s actually a single 5430 station — that one with the step and the charging pins at different levels just looks that way in some of the photos (because of lighting, angle and so on). In reality, it looks exactly the same as the other one.


          • Hi Ovidiu,
            I bought a 5430 from used-market today. It looks same as the 1st picture at your article at:
            , with 1 step on the panel, 2 charging contacts upper and lower.
            Also, I saw a video shows 5430:
            although it is in Chinese, you can see the even panel and model No. 5430 at time 6:24
            So I am pretty sure there are 2 different types of 5430.
            The problem with 5430 I bought today is that, the cleaning fuction works, while the drying fuction does NOT work with my 9410s. I can not hear the fan rotating after cleaning is completed.

          • Hi Scott,

            The station you bought (and also the one that is pictured in the article) is actually a Series 8 station. That one does have a stepped panel and offset charging pins. The shaver also sits on a slant during the cleaning process. The reason why the drying function does not work is that the Series 8 station does not have a fan. So it will work for charging and cleaning a shaver (Series 8 or 9, standard or Pro), but it cannot dry it since there’s no fan.

            There’s only one type of Series 9 5430 station (no stepped panel, contact pins at the same level).


  13. Hi,

    Is there any advantage in using the older 92S/92M cassettes with the Braun Series 9 Pro?

    Are the new 94S/94M cassettes an upgrade over the older 92S/92M ?

    • Hi John,

      To me, the 92S/92M just makes the shaver more forgiving and more comfortable. The 94M is a bit harsher and grabbier, but does seem to shave slightly closer. So both come with their own pros and cons. The differences aren’t by any means huge, so you can go with either without any worries.


  14. I really don’t understand benefit of the power case. Why not just throw the charging cord in your bag when traveling, providing unlimited shaving time with less weight?

    • That’s always an option, of course. I personally do that when I travel by plane, but I think I would take the power case in other circumstances.


  15. Hi Ovidiu,

    I have a quick question regarding the PowerCase. My fully charged PowerCase only seems to charge my Braun Pro shaver until the battery on the Braun Pro shaver is about 50% before the charge in the PowerCase’s battery is depleted. Is this normal ?

    You stated that you can charge your Braun Pro shaver from 0 to full battery a couple of times and still have some charge left in the PowerCase’s battery.

    • Hi William,

      That definitely doesn’t seem right — as I mentioned in the review, I’m able to charge mine a couple of times from the fully charged case. Your shaver is still under warranty, so I would contact Braun cs about it. They’re usually very helpful in these situations.


  16. Hi Ovidiu,

    I have spoken to a couple of people who have told me that their PowerCase also puts an additional 50% charge into their shaver.

    In your review, you stated that you can charge the Braun shaver a couple of times from 0 to full battery and still have some charge left in the PowerCase’s battery.

    Honestly, I’m slightly confused at this point. Could it be that some of the PowerCase’s hold more charge in their battery than others ?

    • Hi William,

      That’s very interesting as you’re the second person signaling this. On the other hand, another user in the comments has been getting similar results to mine. I will be testing it again more thoroughly and get back to you. I’ll also update the review if that will be the case. However, I doubt the cause of this inconsistency is related to different batteries fitted to the cases. As far as I know, the cases are identical.


  17. Hi Ovidiu,

    I am definitely not getting anywhere near 2 full charges from a fully charged PowerCase. So when the battery of the shaver is depleted, I place it inside the PowerCase and I would be very lucky if the battery of the shaver is at 50% before the PowerCase’s battery is exhausted.

    I am eagerly looking forward to your testing. Like you, I also highly doubt that the cause of the inconsistency is related to different batteries fitted to the cases.

    I think that more feedback from Braun Series 9 Pro users could maybe shed some light on the issue.

  18. Dear Ovidiu,

    First, Thank you for all the amazing detailed posts covering different shaving topics and honest reviews. Been a pleasure reading your reviews and articles and I found many helpful tips and gained deeper knowledge about shaving topics! I also subscribed to your newsletter since shaving topics are interesting because of my coarse beard and sensitive skin.

    I suffer from a very sensitive skin that often results in skin irritation after a shave, especially around the neck area. This is worsen by also having very oily skin that cause even more friction and flat hairs the grow in many different directions. In the past I tackles the oily issues with a baby chalk powder. This resulted in a much closer shave and less to none skin irritation. But after reading some topics about it being a byproduct from the oil industry and a study that pointed in increased health issues when chalk was used regularly to tackle itching I decided to not use it anymore. Also there is an increase of dulling the equipment and the powder can be very messy when applying.

    So I have now bought two products that I hope will help me get a smooth, close shaving experience. One being a pre-shave lotion and the other a new shaver. After reading that Tabac dries fast and do not leave any oily film I hope it will dry my skin so I get the same results as when I was using chalk but without the negative aspects of the chalk powder.

    The razor I bought is a 9460CC because of it’s forte in comfort and easy maintenance.

    I have two question that I hope you can answer. First one is about Tabac Pre Electric Shave Lotion. Do you think it would suit my neck type? Or do you suggest also trying another pre shave product to tackle the oily skin I have?

    Second questions might seem somewhat straight forward to most but I would like to know if there is anything to gain when deciding how to insert the 94s/94M cassette since the ProLift will be positioned differently when you can insert the head in two different positions?

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for subscribing to the newsletter — glad you found the info useful.

      Considering your beard type and oily skin, I think the Tabac pre-shave would be a perfect fit and the closest alternative to any powder/talcum-based products. Out of all the pre-shaves I’ve tried, it is the most potent, it just leaves the skin perfectly dry with no oil and dries within seconds. I think you’ll definitely benefit from using it.

      Regarding the orientation of the cassette, Braun says it doesn’t matter. Some users notice a slight difference, others don’t. I personally did see a difference in the case of the older 92s cassette, especially when I shaved after a longer period. I go into more details about it in this review. However, with the Series 9 Pro and its new cassette, I haven’t been able to notice any differences. Try it both ways and if either seems to yield better results, then stick to it. Otherwise, it shouldn’t matter at all.

      Hope this helps.


  19. Hi Ovidiu,

    Just had a couple of questions.

    How would you compare the Braun Series 9 Pro to the Panasonic Arc 6 seeing as you own both shavers…Is there a big difference between the closeness of the shave ? Would you say that the Panasonic Arc 6 shaves closer than the Braun Series 9 Pro ? Which one would you recommend? Mainly for dry shaving.

    Finally, how would you compare the Braun Series 9 Pro to the newer Revision G Panasonic Arc 5 in terms of closeness of the shave ?

    • Hi Chris,

      First of all, I’d say that the Arc 6 is absolutely identical to the Arc 5 in terms of closeness. I honestly can’t tell any difference.

      I actually prefer the Series 9 Pro for a dry shave as it’s quicker than the Arc 6 in my case (lots of flat-lying hairs on the neck). The Series 9 Pro is clearly better with this type of hair and also if you shave less often, so your beard is a bit longer. It’s just more effective at catching these hairs. As for the closeness, it’s very similar on the neck and cheeks, but the Arc 6 (and 5) does manage to get a bit closer when shaving below the nose and also on the chin. I have really thick and dense hairs on those areas, but if that’s not the case, I don’t think you’ll notice a difference.

      Hope this helps.


  20. Very helpful review, Thanks!

    I have an S9 9390cc in matt silver, and it it’s great to learn that it will work with the charging case. Based on your review, I would probably not choose to ‘upgrade’ to the pro cutter except that the 92m cutter assembly now doesn’t seem to be available in the UK, so maybe Braun have discontinued it.

    As to the ‘precision switch’, I can see the sense in this. I wet shave and the thumb switch gets very slippery. I usually have to use my thumb nail to slide it down. This is something Braun really ought to have sorted years ago IMO.

    Also, I have a Panasonic ES-LV67. It was under a third of the price of the S9 and is great value. There is no way that I would dry shave with it but I find it fine when wet. Like you, I initially felt that the Panasonic was better on tough hairs under the nose and on the chin. But then it occurred to me that I was taking less care when I shaved with the Braun because it is just so easy to use, and that a little extra attention with the S9 delivered comparable results to the Panasonic.

    The Braun S9 remains my favourite shaver. The only disappointing thing is that I’ve had two Series 9 shavers fail on me over the years.

    • Hey,

      Thank you for the comment, much appreciated. That’s an excellent point regarding the thumb rest. I almost always shave dry with my Series 9 razors, so I never had any issues operating the switch and never really thought of that.

      Sorry about your previous S9s, hopefully the 9390cc will serve you well for many shaves.


  21. Thank you for this detailed review.
    I’ve been searching for an electric shaver, because I have a lot of difficulty regarding razors. I’ve been using them, but mine skin is extermly sensitive. I have psoriasis disease, which mean that I have a lot of problem when shaving my head.
    After searching and searching, I see that the Braun Sersie, can give me the comfort I need. Shaving without damage the skin, that is already damaged in some areas.
    Therefore, a shaver that can handle this type of skin disorder.

    And shaving with razor will destroy the skin much more and is not a solution for the long run.

    Do you have any experience about this? Maybe other people that has the same problem?

    I want to buy the Braun Serie 9 Pro (budget is not a problem), but I want to gather more information, so that I can buy the correct shaver. The best foil shaver, because I believe that it will protect the skin more.

    Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the comment. I personally have sensitive skin, in the sense that in the past I almost always got razor burn, pseudofolliculitis, ingrown hairs and so on after shaving with a razor blade. But other than that, I do not have other skin condition, so I cannot say anything based on my personal experience. In my opinion, the foil shavers from Braun are the most gentle and forgiving. However, I cannot make any recommendations for your specific needs as I’m not qualified to.

      I think you should discuss this with your doctor and if electric shavers are a viable option, I actually recommend getting the regular Series 9 (the models starting with 93 like the 9390cc, 9370cc etc.) or the old Series 7 (7865cc, 790cc etc.) over the Series 9 Pro — these are more comfortable and less aggressive.


  22. I have a Braun Series 5 8995 from 2007 that keeps a decent charge and until recently still worked great (and I shave nearly every day)! I’ve lost count of how many foils/cutters and cleaning cartridges I’ve gone through.

    Unfortunately the switch / trimmer on the Series 5 is cracked and about ready to go. It got stuck in the “on” position the other day and I had a difficult time turning it off.

    I just ordered a 9477cc based on my past experiences with Braun and this very helpful review. Thanks!

    • Thank you for the comment, Brett, glad you found the review useful. That old Series 5 generation was superb, very reliable as well.

      Hope you’ll enjoy shaving with the S9 Pro.


  23. Hi Ovidiu,

    Great review. I have been confused about the shaving head orientation for a while. Should the prolift trimmer be on the slide trimmer or towards the on button. I find the prolift trimmer towards the side trimmer. When I put it towards the button it pull the hair or pinch the skin.

    • Hi Yash,

      There’s no official recommendation from Braun on how you should fit the head (in their promo materials it appears both ways). In most cases (myself included), there won’t be any difference. If however you notice that using it one way vs the other gets you a better shave, definitely stick to it. I also edited the review and addressed this, so thank you for bringing it up.


  24. Hi Ovidiu,

    Firstly, amazing review, very thorough and detailed.

    I have a question regarding the foil replacement indicator which comes on after you turn the shaver off…

    The foil replacement indicator was showing 2 bars. I replaced the used 94M cassette with a brand new 92S cassette but the foil replacement indicator is still showing 2 bars instead of 5 bars.

    How do you reset the foil replacement indicator ? I replaced the used cassette with a brand new cassette but it’s still showing as 2 bars..

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for the comment, much appreciated. Pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds (just like you would activate the travel lock, but keep pressing it) should reset the counter. Just as a side note, the primary indicator for replacing a cassette should always be the performance and how well it still shaves. That can happen before or even after the shaver signals that you need to replace it.

      Hope this helps.


  25. Hi Ovidiu,

    Excellent review as usual.

    I have a quick question regarding the Braun Series 9 Pro.

    So, once I’m done shaving, I pop the Braun S9 Pro into the Clean and Charge station in order to clean the shaver. Once the shaver is clean, I then place it inside the PowerCase for use until the next shave.

    The issue is that my facial hair grows pretty slow so I usually only shave once per week.

    Do I need to apply some Braun Appliance Oil onto the foil before I use the Braun S9 Pro to shave or is it not required ?

    • Hi Mark,

      Normally it shouldn’t need any extra lubrication as the cleaning fluid takes care of that. Unless you’ll notice later on that the foils get really hot during use (that tends to happen sometimes when the blades and foils start to wear out), I wouldn’t say you need to apply any oil. Just make sure the shaving head is dry before storing the shaver in the case, otherwise it may develop a funky smell in time.


  26. I’ve read about so many shavers here. Lots of good info but my head is still spinning. It seem the old 790cc is still available on Amazon for $170. But Costco is selling what looks like a S9 Pro with cleaning station for $200. Model 80353885. You have consistently recommended the old 790cc. Just wondering if you still recommend it vs such a low priced S9Pro. I have sensitive skin and a tight curly beard. That S9 head just looks so big. Seems it would be hard shaving around my beard. But the built in trimmer seem better than an S7 attachment. What do you think?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Carl,

      I usually recommend the Series 9 over the (old) S7 to users that shave less often or have lots of flat-lying hairs as the Series 9 is better in those situations. That particular Series 9 is a very good deal at that price. The shaving head is not that large for a 4-blade shaver. That said, the old S7 is slimmer and easier to work with around a beard.

      None will allow you to get a crisp line on the beard though — you will need a beard trimmer or a clipper (like a T-outliner for example). And any electric shaver will snag the long hairs of a beard if you try to get too close. I personally find the trimmer on both shavers to be rather mediocre, but the pop-up trimmer on the S7 is better in my opinion.


  27. Last week my Braun Series 9 completely died after 7 years of use. It’s the original model 9090cc that I got in 2015. So, taking the opportunity to upgrade to the latest model, the 9460CC, I must say that after 3 shaves now, I’m completely blown away by how much of an improvement the series 9 pro is over the original 9090cc model.

    The shaving head redesign makes all the difference in the world, It’s so much smoother, quicker, and gentler when it’s shaving the hairs off your face compared to the original series 9. I have sensitive skin and I’ve also noticed the new shaving head is less irritating on my skin than the previous model because I can shave every day without irritating my skin. With the previous series 9, shaving every other day was ideal due to skin irritation i’d get if i shaved every day. As for noise, I completely disagree with your notion that the noise level is the same, I immediately noticed how much quieter the 9460cc is and it also vibrates in your hand way less than the 9090cc, yet it somehow performs better than the previous model series 9.

    The cleaning station is also an improvement compared to the 9090cc. My biggest complaint on the 9090cc was that the cleaning station would slosh the solution out of the top when running the cycle and it would get everywhere. With the newer cleaning station, i noticed that the cleaning is much more contained and the solution doesn’t escape out the top when it’s cleaning.

    Overall, I say bravo to Braun. They really outdid themselves on the series 9 pro and i hope I get another 7 years on this model like I did on my previous one. I didn’t think it was possible to improve what they already had, but they found a way.

    • Hi Nick,

      Many thanks for the comment, glad you’re enjoying your Series 9 Pro. The old shaver was also quite impressive with 7 years of constant use.

      The improvements you’re noticing are also tightly related to the fact that you’re using a brand new shaver, so zero wear on the shaving head, linkage (between the motor and the pins that drive the cutters), so less noise and vibrations. Compared to a brand new older generation Series 9, the differences aren’t so dramatic. In fact, those can be a bit quieter. I have a few Series 9 models in various conditions and I can confirm this.

      Regarding the cleaning station spraying liquid of the top, that’s actually a problem with the gasket that doesn’t seal the intake tube properly to the cartridge. I wrote about it in this tutorial and there’s a quick fix in there (provided the gasket isn’t completely ruined).


  28. Hi Ovidiu,

    A very detailed review a lot to think about. I’m using a 8 year old Braun 7 and have been considering an upgrade to a Braun 9, 9 Pro or after your Arc 5 review a Panasonic LV95 (I like cleaning stations).

    I tend to shave everyday since my facial hair tends to grow fast but then every once in awhile I’ll go two days and you can certainly tell. One thing I’ve noticed with my 7 is immediately after using cleaning station it shaves so good the first time but then after that not even close to the same. I do need a new cutter head though.

    If after having a Braun for more years than I can count would a change to the LV95 be a huge adjustment since you commented the former was more comfortable? Which direction do you think I should be leaning Braun or Panasonic?

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for the comment, much appreciated.

      I think you’ll definitely see an improvement in closeness right away mainly because you’ll be using brand new foils and cutters, so zero wear on them. That said, the LV95 would be better than the other two options (closeness-wise), even when compared to a new Series 7 cassette. The Arc 5 just shaves closer and it would be a suitable choice if you shave often, which I understand is the case here. If you have coarse and dense hair that grows mostly straight/upright, that’s when the Arc 5 works best. Also, if you decide to get it, lubrication is particularly important for the best performance. If you’ll be using the station after every shave, problem solved. Otherwise I would highly recommend a spray lubricant for electric shavers.

      The comfort is a bit of a tricky aspect to quantify. In my case, during a dry shave, the Series 9 Pro and especially the Series 9 are significantly better than an Arc 5 like the LV95. But I also have very sensitive skin and I know for a fact that other users consider the Arc 5 perfectly comfortable. So if you know maybe from previous experience that you deal with post-shave irritation, razor burn or bumps, my advice would be to consider the Series 9/Series 9 Pro despite the Arc 5 having an advantage in terms of closeness.

      The Series 9 Pro shaves marginally closer than the standard Series 9 and maybe not quite as gentle, but these are really marginal differences (in the case of two shavers in the same condition — no wear on the blades).

      Hope this will help you make a decision.


  29. Hi Ovidiu,

    Awesome review.

    I tend to use the cleaning station after every shave with the Braun Series 9 Pro. I recently noticed that after the cleaning cycle is complete, I remove the shaver from the cleaning station and the foil is really wet. When I touch the foil with my finger, I can see the residue on my finger.

    A while ago when I used the cleaning station and removed the shaver, the foil was wet but not to this extent. I do remove the shaver pretty quickly after the cleaning cycle is complete, could this be why the foil is really wet ? Is it normal for the foil to be wet or could there be another issue ?

    I apologize if this is a silly question, but I just want to make sure that there is no issue with the cleaning station.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it.

      If you remove the shaver from the station right after the cleaning cycle (which lasts for a few minutes), the head will be dripping wet. If you’re referring to the whole cleaning + drying cycle (that takes roughly 45 minutes), then the foils should be damp, but definitely not really wet.

      The Series 9 station has a fan to accelerate the evaporation of the cleaning fluid and that alone is not the most effective in doing so. A combination of a fan and a heating element will be a lot more effective (Philips stations use such a system). But nevertheless, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Personally, I always take out the shaver from the station after the drying phase, remove the cassette and let it air dry completely before storing the shaver.


  30. Hi I’m in England, just bought one, 9477cc £279:99p.great razor best I have ever had.
    Thanks for your review very detailed and precise.

  31. Hello – looking for a little advise as I’m new to using an electric shaver. I’m wondering if it makes more sense to purchase the series 9pro ($329) or the services 9390cc ($239).

    I typically shave every third day.
    Will I notice a difference in performance?

    Thanks in advance for you advise.

  32. Hi Ovidiu
    just a note of thanks from a recent purchaser of this model. Its my first electric shaver…the tip for preserving the cleaning cartridge by removing and resealing after use should prove very useful.

  33. I still think the Braun 7 cuts long and stray hairs better than the Braun 9.
    I was convinced of this when, after 10 passes, I could not shave a recumbent hair with a Braun 9 razor. Then, how did Braun 7 manage to shave this hair in 1-2 passes.

    • Thank you for the comment, Paul. The Series 7 is a surprisingly capable foil shaver (with only 3 cutters) that holds its own against the more expensive models.

      A single flat-lying hair may not be as relevant though — I think the time it takes to get a smooth shave on a patch of flat-lying hairs would be more conclusive. The Series 9 and 9 Pro were more effective with long, flat hairs in my tests, requiring fewer strokes to catch them. Not by any means a definitive find, so your mileage may vary.


  34. Any word on when the 94m cassette will be available in the US? My series 9 is now a year old, and I am thinking about replacing the cassette. I often shave up to 4 days of beard, so I have been planning to replace it with the 94m from the Series 9 Pro for better performance on longer hairs, but the 94m is still not yet available in the US. Should I keep waiting for the 94m to be released in the US, or should I forget about it and get the 92m. I know Braun says the cartridges last 18 months, but you have written that sometimes they don’t last that long. I am having difficulty deciding whether I am at the point of replacement since I don’t have anything to compare it to.

    • Hi,

      No updates yet, unfortunately. The 92 cassettes are for now the only ones available in the USA and Braun customer support still recommends them to Series 9 Pro users as an alternative to the 94M.

      Regarding your cassette, unless you’re having a difficult time shaving (irritation, poor closeness, lengthy shaving sessions, hairs getting pulled), it’s probably still good.


  35. Hi Ovidiu,
    Thank you for all the great info provided on this site, it’s extremely helpful! I’m upgrading from a very old Norelco 1250x that I’ve attempted to replace for so many years (with both foil and rotary shavers from the major brands) but can’t find anything that matches it, and I also find the trimmer very handy. I think I have sensitive skin and I get mild to moderate acne in my jaw, chin, cheek areas. I also don’t have a lot of facial hair it grows in unevenly / not in thick patches, but definitely still needs to be shaved or it looks awful.

    After reading your reviews I’m leaning toward the Braun Series 9 or Series 9 Pro. Would these be a good fit for me? Even though I have sensitive skin is it possible that a rotary razor works better for my particular situation?

    Also I noticed the Panasonic has something called Advanced Intelligent Shave Sensor to sense beard densities and figured this could be useful for me. Do the Braun S9 models have something similar?

    • Hi Jay,

      Thank you for the comment, much appreciated.

      Since I don’t know the exact models of the rotary and foil shavers you’ve tried, it would be difficult to say if you’re better off with rotaries. That said, the Series 9 or Series 9 Pro are usually a very safe choice and it’s unlikely to have any serious issues with them. Coming from an old rotary you should see a clear improvement. Your Norelco came with the excellent RQ12 heads, but are now probably worn out (and discontinued). If you decide to get a Series 9/Pro, just take your time during the first few shaves until you’re comfortable using it and make any tweaks to your technique that seem to improve the results.


      • Thanks Ovidiu. I think I’ll go for the Series 9 Pro and take it easy at first. Do you recommend starting with dry or wet shaving? The models I’ve tried over the years that didn’t seem to shave as well as the 1250x were the Braun Series 5, Arc-3 (ES-LT7N) and the Philips 9000 Prestige. You’re right about the RQ12 head! I’m still using an original and it always worked so well but I think it’s finally starting to wear out. I wish they still made the RQ12, is there anything out there that is as good?


        • You are very welcome, Jay. Having tried almost all the shaving heads that Philips released for the past 10 years or so, I’d say that the RQ12 was the last remarkable one. As for the current heads, I actually consider the SH98 of the Prestige to be the best, with the SH91 of the new Series 9000 a close second. So things aren’t exactly great right now.

          I would have suggested trying the Prestige as well — at least in theory it should have been suitable given your experience with the 1250X — but I guess we can discard it now. The Series 5 and the Arc 3 are mid-range/entry-level shavers (very decent at that price point), so I can’t really conclude that foil shavers won’t work.

          I would definitely use the S9 Pro dry for the first few shaves (fewer things to be aware of and you can focus on technique). Short, progressive, overlapping strokes work best in my experience (always against the grain). I prefer shaving smaller areas and always start with the neck.


          • Ok makes sense, I’ll give that a try. I ordered the Series 9cc from your Amazon link. Hoping a foil shaver will work for me and that I just didn’t have the right one on my previous attempts. Thanks again for all your help. And lets hope Phillips brings back the RQ12 again! I still don’t understand why they would discontinue something that worked so well, maybe it was too expensive to produce :/
            Take care

          • My pleasure, Jay, hope you’ll enjoy shaving with the S9. As for the RQ12, cost savings would be my guess as well. The chances of a reissue are I’m afraid extremely slim.


          • I’m curious about why you say to always start with the neck when shaving. The reason I ask is that I have always shaved my neck last. Am I doing it wrong? I am curious about why the order makes a difference.

          • Hi,

            Simply because the neck is usually a problem area for most men and requires more focus and effort for a clean and comfortable shave. I tend to rush through the last part of my shave, so I prefer to start with the neck. Some electric shavers also get really hot towards the end of the session, so it would be ideal to start with the sensitive neck area first while the foils are still reasonably cool. This is however just one way of doing things, if you found a different approach that works better, definitely stick to it.


  36. Hi Ovidiu,

    Firstly, awesome review, very detailed and thorough.

    This is completely random but today as I was comparing the older 92S cassette to the newer 94M cassette, I noticed that when looking underneath the cassette that there is a difference between the two cassettes.

    I can’t really describe the difference in words but if you put the two cassettes side to side and look at the bottom side of each of them, I’m sure you’ll be able to clearly see the difference. It’s in the middle part of the cassette.

    Just an interesting observation I’d like to share.



    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.

      If I understand correctly, you are referring to the inner part of the cassettes, unfortunately I can’t really spot a difference. I uploaded a side-by-side photo here, maybe you can give me a hint if you have the time (94M on the left).

      Edit: I think I got it (photo) if it’s the cross-hair plastic bit.


  37. Hi Ovidiu,

    No, it’s not that cross-hair plastic bit that I was referring to. The difference is actually right in the middle of the cassette where the 2 springs are located on either side of the cassette when looking underneath. On my 92S cassette there is actually a black plastic part in between those 2 springs which prevents you from seeing the foil but on the newer 94M cassette there is no black plastic part between those 2 springs therefore you can see part of the foil when looking from under the cassette, you can actually see some of the foil at the top.

    I’m slightly confused to be honest…After I posted my previous comment, I did some research on the older 92S cassette (looked at some videos online) and it looks exactly the same as the newer 94M cassette when looking underneath.

    I purchased a brand new 92S cassette from a local retailer here in the U.K recently, that could be the reason why there is a difference between my 92S cassette and the 94M cassette. I think that there is no difference between the older 92S cassettes and the 94M cassette. Maybe it’s just the newer batch of 92S cassettes which are different ?

    I’m going to try my best to explain the difference between my 92S cassette and the 94M cassette…

    You see the middle part of the cassette where the 2 springs are located on either side when looking underneath the cassette ? You can see part of the foil at the top, right ? However, on my 92S cassette there’s actually some type of black plastic bit between those 2 springs so you can’t see part of the foil.



    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for taking the time to explain this in such detail — that’s very interesting. I double-checked this with two 92 cassettes, an older one from a 9290cc and a new one from a 9385cc and both look exactly the same as the 94M when viewed from underneath. This is also consistent with what I’ve seen previously. It’s therefore quite surprising that your 92s cassette is different. As far as I know, there aren’t different revisions, so all of them should be exactly the same.

      Edit: I just remembered a similar comment from another Series 9 owner (here it is) and in the end it turned out to be some hardened hair dust blocking the inner part of the foil that you’re referring to, right between the springs (and actually resembled a black rubber piece). I know it’s a long shot especially if the cassette is new, but maybe it’s something similar here as well?


    • Hi Bruce,

      You wouldn’t as I also hinted in the review — if you have a Series 9 in good working condition, the Pro models don’t offer any truly compelling reason for an upgrade. You can of course switch to the newer cassette if you can buy it for a reasonable price.


  38. Great review as always, please see some questions below:

    1. I have sensitive skin and have a S9 9390cc – I would like to have a hard and rechargable travel case, like the S9 Pro comes with. Is it possible to buy a case that a) protects and b) charges up the 9390cc? (both ideally, but protection at a minimum as the current soft case offers little protection).

    2. I see you mentioned the pro is a little less forgiving on the skin than the 9390cc – if I were to have a wet shave with cream, how does the comfort of a shave with a pro compare to that of a dry shave of a 9390cc? (I still have time to exchange my 9390cc, but can only exchange it once, so would be grateful if you can let me know).

    3. How does the comfort of a wet shave from a s9 pro compare to the comfort of a wet shave from a Panasonic arc5? (I tried arc5 with a wet shave, it was too harsh on my sensitive skin).

    Thank you, appreciate it!

    • I should add – the pro I am thinking of getting is the Braun Series 9 Pro 9467CC Electric Shaver – Thank you

    • Hi Rio,

      Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.

      1. I think the only option for a hard case that also charges the shaver is the one that comes with some of the Pro models (like the 9477cc). The part number for the power case is 9484pc and at least in Europe, it is available as a separate purchase. It will also work with the regular Series 9 like yours.

      2. During a wet shave it’s really just as good as the regular Series 9. Also during a dry shave, while a bit less forgiving, it’s not by any means harsh. The difference is small, but after years of using many Series 9 shavers, I personally could notice it. I think most users that found the standard S9 comfortable during a wet or dry shave will have no major issues with the Series 9 Pro.

      3. The 9 Pro is more comfortable than the Arc 5 (even when used dry).

      In my opinion, if you can buy the power case for your existing Series 9, that would be ideal; there’s really no need to spend a lot more money on a new Series 9 Pro if your current shaver is actually a bit better for very sensitive skin.


    • You are very welcome — it’s definitely compatible, I tried it on my 93XX Series 9 and works perfectly. Braun even states explicitly that it is compatible with the regular Series 9 (and 8 for that matter).


  39. Hi Ovidiu,

    I just had a quick question that I was hoping you could answer.

    I was using the Braun Series 9 Pro to shave my face and, unexpectedly, the shaver somehow slipped out of my hands and fell onto the floor. As the shaver fell onto the floor, there was a slight noise and the foil/cassette popped off. I picked the shaver up off the floor and attached the foil back onto the shaver and continued to shave my face. I haven’t noticed any issues as of yet..

    From the outside, the shaver looks fine but maybe there could be some sort of internal damage due to it falling onto the floor such as the battery being damaged or something of that sort.

    Is this something that I should be concerned about ? Could I have, maybe, caused some damage to the shaver by accidentally dropping it on the floor ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Oliver,

      I think you’re in the clear, the fact that the shaver turns on and functions normally is definitely a good sign.

      The plastic housing of the shaver took the brunt of the fall which is ideal. The fact that the cassette popped out is also a good thing since a lot of that impact force was dissipated. In my opinion the parts that are most at risk in the case of mechanical shock are the cassette/head and the motor with its linkages to the cutters. The cassette seems fine (even small damage to the foils will be immediately noticeable while shaving) and since the shaver works and there’s no odd rattling or vibrating, it should be fine.

      In case you notice anything strange with the foils while shaving (like becoming really hot or causing you nicks/scratches) you should stop using it and get a new cassette, even if it means buying the older variations (92s). The 94M is still difficult to source, at least in the USA.


  40. The 94M cartridge is now available for preorder on Amazon in the US with a realease date of July 12.

    • Thanks for the info, much appreciated. There’s also a listing of the 94M cartridge that ships right away, apparently. Braun definitely took their time with this one.


  41. Ovidu,
    I wrote you previously about ordering a 94M cassette which I used on my 92xx thanks to your advice. Well Amazon had a price on the 9 Pro with cleaning unit for the low price of $249 ($80 cheaper than advertised by Braun) so I splurged and bought it. I ordered at 7 AM and it was delivered at 1PM the same day, thanks to my Prime membership. Well after shaving with it for the first time, I noticed that the motor was considerably more quiet and the shave seemed to be closer. I used the same 94m head I had purchased a month ago so the only difference was the shaver. Thanks again for you great reviews.

  42. From a novice in the UK!
    A very professional, thorough and valuable review.
    I need to buy a new shaver head for my old series 9. Is there any benefit paying a bit more and buying the 94m?
    Thank you and be well

    • Hi Lou,

      Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.

      The performance gains will be less noticeable when using a 94M cassette on a standard Series 9 compared to a Series 9 Pro. I think the Pro uses a slightly more powerful motor or is tuned differently — it even sounds a bit louder, which is consistent with my assumption.

      That said, if the price difference is small, you might as well get the 94M. Being a brand new cassette with sharp blades, the difference from your older one will be significant.


    • I purchased a 94m cartridge for my older Series 9. It gave a slightly better shave, but when Amazon ran a special on a 9 Pro($249.99 including a cleaning station), I sprung for the new one. I get a quieter closer shave with the new model.

  43. Nir,
    Love your reviews; frequently visit the re-caps. I have have a series 9S, purchased the pro cassette, am I good or in your opinion notice a small difference/improvement in upgrading to the Pro. Like you I have sensitive skin and always looking for improved results. Thank you for all your efforts researching and testing electric shaver performance. Marc

    • Hi Marc,

      Thank you for the comment. Using the Pro cassette on the Series 9 (non-Pro) will not be much different compared to the older cassettes (unless your current cassette is really worn out). I personally don’t find it better with regards to comfort — in fact, the standard Series 9 with the 92s seems slightly gentler. The Pro cassette on the S9 Pro shaver though shaves a bit closer and the whole shaver feels a bit faster.


      • Ovidiu,
        Went ahead with purchase of Pro, couldn’t resist. Definitely lighter in weight, maybe a little more power, seems cut the stubble easier than the 9S with the upgraded cassette. So far not disappointed and will probably keep. I will check back with you in 30 days. Thanks again

  44. Hi Ovidiu,

    A small note to express thanks for the well presented and obsessively detailed reviews here. I’ve found them to be a great resource in my own research before buying the Pro Series 9 9477cc. At 350 Euro with a 100 day money back guarantee, I have a feeling I can get a true experience without worry.

    Thanks so much,

  45. Hi Ovidiu,
    I just got my S9 Pro this week: UPS from Braun added delivery delays, and then I found your review AFTER delivery.

    I would have been even more comfortable if I had seen the review first, and am pleased with the shaver’s performance so far. I switched from an older Philips so the first noticeable difference is from a change to linear from rotary movement: more vibration and noise. However, I can live with that, our schedules don’t create a conflict.

    I did drop a note to Braun pointing out that they shipped me 3 items that need to have their proprietary charger: cleaning station, power case and the shaver itself, but only one charger. They suggested buying another charger from them at ~$22! Battery life and the charger case will cover most of my travel but that charger probably cost them about $5 and should be included for the power case. I guess the bean counters won that internal discussion.

    Lastly, I also offer compliments for not only the thoroughness of your review but the quality of the writing, very clear, well organized, with great flow.

    • Hi Cliff,

      Many thanks for the kind words — glad you found the info useful. That is true, they always include a single charger regardless of the number of accessories. So you could buy a solo Series 9 Pro that doesn’t come with a station or the Power case or a fully loaded model like yours and still get only one charger.

      Hope you’ll enjoy shaving with your new S9 Pro, the shaves will get even better as you continue using it and making slight tweaks.


  46. Hello Ovidiu 🙂 I have a question I own a Braun Series 9 pro with cleaning station, can I also use shaving cream when shaving wet? because I read only shaving foam or shaving gel?

    I once used a shaving cream to shave my head, but unfortunately it dries quickly on the scalp, so the Braun series pro doesn’t shave so well and clogs the shaving head..?

    I also shaved my head with shaving gel and the Series Pro glides much better did I do something wrong or is the razor just not suitable for the shaving cream but only for shaving foam or gel ..?

    greetings stephan 😉

    • Hello Stephan,

      It’s definitely suitable for use with shaving cream as well. I think the problem is with your lather as it wasn’t properly hydrated. I posted a wet shaving guide a while back where I recommend using a more watery, thin layer of shaving cream and rehydrating it if needed. Dry lather will clog any shaver and prevent you from getting the best possible results.

      Alternatively, you could try a shaving balm like the Jack Black Beard Lube or a non-foaming shaving gel, I think the drying will be less of an issue when shaving your head (shaving cream tends to dry a lot quicker). Just keep in mind that the Beard Lube contains menthol and it can irritate the scalp in some cases. If you decide to try it, I recommend applying it first on a small area and see how it goes.

      Hope this helps.


      • Hello Ovidiu First of all, thanks for the answer, 😉 what do you mean with Jack Black Beard Lube does it not foam up like a shaving cream or gel? is it transparent ? because that would be better for the Braun Series 9 pro I think or what do you think?

        because, as you said, if the shaving cream dries too quickly on the scalp, the Braun razor no longer glides well and becomes clogged, I think a shaving gel that does not foam is better for the razor, but the result of the close shave is also a little better be as if you shave dry?

        • You are very welcome. I think a shaving balm/gel like the one from Jack Black would be better here because it doesn’t foam, so it won’t dry as quickly. It is almost transparent, which again I think it’s a plus. The closeness should also be better compared to shaving dry.


          • Hello thanks again I will try the jack black lube for my scalp, I shave my head every 2 to 3 days, I think you have to moisten the scalp a little and then spread the jack black lightly right?

            do I have to let it soak in for 1 minute? And if I then go over my head with my Braun razor, do I have to do it all at once or can I rinse the razor under water in between?

            and then I discovered the shaving gel, could I use that too maybe? it shouldn’t foam either, is it the same as the jack black what do you think? I’ll send the link with it, unfortunately it’s only in German because I’m from Germany myself, greetings Stephan 😉


          • Yes, you basically wet the scalp with warm water and apply the product after rubbing it between your wet palms. I don’t think it’s really necessary to wait instead of shaving right away since the hair on the head is nowhere near as coarse as facial hair. You can definitely rinse the razor during your shave if needed.

            Try the Gillette gel as well as see which one works best for you. Again, the Beard Lube contains menthol, so it’s not really for everyone especially when used on the scalp.


          • Hello thanks again I will try both and then see what is better for me, is the jack black lube also a gel like the Gillette gel or something else..?

          • I haven’t tried the Gillette gel, so I cannot say how it compares to it. But the Beard Lube has the consistency of a thick balm, doesn’t foam at all and it’s almost transparent when applied to the skin.


  47. Hi

    If shaving daily and washing shaver head with water daily, how often do you recommend using the charging and cleaning station for s9 pro please?


      • Thanks for the reply.

        So even though I’m washing with water every day – use the cleaning cartridge machine once or twice a week? Doesn’t that seem excessive?

        I don’t shave with foam or gel. On pre shave electric lotion…

        • Hi Rio,

          There’s no absolute right way of doing this, I just found that routine to work really well, especially since it also maintains the blades properly lubricated. You can use the station less often if you prefer so — again, there’s a lot of wiggle room.


          • Thanks for your reply.

            If I was to wash the shaver head with water after every shave and then also spray andis lubricant spray on the head frequently, how often would you recommend using the cleaning charging station?

            I am asking as I want to save money on having to buy the cleaning fluid often. Thank you

          • Hi Rio,

            The Andis spray takes care of lubricating the blades, so I would use the station every once in a while for a thorough cleaning, just to make sure there’s no dirt stuck in the corners of the cassette. Could be every few weeks, every month (even less frequent if you wash the shaving head with water and liquid soap).


  48. Hi Ovidiu,

    So today I finally decided to replace the 94M cassette on my Braun series 9 Pro shaver and it was very difficult to hunt down. I live in the U.K. I tried a couple of stores near me and both stores didn’t have the 94M cassette in stock. I decided to travel a little further and went to a 3rd store which only had one 94M cassette in stock. I quickly purchased it seeing as it was the only one left.

    This bought a question to my mind. Is it really worth hunting down the newer 94M cassette over the older 92S cassette seeing as the 92S cassette is a lot easier to find and more readily available. Is the performance of the 94M cassette far superior to the 92S cassette or is it just a minor difference ? Does the 94M cassette provide a closer shave than the 92S cassette ?

    When I say that the 94M cassette is harder to find than the 92S cassette, I’m mainly referring to in-store stock. You could probably order the 94M cassette online just as easily you could the 92S cassette but there are some people who prefer buying something from their local store as opposed to ordering online.

    My question is that in the future if I travel to a local store and can only find the 92S cassette is in stock and the 94M cassette is out of stock, should I just purchase the 92S cassette or should I wait a little longer and try and hunt down the 94M cassette ?

    • Hi Anthony,

      I wouldn’t go to great lengths (literally) just to get the 94M cassette. In-store availability will vary a lot depending on where you live. For example, in my hometown, I can’t even find a store that carries the 92s cassettes, let alone the new one, so ordering it online would be the only option. I also think it’s the best option since you can do it from the comfort of your home and you can easily compare prices. And the price should be the decisive factor here as the differences in performance between a 94M and 92s/92b are definitely not that significant.

      I feel like the 94M, when used on a Series 9 Pro shaver, can shave a bit closer and with less effort/fewer passes compared to a regular Series 9 shaver fitted with a 92s/92b cassette. So that performance bump is not only related to the cassette but to the shaver also. That’s why if you have a Series 9 Pro and you can’t really find a 94M head or the price of it is really high, I think getting a 92s is a perfectly fine alternative and you won’t be missing much in terms of performance.


  49. Ovidiu,
    Is it ok to remove the cartridge from the base and rinse it with water (and also rinse the base) prior to placing the shaver in the cleaning unit?

    • Hi Bob,

      Just to make sure I understand this correctly — by cartridge are you referring to the cleaning cartridge or to the cassette/shaving head? Also, by base do you mean the cleaning station or the shaver’s body?


      • I’m talking about the shaver cartridge (94M) and the shaver base with the shaver cartridge removed. By doing this wouldn’t you extend the life of the cleaning solution because it wouldn’t get as dirty as quickly?

  50. Hi Ovidiu,
    Am I the only one that sees absolutely no difference between the 94M cartridge and the 92S cartridge in the pictures you posted in your review? I’ve increased magnification but they look exactly the same to me. What am I missing?

    • Hi Doug,

      The differences are minor and, visually, only the gold trimmers appear to be different. At the top of each row of blades of the gold trimmer, you can see an additional bevel on the Series 9 Pro 94M cassette and the teeth are slightly further apart. But that’s about it and again, it’s a subtle change.


  51. Ovidiu,

    I’ve been reading your reviews for years. They are always very comprehensive and extremely well thought out. I’m very appreciative.

    I’m still using my original 9095cc that I purchased in June of 2016. Prior to that, I had the series 7 which I passed down to my son and still going strong. So my experience with Braun electric razors have been pretty amazing.

    With that said, I’m curious if I’m reaching end of life for my 9095 (8 years old). As we all know, a new cartridge is about $50 USD. Instead of buying a new cartridge (which I’ve done about every 18 months over the 8 year duration), does it make more sense at this point to invest that $50 into a new S9?

    You mentioned that the Braun motor puts out 10,000 oscillations per minute. Does the motor decrease in performance over time? Or, do you think it maintains the 10,000 OPM performance until the motor dies? Not sure if this is something that only the Braun engineers can answer.

    I’ve seen others comment about the S9 being offered by Costco (model 80353885) for $200 USD. Now, it is on sale for $40 off which brings it down to $160. This is starting to feel like a no-brainer, especially when factoring in having to spend $50 for a replacement cartridge for my existing 9095.

    Finally, something happened last night and today with my Clean and Charge Station (CCS). Apparently, it must have gotten slightly clogged over time at the drain port. There was dried hair trapped. So, I cleaned the entire CCS with mild dish soap and running it under warm water (without the alcohol cartridge inserted). I then wiped off the excess water with a paper towel and allowed to dry overnight with the CCS cartridge bay open. The next morning, I put everything back together and the power light comes on but isn’t recognizing the razor. I’m wondering if the CCS wasn’t supposed to be cleaned under running water (the 9095 owners manual didn’t mention anything about it).

    Sorry for the lengthy questions! I’m sure you can understand my dilemma. I’m very curious to hear your advice about upgrading my 9095 to the Costco 93XX (80353885). Thank you!

    • Hi Tony,

      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.

      Normally I recommend users to hold on to their existing shavers if they’re in good shape. And by that, I mainly refer to the battery being able to hold a charge and that there are no vibrations/rattling noises that shouldn’t be there. The output of the motor is only limited by the battery (when there’s not enough charge) or by a worn-out shaving head (increased friction). That said, given your great experience with the Series 9 and the really good deal you can get for a new one, you might as well go for it. You can use your old Series 9 as a backup or as a travel shaver.

      Regarding the cleaning station, it should never be cleaned with water. From what I can tell, the electronics (logic board) were damaged after you cleaned it. You could try to thoroughly clean the small board and any contacts with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol, often times it works.


      • Thank you! I went ahead and purchased the S9 9310cc from Costco. To be honest, my 8 year old 9095 must still be in great condition. After shaving with the new 9310, it performs about the same as the 9095 and the sound and vibration are practically identical. So I think you’re spot on about the performance being 100% as long as the battery is still good. As you mentioned, it looks like I have a backup!

        As for the old clean and charge station, it’s a shame that Braun doesn’t mention that it can’t be cleaned under running water. They should make that abundantly clear! It just seemed logical that since the shaver is waterproof and the clean station always pushes an alcohol solution through the reservoir, I though it may have been waterproof also. Obviously not. This is at least the 3rd time I’ve done a thorough cleaning during the 8 year span. I guess this last time finally ruined it.

        • You are very welcome, Tony. I agree, they only casually mention that the inside of the cleaning chamber should be wiped clean with a damp cloth from time to time. The fluid that is pumped from the cartridge makes a loop and gets back into the cartridge without coming into contact with the electronics.


  52. Having had the Panasonic ES-LV67 for two years it suddenly became faulty; one of the cutters would not go sideways properly and caused the razors sensor to activate almost continuously – the linkage had broken. No one not even Panasonic would fix it, I live in New Zealand.

    I decided to buy a Braun Series 9 Pro (9467cc) after reading your review, which I must say was really good and detailed. I found the razor cut almost as close as the Panasonic razor but in some places much better – under the nose was far better possibly due to the foils being so far above the housing. Certainly the smoothness is better. The noise of the razor has a lower frequency and more tolerable than the higher frequency the Panasonic makes. I normally put cotton wool in my ears to reduce the sound.

    After a quick dry shave I use warm water and a face cloth to cover my face and allow the water to soak and soften the hair this seems to make a closer shave. I then wash then shaver with warm water and a nail brush having separated the cassette; once dry I am using a spry can called Shaver Guard+ as a lubricant. As I have only had the shaver three days I plan to use the cleaning station once a week, not sure if this is the best or should I use the station more often.

    Thank you for your excellent review I just hope the shaver lasts.
    Kind regards
    Max Pow

    • Hi Max,

      Many thanks for taking the time to share this — glad you’re happy with the Series 9 Pro. I’ve always liked the way Braun foils stick out a lot more and have a greater range of motion. This has been an issue with all Panasonic models for years and it’s the same with the latest Arc 6. With a bit of effort, you would be able to shave right under the nose effectively with the Arc 5 as well. I hold the shaver with the head pointing a bit upward, with the top two foils touching the skin without the foil frame getting in the way. This way I can shove it right below the nose. I also rotate a bit the shaver at the end of the upstroke. I hope this makes sense.

      Your cleaning routine seems on point and I don’t think there’s any need to use the station more often. Water + soap is really effective and you’re also lubricating the cutters, so it’s all good.


      • Thanks for your comments. I did not mention that I shave every day in the morning. Also I don’t understand why Braun has curved the trimmer, for me straight would be better better.
        Regards Max

        • No problem. You’re all good even if you shave daily. I agree 100%, not only the curved blade doesn’t help, but it’s detrimental to the performance of the trimmer. Panasonic popup trimmers are vastly superior in my experience.


  53. the chinese are selling replacement blades on ebay with a different design, with two identical trimmers that remind of remingtons. i don’t have a braun but it would be fun to know if they are any better. i know my arc3 needs hair-direction-shaving because the middle blade has side extensions and these in principle could be much better

    • Hi there,

      Those replacement heads sound intriguing — I haven’t tried any, but I’m really curious. I’ll try to source one and report back. I am pretty skeptical about their performance to be honest.


  54. Hello, thanks a lot for review. I want to ask, I have Braun 9293s and I am thinking to buy new blades, do you think is worth to buy PRO blades instead of usual?

    • Hi Jonas,

      The differences will be rather subtle, especially since the cassette will be used on a standard Series 9, not on a Pro shaver. If you can source the Pro head easily and not for a whole lot more than the standard 92s, then by all means get it. Otherwise I would just buy the regular one.


    • Thanks for the heads up, Emad. It looks like the regular (current) 94xx Series 9 Pro that comes with this facial massager head, most likely backward compatible with any Series 9 models should they make it available separately.


  55. Hello Ovidiu, Hopefully not too long winded. Sensitive skin: all about closest shave without ingrown hairs. The Braun 9477 wins hands down; comparing to 5 blade 3 blade 2 blade supplyco Braun 9200 & 9300 series the Braun 9477 with Speicks shave cream wins hands down. No ingrown hairs no irritation just a great close shave. Takes some time maybe just as much time as a blade shave, in my opinion just BRAUN wins out for close and lasting shave. I have tried the Panasonic Arc 5 for sensitive skin I have the same problem that I experience with blade shaving. Again in my opinion for shaves just knocking down the beard I prefer Lab Series vs Speicks pre shave; I find with Speicks the shaver drags too much, especially in a humid climate. I certainly appreciate all your input and really listen to your advice. Thank you so much! Marc

    • Hi Marc,

      That’s awesome, thank you so much for the comment and S9 Pro feedback.

      The Arc 5 is indeed more aggressive although I find the use of shaving cream to greatly improve it in that regard. Lab Series is definitely oilier than Speick which is among the less oily pre-shaves (a reason why I prefer it over other brands) which could explain why you feel the shaver dragging on the skin. As a side note, you would absolutely hate the Tabac pre-shave which is the driest I’ve ever used.


  56. Is it possible to fill the Braun cartridge with water instead of alcohol and then add the cheaper Panasonic detergent bag

    • Haven’t actually tried it, but I think the station will signal an empty cartridge. Besides that, detergent solutions used in Braun cleaning stations tend to foam up a lot, causing pressure buildup inside the cartridge and will make some mess as well. The shaving head will be covered in lather at the end of the cleaning part.


  57. Hello ovidiu. Hope you’re well. Just one question if i may. Does my face have to be bone dry to get the best results with my Braun series 9?. I’ve got fairly oily skin. Will that stop the shaver delivering the best results?. Should i dab my bristles dry to get a closer shave. Many thanks Philip wowk.

    • Hi Philip,

      I’m very well thank you, hope you are too.

      That’s an excellent question. In my opinion moisture (as in sweat, or water from washing your face or your shaver right before shaving) can be detrimental (when shaving dry of course). Skin oil — not so much and highly dependent on the shaver and how oily the skin is. Some users actually prefer it vs bone dry skin as they feel the shaver glides easier. You could try dabbing the beard and even using a pre-shave like Tabac — that one really takes care of any moisture and oils — and see if it makes a difference (for the better that is). In my case, when I have bone dry skin, it takes me a bit longer to complete my shave, especially when I use a rotary, but the closeness is better.


      • Thanks for that. Still having great results with the series 9. Especially with me having very tough and dense bristles. I’ll give it a go and any more suggestions you may have of course! . Thanks very much kindest regards Philip.

  58. Hello ovidiu. I’ve just put my series 9 to the ultimate test !. I shaved one side of my face with the series 9 and the other side with thle latest Gillette 5 blade razor. The result – amazingly close (pardon the pun). After about 18 hours, you couldn’t see any difference when looking in a mirror. The Gillette felt slightly closer. But not by much. This tells me two things, the Braun is awesome for tough dense bristles (and I’ve tried a Panasonic arc 4 which didn’t perform as well as i was expecting). And even the best wet blade struggles with tough bristles. True enough,a Turkish barbers with a double edge razor gets closer, but the inconvenience!. Awesome Braun!.

  59. I own the old Braun Series 9 shaver, can I buy the Braun Series 9 Pro without the cleaning station and use the old Braun Series 9 with Braun Series 9 Pro

    • Hi Emad,

      It’ll work only if your current S9 is a 93xxcc model. Otherwise the 9 Pro won’t work with the station. It’ll charge the shaver, but the cleaning function won’t work.


  60. Does this mean that Braun shavers sold without the cleaning station cannot be cleaned inside the cleaning station of a shaver designed to work with the cleaning station?

    • It depends. The Series 9 solo shavers (no station) that start with 93 or 94 will work with a compatible cleaning station. And by compatible I mean one that originally came with a 93 or 94 cc shaver. I wrote more details here if you want to check it out.


  61. Hi Ovidiu,
    thank you for the thorough review. I was reading your blog for some time and ended up buying S9 Pro. I’m really happy with the choice, the dry shave with Speick pre-shave lotion is really good!

    I’m working on my wet shaving technique (also using Speick) and it did NOT live up to the expectation so far. For me currently the shave is slower and not that close. I have many questions regarding this – but a question for you is: is there a supportive online community (forum, reddit group) where I can post pictures and ask questions about (wet) shaving with an electric shaver?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Fran,

      Thank you so much for the comment.

      Wet shaving with Braun shavers often turns out to be a bit underwhelming for many users, it just doesn’t offer any significant advantages over a quick dry shave. Even though I love wet shaving with electric razors, I almost always shave dry with my Braun razors.

      I think a reddit group would be the best place for that. The more active and large forums (like Badger and Blade) are all focused on traditional wet shaving.


  62. Fantastic review , really appreciate it and thank you very much for sharing.
    I bought the 9477 cc today and now I’m sure that I bought a high quality machine.
    Thank you very much again.

  63. Hello ovidiu. You’ll be glad to know that the issue i was having with my series 9 shaving closer when i was abroad is now resolved. My partner thinks that because you sweat more abroad, the sweat could have been acting like a lubricant. And funnily enough now im back in a cooler climate, it’s not quite as good. But im using the 94m replacement head and i can hardly feel any stubble after my shave now. So happy days!.

    • Hi Philip,

      That’s awesome, I’m glad you’re enjoying shaving again. That could be the case. Have you tried using a pre-shave lotion with an oilier texture, like Speick or Lab Series? It seems like you would benefit from the added lubricating properties of such a product.


      • Hello ovidiu. No i haven’t. ive tried the lab series pre shave lotion and there was very little different between using that and no lotion . I’ll certainly give it a go though. Thanks very much, kindest regards Philip.

        • Sorry about that. I’m full of cold at the moment and didn’t notice that you’d put lab series down. I should be fine as long as i use that 94m head. Thank you.


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