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ShaverCheck is your go-to resource for honest reviews and educational articles that will help you find the right shaver and use it the right way.

Our Mission

We believe that shaving should be easy and enjoyable.

And choosing a suitable electric razor is a key element in getting a close and comfortable shave.

However, even something as trivial as that can get overwhelming.

There are dozens of electric shavers available and even more are being released every year.

To make things worse, it’s almost never clear what the differences between the various models are or if the newer releases are actually better.

Our goal is to declutter all this and make it easy for you to choose a suitable shaver for your needs — and then put it to good use.

We do this by posting comprehensive, real-world shaver reviews and in-depth comparisons & guides on everything related to electric shaving.

We strive to present the information in a clear, simple, useful and actionable manner so that anyone can benefit, from seasoned users to complete beginners.

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