The New Braun Series 8: Everything You Need To Know

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The New Braun Series 8: Everything You Need To Know

The Series 8 represents Braun’s latest line of electric shavers for men.

And while launching a new Braun shaver is usually a big deal that implies some extensive marketing campaigns and promoting, that wasn’t the case with the Series 8.

It was quietly rolled out somewhere in 2019 without even issuing a press release. Moreover, the Series 8 range is still not listed on Braun’s website.

The new series sparked a lot of interest among potential buyers despite being this elusive product that’s not even widely available yet.

And unsurprisingly, the question on everyone’s mind was of course whether this was the successor of the Series 7.

Well, I bought the Series 8, used it for a few weeks and in this article I’ll cover everything there is to know about Braun’s newest shaver, including how it compares to the brand’s current top performers, the Series 7 and 9.

Let’s dive right in.

What exactly is the Series 8?

When I first came across the Series 8, I immediately thought that Braun just decided to Frankenstein together different parts of the Series 5, 7 and 9.

And to be honest, the reality isn’t very far from that.

From a purely visual standpoint, the new series definitely exhibits Braun’s current design language that we first saw with the Series 5 and Series 9.

The Braun Series 8 8370cc

See the price on Amazon

So the Series 8 is a 3 blade foil electric razor that appears to fill the gap between the Series 7 and 9 (at least from the name perspective).

However, considering its features, price and particularly the shaving performance, things are a bit different in reality as you’ll see.

But the Series 8 does come with some distinctive features and improvements of its own.

Let’s quickly go over the most important ones.

Braun Series 8 features overview

3 Shaving elements

Braun Series 8 features a familiar 3 blade shaving head.

As mentioned previously, the Series 8 features a familiar 3 blade setup, with two outer foils that shave hairs close to the skin (called OptiFoil) and one middle trimmer for catching and trimming longer, flat-lying hairs.

It is pretty much identical to the ones used on the Series 7 and 5 as you can see in the image below.

The Series 5, 7 and 8 have almost identical shaving heads.

The Series 5, 7 and 8 have almost identical shaving heads.

However, it is a new part specifically made for the Series 8 called 83M and won’t fit the other two models, mainly because of the shape of the plastic frame.

Again, the foils and middle trimmers themselves seem identical to the ones used on the Series 5 and 7.

This immediately hints at a somewhat similar shaving performance, but we’ll get to that right away.

60 minutes of cordless shaving time

This is in my opinion one of the main highlights of the shaver and a clear improvement over most other shavers in Braun’s lineup.

The Series 8 is fitted with a larger battery that is good for an impressive 60 minute worth of shaving time, compared to the usual 45 or 50 minutes.

There’s no information so far regarding the existence of dry only Series 8 models, so we’ll just assume that all of them will be wet/dry shavers, meaning they can only be operated cordless.

In this context, the larger battery is definitely welcome, along with the 5-minute quick charge function.

Beard density sensor

This is the same technology found on the Series 9 and on some shavers from Panasonic for example.

According to Braun, the sensor reads the density of the beard and adjusts the power output accordingly. In reality, this technology has always been pretty much useless.

This also means that there are no personalization modes like on the Series 7 (those were also rather gimmicky, to be honest).

8D shaving head

Braun says that the Series 8 has an 8-directional shaving head. I have no idea how they came up with that number.

The shaving head can only swivel up and down and the three shaving elements can move independently.

The three shaving element can move independently.

And to be honest, that is good enough. In fact, in my opinion this simple setup seems to work the best. Panasonic’s super complex flexing shaving heads for example are just annoying and look good in the specs sheet.

Travel lock

This isn’t normally a big deal that’s worth mentioning, however, in this case, I think it is important simply because the Series 7 didn’t have a travel lock.

So yes, on the Series 8 the power button can be locked from accidentally turning the razor on.

Advanced 32-bit processor

Just like the latest Series 9 93XX models, the Series 8 comes with a 32-bit MCU (memory control unit).

While such details are usually relevant in the case of smartphones or computers, a 32-bit MCU will be able to process a lot more data and a lot faster than the 8-bit MCU that other shavers use.

How much will this impact the actual shaving performance is debatable, but in my opinion it won’t make a significant difference.

Sonic technology with 30000 cutting actions per minute

By this Braun simply means that the Series 8 is fitted with a 10000 CPM (cycles per minute) motor, just like the Series 7 and 9 (30000 divided by 3 shaving elements).

The Sonic part means that we still get those tiny vibrations/pulsations that supposedly help to catch more hairs.


The Braun Series 8 comes with a 2-year worldwide warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

Braun Series 8 models: cc and solo shavers

In typical Braun fashion, the Series 8 will offer several variations that come with a cleaning and charging station. These models have names that end in cc (standing for Clean & Charge) — for example, the 8370cc.

The shavers that don’t include a station end in s (standing for solo). For example, the Series 8 8320s.

So far, here are the models expected to be available: 8320s, 8325s, 8330s, 8340s, 8345s, 8350s, 8360cc, 8365cc, 8370cc, 8371cc, 8380cc, 8385cc, 8390cc, 8391cc.

The performance and features are identical throughout the entire Series 8 and the differences mainly stem from the inclusion of the station or other minor differences (color, accessories, availability in specific regions, etc.).

The Series 8 8370cc (USA) and 8391cc (UK) seem to be the only models available at this moment; the two are identical, except that the latter comes with a hard leather travel case instead of the common textile variation shipped with the 8370cc.

Braun Series 8 8370cc

Braun Series 8 8370cc

See the price on Amazon

The 8370cc is also the model I’ve bought. As the name suggests, it comes with a cleaning and charging station that actually looks identical to the one of the Series 5 (and 9).

At this moment I cannot say if a solo Series 8 will work with a cleaning station purchased separately, but my guess is that it won’t.

Also, the Series 8 station lacks any drying mechanism. On older Series 7 models we had inductive heating, while the Series 9 station has a fan that blows air over the shaving head, helping to evaporate the cleaning fluid faster.

It’s not a deal-breaker in my opinion and it was to be expected; the Series 9 needed some extra features to justify the higher price and the flagship shaver status.

How does the Braun Series 8 shave?

While this won’t be a detailed analysis of the Series 8 performance, I will briefly go over the most important aspects.

In short, it shaves really well.

It is very similar to the Series 5 and Series 7 in terms of closeness and comfort. In fact, I’d say that it sits somewhere between those two.

It’s very gentle and forgiving but powerful enough and suitable for coarse beards as well.

I have very sensitive skin and didn’t have any major problems using it, be it dry or wet.

The closeness will be good enough for most users, but again I think the Panasonic Arc 4 and Arc 5 still have the edge here, even though they’re not as comfortable as the Series 8.

The Series 8 is also quite good with longer, flat hairs on the neck, definitely better than other foil shavers in this price range from the competition.

The slide out hair trimmer is mediocre at best, but that’s the case with all Braun electric razors.

The battery life is fantastic and unlike the Series 7 with its useless battery indicator, the Series 8 has a simple, 5-level indicator.

The cc station works really well, the cleaning cycle is very short and does a great job of removing all the hairs and gunk from the shaving head.

The Braun Series 8 during the automatic cleaning process.

The Braun Series 8 during the automatic cleaning process.

You can of course clean the shaver manually and only use the station every once in a while for a thorough cleaning and remove any remaining debris from the cassette.

The cleaning unit uses the same Braun CCR cartridges, but there are cheaper third-party solutions available as well.

In conclusion, the Series 8 is a very good and capable electric razor that will be suitable in the majority of the situation.

How does the Series 8 compare to Braun’s other shavers?

The Braun Series 7, 8 and 9 respectively.

The Braun Series 7, 8 and 9 respectively.

We absolutely have to compare the Braun Series 8 to the brand’s other top models, namely the Series 7 and Series 9.

In my opinion a direct comparison with the Series 5 makes the most sense since they are a lot more similar, so we’ll put it against the S5 as well.

But let’s start with Braun’s most popular model, the Series 7.

Braun Series 8 vs Series 7

Braun Series 8 vs Series 7.

First of all, I have to mention that I don’t personally think about the Series 8 as a new Series 7, but more like a standalone product.

The Series 7 is Braun’s best-selling shaver and it will be updated at some point…with a new Series 7.

But until then, let’s see what are the main differences between the Series 8 and 7.

Objectively speaking, the Series 8 comes with a few improvements over the Series 7.

Here they are:

1. Bigger battery

While the battery life on the Series 7 was very solid, the Series 8 is just fantastic in that regard, arguably the best out there right now.

2. Better battery indicator

The current Series 7 (78XX models) are fitted with a weird and useless, awkwardly placed battery indicator.

Braun Series 8 vs 7 battery indicator.

Braun Series 8 vs 7 battery indicator.

The one on the Series 8 is a simple 5-level indicator that just does its job and doesn’t require reading the manual to know what it means.

3. Better head locking mechanism

This is another well-known pet peeve with the Series 7 that was addressed with the Series 8 which features the same locking switch as the Series 5 and 9.

The head locking switch on the Series 8 vs 7.

The head locking switch on the Series 8 vs 7.

The Series 7 had a badly designed locking mechanism that would simply break when you tried to move the head from the locked position.

With the Series 8, the head will simply move into a different position with no damage to the ratcheting mechanism.

4. Travel lock

As mentioned earlier, the Series 7 didn’t have a travel lock. Not a huge deal, but again it’s something that was addressed with the Series 8.

It can be activated by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds.

5. No personalization modes

I consider this as a plus for the Series 8 since they were of little to no use on the 7.

On the other hand, the Series 8 has a built-in beard density sensor. To be honest, I cannot tell if it works or not. But it is there.

6. 32-bit MCU

Again, I don’t know how much this matters, but at least on the specs sheet, it is superior to the Series 7’s 8-bit MCU.

7. Quieter operation

The Series 8 is (to my ear) slightly quieter than a Series 7 on the highest speed setting. It’s still not as quiet as a rotary shaver, but it’s not too bad for a foil machine.

8. Price

At least at the moment of writing this comparison, the Braun Series 8 seems to cost less than a corresponding Series 7.

For example, the model I bought (8370cc) costed less than a Series 7 790cc or 7865cc.

That can very well change, so we shall see how things evolve in this regard.

So far these are pros of the Series 8 over the Series 7.

Let’s now try to find some negatives.

1. Less solid build quality

To me the Series 8 seems just a bit more plasticky and maybe even flimsier than the Series 7. I have owned a few Series 7 and I know that they can take a beating.

Time will tell if the Series 8 will hold up just as well.

2. Ergonomics

The Series 8 feels heavier despite my kitchen scale only showing the Series 8 being 1 gram heavier. It’s not a huge difference, but I could tell the difference after years of using the Series 7.

The reason is probably the different weight balance of the shaver along with the rest of the aspects that affect its ergonomics, like shape and girth.

During and after use, my hand would sometimes fatigue when using the Series 8, which is something I never experienced with the Series 7.

3. Bulkier cleaning station

The station of the Series 8 is a bit larger than the one of the Series 7 and in my (subjective) opinion it doesn’t look as good.

4. Series 8 Solo models won’t work with a cleaning station

The Series 7 solo models were the only ones in Braun’s lineup that would work with a compatible cleaning station. It’s likely that they’ll still remain the only ones.

5. Pricier replacement shaving heads

The Series 8 comes with a new cassette, called the 83M. Right now it is very difficult to find and it also costs more than the 70s cassette used by the Series 7.

So is the Braun Series 8 a better shaver than the Series 7? Specs-wise, Yes.

But is it fundamentally better? No. In fact, if we consider strictly the shaving experience, the Series 7 is in my opinion better.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc

See the price on Amazon

While the end result will be quite similar — I actually shaved half my face with the Series 8 and the other half with the Series 7 — I would personally pick the Series 7 over the Series 8.

Here’s why:

  • The Series 7 in the highest power setting feels faster despite having the same 10000  CPM motor;
  • The shaving head is ever so slightly more compact. This makes it feel more nimble;
  • The pivoting of the shaving head, along with the movement of the three individual cutters seem to have a greater range of motion, further contributing to an enjoyable, faster, and efficient shave;
  • The Series 7 feels lighter than the Series 8; even though they weigh the same, the Series 7 is probably better balanced;
  • The Series 7 seems to catch those flat neck hairs with fewer strokes despite using what seems like an identical foil setup;
  • The closeness of the shave with the Series 7 is slightly better;
  • The Series 7 is overall more enjoyable and easier to use.

Again, the differences aren’t by any means huge, but as a long time user of the Series 7, I can definitely notice them and would actually prefer the Series 7 over the Series 8 (despite its flaws that were addressed with the Series 8).

Braun Series 8 vs Series 9

Braun Series 8 vs Series 9.

In my opinion the Series 8 vs Series 9 comparison is a bit of a stretch, however it does make sense. Some potential buyers want to know whether getting a Series 9 is worth the extra money.

So let’s check out the main differences between the Braun Series 8 and 9.

The Series 9 has an extra cutter for a total of four, making it more capable when shaving longer, wiry, cross-directional hairs.

If that sounds like you and you also shave less often, the Series 9 is probably a better choice.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun Series 9 9290cc

See the price on Amazon

Otherwise, most users will likely be fine with the Series 8 (or 7).

Both the Series 9 and 8 are fitted with 10000 CPM motors, however the Series 9 is torquier and faster, which will likely translate into shorter shaving sessions, especially if you have very coarse, dense facial hair that tends to lie flat on the skin.

The Series 9 is also more forgiving and gentle, but the differences aren’t huge. The same is true with regards to closeness, both the Series 8 and 9 being similar, but again with a slight edge to the Series 9.

So yes, unsurprisingly, the Series 9 is the better shaver and it should be given the price difference from a Series 8.

The two shavers are similar when it comes to design, size, and how they feel in your hand.

Design-wise, the Series 8 (left) and 9 (right) are very similar.

Design-wise, the Series 8 (left) and Series 9 (right) are very similar.

During use, however, the Series 9 with its larger 4 blade shaving head will take more getting used to.

The Series 8 battery is better than the current Series 9 generation (92XX models), however Braun recently updated the Series 9 and fitted them with the same larger battery and the same 32-bit MCU. Those models are the 93XX and will probably be available soon.

Also, the Series 9 is still in my opinion Braun’s quietest shaver so far. Compared side by side, the Series 8 is definitely louder.

The cleaning stations of the Series 8 and 9 look exactly the same on the outside, but the one of the Series 9 is heavier and is fitted with a fan that dries the shaving head once the cleaning cycle has completed.

Braun Series 8 and 9 cleaning stations.

Braun Series 8 and 9 cleaning stations.

The Series 8 will actually fit inside the Series 9 station and the shaver will charge, however the cleaning and drying functions will not work.

So the choice between the Series 8 and Series 9 should be pretty straightforward; if your budget allows it and especially if you have wiry, coarse, flat-lying hairs (and shave less often), then get the Series 9.

It is the more powerful, faster, and more capable shaver between the two — and it should be since it costs significantly more.

Braun Series 8 vs Series 5

This is the comparison that makes the most sense in my opinion, despite what the names of the series might suggest.

Theoretically, the Series 8 should be better than the Series 7, but not as good as the Series 9.

But as we saw, that’s not quite the case. In fact, considering how the Series 8 actually shaves, it feels more like a revised, refined, and rebranded Series 5.

Compared to the Series 5, the Series 8 doesn’t vibrate as much, is a bit more forgiving on sensitive areas like the neck, a bit quieter and has a larger battery.

They are extremely similar design-wise and (unsurprisingly) feel very similar during use.

Braun Series 8 vs Series 5.

Braun Series 8 (left) vs Series 5 (right).

The shape of the shaving head frame is different, so the cassettes aren’t cross-compatible. At least at this moment, the cassette used by the Series 5 (52s/52b) is a lot cheaper and widely available.

The cleaning stations are also basically the same, despite having different part numbers.

However, the Series 8 for example won’t fit perfectly inside the Series 5 station and while it will charge, the cleaning function won’t work.

Neither has the drying system found on the Series 9 station that again, on the outside, looks the same.

In conclusion, while we were all waiting anxiously for a worthy Series 7 successor, the Series 8 is not that shaver — it’s basically a slightly better Series 5.

And since the Series 5 costs less, it’s easy to purchase and uses a significantly cheaper (yet similar) shaving head, I would actually recommend it over the Series 8, at least for the time being.

Should you buy the Series 8?

If you can get the Series 8 without jumping through hoops and it has a reasonable price, then yes, it’s a good shaver.

Otherwise, for slightly more money, you can get a Series 7 that is still an excellent shaver despite its age.

As mentioned previously, it shaves better, it’s widely available and the replacement shaving heads are also easy to find and cost less.

If you can get past a few shortcomings of the 7, at least for now, it is probably a safer (and better) choice than the Series 8 for most users.

However, once it becomes more popular and the price of the replacement cassette will drop, the Braun Series 8 will be a very appealing electric shaver.

But until then, the Series 8 makes it really difficult to choose it over a Series 7 or a Series 5 if you’re on a tighter budget.

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  1. Sam T

    This throws a wrench in gearbox! I currently use a Series 9 but when I travel I carry and use Wahl Lifeproof shaver because it is supposedly very rugged and has a 90 minute charge. However after an extended 30 day trip I found I missed my Series 9 and it’s comfort level. I was considering the Series 7 but now will have to consider the 8 because the ergonomics seem the same as the Series 9 and will probably take less time to adjust! Thanks for the review…

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, the transition from the Series 9 to the 8 should be really smooth. With regards to comfort during use, it’s also (a lot) better than the Wahl.


  2. Jume

    I have the 8370cc which I have been very happy with. It provides a fast and close shave. Two minor points: the Clean & Charge station clearly has the three icons for automatic cleaning program selection which supposedly adjusts the cleaning cycle based on length of time since last cleaning. This function in not available on this model however. The cleaning function works very well though; it’s just a bit annoying to have the three icons there that never light up and serve no function. Another even more minor point is that you eject the cassette for manual cleaning by pressing the little black plastic piece on the side. Both the left and right side have the identical plastic piece with the eject icon molded into it but only one side is capable of being depressed. Not an issue really unless someone tries too hard to depress the wrong side and damages it.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Jume,

      Thank you for your detailed and highly informative comment. I totally agree with the two aspects you mentioned. Regarding the cleaning station, I also own two Braun Series 9 cc shavers and even though the three cleaning modes are enabled, the stations always select the longest, high-intensity mode. Even when I use the shaver for a 3-minute quick shave, it would still select the longest cycle. So I wouldn’t be too worried about not having this function on the Series 8.

      Glad to know you enjoy shaving with the Series 8, it is all in all a really good shaver.


  3. Steven

    Hi Ovidiu,

    Apparently, the clean and charge station looks identical to Braun Series 3 CoolTec. I can’t see any difference. I believe Series 8 is not yet rolled out worldwide but interestingly, you can find it in a very fancy packaging being sold in China on Tmall website directly from Braun. I wonder if it’s a one-off campaign.

    I’m sharing the URL here:

    Tmall is one of the well known online shopping websites in China and products are completely authentic. Also, the product photos come with a video clip which explains the new shaver. The model being sold online is 8370cc.


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Steven,

      Thank you so much for the info, that’s very interesting indeed. The launch of the Series 8 is so far very atypical for Braun and I’m very curious to see how it will unfold. That is an excellent observation btw, the S8 station does seem identical to the one that comes with the CoolTec.


  4. Steven

    Hi Ovidiu,

    I asked one of my friends in Hong Kong to place an order for a Series 8 shaver on Chinese Tmall website and ship it to me. Apparently, they run out of stock and the shaver has been completely sold out!

    Braun took exactly the same sales technic with CoolTec, they are still selling the refreshed model in HK and some other countries. I’ve got my hands on the latest/refreshed version of CoolTec from HK last year and I think the battery life has been improved hugely from the initial launch back in 2013.

    I believe Braun is taking the same campaign to market Series 8 regionally.

    I’ve been a big fan of CoolTec over the past years due to its reasonable performance, cooling technology and cheap replacement blades or cassette. However, I believe it’s time for me to move on with something else, perhaps a Series 8 as a New product stands out for the time being.


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Steven,

      Thank you for the update, I really appreciate it. If you do manage to get the Series 8 let me know what you think of it if you have the time. It should provide better performance than the Series 3 CoolTec.


      1. Steven

        Hi Ovidiu,

        Definitely will do. I’m kind of hesitating to purchase it on eBay and most likely will wait to buy it from Amazon.

        I’ve been keeping an eye on Panasonic latest ES-LV7D, the D series. Panasonic is doing a free outer blade replacement campaign here in Japan until end of July. It means, if you purchase this shaver from local shops or Amazon Japan, you’re then eligible to get a free outer blade replacement from Panasonic directly by feeling up a form and submitting it to them free of charge.

        You may take a look at it here:

        I wonder if this triggers a new Panasonic Arc 5 is on the way as Panasonic normally announces its new shavers before fall.


        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          Hi Steven,

          Thank you again for the info. I’m also curious to see what’s next from Panasonic. At least now I know I’m not the only one getting excited about the prospects of a new electric shaver. 🙂


  5. Arif

    just bought my series 8 from costco. I am transitioning from series 7 that I owned for last 5 yrs and really loved. However, as you mentioned it’s head lock was faulty and broke a while ago which was quite annoying for me as I like shaving with head locked. Hoping to give series 8 a try tomorrow morning and see if I made a good investment

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Arif. Hope you’ll enjoy shaving with your new Series 8. If you have the time, let me know your thoughts on it.


  6. Michael Dale

    Love the article and the 8. I am wondering if you know where I can buy replacement coils and blades for it? It’s like it doesn’t exist.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment. So far the replacement cassette is not readily available; apart from the Encompass link in the article, I haven’t managed to find it anywhere else. I will update the article as soon as it becomes available.


  7. Mark

    I recently bought the Series 8 from Costco as well. I had been using Norelco’s for probably 30 years, and I always felt each time I bought a new Norelco it was better than the one before. But that stopped with the Norelco 5000. I never liked that shaver, not comfortable and not a particularly close shave.

    The Series 8 was on sale for $120, so I decided to give it a shot. I LOVE this razor. I have a very light beard that always seemed to shave easier if I skipped a day. Not so with this Braun, it works great even with a very short beard. It’s so comfortable, I actually look forward to using it every morning.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Many thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the Series 8. Glad you’re enjoying the shaver!



    I just purchased the Braun Series 8 and I shaved with it one time. I am a black man with a course beard. I received a satisfactory shave. So far, I am pleased with my purchase. I bought it on EBay as an open box (new) product. I did check with Amazon and foils can be found there.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Danny. I still can’t find the replacement shaving head for the Series 8 on Amazon. Can you please share the link with part?


  9. Chris Sheahen

    I have used Braun shavers for years. Tried the Series 9 and wasn’t impressed. Went back to my 7. It has been the best for me. However, I saw the 8 at Costco for a good price and took a chance. Used the 8 for a couple of weeks and very satisfied. Shaves me a bit closer than the 7, and very comfortable. Cuts the flat lying hairs better than the 7. My 7 was a few years old and the trimmer just broke, so it was time to do something. I’m happy with my choice of the 8.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Series 8. Glad to know you enjoy shaving with it. I would however take into account the fact that your Series 7 is a few years old, so the blades don’t cut as well as they used to. I actually compared the Series 8 to a Series 7 that I got a couple of months before, so they were basically both new. Anyway, happy shaving!


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Eric,

      It appears to be out of stock on Encompass as well. Until recently they had it in stock, so keep an eye on it. I will update the post when that happens.



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