Braun Series 9 9290cc Review: The Hype Is Real

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Braun Series 9 9290cc Review: The Hype is Real
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The good: the most comfortable electric shaver on the market, close shaves, great performance when used on longer hairs, suitable for very sensitive skin, very fast shaving sessions, excellent cleaning station, reasonably priced replacement shaving heads, lightweight and well balanced, good build quality and ergonomics

The bad: pricey, plastic body, cleaning cartridges are pricey (compared to the competition), must be cleaned of any foam residues before using the cleaning station, manual cleaning is fiddly

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(4.5 out of 5 stars overall)

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Braun launched the Series 9 back in 2015 to take over the popular, but aging Series 7 line of electric shavers.

With more power, more cutting elements and a new design, the Series 9 was Braun’s most advanced and most expensive electric shaver yet.

One year after its introduction, Braun suddenly revamped the entire Series 9 line, the most important changes being a new shaving head and wet/dry operation for all the new shavers.

Part of this new generation, the Braun Series 9 9290cc comes in a new silver color treatment and includes an automatic Clean & Charge station.

Moreover, this particular model is shaping up to be one of the best selling Series 9 shavers due to its lower price compared to other similar Series 9 variations.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

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But since it still has a hefty price tag, you’re probably interested in finding out if it’s worth your hard earned money.

With that said, there’s a lot to like about the 9290cc, but there are some negative aspects as well.

To find out if it would be a good fit for you, I compiled my findings into this review after thoroughly testing the Braun Series 9 9290cc over the course of one month.

Let’s get started!

Features overview

The Series 9 9290cc packs quite a lot of technologies and features, so I’ll briefly go over the most important ones.

Note: The Braun Series 9 9291cc model is identical to the 9290cc reviewed here, the only difference between them being that the former comes with a hard leather travel case instead of the usual textile type. So you could also consider this a Series 9 9291cc review as the shavers themselves are identical.

4 individual cutting elements

The shaving head of the Series 9 is comprised of 4 individual cutting elements:

  • Two foils called OptiFoils that shave hairs close to the skin. They use Braun’s notorious hexagon shaped holes that are supposedly superior for capturing hairs compared to the regular rounded perforations.
  • A HyperLift & Cut trimmer — this is a novelty and a distinct element of the Series 9; the specially designed trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs. You can identify it by its distinctive golden color on the updated Series 9 models like the 9290cc in our review. The unique color of this trimmer is the result of a Titanium Nitride coating, a ceramic material used for its anti-corrosive and edge retention properties.
  • A Direct & Cut trimmer that captures hairs that grow in different directions.

One thing that caught my attention was Braun’s attempt at presenting the Series 9 as shaver with 5 cutting elements.

In Braun’s view, the fifth is the so-called SkinGuard, a piece of metal located right next to the Direct & Cut trimmer that supposedly smoothens the skin.

The SkinGuard on the shaving head of the Series 9 9290cc.

But let’s be honest, this isn’t a cutter and should not count as one.

Just for the record, the Panasonic Arc 5 is an example of a shaver with 5 full-fledged cutters.

SyncroSonic Technology

With the Series 9, Braun ditched the personalization modes of the Series 7 that allowed the user to alter the power output of the shaver depending on the area they were shaving. Those were completely useless and Braun probably thought the same.

Instead, they implemented the so-called SyncroSonic technology that reads the density of the beard and adjusts the power accordingly. This type of technology is also found on high-end Panasonic shavers.

I would personally prefer full power for the entire shave as I never found this type of gimmicky features to make any significant improvements to the actual performance of the shaver.

But it is what it is.

10·D Flexible Shaving System

According to Braun, the four cutters are mounted on a 10 directional pivoting head: they can be independently depressed and the whole shaving head can pivot back and forth.

I have no idea how they came up with the number 10, but what I can tell you after using the 9290cc is that this really works.

The range of motion of the 9290cc flexing shaving head

The Series 9 has one of the best implemented flexing shaving heads of any foil shaver. More details on this in the performance section of the review.

For more precision, the head can also be locked into a fixed position with a dedicated switch located on the front of the shaver.

Waterproof, wet & dry operation.

As mentioned earlier, all the updated Series 9 models are now suitable for wet & dry use and can be fully submerged in water up to 5 meters.

This means that you can use the 9290cc in the shower or with your favorite shaving cream if you prefer so.

As a side note, all the updated Series 9 shavers can be identified by the model name, 92xxcc or 92xxs.

The older shavers used the 90xxcc or 90xxs naming template. The cc models include the automatic cleaning station, while the s models do not.

Automatic cleaning station

As you probably know, the Series 9 9290cc in this review comes with the Clean & Charge station that does precisely what the name implies.

Moreover, it also dries and lubricates the shaving head. A detailed look at how the cleaning station works later on.


Other noteworthy features of the 9290cc include:

  • 5 level battery LED display
  • travel lock
  • 5-minute quick charge
  • long hair trimmer.

Included accessories

Upon opening the retail package, you’ll be greeted with the following items:

  • Braun Series 9 9290cc shaver
  • Clean & Charge station
  • Charging cord
  • Hard travel case
  • 1 x cleaning cartridge
  • Cleaning brush
  • User’s manual

Build quality and ergonomics

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed to find out that Braun has decided to use plastic for the Series 9.

Even the older Series 7 had a metal shaving head and Panasonic’s latest Arc 5 generation has an exquisite brushed metal body.

However, I was glad to see that at least with the 9290cc the silver part of the shaver’s body now has a matte, frosted finish compared to the high gloss chrome treatment of other Series 9 models (9095cc, 9295cc).

As a result, smudges and fingerprints are a non-issue with this one. There’s still some glossy chrome around the bottom, around the ON/OFF switch and on the foil frame.

The Braun Series 9 9290cc is a very handsome shaver. The body actually looks like metal and I still wish it was made out of metal.

The shaver is surprisingly lightweight and its size is very manageable despite having substantial girth towards the top part.

It feels well balanced and adequately secure due to the textured rubber on the back that extends to the sides as well.

The long hair trimmer on the back is cover with the same grippy material.

I personally would have liked the rubber to extend even more on the sides and front like they did with the Series 5, but that would have messed up the aesthetics. With the black color scheme of the Series 5 it wasn’t a problem.

The front of the shaver houses the LED display, the ON/OFF switch that also acts as a travel lock with a long press and the head locking switch.

The shaving head can be locked into one of 5 positions for more precision when shaving a tight spot. You can achieve that by sliding down the switch.

It’s worth mentioning that this is a massive improvement over the locking mechanism of the Series 7 that was prone to breaking if excessive force was applied to the shaving head after being locked.

With the Series 9 (and the Series 5 as well), the head will simply move into a different position with no damage done to the ratcheting mechanism.

Despite being covered with dimples, the switch is still a bit slippery if your finger is wet and you must press harder in order to operate it.

Again, the one on the Series 5 has more grip, being made out of a softer, rubbery plastic.

On the back, you’ll find the long hair trimmer and two metal studs used for charging the shaver when placed into the station.

The long hair trimmer is very smooth to slide in and out. When fully extended, it just about passes the shaving head.

I have to give Braun props for paying attention to small details. For example, if you slide out the long hair trimmer and the shaving head is in the way (the range of motion is quite large), it automatically slides forward and the trimmer doesn’t bump into it.

The shaving head (called a cassette) appears of high quality and snaps easily and securely into place. It’s also very easy to remove by pressing the two buttons on both sides of the shaving head.

It’s worth mentioning that with the original Series 9 there were some reports of the shaving head falling apart after just months of use. The culprit was apparently the HyperLift & Cut trimmer.

For the shaving heads of the updated Series 9, Braun outsourced their production to a different manufacturer and the problem was most likely taken care of. The new shaving heads also use the Titanium coating and have a golden color instead of blue.

The hard travel case is excellent. I like the fact that Braun includes them even with the lower end models like the Series 5. The case offers excellent protection and looks and feels of high quality.

Overall, the build quality and ergonomics of the Series 9 are good, even though I personally expected a bit more from Braun’s new flagship.

Battery life and charging

Being a wet/dry shaver, the Series 9 9290cc can only be operated cordless as a safety precaution.

The older dry only versions of the Series 9 like the 9090cc could also be used when charging with the included cord.

However, the battery life is excellent and there’s a 5-minute quick charge option as well.

With the 9290cc I get at least 10 shaves from a full charge which is very good in my opinion. The battery also charges very fast in approximately 60 minutes.

The 9290cc is automatically charged when placed in the station, but you can plug the cord directly into the shaver.

My unit was bought from Europe and came with a flat cord. Some Series 9 can still be shipped with the older (and now discontinued) coiled cord.

When charging, the corresponding bar indicating the current battery charge will flash.

There are 5 levels, each one representing a 20% charge.

A nifty feature only found on certain Series 9 models, 9290cc included, is the display showing an actual number for the last 9 minutes of remaining shaving time.

This is very useful in my opinion and enhances the user experience. I would actually prefer this solution to the 5 bars approach entirely.

Shaving performance

Let’s now get to the most important part of our Braun Series 9 9290cc review and see how well the shaver performs.

I used the 9290cc exclusively for four weeks and used it for shaving daily, every other day and every two days.

I shaved dry for the majority of the time but also tried it with shaving cream since this model can handle wet shaving as well.

Just to put things into context, I have sensitive skin and coarse facial hair.

And now the big question: how does the Braun Series 9 9290cc shave?

Short answer: amazing.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Check the price on Amazon

I can honestly say that the 9290cc gave me the most pleasant, enjoyable and comfortable shave of any electric razors I’ve used so far.

If I could describe the shaving experience in one word, that would be effortless.

Closeness of the shave

Let’s start with how close it shaves.

Pretty darn close. Again, one of the closest shaves I got from any electric razor. I would say that the Panasonic Arc 5 is still the closest shaving razor, but in my case, the difference was so small that it would be hard to say with certainty which one was better.

I guess one of the reasons for the remarkable close shave is just how comfortable the 9290cc feels. I am usually very cautious when shaving and always make sure not to press excessively or go over sensitive areas multiple times.

With the 9290cc however I could get away with doing these things that would normally leave me with some razor burn or at least a nasty rash.

For me it is particularly difficult to get a close shave right above my upper lip, where the hairs are very thick and dense and I often have to press harder and use more strokes just to get a decent result.

Doing so often leads to irritation, but there was none with the Series 9 9290cc and I could actually get a close shave without any discomfort.


Comfort wise, the Series 9 9290cc is in a class of its own. While the Series 7 is very close in this regard, the Series 9 feels subjectively smoother, faster and more pleasant to use.

It’s a combination of various factors, like the increased power and the foils remaining cool even after a long shaving session.

Shaving longer whiskers

For me the most impressive thing about the Braun Series 9 9290cc was just how efficient it was at catching and cutting longer hairs that lie flat on the skin.

I have a problem area on my neck were hairs grow in different directions and also parallel to the skin. The Series 9 managed to perform better than any electric shaver I’ve used. And this scenario — longer, flat-lying hairs — is without a doubt the Achilles heel of most electric shavers.

The Series 9 with its two middle trimmers simply works better than any other foil shaver and better than most rotary shavers. I never managed to get a smooth shave on my neck as fast and comfortable as I did with the 9290cc.

I never experienced any pulling or yanking on the hairs even with two to three days between shaving sessions.

Because it is so effective at catching stubborn hairs, the time it takes for me to complete a shave is also remarkably short with the Series 9 9290cc.

The four cutting elements form a massive head that can cover a lot of ground fast. The motor is also adequately powerful and never felt sluggish.

Apart from maybe the latest Arc 5 ES-LV9N, the Series 9 has probably the best implementation of a flexing shaving head. It works flawlessly and allows you to maintain constant contact with the skin even if you have very prominent facial features.

When shaving right below the jawline or on your chin you will really feel the difference compared to most other razors.

The Series 9 is also very quiet for a foil shaver. Compared to a Series 5 for example that vibrates excessively during use, the 9290cc is much more refined.

Series 9 shaving head orientation: does it matter?

You may or may not know, but the shaving cassette on all Series 9 models can be fitted two ways as you can see from the pictures below.

And that begs the question: does the orientation affect shaving performance?

Braun says that it does not. Some of our readers say that it does.

To find out, I shaved half my face with the head fitted with the titanium coated trimmer closer to the shaver’s front (option 1) and immediately after that, the other half with the head flipped 180 degrees (option 2).

And to my surprise I did notice a difference. It wasn’t huge, but with the head fitted with the HyperLift & Cut trimmer closer to the top of the shaver (option 2) it just felt smoother and the shaver was subjectively more effective at catching the longer hairs on my neck.

So during an upstroke, the order of the cutting elements was: OptiFoil – HyperLift & Cut trimmer – Direct & Cut trimmer – SkinGuard – OptiFoil and that seemed to improve slightly my shave.

However, these findings may vary so definitely try shaving both ways and see which one works better for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if for some it wouldn’t make any difference at all.

Long hair trimmer

The long hair trimmer on the Series 9 9290cc is a bit of a mixed bag. I like the positioning, it’s buttery smooth to slide in and out and the cutter itself is adequately wide.

When deployed, it extends a bit beyond the shaving head, so you can sort of see what you’re doing.

However, it just feels dull and I must go over an area multiple times to get all the hairs.

I mostly use the trimmers on my electric shavers to shape my sideburns and it takes me a lot to do it with the 9290cc.

My old Panasonic Arc 4, with its pop-up trimmer that sits perpendicularly to the shaver’s body, shaves a lot faster and requires less effort on my part to use the trimmer.

I found this to be the case with the Braun Series 3 and 5 as well. Definitely not a deal breaker, but the performance of the trimmer could have been a lot better.

Wet shaving with the 9290cc

I personally prefer to shave with cream for the majority of the time as I get closer and smoother shaves.

Since this shaver was already very comfortable and the closeness was adequate as well, I mostly used the 9290cc dry.

With shaving cream the closeness was better and the comfort outstanding, but the difference was negligible in my case.

And that’s unusual for me as I normally get much better results when shaving wet, particularly with Panasonic and Norelco shavers. But that’s mainly because out of the box they’re not as comfortable as the Series 9.

As a result, I didn’t feel the need to use the 9290cc with shaving cream.

And there’s another reason for sticking mostly to dry shaving as you’ll see next.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cc in the shaver’s name means that it comes with an automatic cleaning station.

As a result, you’ll have two methods of cleaning the 9290cc at your disposal: automatic and manual.

Let’s start with the automatic cleaning.

Automatic cleaning

The station shipped with the Series 9 is specific to this line, being different than the ones included with the Series 3, 5 or 7.

They all use the same cleaning cartridges, but the stations shipped with the Series 9, our 9290cc included, use a fan for the drying cycle of the cleaning process.

The Series 7 station uses induction heat, the fastest and quietest method, while the Series 3 and 5 don’t have any active drying systems and therefore they take the longest to dry the shaver.

Apart from the design and the way the shaver sits within the station, all Braun cleaning stations will automatically charge, clean, lubricate and dry the shaver.

As said previously, the drying is carried out differently for the Series 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Let’s take a closer look at the station shipped with the 9290cc and see how it performed.

The design is very similar to the Series 5 station. And that makes sense since the two shavers are very similar in terms of design and proportions, even though they’re in different categories of price and performance.

There’s a single central button on the front that starts the cleaning and drying process.

Right above that button you’ll find a sticker showing how you should NOT use the station.

Precisely, you shouldn’t use it if your shaver is dripping wet or the shaving head is covered in lather.

That’s a bit odd for a wet/dry shaver you would think.

And you’d be right.

However, this is in my opinion the number one minus of this station and of all Braun stations that are shipped with wet/dry shavers.

I wrote about this limitation before on numerous occasions, but what Braun basically tells you is that after a wet shave you should clean and dry the shaver manually before you can use the station.

And that’s a big bummer if you planned on using the 9290cc with shaving cream or in the shower.

Since shaving cream can clog the station, you’ll be doomed to do a manual clean beforehand and, the worst part, you’ll have to wait until the shaver is completely dry before tossing it into the station.

And given how intricate that shaving head is, you can’t just tap it dry with a tissue.

The cleaning stations from Panasonic and Philips Norelco don’t have this limitation and can be used with no restrictions.

Obviously, this won’t be an issue if you’ll be using your 9290cc dry. And I actually recommend you to do so and to consider a Panasonic or a Norelco if you plan on using shaving cream or gel.

Let’s now get back to actually using the 9290cc cleaning station.

You open the base by pressing the button on the back, then simply slide the cartridge from the back until it clicks into position. Remember to remove the plastic cap from the cartridge before installing it.

You then close the station, connect the cord and you’re ready to start.

When placed inside the station, the shaver is automatically charged.

The cleaning cycle is very short and takes just over 2 minutes. During this time the shaver was turned on and off and the cleaning fluid was flushed through the shaver’s head to remove hair clippings and dirt.

The shaver will signal when it needs to be cleaned by showing a water droplet on the LED display.

The station supposedly analyzes the hygiene status of the shaver and selects an appropriate cleaning mode: short, normal or high intensity.

The selected program is depicted by the droplet symbols on the station: one for short, two for normal and three for high intensity.

However, my station never selected any setting apart from the high-intensity one. I even cleaned the shaver immediately after one short session and the station still thought that it needed an intensive cleaning.

Since even this intensive cleaning mode only lasts around 3 minutes, that’s not a big deal at all.

There’s a very noticeable, but pleasant boozy, citrusy smell around the station that lingers on throughout the whole process.

Once the cleaning phase was completed, the fan inside the station was turned on to blow dry the shaving head.

The air passes through a slot inside the station and is directed towards the foils. Since the cleaning fluid contains alcohol, it will evaporate fast and the drying cycle took just under 40 minutes.

The process is fairly quiet, even though not completely silent as in the case of the Series 7 station that uses induction heat for the drying cycle.

I measured an average of 35dB right next to the station. The room normally sits at around 24dB, so that’s reasonable.

The result is a squeaky clean shaving head, ready for the next shave. The station did a fantastic job every time I used it.

The foils feel oily to the touch and that’s a good sign as the cleaning fluid also acts as a lubricant so you won’t have to do it yourself.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Check the price on Amazon

It really is a wonderful thing to always have your razor charged, lubricated and ready to rock. The cleaning fluid also leaves the shaving head smelling really nice and fresh. It has a pleasant citrusy scent with just a hint of alcohol.

Upon a close inspection after taking the shaver out of the station I could see just a few traces of cleaning fluid on the outside of the cassette, right below the foils. The foils themselves however were perfectly dry.

It will be interesting to see how will the paint fare in time, being constantly in contact with the alcohol-based fluid.

We know that the previous Series 7 didn’t do too well and after a couple of years the paint right below the shaving head would start to flake and chip.

The damage was however only visual, with no effects on the performance and functioning of the shaver.

The cleaning station is a must in my opinion and the cost of the cleaning cartridges are fairly reasonable.

However, the ones from Panasonic and Norelco are cheaper and usually last longer.

Check the price on Amazon

You can get more cleaning cycles out of a cartridge by removing the shaving head and tapping it gently on the sink to get rid of the bulk of hair clippings before starting the automatic cleaning.

Also, if you won’t be using the station daily, it’s a good idea to remove the cartridge from the base and put the cap back as the alcohol-based solution will evaporate fast.

Depending on how you often you use the station, a cartridge will last between 1 and 2 months before needing to be replaced.

Manual cleaning

I’ll say it right off the bat, cleaning the 9290cc manually (or any Series 9) is fiddly.

No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to remove all the hairs trapped inside the intricate cassette.

For comparison, here’s the foil & frame assembly of a Panasonic Arc 4:

You can use the included brush to sweep most of the hairs, rinse the shaving head under warm tap water or even use a bit of liquid soap, but again you won’t be able to match the results of the cleaning station.

I normally advise our readers to skip the station if the shaver is easy to clean manually as for example Panasonic shavers are.

However, in this case the cleaning station really is necessary and you should probably avoid the Series 9 variations that don’t have one, like the 9293s.

Luckily, the Series 9 9290cc comes with one and it works brilliantly.

Replacement parts availability

There’s been quite a saga with the Series 9 replacement shaving heads that started right after the launch of the new shavers.

The shaving heads used by the original Series 9 shavers, the 90s and 90b cassettes, were nowhere to be found.

If you were lucky enough to find them, the price was obscenely high.

Moreover, there were some reports of the shaving heads falling apart after just months of use.

With the introduction of the updated Series 9, Braun also outsourced the production of the new shaving heads — 92s silver and 92b black — to a different manufacturer.

After an initial shortage, the parts are now readily available and the price is also pretty reasonable, at least for a premium shaver.

Braun 92s replacement shaving head

Check the price on Amazon

The Series 9 9290cc uses the 92s (silver) replacement shaving head. The 92s/92b cassettes are also backward compatible with the older Series 9 shavers.

Braun recommends replacing the shaving head of the Series 9 once every 18 months, but in reality it depends on how often you shave and how coarse your beard is.

Wrapup — Who should buy it?

I think it’s a fair assessment to say that the Braun Series 9 9290cc met and in some areas even exceeded my expectations.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Check the price on Amazon

There’s a lot to like about this electric shaver and about the Series 9 in general, the highlights being the supreme comfort during the shave, it’s effectiveness at shaving fast and effortless even coarse and longer hairs and of course, the closeness.

The construction is a bit of a letdown compared to the flagship shavers from Panasonic and Norelco, but there are no serious problems and some of the issues found on the older Series 7 were addressed completely.

As a result, the Series 9 9290cc is a complete package and the shaving performance is excellent.

Unless you’re on a very tight budget or you’re just getting started with electric shaving and don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first shaver, the 9290cc will be a great choice for pretty much anyone.

Granted, if you have light to medium facial hair it will probably be overkill and you’ll be just fine with something like a Series 5 or even 3.

The Series 9 9290cc will be an excellent choice if you’re dealing with sensitive skin and razor burn; it’s by far the most comfortable electric shaver you can currently buy.

Also, the Series 9 will work great if you have coarse facial hair as it has plenty of cutting power and will shave faster than most other electric shavers.

As I said in the performance section of the review, during my tests the Series 9 9290cc performed great when used on longer, flat-lying hairs, so it will work great not just for daily use, but even when shaving every two days or so.

If you have wiry hairs that grow in different directions the 9290cc should again be on your short list of shavers.

Alternative shavers

As I said in my comparison of the Series 7 and 9, the older Series 7 will yield similar results, particularly when used on shorter hair.

Yes, the Series 9 will shave faster and smoother and I personally find the experience more enjoyable, but if you shave mostly daily or every other day and don’t have a lot of flat lying hairs, the Series 7 will probably be good enough for you.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc

Check the price on Amazon

You can go for a dry only model like the Series 7 790cc or a wet/dry variation like the Series 7 7865cc.

However, I would still recommend getting a Series 7 that includes a cleaning station for the same reasons outlined in this review.

If your budget is limited, but still want an electric shaver that works great with sensitive skin, the Series 5 from Braun is an excellent option.

Braun Series 5 5090cc

Check the price on Amazon

The 5090cc that I reviewed here seems to be the best pick as it comes with a cleaning station and the price is right as well.

Now, if sensitive skin is not an issue and you’re mainly interested in getting the closest possible shave, a Panasonic Arc 5 would probably be a better choice than the Series 9.

The price of the latest Arc 5 (third generation) is currently very high and I don’t think it’s worth the money; I would personally go for a second generation Arc 5, like the ES-LV65-S (no cleaning station) or the ES-LV95-S (includes an automatic cleaning station).

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5

Check the price on Amazon

Panasonics also work better in my opinion when used with shaving cream and are far easier to clean manually, so you can skip the station in this case and save some money while doing so.

Finally, a more budget-friendly alternative to the Panasonic Arc 5 is another shaver from Panasonic, the Arc 4.

With 4 blades, a powerful 14 000 CPM motor and super sharp blades, it will provide very close shaves for just a fraction of the price.

My personal pick would be the ES-LA63-S, a fantastic performer that’s very reasonably priced.

You can get it with a cleaning station as well in the form of the Panasonic ES-LA93-K. To read more about the Arc 4 family of shavers and the different models, check out this post.

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  1. Ed

    This may be a dump question to ask. What do you do with your old Electric Saver?

    I have a Braun Series 7, and it is very capable as stated in the review. But its head need a replacement and I am thinking of getting the Series 9 instead.

    Throwing it away seems like a waste, and I am not sure if anyone wants to buy a 2nd Hand Shaver. Any suggestions? I would have like if Braun offer trade in, at least they can recycle it.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Ed,

      This is actually a very good question. I am not aware of any Braun trade-in programs unfortunately. Depending on where you live, you may have the possibility to simply take it to a local recycling center. Some local authorities offer a household recycling collection service. Finally, there’s the option of selling it, but like you said, being a used shaver I don’t know if you’ll have any luck selling it.

    2. Joe

      Sell it on eBay for $50 – $70, cleaning station included, without the foil. It is easy to disenfect the razor body. I have sold two shavers, a previous Series 7 model and a Panasonic Arc4, with no problems at all. There are folks who will buy them to save money or as a backup/travel shaver.

  2. Stuart Downer

    Will it affect battery life if I use cleaning station everyday? Battery would never drain. Using series 9 9290cc. Brilliant shaver. Best one ever used.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Stuart,

      Modern Li-Ion batteries are a lot less sensitive to these problems than they used to be. Manufacturers even recommend charging them whenever there’s a plug available. However, they do have a limited number of recharging cycles and if you charge them more often you’ll go through them faster. So the problem is not that the battery on the Series 9 would never drain (again, it’s not really necessary), the problem is that with using the station daily you’ll also be charging it daily.

      So the answer is yes, it will affect the battery life to some degree, but there’s really not much we can do about it. Some older Panasonic stations had the option to just charge or clean/dry the shaver, but that’s gone with the latest shavers. Even so, this is a very gradual process and your shaver should last for years.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Mika

        that’s not correct.
        One charging cycle means from empty to full. So if you charge from,let’s say, 50-100 it’s just a half cycle!
        However a Li-Ion will age faster (and lose capacity) keeping it always at full charge.
        Excuse my poor english, I’m from Finland living in Germany so english is just my 3rd language.

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          Hi Mika,

          Thank you for the heads up. I actually wasn’t aware that a cycle only implies going from 0 to 100%. I was under the impression that topping off the battery always counts as a complete cycle. So the battery life will suffer after all, but for a different reason.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your kind comment, I’m glad you found the review useful.


  3. Barbaro

    Hi Ovidiu,

    Very thorough review and, for me, really helpful. I live in Italy and rasor prices are high but I want to replace my Philips series 7000 model. I will use the Philips as a backup.
    My question is: is it worth spending the money for a series 9 model or can a series 5 model do the same job even if you have to pass more times on your beard? I am not fully satisfied with how the Philips shave under my neck.
    I am not considering the Braun series 7 model because here the difference in price is not worth it.
    In the end of the day my question is if the series 5 will get the job done.
    even with more effort.
    I always read you.


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Barbaro,

      Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read my articles. Regarding the Series 5 and 9, that really depends. Both will get the job done eventually, even though how they actually get there will be different. How different depends on the individual.

      If you have very coarse and dense facial hair, shave less often and have hairs that grow in different directions and lie flat on the skin, the Series 9 will probably be noticeable better and your shave will take less time and be more enjoyable. If that’s the case then the Series 9 is probably worth the extra money. I would also recommend the Series 9 if you have very sensitive skin as it’s extremely comfortable and forgiving.

      If you don’t find yourself in the above situations, you won’t really benefit from the extra blade and features of the Series 9. A Series 5 will be good enough, particularly if you shave daily or every other day. For me the closeness of the shave with the Series 5 and 9 is very similar, maybe with a very slight advantage for the Series 9.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Barbaro

    Hi Ovidiu,

    I bought the Panasonic ES – LT2N a few days ago and I’m satisfied with it but, and it’s a big but, it seems a bit too harsh on my skin.
    The closeness and easyness of the shave are very good but after shaving my face is like burning for some minutes. Maybe it’s just my getting used to it or maybe it’s better to get the Braun series 9 just to not go wrong.
    Even if the Braun could be overkill I think I could not go wrong with it.
    What would you suggest? Getting a higher end Panasonic or going for a Braun series 9 or series 7 that should also be very confortable for the skin?
    I have this weekend for my decision because I can return and get the Braun on Amazon.
    Waiting for you suggetions.



    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Barbaro,

      Panasonics are arguably the best in terms of closeness, but this also comes with a small trade-off in comfort. If you have sensitive skin, they can be a bit aggressive. In your case the fact that you previously used a rotary Philips Series 7000 can definitely have something to do with your initial results; it can take some time to get used to shaving with a foil-based razor.

      A few quick tips would be to not press too hard and start your shave with the most sensitive areas. Always shave against the grain with straight, controlled strokes. I do not know your preference for wet or dry shaving, but adding a shaving cream could help.

      Regarding the other options, I’d say that an Arc 4 or Arc 5 won’t be significantly different with regards to comfort compared to the ES-LT2N. Maybe the latest LV Arc 5, but those are obscenely expensive. The Series 9 is again more expensive than the ES-LT2N. It is in my opinion the most comfortable shaver out there right now, however, it doesn’t shave quite as close as the Panasonics. As you can see, there’s no perfect shaver and you always have to make a compromise when buying one.

      If you have the possibility, give the LT2N more time before returning it and see how it goes. If you fail to see an improvement after 2 weeks for example, then it’s time to consider other options.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Barbaro

        Hi Ovidiu,

        thanks for your reply. I’ll follow your suggestions and give it a 2 week try. If the situation does not improve I’ll consider other options (mainly Braun is the only other option). I only do dry shave and I wonder if a pre-shave lotion could help. If you think it could be a good idea, can you suggest a good one with not a marked scent and not too oily?



        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          Hi Barbaro,

          You should definitely try one out; I almost always use a pre-shave when I shave dry and at least in my case the results are clearly better. The Aramis Lab Series is one that would fit your requirements, but it is a bit pricey, especially compared to other products like Williams Lectric Shave or Afta Pre Electric. These two however exhibit precisely what you’re trying to avoid (oily residues/strong fragrance).


  5. Alin

    Thank you for the reviews. Am citit si ce ai scris despre seria 7, si comparatiile dintre seria 7 si 9. Foarte bine scrise si explicate. Multumesc si felicitari

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Alin. I’m glad you found the information useful.


  6. Joe Taylor

    Loved the review! I just have one question, is there much difference between the 9290cc and the 9295cc? I have the latter one but I don’t see any difference that is visible between the two models. Could you answer this one questions for me?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Joe! The 9295cc has a glossy, chrome-like finish, while the 9290cc has more of a frosted, matte finish. It’s pretty difficult to notice this from Braun’s official product photos. Other than that, the two models are identical.


      1. Joseph Taylor

        Ovidiu, thanks for you response. I did enjoy the review and am happy that my razer is as good as the one you reviewed. I look forward to more reviews from you. Keep your excellent work.

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          You are very welcome, Joe. More reviews and articles will follow soon. Thank you again for the kind words.


  7. GarFish

    Cleaning head with brush is hard. Foil and razor are made as one piece, compared to Braun Series 5. Overall performance for money would show Series 5 as a better value

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      I agree, the shaving head of the Series 9 is difficult to clean with a brush. That’s the case with the current Series 5 as well since it uses a similar cassette with the blades and foils merged into one piece. I think you’re referring to the first generation Series 5 (now discontinued) that was indeed using separate foils and blades.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Peter,

      The Series 9 9295cc has a glossy/chrome finish, while the 9290cc comes with a matte, frosted treatment. Other than that they are exactly the same. Both are part of the updated (latest) Series 9 iteration. Regarding the excessive number of models, here is a detailed article on that topic that I wrote a while back.

      I tend to recommend the 9290cc over the 9295cc as the matte finish is much better at repelling fingerprints and smudges, it’s widely available in most countries and also tends to cost less. But you can go for either of the two as underneath they are identical.


  8. Serhio

    Is it possible to use the shaver safe enough, especially HyperLlift & Cut and Direct & Cut trimmers if I have some small birthmarks on my neck? I’m afraid that can damage and cut them.
    I tried to use just a basic foil from Braun Cruzer and it was ok.
    Hope for your answer like a person who used the device by yourself. Thank you!

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Serhio,

      I’m really not the most qualified person to answer this and it also depends on the particularities of the birthmarks and whether they pose a risk to using an electric shaver, so it’s very difficult for me to give you a definitive answer. If you used the Braun Cruzer without the comb attachment and everything went well, the Series 9 should also be safe to use. It is very gentle and forgiving, but you should nevertheless be extra careful when going over that area, making sure not to press too hard.

      Hope this helps.


  9. Jay

    Thanks Ovidiu for the great review. I have the 9295cc. What are your thoughts about using it with shaving cream? Do you need to rinse it clean before putting it it the cleaning center, if usisong it with shaving cream? Would you recommend using it with Pre-Shave ? If using it with a Pre-Shave Gel, would you also need to rinse it off, before putting it in the cleaning center? What about a post shave moisturizer? I have been trying the Art of shaving products and like them.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Jay,

      Thank you for your comment. If you use your Series 9 with shaving cream, I would strongly recommend a manual cleaning before using the cleaning station. Personally, I haven’t found shaving cream to improve my shave with the Series 9, so I always shave dry.

      I usually use a pre-shave lotion (Williams Lectric Shave), which is alcohol based and evaporates within 10 seconds once I apply it to my face. As a result, it doesn’t leave any residues on my shaver and it doesn’t require any cleaning. Theoretically, things should be the same in the case of a pre-shave gel. However, I found that some of them (for example Afta by Mennen) will gum up as a result of rubbing the foils against the skin. In that case, you may need to clean the shaver manually. I simply don’t use a gel and stick to lotions. Williams Lectric Shave and Aramis Lab Series are two great options.

      Regarding post-shave moisturizers, I mostly use the Proraso Aftershave Balm for sensitive skin and Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. 10 post-shave balm. Art of Shaving has some great products as well, but they are pretty difficult to get here in Europe.

      Hope this helps.


  10. Mostafa Soleimani

    Hi Ovidiu Nicolae,
    I read your reviews on Braun 9290cc.
    it was useful. And I want to add that this shaver is excellent for full body shaving as well. I have been using it for my face and full body shaving close to skin for several days and found it excellent quite satisfactory.
    thanks Braun for his technology.
    Best Regards,

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Mostafa,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you’re satisfied with the performance of your 9290cc.


  11. Curt

    Just wondering, when traveling it seems that the cleaning station would be bulky to pack and take some space in the luggage. Is it safe to say that you can manually clean the series 9 for a few weeks and not have any issues? Secondly do you have to use the station or clean with water after every shave? I am changing over from a Gillette bladeand shavibg cream so just wondering.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Curt,

      Absolutely not a problem. In fact, this is how I clean most of my Braun shavers even when I’m not traveling. It’s a good compromise that allows me to save some money on buying new refills. I use warm tap water and a bit of liquid soap (and only use the station after 3 or 4 shaves).


  12. moshe

    Does the braun shaver 9290 and the 790 share the same battery and what is the spec.?
    thank you and have a great day.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Moshe,

      Yes, they use the same battery (part number 81377206).


  13. Stavros

    Hi Ovidiu,

    Congratulations great and informative reviews.

    I decided to buy a 9295cc as the cleaning and charging station is good to have as you mentioned in your review.

    Would a shaving oil be a good idea?


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Stavros,

      Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.

      A (pre) shave oil can help, some users have found them to be really effective, others not so much. The best thing to do is to try one yourself. I would go for a very light/watery oil and use it very sparingly so it won’t clog the shaver. Also, it would be a good idea to clean your Series 9 with a bit of water and liquid soap to remove most of the oil before using the cleaning station. It’s not absolutely necessary, but doing so means that you won’t need to replace the cleaning cartridge as often.


      1. Stavros Fragos

        Hello Ovidiu,

        Thanks for your great advice.

        Like you wisely recommended to minimise cartridge replacement I will use the Clean & Charge station after 4 uses or so and manually clean daily.
        In this mode of use is weekly oiling necessary?

        Any idea what the cleaning solution consists off?
        Is there an alternative solution?

        Many thanks for your great help.

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          You are very welcome, Stavros. As a rule of thumb I recommend lubricating your shaver after every cleaning if it involves the use of soap as that pretty much removes any form of lubrication. A single drop of light oil (sewing machine oil, clipper oil) on each foil will suffice. Alternatively, you can use a spray lubricant like the Remington Shaver Saver.

          The cleaning solution is alcohol-based — Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol in a special denatured form (SD – Alcohol 40 – B) — and includes a few other ingredients as well (perfume, Limonene, Citral). There are some cheaper alternatives out there like the ones from, but I haven’t personally tested any of them.


  14. Stavros Fragos

    Hi Ovidiu,

    Thanks very much for your advise, very much appreciated.

    Keep up the great work

  15. Tovi


    I just bought one of these today. Are the blades on the long hair precision trimmer supposed to visibly move when the shaver is engaged? They don’t seem to be doing anything.

    Excellent website btw.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Tovi,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The trimmer has a pair of blades just like regular hair clippers. One blade is stationary, while the other one moves from side to side when the trimmer is fully extended and the shaver turned on. You should be able to see it if you look very carefully up close.



    I have used a Panasonic razor for many a year and always satisfied but wanting to have a new razor contacted Panasonic where I had short change so I went over to look for a different make, on finding your articles I thought to try the Braun , on reading your very thorough and useful report I made up my mind to go for your choice of the 9- 9290cc and found Robert Dyas to be the best value and am now awaiting delivery.
    Thank you for a really wonderful report the best I have ever seen for anything.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Robert. I really appreciate it. Hope you’ll enjoy shaving with your new Series 9.


  17. Mark Hudson

    Thank you for your excellent detailed review!
    No question from me, just comments.

    I have used Braun shavers for many years. Series 3, 5, and 7, and I am very satisfied with their high performance, after switching from a Norelco triple head shaver that gave me razor burn on my neck.

    My second Series 7 sounds like a lawnmower, again. In the Braun’s defense, I have a heavy beard, crazy hair directions on my neck, like you, plus I shave both my face and whole head daily. Braun fixed my heavily used Series 7 under warranty and the repair lasted about a year. I tried to get an answer from Braun about how long a foil cassette should last, but they wouldn’t comment other than their standard 18 months recommendation.

    With the Series 7, I notice an increase in the shaving time in less than one month after installing a new cassette. I can get about 7-8 months out of a cassette before I put a new one on. With an older cassette, it takes me 12 minutes to shave. I figure I am doing about 2.5-3 average shaves each day. So, I guess that is not too bad.

    I will be buying a new Series 9, next.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, I really appreciate it.

      The lifespan of a shaving head depends on the coarseness of the beard, how often you shave and how well the shaver it’s being cared for (cleaning, lubrication). So you are absolutely right — 8 months with daily 12 minute long shaving sessions (and a heavy beard) is not too bad.


  18. Joao

    Hi Ovidiu,

    First I would like to thank you for the awesome detailed information you provide on this site.

    I bought the Braun 9295cc as it is available in my country.

    The head is indeed really hard to clean manually.

    But checking what the Cleaning Station do I think I found a solution.

    So I use a water pulverizer used to spray plants.

    I remove the head from the machine, brush the machine to remove the dirt and then spray the head with the pulverizer.

    I adjust the spray pulverizer to be a concentrated water jet.

    It’s pretty effective. After removing all the dirt I use soap and water to finish cleaning.


  19. Eid

    Thanks for the awesome review! Years ago I bought a Braun Cruzer 6 and it was completely useless, so much so I just chucked it in some box. Thinking about a series 9 now, but I was thinking maybe my facial hair is just not compatible? What do you reckon, try the series 9? go for an another model with rotary? I just tried the Cruzer and it managed my moustache in about a 100 passes, but beard is still at 4-5mm whatever I do (strecth or no). Thanks for the awesome review!

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Eid,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      The Series 9 should be a massive step up from the Cruzer in terms of performance. It is a superior shaver in pretty much every aspect and you should see a significant improvement to your results. In my opinion foil shavers are a safer choice and for most users this type will yield better results. The Series 9 is very capable with difficult facial hair — longer, wiry, flat-lying whiskers. However, do keep in mind that electric shavers work best on short hair, so if you haven’t shaved for 4-5 days or more, it would be highly recommended to trim your beard beforehand using a regular trimmer. A hair length of 4mm is the uppermost limit for an electric shaver in my opinion — and that’s with a high-end razor like the Series 9. Anything longer than that would require some pre-trimming.

      Hope this helps.


  20. Lu

    I was using the panasonic
    Es-LV 9 N s..
    After about a year of using it everyday, something went wrong and the turn on button start giving me problems, To turn it on I have to hold my finger on it until a lock icon start blinking then to shave I have to hold the button untol finish or will stop, but it also gave me other problems that are a little to much to mention here.
    I was hoping it last me for some good time, but that was not the case. In the last few days before return it, it was turning on by itself in the middle of the night or at different times.
    Also it was a little hard on my chin as it is one of the hardest part to shave. Plus it is very noisy.
    it does shave very closed but it is a little hard on the face.
    now the cleaning situation is very good as it is easy to clean with liquid soap and water.My didn’t come with a brush or oil, that’s the way they sell them here in usa.
    Now I return it to the place I original purchase it here in USA as they give me one year warranty.
    so that was a plus.
    My problem is now to decide if buy another panasonic, or go for the braun 9 series, .I’m not to happy knowing that the brush does not clean is not enough to clean it,,and using the machine to clean it up it kind of cost more.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Lu,

      Thank you for your comment. The Series 9 doesn’t shave quite as close in my experience, but it’s definitely close enough for the vast majority of users. As for comfort, it is significantly better compared to a Panasonic Arc 5, especially when used dry.

      The Braun Series 9 is more fiddly to clean manually, therefore I think the cleaning station can be beneficial. The good part is that you can work around the high costs of buying new OEM refills. I wrote a detailed article about this here. You can also make a refill last much longer by following just a few easy steps.

      I’m not saying that you should definitely go for a Series 9 this time; this should depend entirely on your shaving experience with the ES-LV9N — minus the power button issue, I tend to think that it was just an isolated problem. For example, I would opt for the Series 9 if I were to shave dry most of the time and not too often — the Series 9 is much better for longer facial hair as well. It’s also much gentle to the skin, so if you have sensitive skin it may be a better option. The Arc 5 excels at shaving (short hairs) very close, but somewhat at the expense of comfort.

      Hope this helps.


  21. Brian

    Hi Ovidiu,

    Your reviews are fantastic. Thank you. I have a Braun 8585 from ~2004 and am thinking of upgrading to the 9295. I’ve carefully read your reviews of the Braun 5, 7 and 9 series and it seems to me that in each review you’ve argued that the lower model is *essentially* just as good as the higher model. Am I misreading this? Basically, I’m asking if I should bother upgrading my current 14 year old 8585? My current shaver is in great shape, with cutter and foil replaced annually. Will I notice a difference? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad you found the reviews useful.

      Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to shave with the 8585 back in the day, so I’m afraid I cannot compare it directly to any of the shavers you mentioned.

      The high-end Series 9 will offer diminishing returns over a Series 7 and in my opinion the 7 will be good enough for most users. Shaving with a Series 5 will yield similar results, but the Series 7 is a bit faster (in the highest power setting), a bit more comfortable, it vibrates less, has a slightly smaller shaving head and because of all these things it’s just more enjoyable to use overall (at least to me).

      A modern Braun shaver should be better than a 14 years old model, but how much of an improvement will it be for you — that’s a different story. Some users will see a significant improvement, others not so much. If you’re satisfied with the performance of your 8585, I’d say to hold on to it for a while. From what I can see, there’s no reason to upgrade right now. When you decide to do it, consider the Series 7 as well before pulling the trigger on the 9295. For most users it will be an excellent choice. I own both a Series 7 and a 9 and I use the Series 7 more often, mainly because it’s a lot more nimble and maneuverable.

      Hope this helps.


  22. Ron

    Just wanted to thank you for the excellent reviews and articles on the world of electic shavers. I have struggled for years with ingrown facial hair resulting from blade shaves, and had tried both foil and rotary electrics many years ago but was unimpressed with their ability to handle those difficult curved hairs that tended to grow in. I was doing some research on the ingrown whisker problem and came across an article which got me thinking about electrics again. That in turn led me to your website, which is the only one I found that relayed credible real person results on multiple brands and styles of shavers. Buying a shaver today is more complex than I had imagined, and having a resource like this really helped narrow the field.

    I ended up going with the Braun Series 9 with cleaning station, and have been using it for about 2 months now. I couldn’t be more impressed with the smoothness, lack of pulling on long hairs, and how well it picks up whiskers that are curved and close to the skin.

    You are absolutely correct in saying that shaver choice is dependant on individual facial conditions, and your testing gave me the exact info to make an informed choice. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Ron,

      Thank you so much for your comment, I truly appreciate it. Glad to hear the Series 9 proved to be the right choice.


  23. Steve

    I was skeptical about buying this after reading lots of online reviews, but the $80 off and 20% coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond brought the price down enough for me to make the jump. I have very thick facial hair and have never found a electric razor that worked well. After charging this for the recommended hour, I gave it a whirl. I first had to shave my full beard down to stubble using my Wahl hair clippers, which left me stubble length of a two day growth. The Braun 9 series had no issue shaving it all down. It took me a bit longer to shave as it was my first time and was learning my shave angles that work with my growth pattern. No hairs were left behind. The razor foils left zero irritation or burn, and the razor gives a very close cut, I’d like to say even better than my Gillette mach3 razors. I’m looking forward to using this every couple of days if not daily. Keeping the foil package clean and lubricated is a must as this thing is fast and I don’t want to wear things out without proper care and maintenance. The cleaning station Is a bonus, not sure how often I will use it over rinsing under hot water after every use and oiling once a week, but there are lots of DIY solutions for the cleaner that will help save $.
    This is just first shave opinion, and I’m hoping my feelings won’t change as I continue to use the series 9 from Braun.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed feedback. Glad to hear the Series 9 was the right choice for you.

      You are right, there are DIY solutions and also a few third-party options that will be more cost-effective than Braun’s refills. I also use the cleaning station sparingly, usually every week or so. I the meantime I simply clean my shavers with warm water and a bit of liquid soap (I follow up with a lubricating spray or clipper oil). This approach works the best in my opinion.



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