How To Clean Your Electric Shaver Using a Spray Cleaner And Lubricant

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How To Clean Your Electric Shaver Using a Spray Cleaner And Lubricant

Electric shavers represent a viable alternative to traditional wet shaving: they’re very practical, fast, comfortable and with a few adjustments they can also give you a very close shave.

While you won’t have to buy new blade refills anymore, you will eventually need to replace the foils and blades of your electric shaver.

And some of them can get really pricey, so you’ll probably want to keep yours in top shape for as long as possible.

Proper cleaning and lubrication are key to achieving that so in this article we’ll focus on a product that is a must-have for anyone using an electric shaver: a cleaning and lubricating spray.

Why you should use a spray cleaner with your electric razor

  • An aerosol cleaning spray specifically designed to be used with electric shavers will clean and also lubricate the cutters and protect them against wear. It can be safely used on any clippers or hair trimmers as well.
  • A cleaning and lubricating spray is very efficient at cleaning dirt, gunk or dead skin while also providing a layer of lubrication thus reducing the friction and heat generated during use.
  • It will break down any hard water buildups on the cutting parts resulted from cleaning your shaver under tap water. This minimizes the wear of the cutting parts, reduces the stress on the motor and ensures optimal performance.
  • A cleaning spray is also great for reviving an older shaver. If you have one that doesn’t seem to shave as efficiently as before, but the foils and blades haven’t worn out to the point of needing to be replaced, you’ll be amazed by the difference such a product can make.

Which one to use — Recommended spray cleaners and lubricants

There are many options to choose from, but I will stick to just three of them, mainly because they’re inexpensive, widely available and they work great.

1. Remington Shaver Saver

Remington Shaver Saver

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This is one of the more popular products of this type and it has received rave reviews from many users around the world. It’s also the spray cleaner that I’ll be using in this guide and I can vouch for its high quality and effectiveness.

2. ShaverAid Electric Shaver Cleaner & Lubricant

ShaverAid Electric Shaver Cleaner & Lubricant

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This is another excellent and inexpensive option that will work just as well with any other electric shaver brand.

3. Braun Shaver Cleaner

Braun Shaver Cleaner

See the price on Amazon

This is a cleaning and lubricating spray from Braun, but again you can safely use it with any electric shaver. It’s also reasonably priced and very popular, especially in Europe.

Common ingredients found in cleaning sprays include Isobutane, Methylal, Isopropyl Alcohol, Silicone and Fragrance.

How to clean your electric shaver using a spray cleaner

Let’s now see how to properly use a cleaning spray. As I mentioned previously, I will be using the Shaver Saver SP-4 from Remington, but the process will be the same for any other similar products.

Being an aerosol spray, the Remington Shaver Saver is extremely easy to apply. Just make sure that the blades and foils of your shaver are dry before spraying them.

So for example if you rinsed your shaver with water let it air dry before applying the spray.

You’ll also want to remove any excess hairs from the shaving head.

As you probably know, electric shavers come in two flavors: foil and rotary.

Cleaning foil-based shavers

You can tap the foil frame gently on your counter-top and then use a fine brush to remove the remaining hairs. Never use the brush directly on the foils as they can be damaged easily.

I personally like to remove the blades and foils to avoid spraying the rest of the shaver.

In the case of Panasonic and Remington, the inner blades and foil blocks are actually separated, making it easier to apply the spray. I’ll cover Braun shavers right away.

Panasonic foils and blades

You’ll want to generously spray both the blades and the foils. I usually place them on a paper towel then with the can at around 2 to 3 inches from the parts I begin spraying, going from one end of the foil/blade to the other.

Tip: hold down the blades with your free hand, the jet of air is quite strong and will blow them around.

Cleaning Panasonic foils and blades with a spray cleaner

I usually do 2 to 3 passes. I also flip over the foil frame and spray the inside, even though that’s not entirely necessary.

After that, you can put them back together, turn the shaver on and let it run for 5 to 10 seconds to ensure an even distribution of the product. You should avoid shaving while the foils are still damp from the spray, so let them air dry completely before using the razor.

Cleaning a Braun cassette with a spray cleaner

In the case of most Braun shavers, the blades and foils are merged into a single piece, called a cassette. If you have a Braun shaver simply remove the cassette, place it on a paper towel, spray the foils, flip it over and spray the inner part as well.

Cleaning the inner part of a Braun cassette with a spray cleaner

Cleaning rotary shavers

If you have a rotary shaver, be it from Philips Norelco or Remington, the process is very similar.

You must first remove the excess hairs using the included brush or by rinsing the shaving heads with water. Again, they should be dry before applying the spray.

You must disassemble the shaving unit in order to have access to the inner cutters. Make not to mix the blades and guards as they are matching pairs. Doing so will negatively impact the performance of your shaver.

Rotary shaver cutters and combs

You should spray both the rotary blades and the interior of the combs, then put them back together exactly the same. Let the shaver run for 5 to 10 seconds and you’re all set.

Another good part about cleaning sprays is that they don’t clog the shavers nor leave behind any oily residue. Most of them also have a nice scent that contributes to the feeling of having a clean razor.

The Remington Shaver Saver that I use has citrusy fragrance but with a metallic, synthetic note. It’s not particularly good upon spraying, but once it’s dry, that harsh, chemical vibe is gone and the scent becomes very discreet and pleasant.

I have sensitive skin and it didn’t cause me any irritation or allergy.

How often should you use a cleaning spray?

That really depends on how you use and clean your electric shaver, so there’s not a simple, straight answer to this question.

You can also use it in conjunction with other methods of cleaning and lubricating an electric shaver, which is in my opinion the ideal way.

Let’s look at the most frequent use cases.

If you only shave dry and you don’t use soap to clean your shaver, applying the spray once or twice a week should suffice. You can also do it after every shave, but it’s not really necessary in my opinion.

If you clean your shaver with liquid soap and water, any form of lubrication will be removed as well. Thus after every cleaning that involves soap you should lubricate your shaver.

You can do that with a few drops of sewing machine oil or clipper oil but you can apply a spray as well. Since it cleans and also lubricates, you can use it according to your needs.

I personally clean my shavers with soap and water after every use, regardless if I shave wet or dry — a bit excessive, but I like having a clean razor. I also apply some sewing machine oil on each foil before shaving.

However, every week or so I use the Remington Shaver Saver as it’s extremely efficient at cleaning any traces of dirt that I might have missed and it just makes my shavers work a lot smoother.

For example, my old Panasonic ES-LF51-A that appears in this post was sidelined a few months ago as the foils were getting really hot during use and it didn’t cut as close as it used to.

Panasonic electric shaver cleaned with a spray cleaner

After using the Remington Shaver Saver I can honestly say that it feels like a new shaver. It shaves closer than other newer Panasonics that I own and it sounds different as well. This is clearly the results of the blades gliding smoothly against the foils.

Granted, a cleaning spray can’t do wonders in the case of excessively worn blades or warped foils, but if your shaver isn’t there yet and you want an inexpensive and efficient product that can improve its performance significantly, then look no further.

Final word

I think a cleaning and lubricating spray is a fantastic product that would be beneficial to anyone using an electric shaver, particularly if you don’t have an automatic cleaning station.

Moreover, shaver cleaning sprays are inexpensive, widely available and easy to apply.

You’ll get a closer and more comfortable shave and it will prolong the lifespan of your shaver’s foils and blades. And who doesn’t want that?

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  1. Phil

    Good afternoon.
    Great post! I will be traveling out of the country for several weeks. I use the Wahl Lifeproof men’s shaver and was wondering if you were aware of any air travel-size-friendly (less than 3.4 ounces/100 mililiters) products such as or similar to Remington Shaver Saver (or others), that I could bring in my carry-on luggage?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Phil,

      Unfortunately I am not aware of the existence of such a product (it would have been very handy though). For traveling, I simply resort to a small 6ml recipient of light lubricating oil from Panasonic (that usually comes with their electric shavers). It can also be bought separately on Amazon. You can of course use other brand as long as it’s a very light oil and suitable for electric shavers/trimmers/clippers. Sewing machine oil works just as good as it’s really cheap.

      But unlike a spray cleaner, this solution implies that you’ll have to clean the shaver with some liquid soap and tap water.


  2. Ronald W Terwilliger

    I have a Yohoolyo model SA801G electric shaver . I just got a can of And is Cool care plus cleaner. spray. Now how do I usr it?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Ronald,

      The process should be the same as the one described in this article. You must disassemble the shaving head of your razor, then spray the cutters and the combs (preferably after you’ve removed most of the hair clippings with a small brush). Put the shaving head back together, then let the shaver run for a few seconds and you’re all set.


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