Braun Series 5 Comparison And Differences: Which One Should You Buy?

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Braun Series 5 Comparison and Differences: Which One Should You Buy?

The Series 5 from Braun is a mid-range line of electric shavers that fills the gap between the entry-level Series 3 and the best-selling Series 7 shavers.

However, if we consider the performance and the overall capabilities of the Series 5, they are a whole lot closer to the Series 7 than the Series 3.

Add to this the fact that the Series 5 costs less than the Series 7 and is actually better in certain areas and we have the recipe for a very compelling package.

Just like with the Series 7 and Series 9, there are a lot of available variations of the Series 5 and Braun doesn’t exactly make it easy for us to spot the differences.

Moreover, the current generation has received an update, making it even more difficult for the potential buyer to decide which model would be right for him.

In this post we’ll take a close look at all the differences between the various models and see which ones represent the best options with regards to price and performance.

A short overview of the Series 5

The current Series 5 from Braun is actually the third generation since the introduction of this line. Some of the previous (discontinued) models — like the 550cc — can still be found, but in this article we will only be referring to the current generation.

You can easily tell the current shavers apart from the older ones as they use a 4 letter template for the model names: 50** or 51**.

Braun Series 5 5090cc

The 51** shavers are actually part of a small update of the current line that Braun refers to as the Series 5² (more on this in the next section).

The Series 5 is a foil shaver that features a cutting block with three individual elements, just like the Series 7. It is available with or without a cleaning station and includes variations suitable for wet & dry or dry only use.

Just like other Braun shavers, the ones that include a cleaning station are the CC models (standing for Clean & Charge), like the 5090cc.

Braun Series 5 5090cc/5190cc

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The S models like the wet & dry 5040s don’t come with an automatic cleaning station and will not work with one.

The Braun Series 5 is an electric shaver capable of providing very comfortable and close shaves, similar to the more expensive and highly acclaimed Series 7.

While the Series 5 lacks the micro-pulsations technology and personalization modes found on the Series 7, this doesn’t seem to make a significant difference in real life use.

The shaving head of the Series 5 is almost identical to the one used by the Series 7, but it costs less.

Braun 52s replacement shaving head (cassette).

Moreover, since the shaver itself is also priced lower, has a better head locking mechanism and a better display, I would even say that the Series 5 represents a better option for most men.

And that’s quite something since the Series 7 was and still is to some degree the unofficial benchmark for comfort and it also gained some sort of iconic status in the industry.

The updated Series 5²

Braun recently rolled out an update for the current Series 5 shavers, called the Series 5².

The updated models are not yet available for purchase (except for the 5190cc), but after taking a close look at their specifications it’s obvious that this is — for the most part — just a minor makeover.

The updated models are easy to spot as they use the 51** names (for example, 5197cc) instead of the 50** used by the current Series 5 (like the 5090cc).

The 5197cc from the updated Series 5².

Just like the updates to the Series 7 and 9, this is also an attempt at unifying the line and making it less confusing for the user to choose a shaver.

For example, all the newer models are now suitable for wet & dry use and Braun even ditched the model names from the official product pages. They are only referred to as Braun Series 5 black or Braun Series 5 black/blue. The model names still appear on the packaging though.

The Series 5² shavers still use the same shaving heads as the current ones and I have no reason to believe that the actual shaving performance is anything but identical.

The changes are cosmetic for the most part and include new sleek color schemes and different packaging. The included accessories can differ as well. For example, some models don’t include a soft travel pouch.

Other visual changes are the S5 and Wet & Dry text on the front fascia of the shaver and a new 3 level battery display indicator.

The new Series 5² shavers are credited with a 50-minute battery running time, while the current ones last for 45 minutes. It’s very difficult to say if they actually use higher capacity batteries or Braun simply changed their testing methodology. A 5 minute difference is not significant.

Probably the most important feature of the updated shavers in the so-called AutoSense Technology.

With this new addition, the shaver is capable of reading your beard’s density and adjust the output of the motor accordingly: less power for shaving thin hairs and more for dense beards.

In theory, this sounds good; however, in real life use, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Having used various shavers with this type of technology, including Panasonic and Braun’s very own Series 7 with its personalization modes, I very much prefer shaving with full on power at all times.

Artificially altering the power output just makes the shaver feel slow without any benefits to comfort or efficiency.

For these reasons, I don’t consider the updated models to be a clear step up from the current Series 5.

Below you’ll find a table with all the differences between the Braun Series 5 and Series 5² models.

ModelCleaning stationColorDisplay / running time
5090cc, dry only
YesBlack, red accents, silver head5 levels, 45 minutes
5040s, wet & dry
NoBlack, blue accents, black head2 levels, 45 minutes
5030s, dry only
NoBlack, red accents, black head3 levels, 50 minutes
5197cc, wet & dry
YesBlack, silver head3 levels, 50 minutes
5190cc, wet & dry
YesBlack, blue accents, silver head3 levels, 50 minutes
5147s, wet & dry
NoBlack, black head3 levels, 50 minutes
5140s, wet & dry
NoBlack, blue accents, black head3 levels, 50 minutes

Braun Series 5 comparison: what are the differences between the most popular models?

Currently, there are 3 models available in the USA: 5090cc/5190cc, 5040s, 5030s. As seen in the previous section, Braun also rolled out an update to this generation (designated by the 51** model names), but those aren’t available yet.

I will update this post once I can get one and have it tested thoroughly.

I will say it right off the bat: as far as performance is concerned, all the current Series 5 models are identical. Choosing one particular model should simply come down to the following factors:

  1. Whether you need an automatic cleaning station or not
  2. Wet & dry operation
  3. Price
  4. Color scheme
  5. Included accessories

Let’s take a look at each one.

1. Automatic cleaning station

Braun’s clean & charge stations work excellent; they use an alcohol-based cleaning solution that cleans and lubricates the shaver and does so extremely well.

The ones that come with the Series 5 are no exception and since Braun’s shaving heads are notoriously more difficult to clean manually compared to other foil shavers, you’ll probably want the cleaning station as well.

Out of all the models from the current Series 5 that come with a cleaning station, the 5090cc is the only one that has a full option cleaning base, including the hygiene analysis and three cleaning modes (short, normal, high intensity).

Braun Series 5 5090cc/5190cc

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For more details you can check out the full review of the 5090cc here.

The other ones (5070cc, 5050cc) only have one standard cleaning program. These models are only available in certain countries.

The shavers in the Series 5² use the same cleaning station as the 5090cc with the 3 cleaning modes.

As for the downsides, the alcohol-based solution tends to evaporate fast, so you’ll want to put the plastic cap back on the cartridge if you won’t be using it for a long time.

The stations that come with the Series 5 lack the active drying systems of the more expensive Series 7 and 9 stations (induction heating or a fan). This means that once the cleaning cycle is over, it will take several hours for the shaving head to dry.

Also, while the cost per cleaning is not that high, it is higher compared to Panasonic or Philips Norelco as their detergent based solution seems to last longer before needing to be replaced.

Braun cleaning cartridge

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The current wet/dry Series 5 variations (5040s) can’t be bought with a cleaning station, so if you want to use shaving cream or gel with your shaver you’ll be forced to clean it manually.

Even in the case of the updated Series 5 like the 5197cc or the 5190cc that are suitable for wet/dry use you’ll still have to clean manually any lather or soap residues before placing the shaver into the cleaning station.

If you fail to do so the cleaning station will eventually clog. Because of this limitation and the fact that pretty much all Braun shavers are fiddly to clean manually, the Series 5 is not the best option if you plan on shaving with cream or gel.

Panasonic and Philips Norelco are much better options for wet shaving. Stick to Braun for dry shaving.

In my opinion the Series 5 5090cc (dry only) is probably the best option for most men; it comes with the full-fledged cleaning station and is also very reasonably priced. I will say it again, the actual shaving performance is identical throughout the entire Series 5 line.

2. Wet & dry use

As mentioned previously, using a Series 5 with shaving cream will always imply a manual cleaning, even in the case of the recently released wet & dry models that include the cleaning station.

If this isn’t an issue, then you can opt for the 5040s variation as it’s currently the only one that’s available.

Braun Series 5 5040s

Check the price on Amazon

The models that don’t include a cleaning station usually cost less, but that’s not always the case.

The 5040s has a 2 level battery indicator compared to 3 or 5 on the 5090cc and can’t be used while the shaver is plugged to the mains.

This is a safety precaution that’s present with all wet & dry shavers. The dry only models like the 5090cc can also be used when charging via the cord.

3. Price

Price is another factor you should be taking into account when trying to decide which Series 5 to buy.

If you can find a good deal for a particular Series 5 variation that is suitable to your needs (for example the inclusion of a cleaning station or wet/dry operation) you can go right ahead and buy it.

Which brings me back to the 5090cc or 5190cc that can usually be found at an excellent price and in my opinion they are an absolute best buy.

Since all the Series 5 use the same replacement shaving heads (called cassettes) and the same cleaning cartridges for the stations, the only variable is the price of the shaver itself.

All the Series 5 models use the same 52s / 52b shaving heads.

Speaking of the replacement shaving heads, the 52s (silver) and 52b (black), the price you’ll have to pay for replacing them is very reasonable.

Braun Series 5 52S

Check the price on Amazon

The blades and foils blocks cost less than the ones needed for the Series 7, 9 or similarly priced Panasonic shavers, like the Arc 4.

As a result, the Series 5 offers excellent value for money.

4. Color scheme

While I never considered color to be a decisive factor when buying an electric shaver, it can be more or less important to some.

In my opinion, the Braun Series 5 is (in its current form) one of the better looking electric shavers out there.

I particularly like the hefty appearance that goes perfectly with the black color scheme. The red or blue accents really pop and again, work great together.

It seems like a lot of thought has been put into the design of the Series 5 to make it not only function great, but also look great.

The 5190cc from the updated Series 5 features blue accents and a silver shaving head.

The various Series 5 models are only available in black with a splash of blue, red or silver in certain parts. The shaving head has either a black or a silver finish.

The black & blue color scheme of the wet/dry 5040s or the updated 5197cc and 5190cc looks the best in my opinion.

5. Included accessories

Apart from the automatic cleaning station that comes only with the CC models, the included accessories can vary slightly between the different Series 5 shavers.

For example, the 5090cc is the only one that comes with a hard travel case. All the other ones only include a soft pouch that offers little to no protection in case of mechanical shocks.

Braun Series 5 5090cc with the included accessories.

Moreover, the 5190cc and the 5140s from the updated series don’t even include the soft pouch. On the other hand, all of the Series 5 models come with a plastic protection cap except for the 5090cc.

All the Series 5 and Series 5² shavers include a cleaning brush and a charging cord.

Unfortunately, a small bottle of lubricant is not included. That would have been a welcome addition, particularly for the S models that don’t have the cleaning station.

The CC models also include a cartridge for the automatic cleaning station.

Below you’ll find a table with the included accessories for the various Series 5 models.

ModelHard travel caseSoft pouchPlastic cap
Series 5 5090cc
Series 5 5040s
Series 5 5030s
Series 5² 5197cc
Series 5² 5190cc
Series 5² 5147s
Series 5² 5140s

Which one should you buy?

When it comes to actually buying a Series 5, there are only a few things that really matter: the inclusion of a cleaning station, wet & dry operation and the price.

The rest of the things that vary throughout the Series 5 line are not that important and, again, won’t affect the performance of the shavers or provide any particular benefits.

The newer models that were introduced — 5197cc, 5190cc, 5147s and 5140s — don’t really bring any significant improvements over the 50** shavers.

If you already own a Series 5, an upgrade to the Series 5² is not justified. Also, if you plan on buying a Series 5 and you’re on the fence on whether to wait for the updated models to be available, again it’s not worth doing it.

If a certain model looks like a good fit for your needs — for example it comes with a cleaning station and is suitable for dry only use — then that’s pretty much all there is to it.

The 5090cc is one of the more popular Series 5 as most men will probably shave dry anyway; the convenience of a cleaning station is also very appealing.

Braun Series 5 5090cc/5190cc

Check the price on Amazon

But let’s see how it compares to the other available Series 5 shavers.

Braun Series 5 5090cc vs 5040s

Here are the main differences between the two:

  • The 5090cc includes the automatic cleaning station. The 5040s does not.
  • The 5090cc is suitable for dry use only, while the 5040s can be used wet or dry.
  • The 5090cc comes with a hard travel case; the 5040s comes with a soft pouch.
  • The 5090cc features a black, red and silver color scheme, while the 5040s is black with blue accents.
  • The 5090cc features a 5 level battery display, while the 5040s’ display only has a 2.

How do they shave? Exactly the same. The 5090cc would be the best option in the majority of cases, while the 5040s should be considered if you plan on using shaving cream and don’t mind cleaning the shaver manually.

Braun Series 5 5040s vs 5030s

  • The 5040s is a wet & dry electric shaver, while the 5030s can only be used for dry shaving.
  • The 5040s features a black & blue color scheme, while the 5030s uses blue for the accents.
  • The 5040s has a 2 level battery indicator, while the 5030s has 3.
  • The 5040s lasts for 45 minutes with a fully charged battery, while the 5030s should last for 50 minutes.

Braun Series 5 5030s

Check the price on Amazon

Which one should you buy? Well, if you need wet/dry capabilities then the 5040s is the one to have. If you don’t then you should pay a bit more and go for the 5090cc instead; it’s basically a 5030s with a cleaning station and a hard travel case.

At least at this moment, the price difference between the 5090cc and the 5030s is marginal.

Braun Series 5 5090cc vs 5190cc

If you can’t get the 5090cc, the 5190cc from the updated Series 5² is a very similar shaver and they’re usually priced the same.

Here are the main differences:

  • The 5090cc is a dry only shaver that can also be used while charging; the 5190cc is suitable for wet & dry operation and only works cordless;
  • The 5090cc comes with a hard travel case, while the 5190cc only has a plastic cap instead;
  • The 5090cc has a 5-level battery indicator. The newer 5190cc has 3;
  • The 5090cc comes in a black and red color scheme, while the 5190cc has blue accents;
  • The 5190cc has a beard density sensor. The 5090cc lacks this feature.

So which one should you get? Since the differences between them are not significant, I would simply get the one I can find at a better price. I do however have a slight bias toward the 5090cc; the hard travel case is really useful and most men will shave dry anyway.

Final word

The Series 5 from Braun should definitely be considered by anyone looking for a high-quality foil shaver that doesn’t have a premium price tag.

In my opinion the Series 5 is the entry point to Braun’s high-quality shavers and a huge step up from the entry-level Series 3.

With all the available variations, it can be time-consuming to weed out all the marketing fluff and get to the actual details and features that matter.

Hopefully this post has managed to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the Series 5. If you have any other questions make sure to post them in the comments section below.

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  1. Thomas Enders

    A very informative article. You answered a lot of questions I had. I especially liked the comparison chart. This article made my decision of which series 5 to purchase much easier.

    Thank you!

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      You are very welcome, Thomas. I’m glad to know you found the information useful and that it helped you with your buying decision. Enjoy your new Series 5 shaver!


  2. Sven

    Thanks for this very good review. Could answer me the following questions: 1. Which are the exact differences between the models 5090cc and 5050cc on the European market – do they really have different cleaning stations and is it worth to go for the higher spec one? 2. Is there also one of the new 51* models that comes with a cleaning station and can be charged during shaving? 3. Does the shaving head come in one part and is manually similarly hard to clean as the series 9 one? 4. Has the cleaning station the same size in comparison to the series 9 one? 5. Is the trimmer any different to the series 9 one which I find quite marrow and I don’t like the slightly round shape? Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Sven,

      Thanks for your comment. Regarding your questions:
      1. The only difference is indeed the cleaning station and I don’t think it’s worth spending more money on the 5090cc model just for the two extra cleaning modes. The end result of a cleaning cycle will be the same.
      2. Since all the 51** models are suitable for wet & dry use, you cannot use them while charging.
      3. Yes, the shaving head comes in one part and it’s pretty similar to the Series 9 shaving head in terms of how difficult it is to clean manually.
      4. Yes, the stations are pretty much identical (size-wise).
      5. The trimmer is the same as the one on the Series 9, maybe just a tad narrower. I had the same gripes with it, I didn’t like the curved profile and it required many strokes to get all the hairs.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Sven

        Thank you Ovidiu. Regarding your answer to question 1. – do you have more control over the usage of cleaning fluid with the two extra cleaning modes and would it therefore make sense to go for the higher spec cleaning station? Finally did you also compare the series 5 with the series 9 in one of your recent reviews? I am undecided between the two of them.

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          You are welcome, Sven. In theory, a short cleaning cycle would be more economical than a high intensity one. I personally haven’t noticed a significant difference between them as all seem to last for 2 to 3 minutes. So I wouldn’t say that you’ll get more cleaning cycles with the 5090cc. The Series 9 is a step up from the Series 5 and 7. It is more enjoyable to use, more refined (it doesn’t vibrate as strongly as the Series 5) and will shave faster. But the closeness of the shave was pretty similar in my case. The Series 9 would be a better pick if you shave less often and have flat lying, wiry facial hair. It definitely handles longer hairs better than the Series 5.

  3. Behrouz

    Hi Ovidiu

    After I read your fantastic article I was thinking to purchase a 5030s, however, this model is not available currently in my country. There is 5050CC model available that actually is chipper than 5030s (Has to be ordeted) . Is there any significant difference between these two models?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Behrouz,

      Thank you for your comment. Regarding the differences between Series 5 5030s and 5050cc, there’s really just one – the 5050cc comes with an automatic cleaning station, while the 5030s doesn’t include one. If you can get the 5050cc for even less money, then you should definitely go for that one.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Kris A.

    Thanks for the article, It was very informative! Quick question for you… if I wanted to buy a travel case for the 5197cc, which would get? When I search it, the series 3 hard case comes up. Will that fit it?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      You are very welcome, Kris. Since these are third party cases, it’s hard to tell if the one for the Series 3 will accommodate a Series 5 as well. I think it’s safer to simply assume that it won’t. Some universal cases like this one are larger and there’s enough room for the charging cord as well.

      Finally, there’s the option of an original Braun hard travel case for the Series 5. You can get it from Braun’s encompass listing here.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Trajan

    Great article. Thank you for taking the time to provide comparisons. I have an old Series 5 Activator that has lasted about 10 years, but the cord finally broke at the connection point with the shaver, and now I am comparing a Series 9 and the 5040s. I would say the 9 has a much smoother motor (but it costs over $300 CAD) and I just bought the Series 5 for $100, and it came with a replacement foil head as a promotion.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Trajan,

      Thank you for your comment. That is correct, the Series 9 is more refined, but then again a lot more expensive. $100 plus a replacement cassette sounds like an excellent deal and I hope you’ll enjoy your shaves with the new Series 5.


  6. Roger

    How often should you change the shaving head on a Series 5040S? I use it as wet shaver applying a thin coat of Edge shaving cream.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Roger,

      That really depends on how often you shave, how coarse is your facial hair and how well you take care of your shaver (cleaning and lubrication). Braun recommends changing the cassette every 18 months, but depending on the factors I just mentioned you may need to do it sooner or later on. If you do everything right but you notice a drop in performance or comfort that’s a good indication that the shaving head must be replaced.

      Hope this helps.


  7. The Beard

    I currently use a series 3. I find it very comfortable and close enough but it takes time to get all the hairs. What would I gain by upgrading to a series 5?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      A Series 5 is more powerful and the shaving unit is superior as well. Having used both the Series 3 and 5, I would have to say that the Series 5 feels a lot faster, it is more comfortable during use and a lot better at shaving longer, flat lying hairs, especially on the neck. The whole shaving experience is more enjoyable with the Series 5. If you have coarse and dense facial hair, the difference will be even more obvious.

      In my opinion the Series 5 represents the entry point to Braun’s high quality shavers. That is also reflected by the fact that the Series 5 is very similar to the Series 7 in terms of performance and quality.

      Hope this helps.


  8. Michael

    Great article and now I’m confused again…

    My first and second electrics were Braun Series 3’s. I liked them alright and particularly liked their size and how they looked and felt but they didn’t seem to last that long.

    I then switched to a Panasonic ES8103S which I’ve had for several years. I didn’t much like how it looked or felt in my hand but it shaves well, much better than the old Brauns and just seems very dependable.

    Now, intending to upgrade, I had decided to spring for the new Panasonic ES-LT3N Arc3, in no small part thanks to your review of it and other articles you wrote.

    Now this… Could you address my dilemma again? I dry shave my light to medium beard daily. As an upgrade from my ES8103S, the Panasonic ES-LT3N Arc3 or the Braun 5040s?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Michael,

      For shaving a short, light to medium beard any of the two will do just fine. They are similar in the respect that they feature 3 blades, are suitable for wet & dry use and cost roughly the same — the prices can fluctuate though.

      Having said that, I would lean more towards the Panasonic ES-LT3N for the following reasons:

      – it’s much easier to clean manually;
      – it provides a closer shave. Some may get different results, but in most cases the Panny will be better;
      – it has better build quality. The latest LT Arc 3 models are huge step up from the previous generation. The Series 5 feels a bit plasticky in comparison;
      – Panasonic shavers perform very well when used on short hair. A Series 5 is better at capturing longer, flat lying hairs, but that’s not the case here;
      – finally, since you were pleased with the performance of your older Arc 3, opting for a Panasonic should at least in theory be a safer choice.

      Hope this helps.


  9. Peter Horvath

    Dear Ovidiu,

    I am hesitating between Series 9 and 5. Can you tell me please which of them allows a 2-way usage, i.e. shaving when the cord is plugged? (I am not interested in cleaning dock, W&D, nor charging dock.). I found many model numbers for US and Europe but can’t figure out which one has this feature. (I will get it delivered to Europe.)

    Thank you and best,


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Peter,

      For both the Series 5 and 9 the models that can be used with the cord plugged in are the dry only variations. In the case of the Series 5 you can find them in the table in this post (5090cc, 5030s). With the Series 9 only the first generation (dry only) shavers can be used while charging (9090cc, 9093s).

      Hope this helps.


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Nikhil! I’m glad you found the article useful.


  10. Geoff Higgs

    i bought a 5030s from Argos at £75 and am very happy with it.

    It DID come with a plastic, protective cap which I think should always be included to protect the delicate foils.

    I am a bit taken aback to see Braun recommend 18 months “cartridge” replacement.
    That means three replacement represent the cost of a new razor!
    However I expect that with careful (and light) use for an ageing face, the heads should last longer than 18 months.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Geoff,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying shaving with your Series 5.

      Regarding the price of the replacement heads, you are pretty much on point. Three cassettes will amount to the price of a new shaver. However, given the benefits and the convenience of an electric shaver, particularly one that yields great results, I think it’s worth it.

      It’s definitely possible to exceed the manufacturer’s 18 months claim. The coarseness of the hair, how often you shave and how well you take care of your razor will ultimately affect the lifespan of the foils and blades.


  11. Daniel

    I’m new in the Braun world, I had a round electric razor and it was a nightmare, so I want to try the Braun shaver. I saw the series 3 (3040s) with a tentative price, but then I saw the series 5 and it looks really nice, so I don’t know if it worth to pay more for the series 5 or go for the series 3. what are the pros and cons of the two seires ?
    And if is the series 3 the best option, which series 3 model? or if is the series 5 the best option, wich series 5 model?… I have a really sencible skin, I’ve never use the electric razor with wet skin because the one I had couldn’t shave with the cream. Sorry for this long question, but I need to choose the right one for a long time.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      The Series 3 is a very decent, but ultimately basic electric shaver. In my opinion the Series 5 is clearly superior with regards to shaving performance and I personally would opt for it despite the higher price tag.

      It is more powerful, more comfortable and works better for capturing longer, flat lying hairs.

      Regarding the actual models, it really comes down to your preferences and needs (wet/dry vs dry only use, automatic cleaning station, price). The actual shaving performance will be the same. In the case of the Series 3, the 3040s seems to be the best pick (wet/dry use, very reasonable price), while the Series 5 5090cc comes with a cleaning station and can usually be bought for an excellent price.


  12. Pete

    I’ve read all of your reviews and honestly think you’ve done a super job. I have a question about the series 5 vs 7 as i am a little confused . In some of the articles it says the 7 offers no advantage in terms of closeness. In others it says the 7 is better. In terms of closeness of the shave and nothing else , would you say they are the same ? For me no reason to get a 7 if the 5 is the same . Even if it means having to shave 2 minutes longer

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Pete. I really appreciate it. Strictly regarding the closeness, I have found them both to be the same. The Series 7 does feel a bit faster when using the highest power setting (the Series 5 doesn’t have any), but the end result is identical, at least in my experience. The Series 5 vibrates quite a lot, you can feel it in your hand and it is also louder when cutting coarse hairs. The Series 7 is more refined, but again, with regards to closeness, there aren’t any differences.

      Hope this helps.


  13. jay

    I just purchased the Series 7 (7893) for $199. I still have it in box unopened, and was wondering if I should grab the Series 5 (5140s) for $139 instead. The series 5 comes with a bonus nose\ear trimmer. Both ae wet\dry and noticed in many articles that the locking mechanism is better in the 5, with the shaving being unnoticeable close in both. Is the series 7 that much better, or should I return and grab the 5?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Jay,

      I have both and I can honestly say that they are very similar in terms of comfort and closeness (full comparison here). The Series 7 does feel more refined and a bit faster though (on the highest power setting). The Series 5 is louder and vibrates a lot when cutting coarse stubble, but again, the end result is pretty much identical. And yes, the head locking mechanism of the Series 5 is far better. The replacement cutters for the Series 5 are usually cheaper as well. The Series 7 7893s can be used with an automatic cleaning station if you decide to get one later on (you can’t do that with the Series 5).

      Hope this helps.


      1. jay

        Thank you Ovidiu,

        Deciding today when I am at store. Either way, replacing older Braun 3 with better shaver. And, good point about the replacement parts…. $20 cheaper for that down the road….


  14. Rahul

    What is the difference between Braun series 5 5040s and series 5 5040s flex motion tech wet & dry. This are different models or same?
    Please share compression if different.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Rahul,

      Both names refer to the same model (5040s, wet & dry use).


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for the kind words, hammi! Glad you found it useful.


  15. Paul Lee

    Hi Ovidiu,

    Thanks for the detail comparison, really enjoy all the informative articles you have here. I bought the 5190cc and as you have rightfully mentioned, Braun series 5 is really good. Have been using it daily and enjoying it. Am new to cleaning station though, thus couple of questions here, hope you can help to shed some light.

    1) Do we leave the shaver in there to dry once the cleaning process completed?
    2) I notice the cleaning indicator on the shaver still lights up occasionally even though it just went through a cleaning cycle. And it lights up even when the foil head is detached. Curious what triggers the cleaning indicator. Did I probably miss out something in the cleaning process?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comment. Regarding your questions, you can of course leave the shaver in the station until it’s completely dry. I personally prefer to take it out of the station once it’s fully charged and simply leave it to air dry with the head removed. I mainly do this so I can remove the cartridge from the station and put the cap back on since I won’t be using it again for quite a few days.

      As for the cleaning indicator, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I am yet to see an accurate and genuinely useful cleaning indicator on an electric shaver. The one on the Series 5 and on all the other Braun models is just a timer-based indicator, it doesn’t actually evaluate the hygiene state of the shaving head; it just counts how long you have been using the shaver since the last automated cleaning. And it also doesn’t know whether the shaving head is attached or not.

      Hope this helps.


  16. Pjotr karlovitch

    Truly hilarious how Braun manages to complicate this so insanely. OMG! The other, more significant thing is:

    I just want a shaver that works well, doesn’t look like some tacky, cheap-looking, spaceship wanna-be, fake “platstic-chrome” toy from a vending machine, designed for a 12 year old. This flashy, shiny plastic will scratch. which on the other hand would be an improvement. And why would I want these tacky, space-ship looking indicators?

    I wish they would go back to basics and design a truly high performing machine, that is simple and aesthetic in design. Clearly, some horrible marketing people have had too much to say for too long at Braun. Hopefully they will eventually find they wayy back and make products that look hygienic, professional and representing the manly, almost “heritage”-level quality that Braun actually has in their products.

    On that note, the design differences is almost the only thing that matters here. It seems 5030 is the one with the least tacky shine, flash and pazazz. ALso, it doesn’t have the ludicrous cleaning station, or the meaningless wet-shave functionality, and(!) it has a soft pouch. Why soft? Because then you can actually squeeze down the cord in the same pouch. Why would I want to have to deal with the cord separately when travelling?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Pjotr,

      Thank you for your comment. While I do agree to some of your observations, I don’t think things are really that bad with the Series 5 and with Braun shavers in general.

      Regarding your example, the 5030 also has a high gloss treatment. The cleaning station is great for a thorough cleaning twice a month for example and in the meantime you can simply store it in a cabinet if you don’t need it. The main purpose of a travel case is to offer protection from mechanical shocks and a soft pouch offers none. The cord can be simply tossed in your travel bag without any worries. Apart from the huge third-party cases that can fit a cord, no other manufacturer offers a hard case that can accommodate the cord as well.

      And yes, some men prefer to shave wet with an electric shaver. It’s a feature that’s there only if you need it.



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