What’s The Best Electric Head Shaver (2023)? The Definitive Guide

In this article, we’ll be checking out some of the best head shavers you can buy in 2023.

A completely shaved head is almost always a better option than the alternatives.

Forget about comb-overs, hairpieces, powder concealers, or other stuff that will just end up looking ridiculous.

Rocking a shaved head can even come with a few side benefits: no more bad hair days or the need for styling products.

Also, no more barber appointments and money spent on haircuts.

The ladies seem to dig bald heads as well. That’s a fact and there’s actual research to support it.

Whether you have a full mane and shave your head just for the looks or it’s because your hair is really starting to get thinner, once you’ve embraced your baldness, you’ll need a proper tool to do the actual shaving.

Finding the best head shaver for your particular needs is important because you’ll be shaving the dome quite often. It will be part of your (almost) daily routine.

Most men can get away with shaving their head every two to three days, but that’s still a lot of shaving.

So let’s dive right in and see which head shaver is right for you.

Electric head shavers vs razor blades

Electric head shavers have a few very compelling advantages over razor blades.

Even though there are some very capable blade shavers out there (like the ones from HeadBlade), we’re going to focus just on electric head shavers.

Some may disagree, but I consider them to be safer, more comfortable, and more practical, even though a blade will probably get you the closest possible shave.

But with some careful planning and informed decisions, a quality electric head shaver will get pretty close and the results will satisfy most users.

One of the main advantages of using an electric razor to shave your head vs razor blades is the ease of use.

This is particularly important for beginners that are just getting started with head shaving.

An electric shaver is a lot more forgiving, the learning curve is less steep and most men find the process more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

With that said, there are a few options out there when it comes to choosing the type of shaver for your head.

Choosing the right electric head shaver

With grooming products like electric shavers, you should always base your decision on what you need and how a certain product can help you achieve that.

There’s no such thing as the best shaver, but one that will suit you and comes with the fewest shortcomings.

And that’s the case with head shavers as well. A particular one may work great for someone else, but won’t necessarily be ideal for your needs.

Here’s how we can group the various types of electric head shavers into two broad categories.

Electric shavers for the face (and head)

Electric shavers for face (and head).

This category includes regular electric shavers (foil and rotary) that are normally used for shaving facial hair.

However, almost any electric shaver can also work as a head shaver if the hair is reasonably short.

All electric shavers, foil or rotary, will work best when used on short hair.

The advantage of going for one of these shavers is that they cut the hair very close to the skin as they’re generally fitted with high-quality blades and powerful motors.

Braun Series 9 Pro shaving head.
The shaving head of a Braun Series 9 Pro.

And since these shavers can deal with coarse facial hair, they’ll have no trouble with the soft and thin hair on the head.

So if you want that completely bald look, they can deliver precisely that.

Again, the key here is to use them often, ideally every day (every two to three days at most). If the hair is too long, they’ll snag and yank the hairs and will miss quite a lot of them.

In my opinon the hair length should be less than 2mm in order to get a satisfactory and enjoyable shave.

Some electric shavers do come with special attachments that will allow you to pre-trim the hair on your head, but most of them don’t have these accessories.

The Braun 3010bt.
The Braun 3010bt comes with a trimmer attachment that you can use to cut longer hairs (or a beard).

You can of course use a regular hair clipper beforehand to reduce the hair to a more manageable length.

Another advantage is that you can also use these shavers on your face. So there’s no need to have two separate machines, one for the face and one for the head.

The main drawback stems from the very fact that these razors were not designed for shaving the head.

First of all, the surface of the head is a large, spherical area; in contrast, your face has (almost) flat surfaces — like your cheeks and neck.

For that reason, you may need more strokes to get that clean head shave as the part of the shaving head that actually comes in contact with the skin will be smaller.

A rotary razor may have an advantage here vs a foil shaver when shaving the head.

The flexing heads of a rotary razor.
The flexing heads of a rotary razor.

Most rotary razors have 3 heads that flex independently or semi-independently and can adapt to the spherical shape of the head. Some foil shavers are also quite good at this as you’ll see in the next section.

The second disadvantage of a regular shaver is that you can’t always see what you’re doing when shaving your head and you have to reach behind your head in a pretty awkward position.

The problem is with the conventional grip which makes holding the shaver more difficult when shaving your head, especially the back of your head.

Holding a Braun Series 9 in hand.

Again, they’re designed to be used on the face.

With practice, you can sort of get around this, but shaving your head with a regular electric shaver usually takes more time and requires more work compared to using a head shaver designed specifically with that in mind.

And that leads us to the next category.

Dedicated head shavers and trimmers

The Remington Balder Pro and Pitbull Gold Pro, two shavers specifically designed for the head.

A good electric head shaver will ideally be able to shave close and conform to the spherical shape of the head.

At the same time, it must be designed in such a manner that holding it will allow you to easily reach behind your head.

In recent years we’ve seen quite a lot of these electric head razors that allow the user to shave his own head with ease.

They’re usually rotary shavers with 3 to 5 or even 6 shaving heads, but unlike the conventional rotary shavers above, the way you hold them in your hand makes them ideal for shaving the head.

The Skull Shaver Pitbull, a shaver designed specifically to shave your own head.
The Skull Shaver Pitbull, a shaver designed specifically for shaving your own head.

The ergonomics are much better with this type of head shaver.

Such a product is also able to provide very close shaves when used on the head (not quite as close as a blade, but definitely close enough).

You can shave your face as well, even though they won’t be as good as let’s say a top-of-the-line electric razor from Philips, Braun or Panasonic.

So this one would be the first type of electric razor specifically designed for the head.

Another approach is to use shearing blades (instead of rotary or foil cutters), just like the ones on regular hair clippers and beard trimmers.

The Remington HC4250 is a clipper intended for shaving your own head.
The Remington HC4250 is basically a clipper for shaving your own head.

But unlike those, the body of these trimmers makes them suitable for cutting the hair on your head yourself.

The main advantage over rotary or foil head shavers is that they can handle much longer hair.

As for downsides, they don’t shave quite as close but are still pretty good. After all, they’re clippers, not shavers.

But depending on what you’re looking for, they can be a great alternative.

For example, if you want that uniform, very short buzz-cut look, and not necessarily a completely smooth, bald head, such a product would be ideal.

Some of them also come with a foil attachment as you’ll see in the next section, allowing you to still get that close shave.

Now that we know what qualities a shaver must possess in order to be effective at shaving the head, let’s take a close look at some of the best electric shavers for a bald head.

What are some of the best head shavers for men in 2023?

1. Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro.

See the price on Amazon

Skull Shaver is arguably the most popular brand of electric razors specifically designed for the purpose of shaving your own head.

However, the opinions regarding their products have always been polarizing, to say the least. The customer support also doesn’t seem to be the best.

Their older products like the Bald Eagle Pro, while excellent performers, had some reliability issues.

These ranged from battery problems to the shavers refusing to turn on after a few months of use.

It’s the sole reason why I had a really tough time deciding whether to include them in this list or not.

However, the fifth generation of their electric head shavers introduced last year seems to have been improved.

The top-of-the-line models are still sold under the Pitbull name and are available in three variations: Silver Pro, Gold Pro, and Platinum Pro.

While the actual performance will be the same (for the Platinum and Gold models), there are a few differences related to color, display, and included accessories like travel case, rinse stand, and so on.

The Silver Pro is fitted with a less powerful motor, so the performance won’t be quite as good as in the case of the other two.

Another important difference is related to the battery size; precisely, the Silver Pro model has a runtime of 30 minutes, while the other two come with a solid 90 minutes of cordless operation.

Considering this, along with the price and the features, I think the Pitbull Gold Pro is by far the best pick.

So what makes it a good choice for shaving your head?

Well, being a rotary shaver, the heads can flex independently and remain in contact with the scalp.

The head unit has 4 rotary cutters, which is probably the sweet spot for effectiveness and good ergonomics.

The Pitbull Gold Pro.
The Pitbull Gold Pro.

With the cutting blades rotating behind a metal comb, it’s also comfortable and can cut the hairs close to the skin.

No, it won’t be quite as close as a razor blade, but again, most men will easily find it good enough.

The other highlight is the special handle that allows you to hold it between your fingers with the palm facing your head.

Reaching behind your head for a clean shave is a non issue with the Pitbull shaver.

This is ideal and will make shaving your head a lot easier.

Using circular motions, it can provide a close and fast shave.

Gripping the Skull Shaver Pitbull Pro.

This new Pitbull line comes with redesigned blades made of Japanese steel that are supposed to last longer and cut the hair a lot more efficiently.

You should also experience less irritation and razor burn, even if you have a sensitive scalp.

As with any head shaver, it works best when used on short hair. You can use it daily or every two to three days depending on how fast your hair grows.

The Pitbull Gold Pro is also fully waterproof (IPX5), so you can pop the head unit open and rinse it with tap water.

The detached shaving head.

You can shave your head dry or with shaving cream for added comfort and closeness.

You can also use the Gold Pro with shaving cream for added comfort.

Skull Shaver says that the Pitbull comes with USB charging, a feature I would like to see with more electric razors.

But it doesn’t have an actual USB type C port but comes with a USB cable that plugs into the Pitbull’s two-prong charging port.

The Pitbull's charging port.

When I first read that on the manufacturer’s website, it led me to believe that it does have a USB port and I can simply use my phone’s cable and charger. That’s not however the case.

The rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides up to 90 minutes of cordless use, something that most other electric head shavers can’t match. And it will work with the cord plugged in as well.

You can use the Pitbull Gold Pro to shave your face as well, but as mentioned previously, it won’t shave quite as close as a quality foil shaver.

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold can also be used on the face.

But it’ll definitely get the job done.

This latest Pitbull line is among the most capable out there and one of the best picks for an electric head shaver in 2023, at least with regard to performance and ease of use.

If you had any experience with either a Skull Shaver product or their customer support, please share it in the comments below.

2. Remington Balder Pro (XR7000)

Remington Balder Pro

See the price on Amazon

Side note: The European version of the Remington Balder Pro is called the RX5 XR1500. UK/Europe-based users can buy it from Amazon.co.uk, Boots or shavers.co.uk.

The Balder Pro from Remington is arguably the closest alternative to Skull Shaver’s line of head shavers.

It basically follows the same philosophy — a large shaving unit with 5 rotary cutters that can conform to the shape of the skull plus an ergonomic handle.

The Remington Balder Pro held in hand.

Some users that have had reliability issues in the past with Skull Shaver, but otherwise liked the product should definitely check it out.

The price is generally (a lot) lower as well.

Remington says it will shave as close as 0.2mm which is pretty good and in line with most rotary shavers out there.

Balder Pro flexing heads.

The five rotary cutters flex inward which will help keep them in contact with the scalp.

An unusual feature for this type of head shaver is the integrated pop-up trimmer.

Balder Pro hair trimmer.

It can be useful for some light grooming and detail work (edging/shaping sideburns or your beard line).

The Balder Pro/RX5 XR1500 is a wet/dry head shaver, so you can use it dry or with shaving cream. Once you’ve finished shaving, you can simply rinse it with tap water.

It’s a cordless-only shaver and the rechargeable battery can provide up to 50 minutes of use.

The Balder Pro shaves close and as long as you don’t use excessive pressure, it’s comfortable and enjoyable as well.

It’s very comparable performance-wise to the Pitbull Gold Pro, with the latter being maybe a bit easier to use thanks to the smaller head and the independently flexing heads (in addition to the movement of the 4 holders).

The replacement shaving head for the Balder Pro has the part number RP00656 and you can buy it from Remington’s website.

For more details, you can also check out my review of the Balder Pro.

3. Skull Shaver Palm

Skull Shaver Palm 3.

See the price on Amazon

Another new release from Skull Shaver is called the Palm Face and Head Shaver and it’s basically a smaller version of the 4 and 5-blade shavers.

With 3 cutting elements, the Palm 3 is still a capable head shaver, but most importantly, it costs significantly less as well.

Featuring a scaled-down design of the Pitbull Gold Pro presented previously, this razor comes with the same specific advantages, being ideal for shaving your own head.

Even though it’s not quite as fast and as powerful as the Pitbull line, considering its price and good reliability record, I think the Palm 3 would be an excellent choice for the budget-conscious buyer.

The Palm 3 is also fully waterproof, so you can easily pop the heads open and clean them with water.

You can of course use it dry or with shaving cream.

You’re also getting the convenient USB charging and the Li-Ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of cordless use, which is twice the runtime of the Silver Pro for example from the more expensive Pitbull line.

Included with the shaver there’s a nose and ear hair trimmer attachment as well.

You can use the Skull Shaver Palm to shave your face in addition to the head.

4. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Remington HC4250.

See the price on Amazon

Remington went for a rather unique approach with its HC4250 Shortcut Pro clippers.

They call it a Self-Haircut Kit and that’s pretty much what it is.

What sets this product apart from regular hair clippers is the rounded profile of the blades that makes it perfectly suitable for shaving the head with no guard and, of course, the compact design.

The curved blade profile of the HC4250 makes it ideal to shaving the head.
The curved blade profile of the HC4250. Image credits: Remington Products

This allows you to hold it in the palm of your hand and easily reach behind your head.

Compared to the Balder Pro above or any other dedicated head shaver (rotary or foil), the HC4250 will work just fine on longer hair and it will likely take you less time to shave your head.

The curved and extra-wide blade makes it easier to keep it flat on the scalp and it can get remarkably close. The blades are sort of zero-gapped, so the closeness will be surprisingly good.

If you want to go for a buzz-cut look, the Shortcut Pro also comes with 9 different comb attachments (guards).

HC4250 Shortcut Pro accessories.
Image credits: Remington Products

You can easily fit them over the blade and get the desired hair length. You can use the guards to maintain a beard as well.

The Shortcut Pro is ideal for shaving your own head, it’s easier to use than a rotary head shaver, comfortable and very practical.

Also, if you don’t shave often enough, you should definitely consider the Remington ShortCut Pro as it can handle longer hair as well.

For most men this will likely be the best option if getting that really close, shiny bald head shave is not a must.

The closeness is again surprisingly good, but something like the Balder Pro or the Pitbull will be better.

The HC4250 is waterproof and fully washable, so cleaning it is a breeze. Remington also includes a bottle of oil to lubricate the blades.

During use, it is surprisingly quiet. It’s fitted with a Li-ion battery for up to 40 minutes of cordless operation.

The price is pretty reasonable as well and overall a very compelling, easy-to-use, and versatile product.

5. Philips Norelco QC5580

Philips Norelco QC5580/40.

See the price on Amazon

The QC5580 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro is a similar product to the Remington above but takes a totally different approach to solve the problem of shaving your own head.

Precisely, the clipper comes with a conventional grip, but the head can swivel 90 degrees to the left or right, allowing you to easily shave the sides and back of the head.

Shaving the back of the head with the Philips Norelco QC5580/40.
Image credits: Philips.com

I’d argue that it’s even easier to use it behind the head as it doesn’t put any stress on your wrist.

The blade has a straight edge this time and it’s not as wide as the one of the Remington Shortcut Prove above, but it’s still quite effective.

The closeness is again similar, but the QC5580 also comes with a foil attachment for shaving the hair at skin level and getting that really close and smooth head shave.

Using the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 foil shaver attachment.
Using the foil attachment. Image credits: Philips.com

You can use the clipper at first, then swap it with the foil head attachment for the extra closeness and the bald look.

While a multi-head rotary head shaver will be faster due to the larger cutting area and the flexing heads, the foil head attachment will probably get you a slightly closer shave.

When using the clipper, there are 14 hair length settings you can choose from by turning the integrated dial, ranging from 0.5 to 15mm.

Turning the dial of the QC5580 to adjust the comb.
Image credits: Philips.com

This basically increases or reduces the space between the comb attachment and the blades in increments of 2mm.

As mentioned previously, there are two comb attachments: a regular one (3 to 15mm) and one precision comb (1 to 3mm) for getting a buzz cut.

So you’re basically covered regardless of what you’re trying to achieve: use the balder attachment for shaving the hair completely, use the clipper without a comb for a close (approximately 0.5mm) trim or use one of the comb attachments for a specific hair length (1 to 15mm).

The Philips Norelco QC5580 is waterproof, so you can wash it under the tap. Moreover, it works both corded and cordless (up to 60 minutes of cordless use).

The package also includes a storage pouch and a cleaning brush.

Price aside, the Philips Norelco QC5580 is in my opinion the most complete and versatile electric head shaver for men and arguably one of the very best out there.

But depending on how often you shave and what you’re trying to achieve, you may be better off with one of the options above from Skull Shaver or Remington.

Important: there’s a cheaper model called QC5570, but that one doesn’t include the foil head attachment.

6. Braun Series 9 9330s


See the price on Amazon

Deal alert: You can sometimes get the (slightly) better Braun Series 9 PRO 9465cc for even less money than the standard Series 9.

Regular electric razors can be a good option as well for shaving your head.

And in certain cases, they may actually be better than a dedicated head shaver.

If you already use a quality shaver for your face, why not shave your head with it too?

If you manage to deal with shaving the back of your head, probably the trickiest area or you have someone to help you out, then you may already have a winner.

Tip: a 360° mirror can be a game-changer when you shave your head. After trying several, I found the one from Fade Factory to be the best (high-quality glass mirrors, bright LED lights, solid construction). I’ll share more details in the next section.

Again, the only caveat is that you should use the shaver more often in order to get the best results: a close, fast, comfortable shave.

Shaving daily (or every two days at most) will get you the best results.

The Braun Series 9/Series 9 Pro is one of the best shavers out there that you can use on your head as well.

It is a highly capable machine that can deal with difficult facial hair (long, coarse, wiry, flat-lying hairs) due to a very effective 4-blade cutting head.

9290cc shaving head.
The 4 shaving elements of the Braun Series 9.

Add to that the fact that these cutting elements have a greater range of motion than pretty much any other foil shaver, ensuring excellent contact with the skin even when shaving a spherical shape like the head, and it’s easy to see why the Series 9 would be a great choice.

The spring-loaded cutting elements have a large range of motion and ensure constant contact with the scalp.
The spring-loaded cutting elements have a large range of motion and ensure constant contact with the scalp.

It is a powerful shaver and one of the most comfortable and forgiving you can currently get.

The closeness, provided again that you can get over shaving the back of your head, is excellent.

The 9330s is a very popular Series 9 model, widely available and usually you can get it for a decent price.

But any Series 9 model will work the same and it’s one of the best foil shavers for the head.

You can use it dry or with your favorite shaving cream.

The 9330s doesn’t come with a cleaning station, but you can actually purchase it later on and it will work just fine (the part number for the station is 5430CS S-9).

Or you can simply buy a Series 9 cc model like the 9390cc or the Pro 9465cc that includes the station.

Finally, any electric shaver can work as a head shaver, but the Series 9 will have a slight advantage for the reasons outlined above.

7. Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Shaver

Andis Pro Foil.

See the price on Amazon

Finally, we have one of the most popular models among barbers and professionals, the ProFoil from Andis.

Marketed as a foil shaver for finishing fades and cleaning occasional stubble, this Andis is also a very interesting option for a head shaver.

Its main selling point is the closeness. In my opinion it is better in that regard than all the other shavers on this list.

By using extremely thin foils, this shaver manages to cut the hairs very close to the skin.

The shaving head of the Andis Pro Foil with its two cutters.

While in my experience it is far from ideal when used for shaving facial hair (it’s not very comfortable and can’t shave the flat hairs on the neck), it can work really well on the head.

It is extremely lightweight and the staggered foils make it very easy to hold and maneuver.

Even though it can be too aggressive on the face, it is perfectly comfortable and smooth when used on the head provided you don’t press too hard.

You really don’t need to as it’s very grabby and will cut the hairs really close nevertheless.

It’s one of the foil shavers favored by many barbers precisely for that. Other similar double-foil shavers are the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 and Wahl Finale.

However, the BaByliss is really expensive the Wahl foils tend to be very brittle, which makes the Andis ProFoil the best pick.

The Li-ion battery inside provides more than 60 minutes of cordless operation, but you can use it with the cord plugged in as well.

The Andis ProFoil will operate both corded and cordless.

As for downsides, they are the same as in the case of other electric razors that are being used as head shavers.

Precisely, the Andis ProFoil will only work well on short hair and may require some extra effort to get a clean shave behind your head.

But because it is so lightweight and easy to grip, this will likely be a minor inconvenience.

Compared to the Series 9 with its advanced flexing foil cutters, the Andis takes more time to complete your shave. But it does get remarkably close.

Also, since it’s not waterproof, you cannot rinse it clean under the tap. You’ll have to use a brush or a can of compressed air to clean the blades from the very fine hair dust.

How to use a head shaver effectively

Now that you’ve hopefully settled for suitable a head shaving machine, let’s see how you can put it to good use.

And while this won’t be an extensive how-to guide on shaving your head with an electric razor, I think you’ll still find it useful.

Here’s what I consider to be a few easy-to-implement, but highly effective tips when shaving your head.

1. Make sure the skin is dry.

If you’re using your head shaver dry (so no shaving cream/gel), any moisture on the scalp will have a negative impact on the quality of the shave and will make the whole experience less enjoyable.

Regardless of the type of shaver you’re using (rotary, foil, clipper-style), it will likely take you longer to complete your shave and the result won’t be as smooth as it can be.

The shaver can stick to the skin, skipping hairs and causing you to go over an area multiple times which can irritate the skin, especially the back of your head and neck.

Clipped hairs and fine hair dust will also stick to the skin and get in your way.

Especially during hot summer days or if the humidity is high in your area, sweat is the main culprit here.

But it can be something else too.

For example, if you cleaned your head shaver with water and didn’t allow it enough time to air dry completely, that can have a similar effect.

So make sure your shaver is completely dry before using it.

I usually crank up the AC before using any shavers on my head as I do tend to sweat a lot, especially with some bright light shining on my face.

I do not shave my entire head, but I have been cutting my own hair for years and I use a shaver for that bald high skin fade.

Most of the time I’m using a Braun Series 9 Pro or the Andis ProFoil as those cut really close to the skin (especially the Andis, but the S9 is faster and gentler) and allow for more granular control when blending a fade.

2. Have a proper mirror setup.

While you could simply use a hand mirror, having a proper setup with (at least) two mirrors is game-changing and will make your head shaving sessions a lot more enjoyable.

It can be as simple as having a second large mirror on your countertop, angled toward your main bathroom mirror and allowing you to see the back of your head in the main one.

Mirror setup.
Screenshot with the mirror setup from Alex Kouras’ excellent video tutorial.

However, this may not always be a feasible option depending on how much space you have around your bathroom sink.

In my opinion the best solution is to get a so-called 360° mirror. It’s comprised of three foldable mirrors that allow you to easily see the back of your head.

360 mirror.

As I mentioned above, after testing several brands, the best I’ve found is the one from Fade Factory.

Fade Factory 360 mirror.
My mirror from Fade Factory hanging from the door.

It’s extremely practical with its integrated LED lights and sturdy metal hooks, allowing you to hang it from any door.

When not in use, it folds into a compact piece that you can store anywhere.

There are other similar mirrors from other brands available as well if you can’t get this one. In my opinion there are three things that matter when choosing one:

  • it must have LED lights (really useful)
  • it must have thin metal telescopic hooks that can slide under any door frame
  • it must be reasonably priced

I honestly think such a mirror is well worth the investment and it’s a small thing that will make a huge difference.

3. Trim the hair if it’s too long.

I know I’ve mentioned it several times in this post, but an electric (head) shaver will only work well on short hair.

Unless you’re using something that has shearing blades or a special attachment that can handle long hair, you will need to cut your hair to a manageable length before shaving it.

You can use the cheapest hair clipper for that as it will work just fine.

Two of the products recommended above can however cut longer hair (the Remington ShortCut Pro and the Philips QC5580).

4. Don’t apply excessive pressure.

This is particularly important with foil and rotary shavers as those can cause some nasty razor burn and irritation.

Usually the most sensitive part is the back of the neck, so let the shaver do the work. Besides, the hair in that area is soft, so there’s really no need to press the shaver hard.

Some shavers like the Braun Series 9/9 Pro are quite gentle and I personally can get away with being a bit sloppy, but others like the Andis ProFoil or the Remington Balder Pro are not and you will get a painful rash or even folliculitis.

5. Always shave against the grain.

This is particularly important if you’re using a foil or rotary head shaver to get that really close shave.

While you’d be using circular motions with a rotary razor and straight strokes with a foil shaver, make sure that direction is always against the direction of hair growth and adjust it accordingly.

You can use your free hand to feel any remaining rough patches and also assess the direction of hair growth.

6. Lubricate your shaver regularly.

Apart from cleaning it after every use, it’s important to also lubricate the blades of your shaver.

This will not only prolong its lifespan and reduce blade wear, but it will make the shaver more comfortable as it won’t get hot anymore.

Cleaning and lubricating your head shaver is important.

You can use either clipper oil or a spray lubricant like the Andis CoolCare Plus.

They’re cheap, widely available and work great.

Lubricating your head shaver once or twice a week should suffice.

Final word on choosing the right head shaver

Choosing the right head shaver.

In my opinion, using an electric razor is a safe and practical way to shave your head.

In choosing one, I think the most important thing is to first settle on the type of shaver that makes the most sense in your case.

For example, you should first ask yourself if:

  • you’ll be using it daily or less often
  • a close shave is very important
  • you’ll be using it on your face as well

Answering these questions should help you settle for the right type of product.

Once you’ve done that, consider the main pros and cons of the shaver in relation to your needs.

For example, a head shaver like the Skull Shaver Pitbull is practical and will give you that smooth, bald look, but it will only work if your hair is short.

If you only shave your head once a week but still want that very close shave, then something like a clipper with a head shaver attachment like the Philips QC5580 would make more sense.

Using two separate products (like a hair clipper + a rotary head shaver) is another good approach.

This guide should be viewed as a starting point and a way to narrow down the options.

There are of course other electric razors out there that will also work well for shaving the head.

Again, when choosing what should be the best head shaver for you, make sure you’re taking into account the specific qualities of the razor in relation to your needs.

Some of the options can be a bit expensive, but in the long run, the higher price of a more capable and comfortable razor is well worth it.

Just think about all the money you’ll be saving from not getting haircuts anymore.

That’s pretty much it — if you have other questions or you’d like to share your experience, please leave a comment below.

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Hey. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of ShaverCheck.com. I independently buy and test electric shavers and I’ve been sharing my findings on this site for almost 10 years, hopefully helping others choose a suitable shaver.

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    • I have ben shaving my head for over 25 years with short muscular arms. This pitbull is the coolest invention I have ever seen next to the mach 3 razor blades. Thanks for introducing it to me. I’m a avid Amazon shopper and never even knew it existed.

      • I bought a Pitbull Silver pro in July 2021. It lasted about6 weeks before it went bonkers. It started and stopped on its own, and eventually ran itself down. It would not stay OFF when charged. Their customer service flat out sucks. I finally got them to replace it, but that razor had other problems. It stopped displaying the usage after a few weeks, so I had to guess on what the charge level was. It finally stopped working and charging after a few months. Complete POS!

  1. I really like how the bald eagle smart operates but it just doesn’t cut close enough on my head for me. Guess I will keep looking.

  2. Bald eagle great shaver but poor design. Had two both stop working after 3 shaves . Great idea but does not work WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

    • I have a recent model 2018 and found that it worked really well dry shaving until I tried using it with shaving cream; went fine first few times but eventually it sounded like the motor was dying – it even stopped completely with heads removed. Cleaned the heads with vinegar and boiled water, popped it back on to recharge a bit and now works like new again. Clearly its not cut out for use with shave products (even though they say foam is fine).

    • Same here. Not cleaning may cause jams and not working. Mine is clean but it has been inconsistently annoying. In the middle of shaving, it stalled many times. A $90 waste. Will NOT recommend.

  3. I too had the skull shaver and like the 1000’s of reviews online, it stopped working and the customer service was rude to me. I am sorry to say that this type of experience still goes on today.

    • Hi Mike, thank you for your comment. Can you provide more details on your problem and what exactly was the position of the customer service regarding your request? I will update the post and try to provide a better alternative if this is still the case today with the Skull Shaver.


  4. Hi Guys

    I, too, had the same issue with Skull shaver. Worked great for a few weeks then suddenly was n’t – motor kicked in and out, motor working but not rotating heads etc – a mess really 🙁

  5. I agree with the others. Skull Shaver gave me about 6 months and than Customer Service never called me back after 7 attempts to replace. I gave up on them…

  6. I have had terrible experiences with the Skull Shaver dying as well. I purchased it in June 2016 and have been through four of them (just filled out a replacement form an hour ago for the fourth). They are that good, otherwise I wouldn’t deal with the hassle.
    ***Unlike other reviews, customer service has been amazing for me and they just ask to verify the purchase and instantly send me another one, often upgraded or with an apologetic case/stand/blades along with it***

    This review will be updated pending the newest replacement I just did. I would say be professional, provide them information, save it for the next time, and give it a try. Just make sure you order from one of their licensed retailers. It is a great shaver and I regularly get comments asking how often I shave my head and most can’t believe it is with an electric.

    • Hi Nick,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Good to hear that at least their customer support has improved.


  7. I purchased as trinity 1 great for your face it’s not made for the head just don’t get down to that smooth nails feeling.very disappointed.

  8. Used the eagle for more than a year, until battery or motor die (not sure) head blades are fragile, shaving good but no so close. Never worked on my face.

    Now using a Headblade ATX and mach3 with Kiss my face, amazing shave but time consuming and expensive. Want to return to electric and the Panasonic Arc5 is what I want. Thanks for the reviews.

  9. Hi Ovidiu!

    Your site was super helpful in choosing an electric shaver! From your avatar, it looks like you might not have personal experience shaving your head. For me, it’s really not an issue of grip or angles, and I bet the same is true for most guys. Just like with my beard, I use straight lines, but instead of using the mirror I go by feel.

    I read your other reviews and ended up buying the Arc 5. Just finished my first use. My head is cleaner/smoother than I even get at the barber. The shaver has a timer, so I know it took about 7 minutes to go from 4 days growth to silky. Highly recommend.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your comment. You are right, I do not shave my head, but I did cut my hair by myself with a regular trimmer. I don’t do it anymore, but it was a real struggle for me to reach behind my head and do a decent job. Glad to hear the Arc 5 is working great for you.


    • I picked up the Arc5 tonight, so it’s good to hear people have been having good experiences using the shaver. I’m 36 and have been shaving/fading my own head for the last 20 years. I find the easiest way to get a clean/stubble/irritation free shave on the back of my head is to simply hold the shaver in my right hand while standing with my back to my bathroom mirror in a nice bright lighting and hold a hand mirror in my left hand, which allows me to see the back of my head reflected in the main bathroom mirror as I’m shaving.
      It’s truly not nearly as tricky as I realized it probably could sound while writing down my preferred method.
      Best of luck!

      • Thanks for the comment, Eny. I agree, I’ve been cutting and fading my hair since the lockdown and I usually use an Arc5 or a Series 9 for that. I own an Andis ProFoil as well and that one shaves extremely close, but I haven’t been using it much as I can’t rinse it with water and I’m a bit too scrupulous when it comes to cleaning my gear. In the beginning, I was using a similar mirror setup and it worked well, but I’ve since bought a Self Cut System mirror and it’s been a game-changer. A bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it.


  10. I see a lot of negative comments for the skull shaver… but are they for the bald eagle skull shaver or the pitbull skull shaver? Thanks

    • Hi Randy,

      The Bald Eagle had some reliability problems and most of the negative comments are related to that model. The Pitbull should be better in this regard.


  11. I bought the Pitbull Gold and would NOT recommend this POS to anyone. The battery in mine doesn’t have enough power at 88% to keep working. I then have to plug it back in to charge to 100% and clean it – sometimes need to take small tweesers to clean out hair.

    • Hi Bob,

      That clearly looks like a defective unit. In my opinion you should contact the seller/manufacturer and ask for a replacement or refund.


  12. The skullshaver.com company is dysfunctional.
    Satisfaction is NOT Guaranteed as promised.
    Too many cheap plastic parts are used and the design is flawed.
    My Pitbull Platinum Shaver broke within warranty.
    And the shaving heads were NOT replaced/ refunded after I returned them.
    Skullshaver.com has a very bad return policy.
    To many loopholes that allows skullshaver.com to circumvent a real warranty and/ or Guarantee.
    For example, if you took the heads apart, which is too easy, then the warranty is voided.
    If there are hairs over .25 inches found in head, then warranty is voided.
    Poor customer service.
    Staff only looks for excuses to avoid warranty and/ or Guarantee.
    They blame/ shame the customer.
    Do NOT order through skullshaver.com
    Read bad reviews for PitBull on Amazon.com

  13. I’ve got to add my 2 cents here so that others don’t make the same mistake I did in buying a Skull Shaver product.
    I bought my first Pitbull Gold Shaver in February of 2018 after seeing it reviewed positively on numerous websites. It worked just fine for my head shaving needs… for just over a year. Then it simply wouldn’t charge (no, it wasn’t a cord issue). Just sat there like an expensive piece of plastic. So, I bought another thinking, “Okay, that was just a fluke.”
    Not a fluke.
    The second one lasted less than a MONTH. Shaver #2 now registers on its display that it’s charging… but the damn thing doesn’t actually, y’know, turn on or work. Two faulty products is not a coincidence, it’s garbage. At this rate, a third shaver would probably end up lasting all of 2 days before sputtering, wheezing, and subsequently exploding in a ball of fire and cheap electronic parts. Hell, a fourth shaver would probably commit suicide in transit before ever arriving.
    Trying to rectify this through Amazon customer service was a no-go, as they referred me to the Skull Shaver company directly. I’ve sent them an e-mail, but I’m not optimistic, given the experiences others evidently have had in going that route.
    Don’t buy it unless you like kissing your cash goodbye.

    • Thank you for taking the time to share this, Phil. I’ve received enough reports that point to poor reliability of Skull Shaver products, so I won’t be recommending them anymore. I will update the post asap.


  14. You mentioned in your article this is a 5th generation, (However, the fifth generation of their electric head shavers introduced last year seem to have been drastically improved.) while their website says it’s the 4th generation. Is this a typo or is their site not updated concerning generations? Please clarify. Thanks

    • Hi Bill,

      I think that info wasn’t updated on their website. The 5th generation of head shavers has been introduced in the 4th quarter of 2019.


  15. I bought a Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold in December 2018, worked well with a daily use. Recently the battery indicator was moving down very slowly (used to be +/- 3% per day before) then battery seemed discharged despite indicator was still at 50%.
    The other day it simply refused to switch on (battery indicator is on but engine is not moving). 16 months for a 130$ product is simply not acceptable those days.
    That’s a pity because it’s really useful (still need a shot of Mach3 to be totally neat.)

    • Thank you for the feedback, Stephane. Sorry to hear about the poor experience you’ve head with Skull Shaver. Reliability was one of the main focus points with the new generation released during the 4th quarter of 2019. But it would be totally understandable if you didn’t want to deal with a certain brand after something like that. I would probably feel the same way if I were you.


  16. Wahl finale gets my vote…. I’ve had it years and it’s never let me down.
    Real close shave, excellent battery life, very robust and easily obtainable and replaceable stools and blades. 5*

    • Thank you for your comment, Nath. It’s definitely a good product and one that is quite similar to the Andis ProFoil. The main reason why I chose the ProFoil over it is its lower price.


  17. Hey guys
    I have used both the Panasonic Arc 5 and the Andis 17150. In my honest opinion I would say the Arc 5 all around better with comfort and actually shaving. I even ran my Andis over my head after using the arc 5 and I got very little hair with Andis .

    • Hi Alex,

      Many thanks for taking the time to share this. The Arc 5 is definitely a more comfortable shaver — the Andis is among the least forgiving foil shavers I’ve used, although on the head isn’t nearly as aggressive as it is on the face. I believe you also use the Arc 5 to shave your face? In that case, it would definitely be a better option than the ProFoil.


  18. The Skull shaver works great, I would recommend it to anyone. But with the caveat that you will have to replace it every 6 months to 1 year of daily shaving. I have been using Braun for a while, and it is my new favorite (don’t need the Skull shaver anymore). However, the claim that the Andis shaver provides a closer shave really peaks my interest. I may have to get one of the Andis next.

    • Hi Joshua,

      Many thanks for your comment. Your experience falls in line with some previous feedback I’ve got from Skull Shaver users; precisely, there are some reliability issues. Hopefully these newer revised models are better — it would be a shame since the Skull Shaver is a really good product otherwise.


  19. I’ve used the Andis ProFoil for almost 3 years. The best head shaver I’ve owned so far. I’ve replaced the head and blades twice. They only cost around $18. If you go slow and add a little Lectra-shave pre shave, you can get baby butt smooth, one pass shave in about 4 or 5 minutes. Highly Recommend.

  20. I haven’t fully decided yet, but I’m leaning toward the Pit Bull Platinum Pro?
    Why? Because Costco has it and it’s extremely easy to return it to Costco if there are any problems down the road with it. Doesn’t that make sense? That way I don’t have to deal with any issues directly with the manufacturer.

  21. Thank you for the useful information, have used your sight often and has helped me make the right decision on finding the right shaver.
    Thank you very much!

  22. So after reading through all these comments and watching tiresome videos on YouTube of real users, I think I’m sticking with my razor (Harry’s). It gives a great close shave. It has a trimmer on the top which is good around the years. My problem with electric razors is this, if I have to use a razor blade after the electric trimmer, then I’m using the razor blade only. These have never even worked on my face, let alone my head. I’m lucky in that I don’t get razor burn or bumps. So thanks, but no thanks.

    • Hey,

      Thank you for your comment. If you’re getting great results with your Harry’s and generally don’t get razor burn or bumps from blades, I think your decision is the right one. As a side note, most electric shavers will work better on the head than on the face (as in better closeness) if the hair is reasonably short. This is particularly true in the case of foil shavers like the Andis Profoil, Panasonic Arc5 or the Series 9. I think most users won’t feel the need to follow-up with a blade after shaving with one of those.


  23. do you have an opinion on the Freedom Grooming head shaver? How’s it compare to this pitbull?
    I just got the freedom grooming shaver and it seems to work ok. Doesn’t seem to have much power and definitely doesn’t give me baby butt smooth results.

    • Hi,

      I’m afraid I do not, but it does look like one of the many knockoffs available nowadays. So the motor will likely be slower and the quality of the blades not quite as good.


  24. I used the Remmington and it crapped out after 5 months. Great design but if it doesn’t work not much good. I was really disappointed as I liked it before it just stopped working.

    • Hi Bill,

      Sorry to hear that. Could be just unfortunate, and not a serious reliability issue with this model. I suppose it’s still under warranty, so you should definitely take advantage of that.


    • I’ve used the Remington and can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m only looking for an alternative as I’d like a closer shave. Family meme bets have also bought the Remington on my recommendation and are very happy also.

  25. thanks for the review. whats the best option if you want to only shave very precise areas of your head, so need it to be accurate/precise?

    • Hey,

      You are very welcome.

      I would actually use something like a 0 gap trimmer (like the Andis T-outliner) and maybe also use a foil shaver in addition to the trimmer to get that really close shave. The ProFoil I mentioned in the article would be a good option, but basically any decent foil shaver should work as well.


  26. Why no mention of Babyliss FX02? It has higher ratings than all of those on Amazon. I had no idea about it until I asked a barber. I never see it in reviews but somehow it beats all of those mentioned in this review, at least by Amazon rating it does.

    • Hi Jason,

      It definitely looks like a capable machine, however it’s very similar performance-wise to the Andis ProFoil I mentioned in the post and that one costs less than half the price of the BaByliss. There are probably other options as well that will work great as head shavers — this post is merely a starting point.


  27. I’ve found a newer version of the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro. The HC4300 Rapid Cut Turbo. Looks like a better build and a better deal. Your insights on it?

    • It appears to be fitted with a more powerful motor and comes with 12 combs instead of 9. If you can get it for a similar price, it should perform at least as good as the HC4250.


      • Yes true. More power on demand. Can be switched off separately if not necessary. And larger combs that provides a trim instead of a shave/ buzz cut. So it works well as a trimmer. And the price is lesser than the old version! I’ve bought it @ A$84 from Myers, Australia! Hurray! 🙂

  28. Hello Ovidiu,

    I’ve been tirelessly looking for an electronic hair shaver that gets me the closest head shave. I’m trying my best not to purchase one and then be unsatisfied with the results. What shaver would you recommend for someone who wants the absolute closest cut? I know razors would probably be best, but it’s very time consuming and I feel like there is a electronic hair shaver that can fulfill my needs. If I could get an electronic hair shaver that would leave behind no hair at all, that would be perfect!

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hey Anthony,

      In my experience, if you want the closest shave for your head (excluding manual razors), you will need to use a regular foil electric shaver. The Panasonic Arc 5 (models like the ES-LV65, ES-LV67) and the Andis ProFoil are some of the closest shaving electric razors out there. I prefer to use a Braun Series 9 (which also gets incredibly close), but it’s gentler than the other two and my skin is very sensitive, particularly at the back of my neck. An Arc 5 or the Andis would often cause me some razor burn and bumps, but the Series 9 is better in that regard.

      I’ve been cutting my own hair since the lockdown and while I do not shave the top of my head, I’ve used pretty much everything in order to get a skin fade on the sides and back of my head. And high quality, regular foil shavers always provided the closest shave. They’re not the most practical as I mentioned in the post (something like a SkullShaver will be easier to use on the back of the head), but again, if closeness is your main concern, you should consider one of those.


    • Hi,

      It’s similar to the 4-blade Skull Shaver, but it’s a bit bulkier and not quite as easy to hold. The battery isn’t as good as the one in the Gold Pro and the cutters aren’t as comfortable. On the other hand, it costs less and the closeness will be similar.


  29. I was about to pull the trigger on getting the Pit Bull Gold, but after reading the comments here and the reviews on Amazon, I think I’m going to avoid it like the plague. SO MANY people complaining about the motor not working and then having to deal with horrible customer service. Nothing ticks me off more than a company that doesn’t care about their customers. To me cost isn’t really an issue, but I may just go with one of the lesser expensive ones. That way if it conks out, I can at least toss it and buy another.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I’m totally with you on this one, that’s why I’m still on the fence about whether to leave it or not. Performance-wise, it’s great, but there are many conflicting reports regarding the reliability and customer support. I have an older one but I’ve only used it sparingly (still works fine). They claim to have solved the issues, but we cannot just take their word for it. I’ll try to find and test some alternatives, maybe I’ll get lucky.


  30. Good info. I have a Pitbull Gold Pro that I purchased from Amazon July 18, 2020. It worked well – not great for a year and then the motor started having less and less power. I only use it about once a week…I use a Wahl electric to trim my hair as short as possible first and then use the Pitbull. I just tried calling the company and their customer support line has a voice mail that says it is full and then hangs up on you. I will NOT be buying another product made by that company. I read this review and the other comments to try to find something else. I will keep looking. Maybe the Andis Pro??? Not sure

    • Hey,

      Many thanks for the comment. Sorry about the poor experience you’ve had with their cs. The Andis ProFoil is a completely different product though — basically a conventional foil shaver, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. The closeness will definitely be better compared to the Pitbull, but it will require more work (straight strokes against the grain), especially on the back and towards the top of the head. It’s also not as easy to clean since you cannot rinse it.

      Remington also has a Pitbull alternative called RX5 XR1500, a 5 blade rotary, very similar to the one from SkullShaver. I do not have any experience with it I’m afraid, but it looks promising.


      • I got the Andis pro and love it, definitely need to have short hair first to make sure it doesn’t snag, and you’re correct about it being difficult to clean, but I use a tooth brush and have found that to be pretty quick. Had it for almost a year, using it every other day and gets a super close shave, hard to tell the difference from my face that I shave with razor. Simple to use product, takes about 5 minutes for my head. Changed the foil and cutters after about 8 months, but really didn’t need to. I’d recommend this razor for sure. Had a barber use it on me once and that’s how I found it. Haven’t tried any of the others on the list though.

        • Hi,

          Thank you for the comment. If you can get a fast shave with it and don’t mind shaving more often, the ProFoil is a fantastic option, it really shaves incredibly close. I’m currently testing the BaByissPro FXFS2G, really similar in many regards, more comfortable than the ProFoil but at least from the initial impressions, it doesn’t shave quite as close. And it costs (a lot) more than the Andis.


  31. Ovidiu congratulations for the great job you are doing…i have trouble choosing what would be the right machine for me… I shave my head every 4-7 days -nevrr more often- and I would love the shave to be as close as possible… thats really important….Obviously things like long battery life,short shaving time and cleaning the shaver easy without spending a lot of time and effort are also important factors….Which one would you recommend me? Looking forward your suggestions!

    • Hi George,

      Thank you for the comment, glad you found the info useful.

      If you want a close shave, you will definitely need a rotary or foil shaver. However, your routine and frequency of shaving your head will most likely require pre-trimming the hair. 4 days is probably borderline doable (depending also on how fast your hair grows), but after one week you will need to trim it.

      You can achieve this by either using one machine (like the Philips Norelco QC5580) or by having two separate ones. For example, a basic/cheap hair clipper and a shaver (rotary or foil). You can even take this one step further and instead of a regular hair clipper, why not get the ShortCut Pro from Remington? That one will be even better for what you need with the wide and curved blade. And it gets really close, so you’ll have your work cut out for you when you follow up with a shaver. As I mentioned in the review, the Andis ProFoil will get you the closest shave, but it won’t be as easy and fast as using a rotary shaver like the Balder Pro.


      • Do any of these actually get as close as a razor? I currently use the Defender Razor blades, but I’m looking for an alternative that gives the same smooth AF shave as a true razor…. Any recommendations? I don’t want to be let down…

        • In theory, no. All electric shavers, be it foil or rotary, have a guard or foil, so an actual physical barrier between the cutting blades and the skin. A razor (with an exposed blade) doesn’t have that. However, current electric shavers do manage to cut remarkably close and I think overall the result should be satisfactory to most users.

          As mentioned in the article, shavers like the Andis ProFoil or any other quality foil shaver (like the Braun Series 9, Panasonic Arc 5, etc) will likely give you the closest shave, but aren’t as practical/easy to use as head shavers — but can definitely work in that manner.


    • Hi,

      I personally haven’t had any hands-on experience, so I’m afraid I cannot weigh in. It is similar to the Pitbull and Balder Pro, so it should be fairly easy to use as a head shaver and should also cut the hair close to the skin. It is a large machine with the 6 heads, but that’s not really an issue when shaving the head (it will be if you plan on using it on the face too). The price is pretty reasonable for what you get, so my only concern would be the reliability.


  32. Hi Ovidiu,

    I’ve been using a Philips Norelco Series 5000 for the past year – https://www.usa.philips.com/c-m-pe/face-stylers-and-grooming-kits/effortless-even-trim – to shave my head, and I’m happy with the results (i.e. the closeness of the shave); I shave maybe once every ~10 days, with no guard on the shaver. But it’s really painful reaching the back parts of my head every time. So I’m looking for something else.

    Considering my particular use case and needs, I’m zeroing in on the Remington HC4250. (It’s a pity those rotary shavers can’t be used on slightly longer hair – they look dead simple to use. But I don’t like having to do multiple passes, and it looks like they’re pretty rough on skin anyway.)

    My main concern is that it won’t cut as closely as the Philips. The product specs for the Philips (you’ll see these on the page I linked above) state that it’s a 0.4mm cut. But I can’t seem to find accurate info re. how close the Remington cuts. From this post – https://old.reddit.com/r/bald/comments/goywz0/in_search_of_the_best_shave_buzz/ – “I love this device. Unfortunately doesn’t cut as short as I would like. If they could make a model with a .4mm or .5mm blade I would be sold.” – this concerns me.

    I always thought that shearing blades are shearing blades, i.e. that the only time you get a different length cut is if you add on guards. Am I wrong?

    Any info/advice you could share would be excellent. If the Remington cuts as close as the Philips, it’s a done deal. But I’m open to suggestions.

    Excuse the lengthy comment.


    PS your site provides some of the most accurate/useful/honest info I’ve found, so cheers and kudos for that. I know this because I’ve cross-referenced a bunch of other ‘listicle’ articles, reddit posts, YouTube reviews, etc etc (:

    • Hi,

      Many thanks for the comment, glad you found the info useful.

      A close shave often means different things for different people. For example, you will find user reviews of the HC4250 saying that it shaves really close. Shearing blades (with no guard) can actually get you different results depending on the alignment of the moving blade (the one that oscillates) relative to the static one. With most hair clippers, you can actually adjust that yourself pretty easily (you can search on YouTube how to zero-gap clippers). With this particular one from Remington, you most likely can’t do that.

      I’m afraid I cannot say how it will compare to your current trimmer, but personally, I doubt it will get as close. It will be a lot easier to use though — much wider, curved blade, easier to grip and to shave the back of your head and around the ears. There are many foil/rotary options, but very few have shearing blades and can deal with longer hair. That said, the Philips Norelco QC5580 has a 0.5mm blade, so it should be pretty good; it also has a foil head for an even closer cut, I think it’s worth considering as well.


  33. I am thinking of buy a head shaver. I like to shave once in a week. I am not sure whether i should go for Remington Balder Pro or Philips Norelco Series 5580 or can i use Skull Shaver Palm (which i like). Any suggestions would be great.

    Currently I just use trimmer.

    • Hi Vino,

      All three are good options. Philips went for a totally different approach, while the Balder Pro and Skull Shaver are quite similar in every aspect. The Philips shaver would be more versatile since you can also shave your head less often, but it’s more expensive. Choosing between them should come down to your preferences and budget.


  34. I have been looking for a good head shaver. I have bought multiple models with the skull shaver design and all of them leave my head feeling like rough sandpaper (to include the Pit Bull Gold (who’s display stopped working after two weeks)). Thus far, the only thing that works is shaving cream and a razor.

    • Hi Randal,

      Have you tried any of the foil shavers mentioned above? The Series 9, the Andis ProFoil or even a Panasonic Arc 5. Those can get really close, almost as close as a blade. Might need a bit more work compared to using a Skull Shaver type of machine, but the closeness will be better.


  35. Thanks Ovidiu. This been great overview of the products currently in the market. After weighing in the pros and cons I decided to go with the Remington Shortcut Pro.

  36. Hi, I’ve read way too many reviews on all electronic shavers out there. The products out there are far too numerous to list here, and some of them give a pretty good shave, whether to the face or skull. A few live up to their names for what looks like a relatively short time and then they are returned for obvious reasons. I have not bought one as of yet simply because none can give me the smooth, baby bottom feel that I require from a close shave. So, as far as I am concerned, the best shave out there is the one by a straight razor or one of the Mach3 or 5. And that only takes 5-10 minutes at best. Once you learn how, it is the best of the best way to shave.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the comment. A blade will indeed give you the closest shave, if you can handle a razor with confidence and get a clean head shave in 5 minutes, that’s pretty awesome.


  37. I received a Skull Shaver Pit Gold as a Christmas present in 2021. I like the product as a shaver because it does do a good job shaving my head and face. The problem started almost a year into having it during the warranty period. I noticed it seemed not to be holding a charge all of a sudden. One day i heard a buzzing in my bathroom and discovered the handle came on by itself and was running without anyone turning it on and using it, and to complicate matters more i could not turn it off by pressing the on/off button. I then rationalized it must have been coming on by itself and running the charge down. Charging it again worked for a little while however then it would not come on and the 100% charging light stayed on. The warranty covered and they sent me a new handle in about a week after me sending back the defective one.
    It is now Feb., about 3 months later and the handle started doing the same thing all over again that the first one did. Warranty period is over so i purchased an extended warranty for $40. The problem is they say it will take up to 10-15 working days after the defective device had arrived before even sending the new one to me. Even though their web site states if you buy a new one they can ship it to me in 1-2 days.
    I am always getting emails and texts about sales and deals, and it seems they are more interested in getting new sales than taking care of their existing customers.
    They will not talk to you on the phones and the CSR’s are very rude when texting. They make it seem like i am not treating the product correctly.
    If this third replacement stops working again then i will say good-bye to Skull Shaver for good.

    • Hi Joe,

      Many thanks for taking the time to share this. The battery still seems to be a recurring problem even with the newer models, although not as frequent as a few years ago. It’s a shame as the shaver works really well. If you have the time, I would really appreciate an update on the new replacement.


      • Well I got the replacement in April of 2022, and here it is May. Last night I started to shave with a full 100% charge, and within a minute of shaving the thing turned off by itself, and showed a 70% charge. I turned it on again, and it turned itself off again, and again the charge went down another 20%, to 50%. I turned it on again and the charge went to 00%, in less than 5 minutes of usage. I had to plug it in to the charger to complete my shave. We will see if this was a glitch or an on going issue again. Let’s see what happens tomorrow with another full charge.

  38. Adding on to the issues with Skull Shaver, I bought a Pitbull Gold last April. The first one lasted just under 3 months (which was the warranty they were offering at the time) and took days of back and forth with customer service to get them to realize it wasn’t just dull blades. The warranty replacement lasted 2 months before it also died. The second warranty replacement has lasted almost 5 months before having issues and dying again. For the price you pay with one of these, it should last a while but that’s certainly not the case.

    In addition, their blades are not cheap and need to be replaced about every 3 months according to the company. That’s pretty bad for the so-called “quality steel” that they’re made of. They also irritate the heck out of the back of my neck, a problem I don’t have when I drag actual razor blades across the same area.

    I saw in another comment that due to everyone’s negative experience with Skull Shaver, you weren’t going to recommend them anymore but they’re still the #1 and #2 recommendations on this list.

    I can assure you the issues have not been resolved with their products and would urge you to at least mention these reliability issues are still very wide spread, if not take them off the list entirely due to this reason.

    • Hi,

      Many thanks for taking the time to share this. The post already mentions the potential issues, I will however update it and make it even clearer. I’m currently trying to find and test a few alternatives as well.


  39. I bought a Skull-Shaver a couple years back. Loved it but when I
    tried to order replacement blades they told me they no longer make
    replacement blades for my model. They actually suggested I up-grade.
    Terrible terrible company. Disgusting.

    • Thank you for taking the time to share this, Charles. It’s a shame they don’t support discontinued shavers, that’s a sure-fire way to lose old customers.


  40. My first Skull Shaver (Gold) the chrome started to drop off while in use, think glittery head!! They replaced it without an issue. 2nd set of blades, not as good as first and I think its a different company that supply the heads. OK at first but now back to using a Mach3 razor.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Pete, much appreciated. There can be noticeable differences between different batches of blades, although there shouldn’t be any. Anyway, the fact that they swiftly replaced your shaver is an improvement — I’ve seen reports that they sometimes wouldn’t even reply to support queries.


  41. I purchased the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro in March, have been using every 2-3 days to my satisfaction, but then start/stop button started ‘hesitating’ sometimes, and today (July 3rd) stopped working all together. Shaver is fully charged and clean. Disappointing. have just entered the claim, let’s see how fast SkullShaver will react.

  42. I have arthritis and chemo-induced neuropathy in my hands. Can you recommend something for the less surehanded among us?

    • Hi,

      I would definitely avoid the ones with shearing blades like the Remington Shortcut Pro. Also, foil shavers vibrate more than rotaries, which is not ideal in my opinion. That leaves us with rotary head shavers like the ones from Skull Shaver or the Remington Balder Pro. I think these are easy to grip and to keep in contact with the scalp and are also more forgiving, so I would go win one of those. I would also recommend checking this with your physician, I am not in any way qualified for providing professional advice.


  43. Hi Ovidiu,

    I just wanted to say amazing reviews and information you’re providing here for us readers (just found this website a few days ago). I’ve been deciding on what shaver to get for shaving my head and came upon your reviews when I was looking for information about the Panasonic Arc 5 shavers. I posted another question which your answered in your foil article, so thanks for answering that.

    I only just shaved my head for the first time about 5 months or so ago and decided I really like the clean look. I have been wet shaving since then (every 2-3 days on average), but it’s taking a lot of time (which is why I don’t do it every day otherwise I would), so that’s why I was looking at electric shavers as I am assuming they’ll be much quicker.

    I was specifically looking at the ES-LV67 as there was a recent special on it here in AU, but I just missed out on the special price, so I will have to wait again until it’s on special again if going with that model (unless you say the Panasonic Arc 5s wouldn’t be any good for head shaving). I was also looking at the Braun 9477cc which was also on special, but it is double the price and still a bit out of my price range (not sure if there is another Braun 9 series I could look at that is cheaper, but similar in performance?).

    As mentioned above, I was mainly looking at the ES-LV67 as I read it shaves closer than the Braun, plus it’s a better price, but having said that, not sure if the ES-LV67 is suitable for head shaving and if the Braun 9477cc or another Braun model would be a better choice? I read they don’t shave as close as the Panasonics, though, so not sure how I’d like that compared to the shave I get with a razor.

    Also, can Braun shavers be cleaned as easily as the Panasonic ones if you don’t get the cleaning station? Are replacement heads/foils expensive for the Braun shavers?

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.

      Both the Panasonic Arc 5 and the Braun Series 9/9 Pro would be perfectly suitable for shaving the head. That said, there are a couple of specific pros and cons that may tip the scale in favor of one or the other. I’ll try my best to point them so you can make a decision based on your preferences and needs.

      The Arc 5 does manage to shave closer than the Series 9/9 Pro, so if you’re particularly interested in getting the closest possible head shave with an electric razor, the Arc 5 is among the best. I think the end result is quite similar to using a razor blade, while with the Series 9 you might be able to feel a couple of slightly rough spots on some regions of the scalp.

      The Series 9/9 Pro on the other hand is more comfortable. Depending on how sensitive your scalp is, this may or may not be an issue. In my case, the back of the neck is really sensitive and the Arc 5 is definitely more aggressive and I almost always get some redness and razor burn there. I have to apply less pressure compared to using the Series 9 and also be more mindful of my technique. But on the rest of the scalp, the Arc 5 remains adequately comfortable.

      The other advantage of the Series 9 and Series 9 Pro has to do with the way the head and shaving elements adapt to the shape of the scalp, especially if you have some protuberances on the back of your head/occipital ridge. The 4 cutters on the Series 9 have a greater range of motion, they stick out more than the ones of the Arc 5 and the whole shaving head moves back and forth with ease. These ensure better contact with the skin and allows you to be a bit sloppier and the shaver would still be effective. This makes the Series 9/9 Pro easier to use, at least that’s my experience with using both.

      You’ll notice that I always referred to both the Series 9 and 9 Pro because they perform extremely similarly when used as head shavers. While the 9 Pro has a slight advantage as a face shaver, being slightly more powerful and grabby, this advantage is nowhere near as obvious when using the shavers to cut the hair on the head (which is a lot thinner and softer than facial hair).

      Any shaver can also be effectively cleaned manually, so while I do consider the Series 9 station practical, it’s not a must-have. Also, you can get one later on, but please keep in mind that only a Series 9/9 Pro solo model that starts with 93 or 94 will work with a compatible station purchased later on (for example, 9340s or the 9330s). More details here.

      So if I were to summarize: Arc 5 — closer shave, Series 9/9 Pro easier to use and more comfortable.

      Hope this helps.


  44. Ovidiu,

    Thank you as always for your outstanding and detailed reviews. I got the Pitbull Gold last August for every other day use and have been pleased with the results. I have the following questions:
    1) Given my usage, would you think that the shaving head should be replaced every 6 months?
    2) I’ve seen ads for shaving heads from multiple manufacturers. Are you aware of these and, if so, is there one you think would be superior to Pitbull’s own?

    Thank you again for your excellent site!


  45. I ordered a shaver from their web site. They promise on their web site free 2 day shipping. However, that is a lie. You are not given the shipper’s name ( UPS,Fed Ex etc..) and not given a tracking number so you may follow it. I placed my order 6 days ago and as today is a Saturday it will be over a week if it does in fact arrive. After emailing customer service, I was provided a screen shot of a “tracking” from some unknown generic shipper. After some internet searching I did find out that the incompetent shipper they use transported the item past my home from Illinois to New York instead of delivering it to me in Ohio. 100% poor customer service and delivery failure. I have requested a full refund and cancellation of my order but have not heard back from their “Customer Service” which obviously is not customer orientated. Buyer Beware.

    • Hi John,

      Many thanks for taking the time to share this. I’ve only had experience with their EU site and operations which are different from the .com/USA site. In Europe, the products are being shipped from France using a french carrier (La Poste) and delivered to the end user by local post or DPD. The shipping did take a very long time (like two weeks) but I got the shaver. If you have the time, please follow up and let us know if you managed to get the refund.


  46. Thank you for a really helpful and informative article. I totally agree that a fully smooth scalp is much better than the alternatives and I can testify that women prefer – or maybe tolerate – it to alternatives. I’d like to offer some more advice and analysis for other baldies. And I have a question for you.

    I call my balding pattern “anti-mohawk”, so my halo of coarse side and back hair are the awkward areas to shave. But, with experience, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’d been wet-shaving my head for years with Wilkinson Sword (Schick in North America) Quattro Titanium. It’s by far the smoothest shave I can get, but not the quickest. I’ve never had a barber get as close as I can get it. A few years ago, based on your reviews, I invested in a Braun Series 790 to shave my face and scalp to save time and to have a dry shaving alternative. The shave is not as close as the refillable Quattro, but it takes less effort, less refill cost and less time. When my hair gets too long for the electric razor, a basic Remington trimmer helps to get my hair down to a reasonable length.

    You’re spot-on about the downsides of electrics: a less close but often acceptable shave, ergonomics of holding the shaver to reach everywhere take some getting used to, and diminishing battery life. To get a closer shave with an electric, I am thinking about buying a finishing razor like the Wahl Finale, which a barber showed me once. I was nearly convinced until I just read your review. Your assessment might have swayed me to look at the Andis instead. I have a question for you about this at the end of this long comment.

    Here is a quick comparison for you and your readers of my experience of shaving my head for the past 18 years…
    A) Wet-shaving my face and head in the shower with three days’ growth using a Quattro refillable razor blade (with a cruelty-free brush and Proraso shaving soap)
    B) Braun Series 7 dry shave (and occasional preparation with a trimmer).

    1. Closeness – A) 10/10 vs B) 8/10 (good enough most of the time)
    2. Time – A) 20-30 minute shave in the shower (total time) vs B) 15-20 minutes dry shave
    3. Refillable cost – A) blade lasts about 10 shaves £1.50 per blade vs B) Braun, I’ve never bought a replacement cartridge or cleaning fluid – so only the cost of charging, a few drops of oil and cleaning cartridges (these are expensive)
    4. Length of hair – A) can shave 5-7 days’ growth vs B) 2-3 days- growth (or prepare with a trimmer)

    If my razor blade can get me a 10/10 for closeness and my Braun Series 7 gets me to a 7/10 for closeness, do you think the Andis will get me to a 9/10 or 10/10?

    Thanks again!

    • Vlad, thanks so much for taking the time to share this, those are some awesome tips and insights.

      The Wahl Finale, Andis ProFoil or the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 will all be able to cut the hair closer than your Series 7 — I would rate them at a 9/10, but other users might go higher or lower. But I have used them and can compare them directly to the Series 7. When used as head shavers, I’d say the Series 7 has a couple of other specific advantages over the double foil razors favored by barbers, but closeness isn’t one of them.

      The Series 7 will be faster — it has a superior shaving head with a far better range of motion of the 3 cutters and the swiveling of the head, so it’s more effective, especially on the back of the head and if you move the shaving head faster. With any of the other 3 double-foil shavers, you will need to go slower. Those are grabbier and will bite into the hair more vigorously since they have really thin foils and beefy motors for their size. But they do shave very close, you could follow up with them after your Series 7 and hear the stubble getting cut. The foils and blades will definitely need to be replaced more often than in the case of your S7.

      The Series 7 is also more comfortable, again especially on the back of the neck where the Series 7 is really smooth and gentle. You’ll have to be a lot more mindful of the pressure when using the other ones. Particularly the ProFoil for some reason is more aggressive than the Wahl and BaBylissPRO, although the closeness is the same. The Andis does seem to be a better pick considering the price, performance and if you can handle the more aggressive shave. The Finale has really thin foils and to me they seem the most brittle, while the BaBylissPRO is really expensive.

      In conclusion, I think you’ll be happy with the closeness of a ProFoil or other similar double-foil razor, but it will most likely increase the time it takes you to complete the shave. Maybe having one just as a finishing tool to quickly go over a rough patch, I think that can also be a good option.

      Hope this helps.


      • Thank you for your considered reply. You’ve given some great advice and some more things to think about. Would Arc 5 be better for head and face shaving than Braun S7 or Andis? Thank you, Ovidiu.

        • You are very welcome. I’d say the Arc 5 is really similar to the Andis with regard to closeness, so better than the Series 7 and even than the Series 9. It’s not as forgiving or effective as the Series 9, in the sense that a Series 9 will allow you to finish the shave faster while being a bit sloppier with the technique. But the Arc 5 is definitely more capable than the Andis as a face & head shaver.


  47. I have been using the Balder Pro for about 6 months. I shave my head everyday to every other day. If I’m busy I might skip two days. I love my Remngton Balder Pro and would buy it again. I started off using it dry and then went with a shaving soap and shaving brush. That has really been a game changer for me. The shave is very comfortable and no irritation at all. This is coming from a guy with sensitive skin. I’ve tried everything before and would get razor bumps,but not with my balder pro. I’m getting about 5 shaves per charge. I went with the Balder Pro over Skull Shaver because of the shape. It’s very comfortable in my hand.

  48. Started shaving my head in spring 2022, seems like if I want to keep my head fairly smooth I need to shave twice a day.

    I started off I buying the Remington XR1500 to start with, but wasnt that pleased with how close the shave was. Tried a Skull shaver platinum next which was even worse, fortunately I had no problems returning it to Pitbull UK. So I ended up with the Andis profoil and have been using that ever since.

    I can definately say there are some shortcomings with the Andis overall package. The power system seems similar to the Skullshaver, 5v 1A and the socket is almost identical too, but there is no usb charging lead, unlike the Skullshaver. The clip to cover the blades comes off a bit too easily for my liking, and yes, being able to clean it under the tap would help.

    But, in its favour its by far the closest shave, making it overall faster to use than the rotary shavers, the relatively small body of the Andis (compared to normal foil shavers) also makes it relatively easy to manoeuvre around the head even round the back.

    So all in all the Andis wins out so far for the quality of the finish.

    Must admit though that I’d like to know what the closest rotary shaver is, head or otherwise, for those times when you really just want to run something over your head quickly.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated.

      Interestingly, the same head cover issue is present on the Wahl Finale as well, a double foil shaver that’s very similar to the Andis ProFoil. I’d say the problem is even worse on the Wahl and the cover is really flimsy and will come off with the slightest nudge. The BaBylissPRO Foilfx02 is a lot sturdier but also a lot more expensive than the other two. The closeness is similar and really good.

      Rotary shavers in general aren’t great for a really close shave and can’t usually match a foil shaver like the Andis/Wahl or a Panasonic Arc 5. But I’d say the best chance of a close head shave using a rotary would be with a top-tier Philips shaver like the Prestige.


  49. Hi Ovidiu,

    I discovered your site a couple of years ago when doing shaver research and became a big fan. Thank you for your thorough research on electric shavers. It’s much appreciated!

    I’ve been shaving for about 45 years, going back to the days of Sunbeam and Ronson shavers. I’ve used a lot of high-end and low-end shavers. A few years ago I embraced my baldness and started shaving my head in addition to my face.

    On my head I’ve used Braun Series 3, old Series 7, Panasonic Arc 5 LV-65, Andis ProFoil, Remington HC4250, Philips Norelco S900 Prestige, as well as cartridge and DE blades.

    For me, the Andis ProFoil wins in closeness, but it’s not the easiest to use, and I’ve actually nicked my ear with the foils. I came to the realization that I do not require a super smooth shave on my scalp every single day. After all, it’ll just grow back and be there to shave again the next day, so I really don’t stress about it. I’m fine with a very small amount of scalp stubble.

    Over the years, I’ve determined that rotary shavers work best for me. The best everyday head and face shaver for my situation is the basic, no-frills Philips Norelco S1015 CORDED shaver. It does a great job on my head and an even better job on my face. When shaving my head, I can grasp the neck of the shaver just below the heads with my thumb and index finger, and the ergonomics are there. I can maneuver around the cord, and there’s constant power with no battery to worry about. And the price ($29.95 USD) is hard to beat.

    • Steve,

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to share your experience.

      I can relate since I’ve nicked the tips of my ears quite a few times, not only with shavers, but with clippers as well. Definitely take extra care when shaving around the ears, just brushing the shaving head on them can cause a nasty cut.

      It seems to me that rotary is really the way to go in your case and you’ve really tested quite a few foil shavers with very different profiles, so it’s a pretty clear win for the rotaries.

      And if you can achieve those results with a small, simple and cheap shaver, that’s even better.



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