About ShaverCheck

From its inception back in 2013, ShaverCheck.com has been a one-man band.

And that man would be me, Ovidiu.

I’m a software engineer living in beautiful Romania and I have an unusual passion for electric shavers.

I have been using them for the past 20+ years and I can honestly say that I’ve seen it all.

Throughout this time, I have owned and tested dozens of models, from high-end shavers to cheapies.

This website is simply my attempt at helping others avoid the hassle of lengthy research and costly trial and error.

Getting a comment or an email from someone that finally enjoys a close and pain-free shave for the first time is truly a wonderful feeling.

I can still remember the lack of reliable information when researching shavers back in the day, so that’s when I first thought about creating a comprehensive and useful resource.

Fast forward to present time and ShaverCheck.com has grown into a wonderful and helpful community of users from all over the world.

Review process

Reviewing electric shavers or other similar products is very challenging.

And that’s because we men are different and have different expectations.

I may need a comfortable, mild electric shaver that can work well on a 3-day beard, while someone else just wants a budget-friendly razor that shaves very close.

Conveying all this into practical information and accounting for all the different users out there is a real challenge, but it’s also something that I enjoy tremendously.

Every electric shaver is tested extensively by me for at least three weeks, oftentimes a lot more before publishing a review.

In fact, I’ve owned and used most of the shavers I currently recommend for years.

I update the content regularly with new information as I continue using a particular product or I come across a better alternative.

And while I fact-check and proofread every piece of information that I post, some errors may still slip by.

If you happen to come across one, please let me know — I would truly appreciate it.

Are you sponsored by any shaver brands?

I will never compromise myself or the trust of my readers, therefore I will never accept free review units from shaver manufacturers or any type of endorsement.

As a result, I buy all the shavers myself and always present the facts as truthful and unbiased as I possibly can.

How does the site earn money?

Quite a few readers of this website have reached out and wanted to donate money as a way of showing their appreciation. I am humbled and grateful for this.

However, I will not accept donations and the information presented here will forever be free and accessible to everyone.

As it’s explicitly mentioned throughout the site, some posts contain affiliate buying links for which I may receive compensation (at no extra cost to the buyer) when a purchase is made.

How can I help?

If you found the information useful, please share this website with anyone who might benefit from it as well. That’s all I’m asking for.

Also, consider subscribing to the free ShaverCheck newsletter. I only send a few emails a year with curated content that would be helpful to most men who use or plan on switching to an electric razor.

You can reach me in the comments section of the posts or by email, I always reply to everyone.