Braun Series 9 Review: Should You Buy It?

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Pros: close and very comfortable shaves, suitable for sensitive skin, works great on difficult facial hair, fast and powerful, suitable for shaving the head, wet & dry use, great battery life, practical cleaning station, lightweight, reasonably quiet for a foil shaver

Cons: pricey, mediocre slide-out trimmer, all-plastic body, a Panasonic Arc 5 will shave closer

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[4.5 out of 5 stars]

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In 2019, Braun’s high-end line of electric shavers, the Series 9, was given a second mid-life facelift.

To differentiate them from old, now discontinued models, the new Series 9 shavers start with 93 and include models like the 9385cc, 9390cc and 9370cc.

The launch of the 93xx Series 9 was a bit surprising and Braun didn’t make a big deal out of it like we’ve seen in the past with the 92xx Series 9 for example.

These new shavers were initially only available in several European countries and it wasn’t clear if or when they would be officially launched in the USA as well.

Fortunately, the 93xx models were released worldwide and buying one isn’t an issue anymore.

The Braun Series 9.

And for the users contemplating getting a Series 9, it makes perfect sense to find out whether a premium-priced shaver is worth buying.

I’ve been using the Braun Series 9 for a few years now and in this review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it from the perspective of a regular user.

We’ll also see if the newer Pro and PRO+ models are worth getting over the so-called standard Series 9 like the one in this test.

Let’s dive right in.

S9 models overview

My review unit is the Series 9 9385cc (Braun product page) in the new Graphite color.

Braun Series 9 9385cc.

However, performance-wise, it is exactly the same as other Series 9 93xx models, the closest in terms of features/accessories being the 9390cc (Braun product page).

Braun Series 9 9390cc

Braun Series 9 9390cc.

See the price on Amazon

Actually, the only difference between the 9385cc and 9390cc is the color.

The former comes in a new, grayish color treatment called Graphite, while the latter features the familiar matte silver finish.

Buying either of them should simply come down to price and availability.

But the Series 9 variation that is usually the most reasonably priced (and the one I would get) is the 9370cc:

Braun Series 9 9370cc

Braun Series 9 9370cc.

See the price on Amazon

The 9370cc, which is usually the most affordable Series 9 with a cleaning station in the USA, shaves exactly the same as any other 93xx model, but its cleaning station only has a standard cleaning mode instead of 3.

The 9385cc and 9390cc for example include a station with 3 cleaning modes (short, standard, intensive), but the differences between them are minor and the 9370cc is still a worthy alternative especially if it costs less than the others.

The shaving performance of all these 93xx models is identical.

So this review will be relevant for the entire 93xx range, including the 9390cc, 9370cc or the solo models that don’t include a cleaning station (9340s, 9330s, etc.).

With that out of the way, let’s quickly check out the main features of the Series 9.

Braun Series 9 features

1. 4-blade shaving head

Just like every other Series 9 model, the new 9385cc/9390cc features the same 4-blade cutting system.

The shaving head of the Series 9 9385cc.
The shaving head of the Series 9 with the 4 distinct elements: 2 x OptiFoils (1), HyperLift&Cut trimmer (2), Direct & Cut trimmer (3).

1) Two outer foils that cut the hairs at skin level (called OptiFoils). They feature Braun’s trademark honeycomb shape of the perforations, supposedly making them more efficient at catching the hairs.

2) A HyperLift&Cut element — this one has a distinctive golden color due to the Titanium Nitride coating. This trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs and it’s specific to the Series 9.

3) A Direct & Cut trimmer that lines up and cuts hairs that grow in different directions.

One interesting fact is that Braun actually tries to suggest that the new 93xx Series 9 shavers come with 5 shaving elements, which is obviously not true.

They did the same thing a few years ago with the introduction of the 92xx generation.

Even on the packaging of the Series 9, you’ll see a 4+1 Pro Head markup, again hinting at more than 4 active shaving elements.

Side note: The newer S9 Pro and PRO+ also have 4-blade shaving heads.

Integrated into the Direct & Cut trimmer there is this metal bar that they call SkinGuard and it supposedly protects the skin from cuts and irritation.

The SkinGuard element on the Braun Series 9.
The SkinGuard element on the Braun Series 9.

This is according to Braun the fifth shaving element.

I think it’s pretty obvious that this is not an active shaving element.

The takeaway is that the new Series 9 93xx shavers use the same 4-blade shaving head/cassette (92s and 92b) as the old generation.

However, the one on the 9385cc (and a few other models) has a matte finish instead of glossy and it’s called 92M.

The 92S and 92M cassettes.
The 92S (left) and 92M (right) cassettes are identical except for the glossy and matte treatments respectively.

But other than that, it’s identical and any of the aforementioned cassettes will fit.

2. SyncroSonic technology with 40 000 actions per minute

The motor of the Series 9 also induces tiny vibrations into the 4 shaving elements and that supposedly makes them glide easier across the face.

I have to admit that it does feel nice and makes shaving really pleasant.

As for the 40 000 cutting actions per minute, it simply refers to the fact that the blades oscillate at 10 000 cycles per minute.

Multiply that by the number of blades — in this case 4 — and we get 40 000 cutting actions.

I guess 40 000 simply sounds better than 10 000, hence Braun sticks with this number instead.

3. 10D flexible shaving head

This is yet another feature that seems abstract and high-tech, but it really isn’t.

The flexing shaving head of the S9 9385cc can swivel up and down.
The shaving head of the S9 9385cc can swivel up and down.

All Braun shavers from the Series 6 and up, including the Series 9 reviewed here, are fitted with a shaving head that can only swivel up and down.

And to be honest, that’s good enough.

The 4 shaving elements can move independently and they have quite a high range of motion, allowing them to stay in contact with the skin regardless of the area you’re shaving.

The 4 independently moving blades of  the Braun S9.

This simple setup works better than the ones on other foil shavers like the super complex Panasonic Arc 5 with its multiple flexing capabilities.

4. 32bit processor

The new Series 9 93xx comes with an upgraded MCU (microcontroller unit).

The 32-bit unit is a lot more powerful than the presumably 8-bit processor of the old Series 9 generation (92xx).

However, it’s not very clear how this can improve the shaving performance.

For example, the new Series 8 has the same 32-bit processor, but its performance was actually a bit worse compared to the older Series 7.

A 32-bit MCU can process a lot of data at a much faster rate, so it may be better at assessing the density of the beard.

As we know, the Series 9 is fitted with such a sensor that constantly reads the beard density and makes real-time adjustments to make shaving more efficient.

5. 60 minutes of cordless use

The second real novelty brought by these new Series 9 models is a slightly larger battery.

When fully charged, it can provide up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving time. That’s slightly better than the old Series 9 models that can be used for 50 minutes.

The Series 9 is a wet/dry shaver, so it can only be operated cordless.

That’s the case with all the other 93xx models, so none of them will work while charging as a safety precaution.

6. Pro Display

Another small change introduced with these new Series 9 models is the LED display.

It’s nothing dramatically different or better, just some new icons and white backlighting instead of blue.

We’ll take a closer look at it later on.

7. Automatic cleaning station

The cc (Clean & Charge) models, like the 9385cc, 9390cc or 9370cc, come with an automatic cleaning and charging station.

The Braun Series 9 cc models include an automatic cleaning station.

The station charges, cleans and dries the shaver automatically.

It uses Braun’s alcohol-based cleaning solution and it can be really handy, even though you don’t have to use it after every shave.

We’ll take a close look at the station and the automatic cleaning process later on in the review.

8. Misc features

Other features worth mentioning are: a slide-out trimmer, 5-minute quick charge, universal voltage adapter (100V – 240V), multi-head lock, and travel lock.

Build quality and ergonomics

I’ve always found the Series 9 to be a bit underwhelming in terms of build quality, especially when compared to Panasonic’s range-topping shavers for example.

This is still the case with the Braun 93xx generation.

The Series 9 9385cc in the new Graphite color option.
The Series 9 9385cc in the new Graphite color option.

Made entirely out of plastic, it does feel plasticky and maybe even a bit flimsy. An old Series 7, while getting a bit long in the tooth, seems sturdier.

There’s nothing that stands out in a bad way with the S9, but again, I was expecting a bit more from a shaver in this price range.

With that said, the 9385cc does look pretty slick in this new Graphite color treatment.

It has the same matte, brushed finish as the silver Series 9 (like the 9390cc or 9370cc for example), so it won’t show fingerprints and smudges too easily.

It has a classier and more understated look compared to the glossy chrome Series 9 variations.

The only glossy surface is the ring that surrounds the charging port at the bottom.

Let’s check out the front of the shaver.

The front part of the Series 9 9385cc.

Right below the shaving head, we have the so-called multi-head lock switch, the same one that is found on the Series 8.

It features textured dimples to make it easier to operate and it works pretty well.

In the unlocked position, the shaving head can swivel freely, while sliding it down will lock the head in one of the 5 pre-determined positions.

This may be helpful when shaving tricky areas, but personally I haven’t felt the need to use it much.

Right below this slider, we have some new S9 wet & dry branding and the power button.

This button also doubles as a travel lock and you can activate it by pressing and holding it for at least 3 seconds.

The Series 9 travel lock activated.

A red padlock will show up on the display, accompanied by a short beep. This will prevent the shaver from being switched on accidentally.

You can unlock it by pressing and holding the power button again for 3 seconds.

The LED display shows some other useful bits of information as well.

The battery level indicator uses 5 segments, each one representing 20% charge. There’s a new battery icon right below it, but oddly that’s not available with all the new Series 9 models.

The 9385cc in this review does have it, along with a battery countdown that shows up instead of the 5 segments when the remaining shaving time drops below 9 minutes.

The cc models also have a cleaning reminder, symbolized by the two water droplets that show up after every use.

However, the cleaning reminder will appear annoyingly fast — even after letting the shaver run for a minute, so it’s fairly useless.

And speaking of useless indicators, there’s a new replacement head notification icon that’s again confusing and pointless.

The new replacement head indicator of the Series 9.
The new replacement head indicator of the Series 9.

Whenever you turn the Series 9 off, the display will first show the battery level for a few seconds, then a small shaving head icon will appear briefly and the number of bars will change, signifying the health status of the foil and blades this time.

The 5 bars will disappear gradually as you keep using the shaver, signaling that the blades/foils are beginning to wear out.

This implementation can be quite confusing if you don’t know the meaning behind it.

Anyway, my advice would be to ignore it and simply replace the shaving head when the performance drops.

You can also reset the counter by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

The back and the sides of the Braun Series 9 are covered in this textured, grippy rubber-like material that ensures a very good grip.

The back side of the Series 9 9385cc.

On the back we also have the typical Braun slide-out trimmer and two metal studs used for charging the shaver when placed in the cc station.

The slide-out hair trimmer.
The extended slide-out hair trimmer.

The Series is made in Germany, just like the other Braun middle to high-end shavers (Series 7 and up).

On the bottom, there’s the charging port that you can use to charge the shaver directly with the cord.

From an ergonomics standpoint, the Braun S9 fares quite well.

At 217g, the 9385cc is pretty lightweight and also well balanced.

It’s not top-heavy and the shaving head itself is reasonably compact considering the 4 blade system.

Overall, the build quality is adequate, even though it won’t wow you like a metal Panasonic Arc 5 for example.

Included accessories

The 9385cc comes in a typical Series 9 box, but this time around it’s embellished with a prominent red NEW badge to further push the idea that this is indeed a new shaver and not just a rebranded Series 9.

Braun Series 9 9385cc packaging.

The 4+1 Pro head is also in a highly visible spot.

Apart from the razor itself, inside the box you’ll find the following items:

  • Cleaning and charging station
  • One cleaning cartridge
  • Charging cord (type 492-5217)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Leather travel case
  • User manual
Braun Series 9 9385cc included accessories.

Overall, it’s what you’d expect from a typical Series 9, apart from maybe the hard leather travel case.

This was available with only a few of the previous Series 9 generation, but it seems more prevalent with the 93xx models like the 9385cc/9390cc in this review.

The Series 9 leather case.

For example, the 9390cc also comes with the same leather case.

And it’s a really nice case, it looks and feels expensive and it is more rigid and sturdy than the regular textile hard case.

I guess the only thing missing would be the small bottle of lubricant.

It’s not a big deal, but at this price point, one would expect to find all the goodies inside the box.

Battery life and charging

As mentioned previously, one of the few novelties of this new Braun Series 9 is the larger battery.

The old S9 models were already very good in that regard, so the 93xx generation should be even better.

According to Braun, a fully charged battery will allow you to use the shaver for 60 minutes. That’s 10 minutes more than the older models.

And that’s a welcome bump in battery life since the 9385cc/9390cc will only work cordless, so you can’t shave with it while charging (if you try turning it on, a red plug symbol will flash on the display, reminding you to unplug the cord).

During my tests, the battery life was excellent and the claimed 60 minutes are definitely achievable.

Since I also used the cleaning station that automatically starts charging the shaver when placed in it, this sort of interfered with my battery endurance tests.

I shaved with the Series 9 consistently for 3 weeks and the battery level indicator still showed two bars, so that’s impressive.

I would confidently take this shaver on a holiday with a fully charged battery and leave the cord at home.

You can charge a Series 9 cc model via the cleaning station or by plugging the cord directly into the razor’s charging port.

Charging a Braun Series 9 cc shaver directly with the cord.
Charging the Series 9 directly with the cord.

The cord is Braun’s typical straight cord model (type 492-5217, 100-240V input, 12V/400mA output).

Mine came with a European plug (it was bought from Europe), but it can be used anywhere in the world with a simple and inexpensive plug adapter.

The automatic voltage converter will accept 100 to 240 volts.

The battery level indicator features the same 5-bar display, each representing 20% of the battery charge available.

With the 9385cc, 9390cc and all the 93 Series 9 models, it uses white backlighting instead of blue.

I personally prefer the blue of the older models, I think it just looks better.

Series 9 display backlighting.

Also, certain models, including the 9385cc and 9390cc, will show a digit instead of the 5 bars when you only have around 9 minutes worth of charge remaining.

Charging the battery from 0 to 100% takes approximately one hour. During charging, the corresponding battery level segment will flash.

Once charging is completed, all the indicators will turn off.

Shaving performance

The launch of a presumably new Series 9 shaver is kind of a big deal in the electric shaving community and unsurprisingly, there were a lot of questions and speculations about its performance.

Hopefully, after reading this section of the review you’ll have a clear picture and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on buying your next shaver.

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at all the important aspects of shaving with the standard Braun Series 9.


The very first time I shaved with a Series 9 (one of the older models) I was particularly impressed by how gentle and forgiving the shaver was.

With this Series 9, there are basically no changes and it continues to be one of the best out there in that regard.

I was actually expecting this outcome given that the 93xx models come with the same shaving heads and the same motors as the old models.

So there aren’t any new features that’ll drastically improve the performance.

Yes, the battery is a bit larger and there’s that 32-bit MCU, but the latter doesn’t seem to make any difference whatsoever in terms of shaving performance.

But even so, I cannot really complain.

The Braun Series 9 is very comfortable, regardless of whether you use it wet or dry, making it ideal for men with sensitive skin like myself.

I often have to use shaving cream or at least a pre-shave lotion when shaving with more aggressive razors (like some Panasonic or Philips Norelco models), but never really needed any of those with the Series 9.

My neck has always been a tricky area to shave and I would often get razor burn and some ingrown hairs and bumps.

The Series 9 and Braun’s other middle to high-end shavers are fortunately very gentle and really enjoyable to use, even if you suffer from the aforementioned issues.

The 9385cc is very efficient at capturing the whiskers, even the more difficult ones that grow in different directions or lie flat, so most of the time you can get away with fewer strokes than usual.

But even if you go over an area multiple times or apply a bit more pressure than needed, the Series 9 remains adequately comfortable.

I only had a couple of mishaps when shaving a 3-day beard when the shaver yanked some of the hairs on my neck, but that was partially my fault as I rushed through my shave and I was pretty sloppy.

But other than that, it’s hard to fault the Series 9 shavers in general when it comes to comfort.

In my opinion it is right there at the top with the old (and discontinued) Series 7.

Closeness of the shave

Braun shavers don’t particularly excel when it comes to closeness, but the Series 9 is one of their more capable models if that’s what you’re after.

Using it dry, I was constantly able to get close shaves, mainly because my 9385cc is very comfortable and I can use it without any restrictions, even on the neck.

The shaving head of the updated Series 9 with the new, Titanium Nitride coated trimmer.

Also, on my chin and below the nose my stubble is very dense and thick, so I had to press harder and go over those areas repeatedly and did so with no significant discomfort.

The results were excellent, especially on the cheeks where it just mows through the hairs with ease.

Even if other razors like Panasonic’s Arc 5 are objectively better at getting a close shave, they are more aggressive and harsh, especially when used dry.

So in my case, I was actually getting a slightly closer shave with the 9385cc on my neck when shaving dry.

If however you don’t have any issues with skin irritations and razor bumps, an Arc 5 will probably get you a slightly closer shave.

Also, during summer, the air is hot and humid in my area, so I sometimes have to use a pre-shave to dry the moisture from my skin.

Otherwise, the shaver can feel jerky and the hairs will stick to my skin, making shaving a lot more difficult and time-consuming.

A good pre-shave definitely helps in this situation and you may even see an improvement in the closeness of the shave.

Overall, the Braun Series 9 shaved adequately close and the vast majority of users will be pleased with the performance.

Shaving longer hairs

Shaving longer facial hair is yet another strong point for most Braun electric shavers, being ahead of other foil razors from the competition.

And the Series 9 is arguably their best yet in that regard.

For men who shave less often, this is a key aspect that should be taken into account when deciding which shaver to buy.

The standard Series 9 deals impressively well with longer facial hair. I even used it on a 4-day beard without any major issues.

Even the hairs that lie flat on the skin are captured relatively easily and with few strokes.

Out of all the foil shavers currently available, the S9 is probably the best at this.

Men with wiry, curly hairs will also benefit from the Series 9’s specially designed cutting elements.

Precisely, the two trimmers in the middle work together extremely well and manage to deliver what Braun claims.

The shaving heads of a 92xx and 93xx Series 9 shavers with the updated 92s cassette.

The 4 cutting elements of the Series 9 require very little pressure in order to be depressed and their range of motion is quite high.

This, along with the simple up and down swivel of the shaving head will allow the foils to stay in contact with the skin and be very efficient at catching and trimming those difficult hairs.

It’s a simple and proven setup that works better than anything other brands have tried.

Wet shaving

The Braun S9 is a shaver suitable for wet & dry use.

This means you can shave with your gel or shaving cream of choice or even use it in the shower.

While I do enjoy using shaving cream, especially with Panasonic shavers, I almost always shaved dry with my 9385cc and I think this is how most men will end up using the S9 as well.

However, if you’re into wet shaving and you don’t mind some prep work and cleaning afterward, you can safely use the Series 9 with shaving cream.

It works really well, the shave is supremely comfortable and even slightly closer, but I don’t think it’s really worth the trouble.

And that’s because the S9 is really comfortable and shaves adequately close even when used dry.

But yes, if you want to use it wet, it will work great.

Keep in mind though that you’ll have to clean it manually of lather/foam or soap residues before using the cleaning station.

Hair trimmer

The Braun Series 9 uses the same design for the slide-out hair trimmer that we first saw with the old Series 5.

The hair trimmer on the 9385cc.

It is located on the back of the shaver and you must slide it forward after pressing and holding the small locking tab.

I’ve said it on multiple occasions, I find this particular trimmer to be mediocre at best.

It feels dull and must be held at an awkward angle relative to the skin in order to cut the hairs.

And even so, it is fiddly to use and a far cry from the ones on Panasonic shavers that are in my opinion a lot better.

But you can eventually get the job done. And by that I mean edging and trimming your sideburns or maybe a goatee.

I imagine that it’ll be extremely time-consuming and difficult using it to trim an entire beard.

For that, I would strongly encourage you to use clippers or a beard trimmer.

Noise level

The Series 9 is pretty quiet for a foil shaver during use; it’s quieter than the rest of the shavers in Braun’s lineup.

With that said, it’s nowhere near as quiet as a rotary shaver.

Especially when it cuts the hairs, it seems to rattle and also vibrates a bit, which makes the perceived sound louder.

As expected, the 9385cc is not any better than older S9 models in this regard.

But even so, it’s definitely good enough for a foil shaver as they tend to be quite loud.

Measured with a smartphone app in a relatively quiet environment (23 DB) from a distance of 10 inches, it emits 57DB, which is not too bad.

Again, during actual use it will be slightly louder as the blades shear against the foils, cutting the hairs and making more noise.

Cleaning and maintenance

The new Series 9 93xx shavers also come in two flavors (just like their predecessors): solo (models ending in s like 9330s) and Clean & Charge models (the ones ending in cc like the 9385cc, 9390cc, 9370cc, etc.).

The solo models don’t include a cleaning station but will work with a compatible one purchased later on.

Select models like the 9340s include a basic charging stand.

As mentioned, the cc variations come with Braun’s Clean & Charge stations that automatically charge, clean, lubricate and dry the shaver.

If you opt for such a model, you’ll have the convenience of using the cleaning station or you can clean the shaver yourself manually.

Let’s check out both methods, starting with the cleaning station.

Automatic cleaning

The Series 9 9385cc comes with the same cleaning station as all the Series 9 generations before it.

It has exactly the same features, dimensions, and design.

However, it has a different part number (5430) and will only work with the 93xx models (it will still charge older Series 9 shavers like the 9290cc or 9090cc, but the cleaning function won’t work).

In order to use the station, you must first connect the charging cord to the port on the back of the station and insert the included cleaning cartridge.

Pressing the oval button on the back will pop open the station so you can insert the cleaning cartridge.

Inserting the cartridge into the 9385cc station.

You must first remove the plastic cap from the cartridge, then slide it from the back of the station until it snaps into place.

It would have been easier if you could insert it from the front of the station (like on the old Series 7) as the cord also gets a bit in the way, but it’s just a minor niggle.

You then close the station and you’re good to go.

Braun Series 9 cc station.

Before placing the shaver in the station, make sure it’s dry and free of any foam or soap — you don’t want those ending up in the cleaning solution.

Also, the head locking switch must be in the unlocked position, otherwise, the shaver may not sit properly inside the station.

The switch must be in the unlocked position.

After putting the razor in place, you’ll hear a beep confirming that the pins on the back of it are properly aligned with the contacts inside the station.

The shaver will start charging immediately, signaled by flashing the corresponding battery level indicator.

This Series 9 station supposedly analyses the hygiene status of the shaver and chooses accordingly between three programs: Short (economical), Normal, and Intensive.

The cleaning programs are depicted using one, two or three water droplet symbols.

However, for some reason, the station will almost always select the intensive cleaning mode, even if the shaver was only used for a few minutes since the last automatic cleaning.

And it’s not an isolated case; I have the same issue with my other Series 9 shavers and it’s also something the readers of this website have noticed with their own cc Series 9.

So surprisingly, this obvious problem was not addressed with the newer models like the 9385cc (and not even with the Pro S9).

When I first saw that the cc station has a different part number, I was convinced that this was taken care of. I was wrong apparently.

Anyway, this isn’t such a big deal as you’ll see.

Once the shaver is in the correct position, you can proceed with the cleaning.

For that, you’ll only have to press the button on the top of the station once (twice if the station is in standby mode).

The Series 9 9385cc during the automatic cleaning process. It comes with a Clean & Charge System Pro with 3 cleaning modes.
The Series 9 9385cc during the automatic cleaning process.

The cleaning cycle will then start.

The shaver will be turned on and off repeatedly and the cleaning fluid will be pumped through the shaving head, removing any hairs, dirt, gunk and so on.

During this phase, the shaver won’t be charging and the LED on the station will flash.

The intensive cleaning program (that gets selected very often) lasts exactly 2 minutes and 10 seconds, so it’s not really a big deal.

At least with regards to saving cleaning fluid, it’s probably only a minor difference between these modes anyway.

Once the cleaning is done, the station will begin to dry the shaving head.

A fan is switched on and it blows air over the shaving head through a small cutout inside the station.

You can definitely hear the fan running, but I wouldn’t call it disturbing.

The shaver during the drying process.
During the drying process, all the LED indicators on the shaver will be turned off.

Again, throughout the drying phase, the shaver will not be charged.

The fan will continue to run for about 40 minutes, then stop and the charging will resume.

Out of curiosity, I removed the shaver right after the drying ended and the head was a bit damp, but that’s still a lot better than being dripping wet.

If you leave the shaver in the cc station it will continue charging up to 100%, then go into standby mode.

Some users prefer to leave the razor permanently inside the station. I actually take it out once the drying is complete unless it needs charging.

I also remove the cleaning cartridge from the station and put the plastic cap back on to prevent the evaporation of the alcohol-based cleaning fluid.

In this manner, I can extend the life of the cleaning cartridge. There are also some affordable third-party cleaning solutions that work really well.

This is handy if you won’t be using the station very often. I personally use it every 3 to 4 shaves and rely on manual cleaning in between.

Which leads us to the second method of cleaning your Series 9.

Manual cleaning

You can clean the Braun Series 9 manually just like you would with any other waterproof electric shaver: with tap water and (optionally) some liquid soap.

So you don’t necessarily need the station, but I find it quite useful just to clean the shaver thoroughly every once in a while.

Besides, the cc models don’t cost a lot more than the solo variations.

The first thing I like to do is remove the cassette and gently tap the plastic frame on my sink to get rid of most of the hairs.

If you shave dry, you could also use the cleaning brush to remove the remaining hair strands from the inside of the cassette.

Do not use it directly on the outer foils as they can be easily damaged.

I only use the brush if for some reason I can’t rinse the shaver or I must pack it and don’t have the time to allow it to dry.

So I simply put the cassette back in place, turn the shaver on and let warm tap water run through the head.

Rinsing the shaver with water.

After 15 to 20 seconds I turn it off, then remove the cassette to give it another rinse on the inside as well.

For a more thorough cleaning, you can also use some liquid soap. I recommend doing so after every use if you shave with gel or shaving cream.

With the cassette in place, apply a bit of water on the foils, then place a few drops of regular hand soap and turn the shaver on.

Cleaning the shaving head with liquid soap.

Apply more water if needed so the soap can lather and coat the foils entirely.

After 15 to 20 seconds, rinse the foam with tap water (with the shaver still turned on).

Turn it off, remove the cassette and give it a final rinse inside out.

Rinsing the cassette with water.

Shake off the excess water, gently pat the cassette and shaver with a clean towel and let them air dry (with the cassette removed) before storing the shaver.


If you use the station, the cleaning solution also lubricates the blades, so there’s no need for you to do it.

If however you will be cleaning the shaver manually with soap, it’s recommended to apply some light mineral oil (like clipper oil) as the soap will remove any form of lubrication.

A lubricating cleaning spray like the Andis CoolCare Plus will also work well.

Overall, cleaning the Series 9 is generally pretty straightforward, whether you use the cleaning station or you do it yourself.

It can be more fiddly compared to cleaning other foil shavers since the blades and foils are merged into a single piece (cassette), so getting all the dirt out, especially over time, can be more challenging.

The station is fortunately really handy in that situation, so in my view, it is a practical accessory.

Replacement parts availability

The Braun Series 9 9385cc, as well as the other new models like the 9390cc, 9370cc and so on use the same shaving heads as the older Series 9.

Precisely, these models come equipped with the 92M cassette, which is actually identical to the 92s cassette, except that it has a matte silver finish instead of glossy.

The 92S and 92M cassettes.
The 92S (left) and 92M (right) cassettes.

But in essence, they are identical.

So the 92s, as well as the 92b (black) will fit the Braun Series 9 perfectly fine, so you don’t actually have to get the 92M that originally came with the shaver.

Again, other than the matte or glossy finish, they are exactly the same.

The matte 92M is still more difficult to find, so the 92s is generally the one to buy

Braun 92s replacement cassette

Braun Series 9 92s replacement cassette

See the price on Amazon

The only downside is that the glossy finish may not go so well (from an aesthetic standpoint) with the rest of your shaver if it has a matte treatment.

Below you can see the 9385cc with the glossy 92s cassette. In my opinion it doesn’t look that bad.

The 9385cc S9 with the 92s shaving head.

Tip: the newer Braun 94M cassette that comes with the Series 9 Pro and Series 9 PRO+ is compatible with the standard S9 like the 9390cc or 9370cc. It is slightly better with longer hairs thanks to the tweaked gold trimmer.

As for the cleaning refills, they are the same ones used throughout Braun’s entire lineup of shavers and can be purchased virtually anywhere.

They aren’t quite as affordable as some detergent-based solutions from the competition but are more practical since you can remove and store them for later use.

And as we know, there are quite a few third-party cleaning solutions available that cost a lot less and work really well.

Takeaway — Should you buy the Braun Series 9?

The Braun Series 9 is a versatile, gentle, easy to use foil shaver that will work well for most men.

Braun Series 9 9370cc

Braun Series 9 9370cc.

See the price on Amazon

It shaves close and with great comfort, and can deal with both short and longer stubble (I’d say up to four days between shaves).

It’s also fast and powerful and perfectly suitable for men with coarse, wiry, dense beards.

It will even work great for shaving the head, so you may want to consider it if that’s something you do on a regular basis.

The closeness is very good overall and while not quite to the level of something like a Panasonic Arc 5 (that comes with its own shortcomings), it’s clearly good enough.

If you have the budget for it, I would get a Series 9 cc variation like the 9370cc or 9390cc.

Alternative shavers

In 2021 Braun introduced what seemed to be the last update of the Series 9 range, the Series 9 Pro.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9460cc


See the price on Amazon

It’s still an incremental improvement over the 93xx models in my opinion, but I was able to notice it.

Precisely, the shaver feels slightly more powerful and shaves a bit closer.

It comes with a tweaked cassette (called 94M) that should handle even better those long, flat-lying hairs.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc vs Series 9 9385cc.
The Series 9 Pro next to the Series 9.

Everything else, including the cleaning station, battery, LED display remained the same.

Oh, there’s a new head locking switch that works just as before.

So if you can get the Pro for not a whole lot more, I think it’s a great alternative to the standard Series 9.

Otherwise, I don’t think it’s really worth getting it over something like the 9390cc or 9370cc.

In 2023 we got an even newer Series 9 PRO+, but as I said in my review, it shaves identically to the Series 9 Pro.

The Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.
The Series 9 PRO+.

Finally, I think for many users the Series 8 will be good enough and only in a few particular cases the Series 9 will be noticeably better (for example, having long, wiry, facial hair).

Braun Series 8 8457cc


See the price on Amazon

The S8 costs less, the replacement cassette is usually more affordable, the razor is easier to use due to its smaller shaving head and in my opinion it’s almost the same with regard to closeness and comfort.

A first-time user will appreciate the more compact shaving head which makes it more maneuverable and nimble, so there’ll be a less steep learning curve.

There are several S8 models available, with or without a cleaning station.

However, all of them shave exactly the same, so just get the one that fits within your budget and is available in your country.

That pretty much concludes my review of the Braun Series 9.

If you have any questions or you’d like to share your experience with the S9, make sure to leave a comment below.

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Hey. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of ShaverCheck. I independently buy and test electric shavers and I’ve been sharing my findings on this site for more than 10 years, hopefully helping others choose a suitable shaver.

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  1. Recently purchased a Braun Series 9 9930cc can anybody help me with the alternative mix
    so I can make my own cleaning fluid?
    I currently have
    1x 500 ml Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol bottle
    2x 150 . ml Lemon Essential Oils

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Making the cleaning solution from scratch really needs a topic just for that as there are a lot of things to cover. Trying to reverse engineer Braun’s solution, while also getting the required electrical conductivity of the fluid and the cleaning and lubricating properties can be tricky. There are a few resources online with various recipes that work (to some degree). In my opinion the safest and most practical option is to buy one of the existing third-party cleaning solutions that cost a lot less.

      For example, in Europe there’s a very popular solution called Cleanerist, while in the USA you can get the CCRrefills concentrate that you must mix with rubbing alcohol.

      Hope this helps.


    • I got this recipe from a Youtube video. The guy had come up with the recipe over a year or 2. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t comment, but others said it was good. I also read someone say that they added about 10 drops of clipper oil to it.

      125ml isopropyl alcohol
      75ml tap water
      60 drops of lemon oil

  2. Amazon is accepting pre-orders for release on January 7, 2020.
    They give a 90-day try it or return it period. I’ve used a Series 7 for several years and I’m due to buy a new head for my v7. So before I do that I’ll the new Series 9.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment. That is correct, the 9385cc Series 9 can be pre-ordered. We’ll see about the rest of the 93xx models.


    • Amazon has pulled the item from pre-order. They cancelled my order. Indicates it doesn’t know when the 9385cc will be available.

      • Hi Michael,

        I’ve noticed that as well, just thought I should wait a bit more and see if they’ll list them again for pre-ordering. There’s still no info from Braun about this.


  3. The Series 9 was introduced in 2015, five years after the series 7 introduction. I purchased the 9290cc in 2017and was hoping that Braun would adhere to the same schedule and introduce a completely new series in 2020. Have you heard anything about their future shavers?

    • No info so far, I’m afraid. It’s also possible for Braun to extend the life cycle of the Series 9 if the sales are still going strong. I will be posting an update as soon as I hear anything about the next generation.


  4. I was shopping black Friday deals, and I notice that on Amazon, new series 7 7071cc/7020s will be released in January 2020, as well as the new series 5050Cs/5018s. They come at a better price and have totally new design, which look like a combination of foil shaver with a 360 degrees flex head of a Phillips rotary shaver. I cannot find any other info about them on the internet. Dose anyone know more about this? And is it worth waiting?
    Here is the link:

    • I’ve been trying to find out more about these models too, so far there’s virtually nothing out there, so I guess I’ll have to wait until they are available and test them. However, given Braun’s recent history of so-called new products, like this very 9385cc or the Series 8 (which is basically a rebranded Series 5), I would be a bit skeptical. For example, a new Series 7 will probably cost at least as much as the current generation. And from what I can tell, the 3 shaving elements of the 7071cc, 7020s, 5050cc and 5018s look extremely similar to the Series 3. Also, the cleaning stations have that arm/holder which is again present only on the Series 3 station.

      Again, I cannot say anything with certainty right now, but I would be really surprised if these new models were better than the current Series 7 and Series 5, respectively. Despite the new design, they seem to be more basic shavers. Which again is not necessarily a bad thing considering the price.


      • Thanks for your quick reply! Really helped me out. I just found a fancy deal of 9295cc and decide to go for it. Again, really appreciate your information on these “new” models, the comparison with existing Series 3 is very helpful.

  5. Hi, I will buy my first electric razor and right now I’m between this three:
    Braun Series 7 7842S: 150€
    Braun Series 3 3050CC: 100€
    Braun Series 3 3020S: 57€

    I know that for the first one, a series 3 is usually more recommended but since there is a big sale this weekend on the series 7, I’m considering it. The downside is that the replacement heads are 17€ more expensive than the series 3…
    I will shave regularly (1-3 days) and my beard doesn’t grow a lot, so a series 3 would probably do at least a decent result but with the series 7 I would have a closer shave and maybe less irritation.

    Do you think that the price different is justified? Which one would you recommend me?

    • Forgot to mention that the fact that the series 7 doesn’t have a cleaning station also worries me because I’m not sure how clean it can be with manual cleaning.

      • The cleaning station is nice to have and pretty handy for a thorough cleaning every once in a while (to remove any stubborn dirt buildups). But you can get away without it by cleaning the shaver manually with soap and water.

    • Hi Eric,

      The price difference is justified if you’ll be getting better results with the Series 7 compared to the Series 3. In certain cases, like having a light beard, shaving more often and not having very sensitive skin, a Series 3 will likely be good enough. You’ll probably get a better and more enjoyable shave with the Series 7, but that again comes with a much higher price tag. I personally would go for the Series 7, but I have a coarse beard and my skin is very sensitive, so in my situation, it’s worth the extra money.

      I think the choice should be between the Series 7 and the cheaper Series 3 (3020s), so consider your budget as well. As you said, the replacement cassette for the Series 7 is more expensive.


      • I have a light beard so I think that I should go with the series 3 since it’s cheaper as well. Do you recommend spending 20€ more to get the 3010s instead of the 3020s so that I could get dry&wet shaving? I don’t know what I’ll use since it’s my first time.

        • I’d stick to the 3020s in this case. It is cheaper, you can use it while charging and it has a slide-out trimmer. With Braun shavers, I think most users (myself included) will end up using them dry anyway as they’re already good enough — unlike Panasonic for example where you’ll likely get a more comfortable shave.

  6. I currently have the 92 series but I dropped and isn’t working right. I want to replace it with the 93. I found the 9385 using your link on amazon for 309. The 9390 is 399…. just want to make sure there is no difference. Besides color. I was trying to find the arc 5 but can’t.

        • You are welcome, Scott. From what I can see, the Arc 5 is available (ES-LV65 and ES-LV95 models). As for the closeness, it will vary among different users, but most will likely get a closer shave with the Arc 5. It won’t be a huge difference since the Series 9 is quite a capable electric shaver (and has its own pros as well). I personally notice a difference in closeness especially on my chin and below the nose where my hair is very coarse and thick.

          • That would be the revision E of the third generation, you can read more details about those models here. So far they’re only available on the Japanese market and they’re quite pricey.

  7. Thanks for all the information Ovidiu. Does Braun have a track record of improving during revisions? I am curious as there is a new 7 series releasing. Wondering if I am better just getting the 5 series or 8 series (at costco). The 5 is tempting due to the savings.

    • You are very welcome. Lately, I’d say no, the newer models marketed as superior proved to be pretty much the same. I have the 2020 Series 7 on pre-order (as well as the new Series 6 and 5), but I doubt they’ll be better than the current models (given their price and Series 3 similarities).

      The current Series 5 is a really good option, especially with regards to costs (for both the shaver and replacement shaving heads). The Series 8 is basically a Series 5 with a bigger battery and a slightly different foil frame.


      • Thank you! I am hoping the improvements and updates are worthwhile. Otherwise if I don’t enjoy it I may look to get an older model while they are still available.

        I did go with the new 6 series that is listed on amazon:

        But am thinking I should of forked up a few extra for the new 7 series with the auto sense tech. Then again not really sure I need the auto sense tech.

        Again thanks for your reviews, it helped narrow down what I really needed and am looking for in a shaver. I am not an everyday shaver so I think the 6 should suffice. Can’t wait for your reviews on the newer units.

      • This is a great, great, great review. I was considering buying a series 9 model but what had put me off is right st the top of your review you said it doesn’t shave as close as the Panasonic Arc 5. I purchased the Arc 5 a few years ago and only used it a handful of times. The reason I stopped is that it didn’t pick up any hairs on my neck that lay flat. Most other areas were fine but any flat hairs just got ignored, no matter how many times I went over them. If you’re saying the Arc 5 is closer then there’s no point in me investing in the Series 9. Did you mean the Arc 5 is closer in general but the Series 9 was better at getting the flat hairs? If so, I may purchase.

        • Hi John,

          Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

          As long as it can actually capture and cut the hairs, the Arc 5 will be closer. So it would be an ideal choice for users with coarse, straight facial hair. It also seems to yield the best results when used more often, so when the hair is shorter as the problem of flat-lying hairs is not quite as bad. A good pre-shave lotion can help as well. In my experience, the Series 9 is more efficient at catching these flat hairs, but generally doesn’t cut the hairs quite as close to the skin as the Arc 5.

          Hope this helps.


  8. Set of reviews on Amazon for the new 7 Series:

    Currently using and I’ve been impressed – the new 360 head actually does follow contours better, and the head is sort of a hybrid between the old Series 7 and new Series 9 – almost the same width as the Series 9 in fact. Downside for some may be the detachable trimmer, but I actually like it, and for me it’s more effective than the Series 9 attached trimmer. I’m used to the Norelco trimmer, and I prefer a trimmer I can replace for a few bucks as opposed to replacing the shaver if the trimmer breaks or dulls. I think Braun may have a winner here.

    • Thank you for the comment, Allan. I’ve been getting a few emails from other users as well and they all state that the performance is great. I think it can make up for other less important shortcomings of this new Series 7. My 7071cc still hasn’t shipped, but I should be getting the Series 6 this week and that one is just as intriguing.


  9. I am in the USA and just recieved my 9385cc today. It was a birthday gift and is replacing my 8 year old Braun 7 series. Although it was a gift, I was able to pick it out for myself so I was very happy to find your site and read your very insightful and informative reviews of this and other model Braun shavers. I have always used Braun shavers but this was my most well informed purchase by far thanks to this site!


    • Thank you, Mark, glad you found the reviews useful. Happy birthday and I hope you’ll enjoy shaving with your new Series 9!


  10. Your reviews are thorough and well done. I’ve have both the Panasonic Arc 5 and the Braun 9 I prefer the Braun because it’s a little more nimble to handle than the Panasonic. One major advantage the Braun has over the Panasonic is when it comes to changing the foil/blades. The Panasonic require separate blades and foil. The blades have to be manually inserted in slots on the shaver which can be a little difficult and can result in a small cut to your fingers if you’re not careful. The Braun replacement cartridge is an all in one and simply snaps into place all at once, to me, a major convenience.

    • Thank you for your comment, Bob. The head of the Arc 5 is bigger and that really is noticeable during use. When removing (and inserting) the blades, make sure to grab them only by the plastic ends between your thumb and index finger as they are very sharp and just as you said, you can get cut.


  11. Hi Ovidiu,
    Noticed Braun has now a 92M head. In your experience, is there any difference in performance between the two – 92S and 92M? Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello
    I have been using the electric shaving new Braun 9390cc for a month. I definitely think it’s a good buy Happily my facial beard is not very hard but unluckily the skin very delicate. Finally, my face skin problems are over.
    Nicolae thank you for the well written review. I have only one remark to her : My the station (max. after a two-day stubble) after a few days he began often select … the NORMAL cleaning mode, and sometimes is activated even a SHORT program. This most likely may mean that the performance of a 32 bit processor is not an advertising gimmick !
    I can provide evidence photography

    • Hi Marek,

      Thank you for the comment, glad you found the review useful.

      Regarding the 32bit processor, a potential benefit would be when assessing the density of the beard (during shaving) and adjusting the power of the motor in a more responsive manner. It’s not really involved directly in the selection of the cleaning program. The station of my 9385cc still only selects the Intensive mode even after using the shaver for a few minutes. Other users have noticed a similar problem. But it’s great that yours seems to be working as it should — I never had a Series 9 cc that would actually use the Short program. :)

      But anyway it’s not a big issue since even the Intensive program is pretty short.


  13. I’ve tested it before with previous Series 9 shavers, and it appears program selection on the cleaning station is based on a timer, i,e., how long since the last cleaning, not how long you’ve used the shaver. If you take your newly-cleaned shaver, wait 4 or 45 days or longer and use it just once, the intensive (3-drop) cleaning mode will start (particularly applicable if you only clean your shaver weekly, for example – you’ll always get the intensive cleaning mode). If you clean it daily, the standard cleaning mode starts (single-drop) after a single use. In fact, you only need the shaver to run a few seconds before it triggers a cleaning session when you drop it in the station, whether you actually shaved with it or not. So my experience is that the cleaning mode is independent of whether the shaver is actually dirty, but instead is directly related to how long the shaver has been absent from the cleaner. As an observation, I’ve never seen the middle (2-drop icon) mode, but maybe that’s a 2 or 3 day wait between cleanings. And I haven’t timed it, but I couldn’t verify that there’s any difference between any of the modes – my general sense is that they run virtually the same if not the same length of time, although I might test some day.

      • Thank you for the comment, Allan — that’s very interesting, I’ll try to run a few more tests as well. One thing is for sure, the selection of the program doesn’t have anything to do with how dirty the shaver is. Something that would truly assess the hygiene would probably be complicated and expensive to implement. Right now I only have two Series 9 cc’s, but the stations always select the intensive mode, even when I use the station daily — if I recall correctly. But I’ll try what you suggested just to be sure.

        Thank you again for the excellent insight.


  14. You’re welcome Ovidiu – always appreciate your research as well! Might also have something to do with removing the cartridge, which I know some do – that might tell the station to start over with the max mode, but it might depend on how long the cartridge stays out of the cleaner. I know with mine I just leave the cartridge in and clean daily, and always get the short/eco program.

  15. I used to have the old series 7 with a cleaning station that had an indicator telling me when to clean the shaver (short and 3 gradations from 1 to 3 drops). I recently acquired a Braun 9376cc, how do i know when to clean it? Is there something comparable on the series 9 cleaning station?

    • The shaver will display a symbol (two droplets) on its LCD display when it estimates that you need to clean it. The station will automatically decide the cleaning program required (short, normal or intensive) depicted by one, two or three droplets being shown on the station once you place the shaver in it.

  16. Actually, there are differences other than the color/finish between the different 9300 models. The 9385cc and the 9390cc both come with the “clean & charge system PRO)” as well as a leather case. The 9376cc and 9370cc both come with the regular “clean & charge system)” as well as a “hard shell FABRIC” case. The PRO cleaning system has the THREE different cleaning programs, while the “non-pro” system only has ONE cleaning program. Because of this, the razors themselves may actually slightly differ as well with regard to their displays.

    • Thank you for your comment, Robert. That is correct, however I was specifically referring to the 9385cc and 9390cc when mentioning that the color is the only difference between them. As for the rest of 93xx models, while they can be different with regards to accessories, displays and the inclusion of pro/regular stations, the shaving performance is identical (which is why I said that the review will be relevant for al 93xx models).


  17. I currently have a Braun 7xxx which I like pretty well, but it’s always frustrated me how poorly the foil catches the hair as it shaves. Hair always flies out — like about 50% of it. I’m wondering if the 9xxx series is better in this regard? My old Braun 3 was better at catching hair in the foil, but not as good for a close shave.

    • Hi Greg,

      The Series 9 is pretty similar to the Series 7 in this regard. Some hairs do end up on my forearms and chest and some are trapped in the foil. I don’t think the Series 9 will be much better at catching the hair, so I’m not sure you should upgrade for that reason alone.


  18. where is the power jack on the 9s? does the power cable plug into the shaver separately, or into the cleaner unit?


    • Hi Roger,

      It’s at the bottom of the shaver and yes, you can also plug the cable directly as well.


  19. I just ordered a new 9370cc to replace my disappointing 7071cc. Hope it will be a noticeable improvement. Thanks formyour detailed review of the 9385cc.

    • You are very welcome, glad you found it useful. I also found the 7071cc to be underwhelming. I think you’ll be happier with the Series 9.


  20. Hi Ovidiu,

    First, THANK YOU for an absolutely amazing site. All the reviews are so detailed, and I have not seen any other site which has so many details in their reviews as your site, and I have looked at quite a few.

    Your site is also the reason for why I have decided to continue using the Braun brand. I have used the Series 7 for many many years and I am now on my second shaver. However, the shaver is now ready for replacement as I have several issues with the unit (motor has become very noisy, the trimmer is broken, “funny behavior” during charging etc.)

    I then thought about trying something completely new, like Philips, however after reading your reviews, I strongly believe that I will stay with Braun and after reading your review on the 9385cc unit, I think this will be the right choice for me.

    However, when looking at Braun’s website, I see several 93xx cc models, and I can’t figure out what the differences is.

    The models I see are the following:
    9360cc, 9365cc, 9375cc, 9370cc, 9376cc, 9380cc, 9381cc, 9384cc, 9385cc, 9390cc, 9394cc, 9395cc

    I tried to use Braun’s website to compare the models, but it does not seem to work, so I cannot get any info from there.

    I believe that the differences are related to the coloring, but I am not sure. I also believe that the shaving(head) itself is not different, so could it be any of the other technical details, like for example the display (as I can understand from one of your reviews) or something else?

    I hope you can help or guide me in this regard and thank you in advance for all your help.

    Best regards Arne :o)

    • Hi Arne,

      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. Glad you found the reviews useful.

      Regarding the Series 9 differences, you are right, most of them stand from color. In some cases, there can be differences related to accessories (for example a leather travel case instead of the common textile one) or none at all, and they simply use different model names for identical shavers sold in different parts of the world.

      However, the most important physical differences are related to the cleaning stations and displays. Again, they aren’t major and in my opinion you shouldn’t pay too much attention as the shaving performance is identical (they also use the same shaving heads). I wrote a detailed Series 9 guide that covers everything here.


      • Hi Ovidiu,

        Thank you for you fast reply. It is much appreciated.

        I did have a look at the “Braun Series 9 Model Comparison: What Are The Differences?” again and I could see that for some reason I have unfortunately overlooked the great comparison chart that you have made with all the comparison between the 93xx (and 92xx and 90xx models). After reading the chart I can see that the 9385cc is THE model I will go for.
        Fortunately, I found a web shop here in Denmark which got one in stock and with a delivery time of only 2 days, I can now look forward to a new shaver within the end of this week

        BONUS INFO:
        Today I also received an answer from Braun support. I have also asked them about the differences between the 9360cc, 9365cc, 9375cc, 9370cc, 9376cc, 9380cc, 9381cc, 9384cc, 9385cc, 9390cc, 9394cc and 9395cc models.
        Honestly I didn’t expect any in-depth reply from them, and it seems that I was not disappointed in my assumption, as they just wrote the following:
        Thank you for reaching out to Braun. I’m happy to hear that you are interested in our latest Series 9 Shaver. You raise a great question and I’d be glad to help.

        Arne, the key differences for this product include its color, whether the purchase comes with a clean and charge center versus if it is just the shaver, and whether the purchase includes a regular or leather travel case. Each have the same design and function.

        I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us, Arne. If you have any future questions, don’t hesitate to reconnect with Braun.

        Braun Team
        The answer from Braun is not really answering any of my questions, other than what I already expected, namely differences in color and accessories.
        However, I still find it important, for the consumer, to know the differences between the colors and accessories (e.g. what kind of travel case, what kind of cleaning station and if any at all. Note that I only mentioned the CC models..).
        All in all, not a very professional reply in my opinion.

        Your site, however, represents a much much higher degree of useful information, explanation and value to the consumer, so all in all: THANK YOU Ovidiu

        • You are very welcome, Arne, glad I could be of help. I hope you’ll enjoy shaving with your 9385cc.


  21. Hi Ovidiu,

    I have now used my new 9385 for around a week, and what a joy. Compared to my Series 7 shave, the 9385 beats it in nearly any aspects.

    The shaving is much smoother, and it is literally “eating” the beard much quicker and more gently and in addition to this, the handling of the shaver is easier due to the lower wight. Although the shaving head seems to become warmer than on the series 7, it is still more comfortable.

    Also, the 9385 is so quiet, that I can actually hear what’s going on around me while shaving. This might sound odd, but with the Series 7 I could barely have it next to my ear because the machine was so loud, most likely due to a shaving head going bad and the motor itself rattling loose, and funny enough, the exact same days as I got the 9385, the S7 broke in the shaver head so that I could not replace it, so the 9385 really came when needed most.

    On thing I noticed on the 9385 was the battery and the shaving head indicator. What I can read from your review, is that the small shaving head icon is showing the tiny lines which should indicate when the shaving head needs replacement.

    However, on my 9385 the indicator is a bit different; When I turn off the shaver the 5 vertical bars will show both the battery status, and the shaving head status (not at the same time). When the shaver is turned off, the battery icon will be shown together with a number of vertical bars (e.g 3 for approximately 50 % battery capacity). After 1 second or so, the battery icon will turn off and the shaving head icon will turn on and at the same time the vertical bars will change to the shaving head status like for example 5 bars for indicating a new shaving head.
    I did take some photos and a small video which I can sent you if you want.
    Also, when I look closely at the showing head icon, it looks like there is only one LED behind the icon, meaning that the 3 tiny lines can only be shown at the same time and not individually.

    I do not know if this way of showing the shaving head status has changed over time, and if there are different version of the 9385, but maybe you have more knowledge about that?

    Best regards Arne

    • Hi Arne,

      Many thanks for the follow-up — that is awesome, I’m glad you’re satisfied with your new Series 9.

      Regarding the replacement head notification, you are correct — the battery bars double as indicators of how much wear there is on the cassette. The segments will disappear as you continue using the shaver. On my unit it’s the exact same thing, it wasn’t modified in the meantime, it’s just how I thought it works at the moment of writing the review (obviously, I was wrong). Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to update the information, but will do so asap.


  22. I bought the Braun S9 last week. All I can say is it’s way better than the Panasonic ES-LV65 that I bought 3yrs ago.
    For starters, Panasonic takes to long to shave and leaves a rash on the neck area.
    And the Braun takes less time to shave, it feels nicer also gliding over my Chinny-chin-chin, I also do manual shaving after the electric shaving just to do some touch ups.
    And it seems that Braun takes most of it off and it feels better.

    • Thank you for your comment, James. I also own the ES-LV65 and both are excellent shavers in my opinion, although they excel at different things. You also have to consider that your S9 is brand new, while a 3-year-old shaver clearly has worn out foils and blades. But the Series 9 is indeed more forgiving and more comfortable. Glad you’re happy with your purchase.


  23. Ovidiu, how does the 9385 know if the cassette has been worn? Is it time based, or is there a RESET pin, just like the Series 7 790cc?

  24. I hope the matte treatment is better than the previous shiny model. After 18 months use on the previous model the silver plastic trim on the top of the shaver body where it meets the shaver head delaminates or breaks up resulting in a sharp surface – I actually scratched my hand on it and returned it for a warranty replacement.

    It looks to me that the Braun cleaning solution is the cause of this problem destroying the plastic. Well, the real cause is Braun’s choice of materials that isn’t standing up to the cleaning station.

    So yes, build quality is cheap and poor. I purchased a Panasonic Arc 5 blade shaver prior to this one as my previous Braun series 5 had similar issues with the cheap plastics and the Braun cleaning station. The Panasonic performance and build quality were excellent and zero problems with cleaning. I just found the heads a bit to large for me, so went back to Braun.

    • Thank you for your comment, Vinesh. Unfortunately this is still an ongoing issue after many years (it started with the Series 7). I totally agree, Panasonic currently makes the best shavers in terms of build quality. Braun should really up their game.


  25. Thanks for the review – Wondering if you might be able to help me troubleshoot an issue. I originally purchased the 9290cc (Series 9 with cleaning station) a few years ago, however the shaver itself broke and my wife purchased a new one for my this Christmas – a 9340s (Series 9 with charging stand, no cleaning station).

    Problem is, when I put the new shaver into the old cleaning station, it beeps constantly once the battery is fully charged – Every 0.5-2 seconds, the battery display (showing all bars) will blink and the unit will beep. I’ve tried every combination of power cables, outlets, etc, between the old and new devices – always the same issue with new shaver in old cleaning station, no issues with any other combination of parts.

    Is the old charging station (still Series 9, just earlier version) simply not compatible with the newer version of the shaver? Unfortunately I can’t tell if the cleaning works since the cleaning solution has just run out… If the cleaning works, I could keep the station around and not keep the shaver in it other than to charge and clean, but if the cleaning won’t work then I may as well just use the charging stand and return to manual cleaning. Would be good to know before buying more cleaning solution. Thanks!


    • Hi Greg,

      Unfortunately the cleaning stations that come with the 92xxcc generation are not compatible with the newer shavers starting with 93. So the cleaning function will not work. Your only option would be to purchase a compatible S9-3 cleaning station (type 5430).


  26. Very impressed with the reviews and the comments. You do an excellent job not only reviewing each Braun model, but providing necessary information which Braun apparently doesn’t believe is important (e.g. resetting the cassette time). Your analysis of the various 93xx series models is particularly good, specifically as it relates to the clean/charge systems. Great resource! Thank you.

  27. Have recently bought the 9390 after using the Phillips rotary for many years before realising it was the cause of my facial rash! The 9390 is giving me such a smooth shave but not as close. However my irritation and rash is going so I am very pleased. I must mention to those offering a home made cleaning solution that the purchased stuff does contain a lubricant.

    • Thanks for the comment, Martyn, glad you’re happy with your Series 9. If you haven’t already tried one, a good pre-electric lotion could help you with getting a closer shave. You can check out some of my favorites pre-shaves in this guide.


  28. Hi love the article so informative.
    I have always wet shave and am thinking of buying a shaver, can you recommend a good one to start me off with please?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

      In my experience, Panasonic electric shavers work the best for wet shaving. With Braun, the improvements aren’t as dramatic compared to using the shavers dry. As for which Panasonic to get, that depends on your budget and how coarse your facial hair is.

      If you’re on a tighter budget, shave daily/every other day and you have a light to medium beard, the Arc 3 should be good enough. Just make sure to get one of the models fitted with a 13 000 CPM (cycles per minute) motor like the ES8103S or ES-LT6N/ES-LT3N and so on. For slightly more money you can also get the Arc 4 ES-LA63-S or ES8243AA if you live in the USA. Those come with 4 blades and should handle a coarse beard without any issues. Finally, there’s the range-topping Arc 5 (with models like the ES-LV65-S or ES-LV67) with 5 blades and excellent performance (closeness and comfort). Those are also more expensive.

      All these models can be operated wet&dry and can be really good options depending on your needs (I linked my reviews for each of them above). Also, I highly recommend checking out my post on wet shaving with an electric razor where I get into more details.

      Hope this helps.


  29. My 9390 shaver head gets warm fairly quickly with use. I bought the razor new from eBay just a few weeks ago, so it can’t be worn. I’ve tried it dry, with Lectric pre-shave, and in the shower with Proraso. I even just tried it dry with a pre-shave oil, meant for wet shaving, this morning. It gets warm with normal dry, and Lectric pre-shave dry use, but actually gets hot in the shower. It got especially hot when i tried it with oil, so i won’t do that again. I clean it after every use, first under running water, followed by the cleaning station. By the way, with my experience, running water through the shaver for a thorough rinse just before putting it in the station has consistently resulted in the economical/light cleaning mode being selected for me. I have a method i use, but don’t know yet which aspect of it causes the station to pick the light cleaning.

    Another issue I’m having is that I actually am getting bad razor burn from this shaver. I think it’s because I’m really aiming for that baby butt smooth feel, and so i keep going over areas like the concave parts of my neck, under the jaw line, around my adam’s apple etc.. I’ve found that products with salicylic acid, despite all the online recommendations to use it on razor burned, sensitive skin, have actually made it far worse due to chemically stripping away my skin’s protective barrier, as it is an exfoliant. For some reason, everyone on line defines sensitive skin as meaning ingrown hairs, whereas i define it as skin that is highly reactive, turns red easily, and gets razor burn easily, regardless of whether or not any ingrown hairs are involved. It got so bad with using the salicylic acid, that it was like i had a major sun burn, and any lotion, even the brand called Simple that is meant to be especially kind to skin, was stinging when applied. Using Cerafe lotion, however, helps restore this barrier and is really helpful towards healing my razor burn. It contains ceramides (lipids), and hyaluronic acid (draws in moisture), and mimics the skins natural barrier.

    So, the Braun series 9 is not cutting it for me in regards to razor burn, but I have had good experience with Gillette’s new Skin-guard razor. It definitely doesn’t cut as close as a normal Fusion or what have you, but it does well enough, and it more forgiving than the Braun electric razors I’ve used. I can even shave in both directions with it, without issue.

    • Hi Jacob,

      The foils getting warm during use is common with electric shavers, including the Series 9, as long as it doesn’t get hot to the point of feeling discomfort.

      Since you’re using the station, a lubrication problem is unlikely, but if you can get it, I highly recommend the Remington Shaver Saver spray. It works wonders on my older Panasonic shavers that get extremely hot within 10 seconds. Just don’t use it right before shaving — the foils should be completely dry, so make sure you allow them enough time to dry.

      If the problem still persists, contact Braun customer support, they are generally very helpful and will likely send you a replacement shaving head free of charge.

      By the way, the station cannot actually assess how dirty is the shaving head and the selection of the cleaning program is only based on a timer (how long the shaver has been running since the last cleaning cycle).

      Regarding the razor burn, the areas you described are usually the most sensitive, so I would take extra care when shaving. Do use very light pressure and avoid unnecessary passes, even if that means you won’t get a very close shave. Try the Speick pre-shave lotion if you can, in my experience it is a lot better than Lectric Shave. Also, when I mention sensitive skin, I mainly refer to users with skin that is prior to getting razor burn and rashes (ingrown hairs are in my opinion a separate issue). Cerave products are really good and you should generally stick to gentle, hydrating balms unless a dermatologist recommends you otherwise.


  30. Hi Ovidiu,
    My husband has a very old series 5 (530 s-4) Braun shaver which the head has lost a piece so he needs a replacement. Doesn’t need to shave very often as he has slow growing sparse hairs so they are a bit longer (3-4mm??) when he shaves & some hairs definitely lay flat. What do you recommend I purchase for him – series 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9? I’ve read your entire page which is very comprehensive but I don’t know if the 8 & 9 are a big change from the 5 regarding the razor head size, so would a 7 be better? Or still go for the 9 you’ve reviewed here? In reviewing the 8 & 9 with the 8370vs8390 and 9360vs9390 the only differences I can see is the travel lock and hygiene status – is this worth it for the $)
    Thanks again!!

    • Hi Amy,

      You didn’t mention anything about your budget, so I’ll try recommending a few options at various price points and based on their specific pros and cons you can decide which one would make the most sense.

      First of all, the cheapest option would be to buy a replacement foil and blades set for your husband’s current 530S-4, but only if the shaver is still in good shape overall. Even if it’s an old model, you can still find the parts on Amazon and they’re quite reasonably priced. The part number is 51s (silver frame) or 51b (black).

      If you want to buy a new razor, my suggestion would be to get a Series 5 from the generation that followed the 530S-4. I wrote a detailed guide about those models here.
      Some examples are the 5190cc, 5195cc, 5030s, 5040s, 5140s and so on. The first two (ending in cc) also come with an automatic cleaning station. But all of them shave exactly the same. The Series 8 is basically a Series 5 with a larger battery, so I would consider it only if you can get one for a similar price.

      If you can’t get a Series 5 or you can bump your budget a bit, then the older Series 7 (pre-2020) is a really good shaver. I also posted a comprehensive review of all the different models here. But to summarize, the 7865cc is probably the one that is the easiest to get right now no matter where you live. Alternatively, the 7893s is identical performance-wise, but doesn’t come with a cleaning station and it’s usually cheaper.

      As for the Series 9, I don’t think it’s worth spending the extra money considering your husband’s shaving routine and facial hair. But if you still decide on getting one, it doesn’t really matter which one is it as long as the model name starts with 92 or 93. They all shave the same and you really won’t miss any of the extra features.

      Hope this helps.


      • Thank you! I’ve been reading more of your reviews and am now trying to decide between 5090cc, 7 790cc or an 8 equivalent? Hubby shaves dry only, and I’ve seen him plug it in to shave if battery is drained, so guessing the dry options will be better for him, unless the quick 5min charge would be good – was that only on the 5090cc or the 7790cc too? And which 8 would be the equivalent? My local shop sells the 8330S but I haven’t read your pages to see which 8 is equivalent to the 5&7s you’ve recommended. Still undecided about dry vs wet/dry…

        • I should also mention, I am in Australia, so not sure which versions I can get here. Trying to find the 7790cc and not having any luck!
          Thanks again for all your help – much appreciated!!!

          • You are very welcome, Amy. All the Series 8 models use the same shaving head, so all of them are similar performance-wise to the older Series 5 models. The 8330s is a Series 8 that doesn’t come with a cleaning station. I personally prefer the older Series 7 (like the 790cc) as it’s just a bit more powerful, smoother, refined and pleasant to use compared to something like a 5090cc or a Series 8. But again, the differences aren’t huge. I’m just able to detect them after years of side by side comparisons.

            Just keep in mind that the latest 790cc models being manufactured are actually cordless-only and there’s no model number that differentiates them from the older ones (corded and cordless). So you will need to contact the vendor and have them check that for you if you must have a shaver that can work with the cord plugged in. Both the Series 5 and 7 have the 5-min quick charge function.


  31. Hi Ovidiu,
    I have finally looked up all the shavers I can get in Aus right now – am happy to get dry or wet/dry but can only find wet/dry! Here’s my options with prices, please can you let me know which one you would get for my hubby as I’ve outlined below :-) All are within a budget I am happy with. Preferably after one with a hard case (fabric or leather), but know I can purchase one of these later if needed so not a deal-breaker. More about what you think is the best product from what I can find at a good price! I can’t find all the specs for all of them to compare and am feeling very overwhelmed to get to this point.
    Thank you!!
    S5 5197cc $257.17
    S5 5190cc $349.00
    S5 5050cc $327.77
    S7 7898cc $343.57
    S7 7865cc $394.03
    S8 8370cc $289.00
    S8 8390cc $399.00
    S9 9360cc $449.00

      • Hi Amy,

        Considering the prices, I wouldn’t get the Series 5, at least not the pricey models. The 5197cc is quite decent and I would consider it as a budget-friendly option. But I personally would still get an S7, be it the 7898cc or 7865cc. They are absolutely identical, so just buy the one that ends up being cheaper. Both normally come with a hard textile case.

        Hope this helps.


        • Thank you again!
          Last question I hope! If I am buying from international I assume it will have a US or EU plug, not AUS. I can’t find this info on the sellers site. Do I need a converter/transformer to use it or just a new charging cord? How much are new Aus charging cords?
          The only 7865cc in Aus I can get with Aus plug is $439.90, and I just found a 9390cc for $456.88. Wondering if that is now my better option as by the time I buy the proper plug for the well priced 7865 ($350) I’ll be adding another $40?? for a plug?
          I really appreciate all your help!

          • You should only need a very basic (and very cheap) plug adapter (from US or EU to AUS), not a new charging cord. It should be a couple of dollars at any store, so the cost of the well-priced 7865cc will basically stay the same. The S7 would still be my recommendation.


        • Thank you once again for all your help. I finally ordered the Series 7 7865CC from USA today so will get it in a month and fingers crossed my hubby likes it. I feel a full bottle of information now and confident in my choice. Your help is most appreciated :-)

        • Hi Ovidiu,
          So it turns out I can’t ship the cc units into Australia due to import restrictions – must be the alcohol in the cleaner solution. My item got stopped at global shipping and cancelled! So I am back to square one (feels like it!). Do I get the 7865CC for $424 or the 9360cc for $439? Or the 5197cc for $248.85? They are my options for in Aus shipping. Am happy to spend the money if you still thing the 7 or 9 are the better option as he will have it for many years to come.
          Thanks again!!

          • Hi Amy,

            Sorry about that. I would still go with the 7865cc if you have the budget for it, it’s a tried and tested design and for the majority of users it will be the best pick in terms of performance, ease of use, reliability and even costs (the replacement shaving heads are cheaper compared to the ones needed for a Series 9).

            It’s also odd that you couldn’t import the unit; I’ve bought many Braun cc models from the USA and never had any issues with the customs.


  32. Hello, after reading your reviews, last year I made a choice between series 7 and 9365cc, went for the 9.
    After 1 year, the CC station broke rendering the item unserviceable, I got a refund and bought the 3 series cooltec(will be delivered soon).
    Would be nice to read about the cooltec from your perspective.

    • Hello Mihai,

      Sorry about that, I’m glad you were able to get a refund though. I will definitely be reviewing the Cooltec (long time coming), but it will be a while since I have quite a few reviews in the works at the moment. Hope you’ll enjoy shaving with the Cooltec and if you have the time, I would really like the know your thoughts on it.


  33. Hi Ovidiu,
    I just saw your Braun shaver review page. As others have noted, you’ve done a solid and complete job with it. I wish I had discovered it before I purchased my 9390cc.

    The reason I’m writing is that after charging, I don’t see the “9” that is shown in most product display photos of this model. I only see the five or so horizontal bars. My old Panasonic ES8243 had a digital readout in % that indicated battery charge. I thought that the “9” on the Braun 9390 indicates the same thing. It is shown in most all of the product photos.

    I’ve not used this shaver yet because I didn’t want to mess it up in case I had to return it.

    Is this shaver working properly?

    Many Thanks,

    Bill B.

    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for the comment, much appreciated.

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the display of your Series 9, unfortunately Braun’s official product photos are a bit misleading. All Series 9 have this rather basic battery charge indicator with 5 bars that turn off progressively as you use the shaver. Once there are approximately 9 minutes worth of shaving time left, the display will show an actual digit (starting from 9, then 8 and so on). But for the rest of the time, the 5 bars will be shown instead. With the previous Series 9 generations, only a few selected models had this feature, but now pretty much all of them will show a digit when the battery is almost drained.


      • Hi Ovidiu,

        Thank you for the speedy reply. Thank you for the reassurance. I guess if I leave the shaver in an always plugged in charger I’ll seldom, if ever, will see any number on the display.

        I do think the product photos are indeed misleading. I’m not sure why no one has mentioned it before.

        Thank you again,

        Bill B.

        • No problem, Bill, hope you’ll enjoy shaving with it. I did actually receive several questions regarding this, so I will be updating all the Series 9 reviews on this website and I’ll add this info as well.


  34. Hi again, ON!

    I cannot find your inputs on the 9395cc… Any thoughts on that? I am the guy with sensitive skin and I shave less than averagely (maybe 2 times a week or so?)

    The reason I am asking is because there is a (reliable) seller who’s selling the 9395cc for an affordable price (less than €150), and it’s only been used 4 times (he got an upgrade, hence why he’s selling it). I thought that if that shaver would be useful to me and my purposes, I could buy that and just get a new head to the shaver instead, or just run it through the cleaner?

    Any thoughts on that?

    Keep up the dedication and your great work, man!

    • Hi Johan,

      The 9395cc is basically a 9390cc/9385cc but in a glossy chrome finish. Everything else is exactly the same and you can refer to this review for any details. That’s a very good price for a barely used 9395cc and if you know with certainty that the seller is reliable, you should probably go for it. The Series 9 should suit your shaving routine perfectly, it’s a very effective shaver even when used less often.

      The cleaning solution does contain alcohol so it will disinfect the shaving head. However, with personal care items like electric razors it’s best (and safest) to simply buy a new head.


  35. My 9340s broke 3 times in just 8 months.
    First time after 4 months it would just turn off while wet shaving and not turn on again, only vibrate for a split second even with the cassette detached. After a couple of minutes it would eventually turn back on for a while until the issue starts over again. This got more and more frequent until I sent it in for repair under warranty.
    They changed the motor and main pcb.
    4 Months after the repair the exact same thing started happening again. Sent it in for the 2nd time, got it back last week, shaved once and today I wanted to use it again but it’s just completely dead. I always cleaned it and oiled the cassette every week.

    As I got my money back after complaining for the 3rd time, I’m now torn between the Panasonic es-lv6u and the newer Braun Series 9 Pro. The Series 9 is such an amazing shaver but I’m hesitant to give them another chance. If the same thing happens twice in 8 months, why would it be different if I order the new Pro model?

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for the comment. Sorry about the trouble with your shaver, that must have been really frustrating. I will say however that it was unfortunate and it’s unlikely it’ll happen again, be it with another Series 9 or 9 Pro. If you can get a great deal on a Pro model that’s even better, if not, the 93xx will shave almost exactly the same.

      It’s understandable wanting to try a different brand after a bad experience and if that’s your decision, the Arc 5 from Panasonic is a worthy alternative. If you generally shave more often and your facial hair grows relatively straight, I think it can even outperform the Series 9/9 Pro. I also understand that you shave wet, something the Arc 5 does better than the Series 9.


      • Kind of odd that the exact same issue happened twice after exactly 4 months though. I got a feeling that these shavers aren’t as perfectly watertight as braun claims so over time water/moisture gets in and starts destroying the PCB.
        Anyway, I bought a Panasonic ES-LV6U. If it doesn’t do the job I’ll give braun one last chance and pick up a 94xx Pro model. Sometimes I won’t shave for 3-4 days and especially with the very dense hair on the sides and back of my head I fear the Panasonic might struggle. Always has been very quick and straight forward with the Series 9.

        Your work has been super helpful for making sense of all the different models and product generations!

  36. Hi Ovidiu,

    I just found your site while looking for some info on trouble-shooting an issue and thought I’d give it a shot.

    I just received a new Series 9 9330s shaver from Amazon to replace my earlier Series 9 (from 2019) that died yesterday. My earlier Series 9 came with the Clean & Charge station, which I wanted to use with the new Series 9 shaver. When I got the shaver, I cleaned the C&C, inserted a fresh cleaning solution cartridge and inserted the new shaver for charging. The shaver charged fine and all audible and visual indications during the process worked as they always had before.

    However, since the shaver finished charging, it has been beeping (like it does when you place it in the C&C) every 5 seconds, while the charging indicator on shaver and the indicator light on the C&C flash briefly in unison with the beep. I’ve tried pressing the cleaning button, to see if starting a cleaning would solve the problem, but the C&C won’t start to clean. It worked fine two days with the previous shaver. I even tried the new shaver in another new/unused C&C that I have but the same issue occurs. I’ve been through the instruction booklet of the new shaver (9330s), but this situation is not covered.

    The shaver head is unlocked when in the C&C and the shaver is fully charged and works fine when I turn it on. … and according to the booklet, it is supposed to be compatible with the C&C as all the related instructions for use are in it.

    I’m hoping the shaver isn’t faulty.

    Any idea?

    • Hi Mark,

      The 9330s, as well as all other current 93xx Series 9 models (solo or cc shavers), are only fully compatible with the cc stations shipped with the 93xx models. I assume your older cc shaver is one of the earlier 92xx generations, which would explain why the station won’t work with your 9330s. Can you please confirm the model of your older Series 9?


    • Hi,

      I think it’s worth purchasing if you’re not happy with a rotary and you think you’d be better off with a foil shaver like the Braun Series 9. So it really depends on the situation. Check out this comparison I wrote a while back, I think it might help you decide whether an advanced foil shaver like the Series 9 would be a better option for you.


      • I’m actually quite pleased with the prestige s9000 (round head version) with the sh98 heads, gives quite a smooth shave with zero irritation and completely pain free. I usually shave with it daily in the morning and notice hairs grow out around evening time. I’m only thinking about the Braun series 9 because I wonder whether it will give me a drastically much closer shave as compared to the prestige s9000, but not sure about the irritation. Part of me thinks that the difference between both these electric shavers in closeness will probably be barely noticeable as compared to a manual razor.

        • I honestly don’t think it’ll give you a drastically closer shave. In fact, if that’s the main reason for buying it, I think a Panasonic Arc 5 for example will have a greater chance of giving you a closer shave. It works great for shaving daily and it’s particularly good with straight/stiff/thick hairs and cuts them really close to the skin. In my case, it’s the one that gives me the closest shave on the moustache and chin where my beard is really dense and thick.

          My only concern is that since the Prestige seems to work so well for you, you won’t be getting the same experience with any foil shaver — there are users that only seem to get a good shave with just one type.


          • I can get the panasonic es-tlvfe-k model for a good price. Do you know if this version supports both wet and dry use or only dry use? Thank you

      • For context regarding my beard type: hair primarily grows on the chin, moustache and jaw area with zero growth around the neck. Hair growth is not very dense but grows out pretty straight and stiff.

  37. was extremely excited about buying this shaver. Paid over $300 to get the top-of-the-line with all the bells and whistles. It was the first time I was going to spoil myself with what I thought was the ultimate electric razor. I had a great Phillips before this but all the reviews said the Braun Series 9 was the best there ever was.

    Well… the shaving itself was absolutely fantastic. Closest shave I ever had without any burns. I initially thought this was the best thing ever. And then the problems started.

    I replaced the razor head six time – 6 TIMES – in 18 months (every Amazon purchase tracked). It just falls apart after a few months. I though the first one was just a dud but it just kept on happening. No, I didn’t press down hard at all or else I would cut myself.

    And after a year the razor itself started to chip and decolor.

    It was placed in the holder I bought (the reason for the high price) and managed carefully.

    Don’t buy this. It looks nice and shaved perfectly for the first 3 months and then downhill from there.

    So I am back to Philips-Notelco series 9000. I waited a bit to see that it performs before leaving this review – 5 months in and the shave is great and the shaver head showing no signs of wear.

    Don’t buy the Braun. You will be disappointed.

    • Hi,

      Many thanks for taking the time to share this.

      I’m sorry about the bad experience, it’s totally understandable why you would want to stick to a different brand.

      There have been reports especially regarding the original 90s and 90b cassettes that would fail prematurely. The revised ones seem better, although it still happens. 6 times is however a lot.

      The shavers themselves have been mostly problem-free without any intrinsic flaws (like the head-locking mechanism of the original Series 7) — apart from edge cases that in all fairness affect shavers from all brands (like power buttons falling out). I’ve owned quite a few Series 9 shavers from all generations and mine have stood the test of time very well. The 9290cc that I got 6 years ago still looks and works perfectly fine. The barber I used to go to also uses one a few times a day and it’s an original 9090cc S9. Looks beat up but still works.

      Paint flaking can happen with constant alcohol exposure from the cleaning center, although again I personally have only experienced it with a Series 7.


  38. Hi Ovidiu,

    Thanks for for your expert articles and answers, which are ever friendly and dedicated too.
    My first shaver was an old seventies Braun of my father’s with just one large foil. It only functioned when used daily, while shaving wet was hard to do without shaving pimples as well.
    So my first ‘philishave’ was a revelation, and becoming a rotary man was not because I am Dutch!
    Until last year, when I developed razor burn at 57.
    I eventually bought a series 9, and indeed, its very soft on the skin, but when you have hairs that grow in different directions in the same area(?), a good rotary might be more efficient, targeting the hairs from different directions in fewer strokes. At least I have a particular area (in the neck of course) that needs pre shave, pre trim and/or quite a few strokes to be shaved evenly with the s9. But of course it’s a transition, being used to ‘ongoing rotation’ for 37 years.
    I have found the s9 has a mechanism that ‘pushpulls’ the foils inward when the head is being swiveled towards the end. With my model (a bargain 9325s)
    this happens earlier on the left side, so the ‘optifoils’ are not always even with the other cutters. If this is normal, why would they have designed it like that? On several pictures on this page this ‘unevenness’ also looks like to be seen.

    A nice day to all, Oege

    • Hi Oege,

      Thanks so much for the kind comment.

      That is true, rotary shavers still have an advantage in some very specific situations, but some of the current foil shavers like the Series 9 and Series 9 Pro have closed the gap.

      Regarding your question, that is correct, the Series 9 has a mechanism that lowers the first cutter (and the second but only slightly) when swiveling the head in the opposite direction. It does that with four rectangular plastic pushers (you can see them in the four corners of the head — the part that remains attached to the shaver’s body after you remove the cassette). Here‘s a pic of them on my Series 9.

      These pushers rise and retract in pairs when the head is moved. When they go up they will push on some tiny plastic rockers on the cassette which retract the outermost foils and also the adjacent cutters but only a bit. Since these rockers are made out of plastic, they can wear out unevenly over time or some dried lather or gunk can get in the way as well.

      It’s a lot less likely for the four rectangular pushers to wear out, so this issue should go away when you replace the cassette. But even now it shouldn’t have any effect on your shave as the oscillating blade will always remain in the same position relative to the foil, so it will cut the hairs clean and without snagging it.


  39. Thanks for your reply.

    It looks like it’s designed this way.
    Facing the (mine) s9 with the cassette removed, either from the front or behind, the pusher on the left appears to have a stiffer/higher sitting spring underneath. the easiest way to check this is by locking the head in the next to last position and than to push the pusher gently inwards with a small screwdriver.
    It has subtle effect on how the indivual elements contact the skin and float, I guess.

    I know that there are more important things in the world, but it’s also important to have some distraction from those. Gardening, knitting, shavers…
    And there is still beauty.

  40. Hello ovidiu. Hope you’re well. I’m going back to the Braun 9290 permanently now. After using the Braun and the Panasonic arc 5 for months now, ive come to the conclusion that for my skin type, the Braun is better overall. The Panasonic does shave a fraction closer,but at the expense of more irritation, especially on my top lip. It also takes a LOT longer to get a close shave with the Panasonic. 15-17 minutes a lot of the time. The Braun is half that . There’s just something about the way the Braun head moves and shaves that is awesome for me. And its so much more enjoyable. And an enjoyable user experience is important as you know. Thanks and take care, Philip.

    • Hi Philip,

      Thank you for the feedback. All things considered, the Series 9 seems to be the one to keep. I think we must look at the practical side of things as well and being able to finish shaving in a reasonable timeframe, while enjoying the process and not getting irritation is underrated. Close enough is good enough and I will always give up on a bit of closeness for the aforementioned benefits.

      I’ve always mentioned the Braun flexing head when comparing it to Panasonic — it’s so simple and effective. Panasonic makes great shavers that are better in other specific areas, but the movement of the head and of the individual cutters just doesn’t work so well.


      • Hello ovidiu. Thanks for your feedback. Don’t get me wrong,if i shave in the same timeframe with both shavers, the Panasonic is just as good. But if if im going out for a meal or getting married (which i did 2 weeks ago ) i shave for 2-3 minutes longer to get that bit closer. I just make sure that im using a quality post shave balm for the slight bit of extra irritation. Im thinking of using the Braun for work and the Panasonic for the weekend. I’ve got the best of both worlds then. Many thanks, Philip.

  41. Hi Ovidiu, as I’ve aged my beard has changed to where there are now fine hairs lying flat to the skin under my jaw. Which shaver would best pick up those hairs easily and reliably? I had to go to blades to get them and would like to move back to a shaver.



    • Hi Garry,

      I’d say the Braun Series 9 is the most capable foil shaver when dealing with the flat lying hairs. The Series 8 would probably be my next pick — it costs less, but will need a bit more work for a clean shave.

      Rotary razors are also very good at dealing with this type of hair, but in most cases a foil shaver is a safer choice — unless you’ve used a rotary and know from previous experience that you’re getting better results using one. They’re also more effective on coarser vs finer hair.

      I would also consider shaving a bit more often and even using a pre-shave like the one from Speick — these tweaks are usually beneficial if you have patches of flat-lying hairs. You may even need to use the shaver’s hair trimmer to get some of the very stubborn hairs and then use the shaving head to get any remaining stumps.

      Hope this helps.



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