Braun Series 9 9385cc (9390cc) Review: Is the New Series 9 Better?

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Braun Series 9 9385cc (9390cc) Review: Is the New Series 9 Better?

Review Summary

The good: Close and very comfortable shaves, suitable for very sensitive skin, works great on longer and flat-lying facial hair, fast and powerful, suitable for shaving the head, wet & dry use, great battery life, practical and useful cleaning station, high quality leather case, lightweight, reasonably quiet for a foil shaver

The bad: identical to the ongoing Series 9 performance-wise, pricey, difficult to purchase (at this moment), doesn't shave quite as close as a Panasonic Arc 5, mediocre slide-out trimmer, more difficult to clean manually than other foil shavers, all-plastic body

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(4 out of 5 stars overall)

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In 2019, Braun’s high-end line of electric shavers, the Series 9, was given a second mid-life facelift.

To differentiate them from the current, outgoing models, the new shavers start with 93 and include models like the 9385cc, 9390cc and 9340s.

The launch of the 93xx Series 9 was a bit surprising and Braun didn’t make a big deal out of it like we’ve seen in the past with the 92xx Series 9 for example.

Moreover, the new shavers are only available in several countries and it’s unclear at this point when or if they will be officially released in the USA as well.

And for the users that are contemplating on getting a Series 9, it makes perfect sense to find out whether these newer shavers are worth the trouble.

Well, in this review I’ll address precisely that as I take the Braun Series 9 9385cc for a spin and put it through our usual tests.

Let’s dive right in.

Features overview

As mentioned previously, my review unit is the 9385cc model (Braun UK product page). However, performance-wise, it is exactly the same as other Series 9 93xx models, the closest in terms of features/accessories and price being the 9390cc.

Actually, the only difference between the 9385cc and 9390cc is the color. The former comes in a new, grayish color treatment called Graphite, while the latter features the familiar matte silver finish.

So this review will be relevant for the entire 93xx range, including the solo models that don’t include a cleaning station like the 9340s. Again, performance-wise they are exactly the same.

With that out of the way, let’s quickly check out the main features of the 9385cc/9390cc.

1. 4-blade shaving head

Just like every other Series 9 model, the new 9385cc features the same 4 blade cutting system.

The shaving head of the Series 9 9385cc.

The shaving head of the 9385cc with the 4 distinct elements: 2 x OptiFoils (1), HyperLift&Cut trimmer (2), Direct & Cut trimmer (3).

1) Two outer foils that cut the hairs at skin level (called OptiFoils). They feature Braun’s trademark honeycomb shape of the perforations, supposedly making them more efficient at catching the hairs.

2) A HyperLift&Cut element — this one has a distinctive golden color due to the Titanium Nitride coating. This trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs and it’s specific to the Series 9.

3) A Direct & Cut trimmer that lines up and cuts hairs that grow in different directions.

One interesting fact is that Braun actually tries to suggest that the new 93xx Series 9 shavers come with 5 shaving elements, which is obviously not true.

They did the same thing a few years ago with the introduction of the 92xx generation.

Even on the packaging of the 9385cc, you’ll see a 4+1 Pro Head markup, again hinting at more than 4 active shaving elements.

Integrated into the Direct & Cut trimmer there is this metal bar that they call SkinGuard and it supposedly protects the skin from cuts and irritation.

The SkinGuard element on the Braun Series 9.

The SkinGuard element on the Braun Series 9.

This is according to Braun the fifth shaving element.

Well, it obviously isn’t.

The takeaway is that the new Series 9 93xx shavers use the same shaving head/cassette as the outgoing model (92s and 92b).

However, the one on the 9385cc (and a few other models) has a matte finish instead of glossy and it’s called 92M. But other than that, it’s identical and any of the aforementioned cassettes will fit.

2. SyncroSonic technology with 40 000 actions per minute

Again, there’s nothing really new here that’s not already found on other existing Series 9 shavers.

The motor of the 9385cc also induces tiny vibrations into the 4 shaving elements and that makes them glide easier across the face.

I have to admit that it does feel nice and makes shaving really pleasant.

As for the 40 000 cutting actions per minute, it simply refers to the fact that the blades oscillate at 10 000 cycles per minute. Multiply that by the number of blades — in this case 4 — and we get 40 000 cutting actions.

I guess 40 000 simply sounds better than 10 000, hence Braun sticks with this number instead.

3. 10D flexible shaving head

This is yet another feature that seems abstract and high-techy, but it really isn’t.

The flexing shaving head of the S9 9385cc can swivel up and down.

The shaving head of the S9 9385cc can swivel up and down.

All Braun shavers from the Series 5 and up, including the Series 9 reviewed here, are fitted with a shaving head that can only swivel up and down.

And to be honest, that’s good enough.

The 4 shaving elements can move independently and they have quite a high range of motions, allowing them to stay in contact with the skin regardless of the area you’re shaving.

The 4 blades of the Series 9 can move independently.

This simple setup works better than the ones on other foil shavers like the super complex Panasonic Arc 5 with its multiple flexing capabilities.

4. 32bit processor

The new Series 9 9385cc comes with an upgraded processor/MCU (memory control unit). The 32bit unit is a lot more powerful than the presumably 8bit processor of the existing Series 9 shavers.

However, it’s not very clear how this can improve the shaving performance. For example, the new Series 8 has the same 32bit processor, but its performance was actually a bit worse compared to older the Series 7.

A 32bit MCU can process a lot of data at a much faster rate, so it may be better at assessing the density of the beard.

As we know, the Series 9 is fitted with such a sensor that constantly reads the beard density and makes real-time adjustments to make shaving more efficient.

5. 60 minutes of cordless use

The second real novelty brought by the 9385cc/9390cc and all the other new Series 9 models is a slightly larger battery.

When fully charged, it can provide up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving time. That’s slightly better than the current Series 9 models that can be used for 50 minutes.

The Series 9 9385cc is a wet/dry shaver, so it can only be operated cordless. That’s the case with all the other 93xx models, so none of them will work while charging as a safety precaution.

6. Pro Display

Another small change introduced with these new Series 9 models is the LED display.

It’s nothing dramatically different or better, just some new icons and white backlighting instead of blue.

We’ll take a closer look at it later on.

7. Automatic cleaning station

Being a cc (Clean & Charge) model, the 9385cc comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station.

The 9385cc includes an automatic cleaning and charging station.

It charges, cleans and dries the shaver automatically. The station uses Braun’s alcohol-based cleaning solution and it can be really handy, even though you don’t have to use it after every shave.

We’ll take a close look at the station and the automatic cleaning process later on in the review.

8. Misc features

Other features worth mentioning are: slide-out trimmer, 5-minute quick charge, universal voltage adapter (100 240V), multi-head lock, travel lock.

Build quality and ergonomics

I’ve always found the Series 9 to be a bit underwhelming in terms of build quality, especially when compared to Panasonic’s range-topping shavers for example.

This is still the case with the Braun 9385cc.

The 9385cc S9 in the new Graphite finish.

The 9385cc S9 in the new Graphite finish.

Made entirely out of plastic, it does feel, well, plasticky and maybe even a bit flimsy. A Series 7, while getting a bit long in the tooth, seems sturdier.

There’s nothing that stands out in a bad way, but again, I was expecting a bit more from a shaver in this price range.

With that said, the 9385cc does look pretty slick in this new Graphite color treatment.

It has the same matte, brushed finish as the silver Series 9 (like the 9290cc for example), so it’s not showing fingerprints and smudges too easily.

It has classier and more understated look compared to the glossy chrome Series 9 variations.

The only glossy surface is the ring that surrounds the charging port at the bottom.

Let’s check out the front of the shaver.

The front part of the 9385cc.

Toward the top, we have the multi-head lock switch, the same one that is found on the Series 5 and 8.

It features textured dimples to make it easier to operate and it works pretty well.

In the unlocked position, the shaving head can swivel freely, while sliding it down will lock the head in one of the 5 pre-determined positions. This may be helpful when shaving tricky areas, but personally I haven’t felt the need to use it much.

Right below this slider we have some new S9 wet & dry branding and the power button.

This button also doubles as a travel lock and you can activate it by pressing and holding it for at least 3 seconds.

The Series 9 travel lock activated.

A red padlock will show up on the display, accompanied by a short beep. This will prevent the shaver from being switched on accidentally.

You can unlock it by pressing and holding the power button again for 3 seconds.

The LED display shows some other useful bits of information as well.

The battery level indicator uses 5 segments, each one representing 20% charge. There’s a new battery icon right below it, but oddly that’s not available with all the new Series 9 models.

The 9385cc in our review does have it, along with a battery countdown that shows up instead of the 5 segments when the remaining shaving time drops below 9 minutes.

The cc models also have a cleaning reminder, symbolized by the two water droplets that show up after every use.

However, the cleaning reminder will appear annoyingly fast — even after letting the shaver run for a minute, so it’s fairly useless.

And speaking of useless indicators, there’s a new replacement head notification icon that’s again confusing and pointless.

The new replacement head indicator is located on the left of the battery level.

The new replacement head indicator is located on the left of the battery level.

Whenever you turn the 9385cc off, a small shaving head icon will appear briefly. However, as you continue using the shaver, the three lines of the icon will disappear gradually, signaling that the blades/foils are beginning to wear out.

This can be very confusing if you don’t know this detail and again, the icon is so small that you can barely see those three segments that will disappear as you continue using the shaver.

Again, my advice would be to ignore it and simply replace the shaving head when the performance drops.

You can also reset it by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

The back and the sides of the Braun Series 9 9385cc are covered in this textured, grippy rubber-like material that ensures a very good grip.

The back side of the Series 9 9385cc.

On the back we also have the typical Braun slide-out trimmer and two metal studs used for charging the shaver when placed in the cc station.

The slide-out hair trimmer.

The slide-out hair trimmer.

The Series 9385cc is made in Germany, just like the other Braun middle to high-end shavers (Series 5 and up).

On the bottom, there’s the charging port that you can use to charge the shaver directly with the cord.

From an ergonomics standpoint, the 9385cc fares quite good.

At 217g, it’s pretty lightweight and also well balanced. It’s not top heavy and the shaving head itself is reasonably compact considering the 4 blade system.

Overall, the build quality is adequate, even though it won’t wow you.

Included accessories

The 9385cc comes in a typical Series 9 box, but this time around it’s embellished with a prominent red NEW badge to further push the idea that this is indeed a new shaver and not just a rebranded Series 9.

Braun Series 9 9385cc packaging.

The 4+1 Pro head is also in a highly visible spot.

Apart from the razor itself, inside the box you’ll find the following items:

  • Cleaning and charging station
  • One cleaning cartridge
  • Charging cord (type 492-5217)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Leather travel case
  • User manual

Braun Series 9 9385cc included accessories.

Overall, it’s what you’d expect from a typical Series 9, apart from maybe the hard leather travel case.

This was available with only a few of the current Series 9 generation, but it seems more prevalent with the 93xx models like the 9385cc in this review.

The Series 9 leather case.

For example, the 9390cc also comes with the same leather case.

And it’s a really nice case, it looks and feels expensive and it is more rigid and sturdy than the regular textile hard case.

I guess the only thing missing would be the small bottle of lubricant. It’s not a big deal, but at this price point, one would expect to find all the goodies inside the box.

Battery life and charging

As mentioned previously, one of the few novelties of this new S9 9385cc model is the bigger battery.

The ongoing S9 models were already very good in that regard, so the 93xx generation should be even better.

According to Braun, a fully charged battery will allow you to use the shaver for 60 minutes. That’s 10 minutes more than the older models.

And that’s a welcome bump in battery life since the 9385cc will only work cordless, so you can’t shave with it while charging (if you try turning it on, a red plug symbol will flash on the display, reminding you to unplug the cord).

During my tests, the battery life was excellent and the claimed 60 minutes are definitely achievable.

Since I also used the cleaning station that automatically starts charging the shaver when placed in it, this sort of interfered with my battery endurance tests, even though not to a high degree.

I shaved with the 9385cc consistently over a period of 3 weeks and the battery level indicator still shows two bars, so that’s impressive.

I would confidently take this shaver on a holiday with a fully charged battery and leave the cord at home.

You can charge the 9385cc via the cleaning station or by plugging the cord directly into the razor’s charging port.

You can charge the Series 9 directly with the included cord.

The cord is Braun’s typical straight cord model (type 492-5217, 100-240V input, 12V/400mA output). Mine came with a European plug, but it can be used anywhere in the world with a simple and cheap plug adapter.

The automatic voltage converter will accept 100 to 240 volts, so you can confidently order it from abroad.

The battery level indicator features the same 5 bars display, each representing 20% of the battery charge available.

With the 9385cc, 9390cc and all the 93 Series 9 models, it uses white backlighting instead of blue. I personally prefer the blue of the older models, I think it just looks better.

Series 9 display backlighting.

Also, certain models, including the 9385cc, will show a digit instead of the 5 bars when you only have around 9 minutes worth of charge remaining.

Charging the battery from 0 to 100% takes approximately one hour. During charging, the corresponding battery level segment will flash.

Once charging is completed, all the indicators will turn off.

Shaving performance

The launch of a presumably new Series 9 shaver is kind of a big deal in the electric shaving community and unsurprisingly, there were a lot of questions and speculations about the performance of this new S9.

Hopefully, after reading this section of the review you’ll have a clear picture and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on buying your next shaver.

TLDR version: the Braun Series 9 9385cc shaves exactly the same as the older, ongoing models like the 9290cc, 9295cc and the likes.

And that’s a good thing because strictly regarding how it actually shaves, the Series 9 has always been an excellent performer.

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at all the important aspects of shaving with the new Series 9.


The very first time I shaved with a Series 9 (one of the older models) I was particularly impressed by how gentle and forgiving the shaver was.

With the 9385cc, there are basically no changes and the S9 continues to be one of the best out there in that regard.

I was actually expecting this outcome given that the 93xx models come with the same shaving heads and the same motors as the ongoing models.

So there aren’t any new features that’ll drastically improve the performance. Yes, the battery is a bit larger and there’s that 32bit MCU, but the latter doesn’t seem to make any difference whatsoever in terms of shaving performance.

But even so, I cannot really complain.

The Series 9 9385cc is very comfortable, regardless if you use it wet or dry, making it ideal for men with sensitive skin like myself.

I often have to use shaving cream or at least a pre-shave lotion when shaving with more aggressive razors (like Panasonic or Philips Norelco), but never really needed any of those with the 9385cc.

My neck has always been a tricky area to shave and I would often get razor burn and some ingrown hairs and painful bumps.

The Series 9 and Braun’s other middle to high-end shavers are fortunately very gentle and really enjoyable to use, even if you suffer from the aforementioned issues.

The 9385cc is very efficient at capturing the whiskers, even the more difficult ones that grow in different directions or lie flat, so most of the times you can get away with fewer strokes than usual.

But even if you go over an area multiple times or apply a bit more pressure than needed, the Series 9 still remains adequately comfortable.

I only had a couple of mishaps when shaving a 3 days beard when the shaver yanked some of the hairs on my neck, but that was partially my fault as I rushed through my shave and I was pretty sloppy.

But other than that, it’s hard to fault the 9385cc or any of the Series 9 shavers in general when it comes to comfort.

In my opinion it is right there at the top with the Series 7.

Closeness of the shave

Braun shavers don’t particularly excel when it comes to closeness, but the Series 9 is one of their more capable models if that’s what you’re after.

Using it dry, I was constantly able to get close shaves, mainly because the 9385cc is very comfortable and I can really use it without any restrictions, even on the neck.

Also, on my chin and below the nose my stubble is very dense and thick, so I had to press harder and go over those areas repeatedly and did so with no significant discomfort.

The results were excellent especially on the cheeks where it just mows through the hairs with ease.

Even if other razors like Panasonic’s Arc 5 are objectively better at getting a close shave, they are more aggressive and harsh, especially when used dry, so in my case I was actually getting a slightly closer shave with the 9385cc on my neck.

If however you don’t have any issues with skin irritations and the likes, an Arc 5 will probably get you a slightly closer shave.

Also, during summer, the air is hot and humid in my area, so I sometimes have to use a pre-shave to dry the moisture from my skin.

Otherwise the shaver can hop and skip on the skin and the hairs will stick to my skin, making shaving a lot more difficult and time-consuming.

A good pre-shave definitely helps in this situation and you may even see an improvement in the closeness of the shave.

Overall, the 9385cc shaved close and the vast majority of users will be pleased with the performance.

But again, because the 93xx Series 9 have the same shaving heads and motors, you won’t actually get a closer shave compared to the previous models.

Shaving longer hairs

Shaving longer facial hair is yet another strong point for most Braun electric shavers, being ahead of other foil razors from the competition.

And the Series 9 is arguably their best yet in that regard.

For men who shave less often, this is a key aspect that should be taken into account when deciding which shaver to buy.

The 9385cc deals impressively well with longer facial hair. I even used it on a 4 days beard without any major issues.

Even the hairs that lie flat on the skin are captured relatively easy and with few strokes. Out of all the foil shavers currently available, the S9 is probably the best at this.

Men with wiry, curly hairs will also benefit from the Series 9’s specially designed cutting elements.

Precisely, the two trimmers in the middle that work together extremely well and manage to deliver what Braun claims.

Series 9 shaving head.

The 4 cutting elements of the Series 9 9385cc require very little pressure in order to be depressed and their range of motion is quite high.

This, along with the simple up and down swivel of the shaving head will allow the foils to stay in contact with the skin and be very efficient at catching and trimming those difficult hairs.

It’s a simple and proven setup that works better than anything other brands have tried.

Wet shaving

The Braun S9 9385cc/9390cc is suitable for wet & dry use.

This means you can shave with your gel or shaving cream of choice or even use it in the shower.

While I do enjoy using shaving cream, especially with Panasonic shavers, I almost always shaved dry with the 9385cc and I think this is how most men will end up using this razor as well.

However, if you’re into wet shaving and you don’t mind some prep work and cleaning afterward, you can safely use the 9385cc (or any of the current Series 9) with shaving cream.

It works really well, the shave is supremely comfortable and even slightly closer, but I don’t think it’s really worth the trouble in the case of the Series 9.

And that’s because the 9385cc is really comfortable and shaves adequately close even when used dry.

But yes, if you want to use it wet, it will work great. Keep in mind though that you’ll have to clean it manually of lather/foam or soap residues before using the cleaning station.

Hair trimmer

The Braun 9385cc uses the same design for the slide-out hair trimmer that we first saw with the new Series 5.

The hair trimmer on the 9385cc.

It is located on the back of the shaver and you must slide it forward after pressing and holding the small locking button.

I’ve said it on multiple occasions, I find this particular trimmer to be mediocre at best.

It feels dull and must be held at an awkward angle relative to the skin in order to cut the hairs. And even so, it is fiddly to use and a far cry from the ones on Panasonic shavers that are in my opinion a lot better.

But it is there and you can eventually get the job done. And by that I mean edging and trimming your sideburns or maybe a goatee.

I imagine that it’ll be extremely time-consuming and difficult using it to trim an entire beard. For that, I would strongly encourage you to use clippers or a beard trimmer.

Noise level

The Series 9 is pretty quiet for a foil shaver during use; it’s definitely quieter than the rest of the shavers in Braun’s lineup.

With that said, it’s nowhere near as quiet as a rotary shaver.

Especially when it cuts the hairs, it seems to rattle and also vibrates a bit, which makes the perceived sound louder.

As expected, the 9385cc is not any better than older S9 models in this regard.

But even so, it’s definitely good enough for a foil shaver as they tend to be quite loud. Measured with a smartphone app in a relatively quiet environment (23 DB) from a distance of 10 inches, it emits 57DB, which is not too bad.

Again, during actual use it will be slightly louder as the blades shear against the foils, cutting the hairs and making more noise.

Cleaning and maintenance

The new Series 9 93xx shavers also come in two flavors (just like their predecessors): solo (models ending in s like 9340s) and Clean & Charge models (the ones ending in cc like the 9385cc, 9390cc, 9395cc, etc.).

The solo models don’t include a cleaning station and cannot be used with one purchased later on. Select models like the 9340s do come with a basic charging stand.

The cc variations come with Braun’s Clean & Charge stations that automatically charge, clean, lubricate and dry the shaver.

If you opt for such a model, you’ll have the convenience of using the cleaning station or you can clean the shaver yourself manually.

Let’s check out both methods, starting with the cleaning station.

Automatic cleaning

The Series 9 9385cc comes with the same cleaning station as all the Series 9 generations before it. It has exactly the same features, dimensions, and design.

However, it has a different part number (5430) and will only work with the 93xx models (it will still charge older Series 9 shavers like the 9290cc or 9090cc, but the cleaning function won’t work).

In order to use the station, you must first connect the charging cord to the port on the back of the station and insert the included cleaning cartridge.

Pressing the oval button on the back will pop open the station so you can insert the cleaning cartridge.

Inserting the cartridge into the 9385cc station.

You must first remove the plastic cap from the cartridge, then slide it from the back of the station until it snaps into place.

It would have been easier if you could insert it from the front of the station (like on the Series 7) as the cord also gets a bit in the way, but it’s just a minor pet peeve.

You then close the station and you’re good to go.

Once placed in the station, the shaver immediately begins to charge.

Before placing the shaver in the station, make sure it’s dry and free of any foam or soap — you don’t want those ending up in the cleaning solution.

Also, the head locking switch must be in the unlocked position, otherwise the shaver may not sit properly inside the station.

The switch must be in the unlocked position.

After putting the razor in place, you’ll hear a beep confirming that the pins on the back of it are properly aligned with the contacts inside the station.

The shaver will start charging immediately, signaled by flashing the corresponding battery level indicator.

This Series 9 station supposedly analyses the hygiene status of the shaver and chooses accordingly between three programs: Short (economical), Normal, and Intensive.

The cleaning programs are depicted using one, two or three water droplet symbols.

However, for some reason, the station will always select the intensive cleaning mode, even if the shaver was only used for a few minutes since the last automatic cleaning.

And it’s not an isolated case; I have the same issue with my 9290cc and it’s also something the readers of this website have noticed with their own cc Series 9.

So surprisingly, this obvious problem was not addressed with the newer models like the 9385cc.

When I first saw that the cc station has a different part number, I was convinced that this was taken care of. I was wrong apparently.

Anyway, this isn’t such a big deal as you’ll see.

Once the shaver is in the correct position, you can proceed with the cleaning.

For that, you’ll only have to press the button on the top of the station once (twice if the station is in standby mode).

The Series 9 9385cc during the automatic cleaning process.

The Series 9 9385cc during the automatic cleaning process.

The cleaning cycle will start immediately. The shaver will be turned on and off repeatedly and the cleaning fluid will be pumped through the shaving head, removing any hairs, dirt, gunk and so on.

During this phase, the shaver won’t be charging and the LED on the station will flash.

The intensive cleaning program (that gets selected every time) lasts exactly 2 minutes and 10 seconds, so it’s not really a big deal. At least with regards to saving cleaning fluid, it’s probably only a minor difference between these modes anyway.

Once the cleaning is done, the station will begin to dry the shaving head.

A fan is turned on and it blows air over the shaving head through a small cutout inside the station. You can definitely hear the fan running, but I wouldn’t call it disturbing.

The shaver during the drying process.

During the drying process, all the LED indicators on the shaver will be turned off.

Again, throughout the drying phase, the shaver will not be charged.

The fan will continue to run for 40 minutes, then stop and the charging will resume.

Out of curiosity, I removed the shaver right after the drying ended and the head was a bit damp, but that’s still a lot better than being dripping wet.

If you leave the shaver in the cc station it will continue charging it up to 100%, then go into standby mode.

Some users prefer to leave the razor permanently inside the station. I actually take it out once the drying is complete unless it needs charging.

I also remove the cleaning cartridge from the station and put the plastic cap back on to prevent the evaporation of the alcohol-based cleaning fluid.

In this manner, I can extend the life of the cleaning cartridge. There are also some cheaper third-party cleaning solutions that actually work really well.

This is very handy if you won’t be using the station very often. I personally use it every 3 to 4 shaves and rely on a manual cleaning in between.

Which leads us to the second method of cleaning your Series 9.

Manual cleaning

You can clean the 9385cc manually just like you would with any other waterproof electric shaver: with tap water and (optionally) some liquid soap.

So you don’t necessarily need the station, but I find it quite useful just to clean the shaver thoroughly every once in a while.

Besides, the cc models don’t cost a lot more than the solo variations.

Anyway, back to manually cleaning the 9385cc.

The first thing I like to do is remove the cassette and gently tap the plastic frame on my sink to get rid of most of the hairs.

If you shave dry, you could also use the cleaning brush to remove the remaining hair strands from the inside of the cassette.

Do not use it directly on the outer foils and they can be easily damaged.

I personally only use the brush if for some reason I can’t rinse the shaver or I must pack the shaver and don’t have the time to allow it to dry.

So I simply put the cassette back in place, turn the shaver on and let warm tap water run through the head.

Rinsing the shaver with water.

After 15 to 20 seconds I turn it off, then remove the cassette to give it another rinse on the inside as well.

For a more thorough cleaning, you can also use some liquid soap. I recommend doing so after every use if you shave with gel or shaving cream.

With the cassette in place, apply a bit of water on the foils, then place a few drops of regular hand soap and turn the shaver on.

Cleaning the shaving head with liquid soap.

Apply more water if needed so the soap can lather and coat the foils entirely.

After 15 to 20 seconds, rinse the foam with warm tap water (with the shaver still turned on).

Turn it off, remove the cassette and give it a final rinse inside out.

Rinsing the cassette with water.

Shake off the excess water, gently pat the cassette and shaver with a clean towel and let them air dry before storing the shaver.


If you use the station, the cleaning solution also lubricates the blades, so there’s no need for you to do it.

If however you will be cleaning the shaver manually with soap, it’s recommended to apply some light machine oil (like clipper oil) as the soap will remove any form of lubrication.

A lubricating cleaning spray like Remington Shaver Saver will also work really well.

Overall, cleaning the Series 9 is generally pretty straightforward, whether you use the cleaning station or you do it yourself.

It can be more fiddly compared to cleaning other foil shavers since the blades and foils are merged into a single piece (cassette), so getting all the dirt out, especially over time, can be more challenging.

The station is fortunately really handy in that situation, so in my view it is a welcome addition.

Replacement parts availability

The Braun Series 9 9385cc, as well as the other new models like the 9390cc, 9340s and so on use the same shaving heads as the older Series 9.

Precisely, these models come equipped with the 92M cassette, which is actually identical to the current 92s cassette, except that it has a matte silver finish instead of glossy.

The 92S and 92M cassettes.

The 92S (left) and 92M (right) cassettes are the same except for the glossy and matte treatments respectively.

But in essence, they are identical.

So the 92s, as well as the 92b (black) will fit the 9385cc perfectly fine, so you don’t actually have to get the 92M that originally came with the shaver.

Again, other than the matte or glossy finish, they are exactly the same.

Unsurprisingly, the matte 92M is hard to find at this moment.

This may change in time as the 93xx Series 9 shavers will be officially released in other countries, but until then you can safely get the 92s or the 92b.

Braun 92s replacement cassette

Braun Series 9 92s replacement cassette

See the price on Amazon

The only downside is that the glossy finish may not go as well (from an aesthetic standpoint) with the rest of your shaver if it has a matte treatment.

Below you can see the 9385cc with the glossy 92s cassette. In my opinion it doesn’t look too bad at all.

The 9385cc S9 with the 92s shaving head.

As for the cleaning refills, they are the same ones used throughout Braun’s entire lineup of shavers and can be purchased virtually anywhere.

They aren’t quite as cheap as some detergent-based solutions from the competition but are more practical since you can remove and store them for later use.

And as we know, there are quite a few third-party cleaning solutions available that cost a lot less and work really well.

Wrap-up — Who should buy the 9385cc/9390cc?

Well, basically anyone that considered any of the previous Series 9 models to be suitable for them.

Braun Series 9 9385cc.

Throughout the review, I tried to emphasize that except for the larger battery, the 9385cc doesn’t really bring any significant improvements over the existing Series 9.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is useful to know in case you’re holding off from purchasing one of the widely available Series 9 models in the hope that the very latest model will be much better.

It won’t.

With that said, the Series 9 9385cc is alongside the other Series 9 versions one of the most comfortable shavers you can buy today.

It’s also fast and powerful and perfectly suitable for men with coarse, wiry, dense beards.

It will even work great for shaving the head, so you may want to consider it if that’s something you do on a regular basis.

The closeness is very good overall and while not quite to the level of something like a Panasonic Arc 5 (that comes with its own shortcomings), it’s clearly good enough.

Alternative shavers

The 9385cc and some other country-specific models in the 93xx generation are currently only available on a few markets, particularly in Europe and Asia.

So getting one may not be so easy depending on where you live.

In that case, you can confidently opt for one of the existing, previous generation Series 9 like the 9290cc as it will be just as good as far as the quality of the shave is concerned.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

See the price on Amazon

I picked the 9290cc as it usually has the best price out of all the cc 92xx variations and it’s also available in many countries.

You can of course buy other similar models like the 9291cc or 9295cc, especially if you can get them for a better price.

So while you will get a slightly smaller battery in the case of the 9290cc, it will probably cost less and also be easier to find.

But most importantly, it will shave exactly the same as the 9385cc.

Finally, as I said in my direct comparison of the Series 9 and 7, I think for most users the 7 will easily be good enough and only in a few particular cases the Series 9 will be noticeably better (for example, having long, wiry, facial hair).

Braun Series 7 7865cc

See the price on Amazon

The 7 costs less, the replacement cassette is usually cheaper, the razor is easier to use due to its smaller shaving head and in my opinion it’s almost the same with regards to closeness and comfort.

A first time user will definitely appreciate the more compact shaving head which makes it more maneuverable and nimble, so there’ll be a less steep learning curve.

There are several S7 models available, with or without a cleaning station. The 7865cc is just one of them, but the 790cc or the solo 7893s for example will shave exactly the same.

So just go for one that fits within your budget and is available in your country.

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  1. Jonathan Anderson

    Recently purchased a Braun Series 9 9930cc can anybody help me with the alternative mix
    so I can make my own cleaning fluid?
    I currently have
    1x 500 ml Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol bottle
    2x 150 . ml Lemon Essential Oils

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      Making the cleaning solution from scratch really needs a topic just for that as there are a lot of things to cover. Trying to reverse engineer Braun’s solution, while also getting the required electrical conductivity of the fluid and the cleaning and lubricating properties can be tricky. There are a few resources online with various recipes that work (to some degree). In my opinion the safest and most practical option is to buy one of the existing third-party cleaning solutions that cost a lot less.

      For example, in Europe there’s a very popular solution called Cleanerist, while in the USA you can get the CCRrefills concentrate that you must mix with rubbing alcohol.

      Hope this helps.


    2. Bradley

      I got this recipe from a Youtube video. The guy had come up with the recipe over a year or 2. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t comment, but others said it was good. I also read someone say that they added about 10 drops of clipper oil to it.

      125ml isopropyl alcohol
      75ml tap water
      60 drops of lemon oil


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