What’s the Best Travel Electric Razor (2021)?

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What’s the Best Travel Electric Razor (2021)?

Electric razors are arguably the best option for shaving on the go: they’re practical, portable and easy to use.

Also, most of them are priced quite low, especially when compared to a full-fledged electric shaver.

But mobile shavers also exhibit some specific limitations, so when choosing the right travel electric razor you must take into account several key aspects.

In this article we’ll take a look at what makes a good travel razor and what are their pros and cons. We’ll also check out some of the more popular models on the market.

Let’s get started.

What to look for in a travel electric razor?

There are a few hallmarks of a quality travel razor. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for when buying one.

Panasonic ES3831K and Braun M90, two of the best-selling travel shavers.

Panasonic ES3831K and Braun M90, two of the best-selling travel shavers.

  1. Travel lock and protective cap. This one is pretty self-explanatory and of great importance in my opinion. An electric razor that is suitable for traveling must be fitted with a locking mechanism to avoid turning it on by accident. Also, the shaving head, particularly in the case of foil shavers, is very sensitive to mechanical shocks, so a protective cap is a must when traveling.
  2. Replaceable batteries or USB charging. I personally think that regular batteries are a decent solution when it comes to travel razors. These batteries are cheap and readily available. Moreover, this eliminates the need for a charger as that’s an extra item to be carried around. Not to mention that you can easily forget about it and leave it at home. Or in your hotel room. With that said, a travel shaver fitted with a micro-USB or better yet, a USB type C connector would be even better as you can simply charge it using your phone charger.
  3. Compact size. Portability is one of the main reasons one would buy a travel razor, so look for one that is compact in size and lightweight.
  4. Small power brick. If your razor doesn’t use regular batteries, then at least make sure that it has an automatic worldwide voltage converter (100 – 240v) and that the charger is compact in size.
  5. Decent performance and low price. Performance-wise, a travel razor can’t usually match a regular electric razor. However, some of them are better than others and manage to perform quite decently.

Let’s now take a look at some of the more popular travel electric shavers you can buy in 2021 so you can decide which one would suit you the best.

What are some of the best travel electric razors?

1. Braun M90 Mobile Shaver


See the price on Amazon

The M90 from Braun’s line of mobile shavers is in my opinion one of the best electric razors for their intended purpose.

And this little razor has quite a few aces down the sleeve that make it a very compelling option for a travel shaver. Here are the most important ones:

Integrated protective cap and travel lock.

This is one of the most unique solutions you’ll find on any electric shaver.

The ingenious twist cap of the M90 that doubles as a travel lock.

The ingenious twist cap of the M90 that doubles as a travel lock.

Braun has masterfully integrated a rotating protective cap that also acts as a travel lock: when it covers the foil, the ON/OFF switch is locked and can’t be operated.

Integrated trimmer.

This is a rare find on travel razors; while it is very small and only suitable for touch-ups and light grooming, it is definitely a welcome addition.

The integrated trimmer of the Braun M90, something unusual on a travel electric shaver.


The M90 is powered by regular AA batteries, making it very versatile and great to be used on the go.

Braun M90 battery hatch

Fully waterproof.

This shaver can be safely rinsed with tap water as rubbers gasket are used around the battery cover and other parts to keep water away from the internals.

Cleaning the Braun M90 is very easy and straightforward.

As a result, cleaning it is a breeze.

Integrated cleaning brush.

Another sample of an innovative and simple design solution is the integrated cleaning brush that stays securely attached to the back of the razor.

Braun M90 cleaning brush

Solid build quality.

The M90 is well built and feels very sturdy. I would even go as far as saying that you don’t really need a travel case for it. The foil is also very well protected by the integrated rotating cap.

Braun M90 held in hand

The performance is what you would expect from a small, inexpensive mobile shaver.

It is good enough for shaving daily, but don’t expect too much in terms of closeness.

It will get the job done and probably better than most travel razors, but you’ll have to spend more time to complete a shave than you would with a proper electric shaver that has a more powerful motor and multiple cutting elements.

Overall, the M90 represents a compelling package as far as travel razors go. You can also check out my in-depth review of the Braun M90 here.

2. Panasonic Arc 5 ES-CV51 (ES-CV70)

Panasonic ES-CV51

See the price on Amazon

The ES-CV51 (ES-CV70) is a special model in the Arc 5 range. Precisely, it is a travel electric shaver.

What makes it special though is that Panasonic didn’t make any compromises when it comes to shaving performance.

The shaving head of the ES-CV51.

Precisely, it features the exact same shaving head as the top of the line, massive Arc 5 shavers and they fitted the same powerful 14 000 CPM (cycles per minute) motor. However, they also managed to do so in a very compact and lightweight body.

The result is an outstanding shaving performance, by far the best of any travel shaver on the market right now.

The closeness is among the best you can get (and not just for a travel shaver) and the comfort is great.

You can easily shave a two days beard or even more and it will mow through a coarse beard with ease.

The build quality is exceptional: the body is made out of brushed aluminum that feels expensive and premium in hand and also looks stunning in person.

Panasonic ES-CV51 held in hand.

Despite the massive shaving head, it is not top-heavy and the ergonomics are very good.

The Panasonic ES-CV51 (ES-CV70) comes with a plastic protective cap and features a travel lock.

The included hard leather travel case is among the best I’ve seen. It’s compact, it looks great and offers excellent protection.

Panasonic ES-CV51 travel case

Like all modern Panasonic shavers, the ES-CV51 is fully waterproof and extremely easy to clean.

Panasonic ES-CV51 cleaning

The pop-up trimmer on this razor is also really good.

It’s wide enough and it cuts the hairs efficiently and close to the skin.

Panasonic ES-CV51 trimmer

So far this shaver would look like the perfect travel shaver. But we do know that there’s no such a thing so let’s get to the cons.

First of all, the price. This thing is expensive. We usually associate mobile shavers with a very low purchase price.

That’s not the case here as the ES-CV51 costs pretty much the same as a regular Arc 5. In its defense, it does shave like a regular, full-size electric shaver.

Also, the Arc 5 replacement foil & blades are pricey.

And finally, there’s the charging issue. The Panasonic ES-CV51 comes with a regular charging cord.

While battery life is excellent (45 minutes of use) and you can probably leave the charger at home if you’ll only be gone for a few days, on longer journeys you will definitely need to bring it along.

A USB port would have been the icing on the cake. Panasonic does offer a micro-USB adapter, but only in Asia and as a gift, so you cannot buy it.

For more details, make sure to check out my review of the ES-CV51.

3. Panasonic ES3831K Travel Shaver

See the price on Amazon

This Panasonic is my third recommendation for an electric travel razor. And it has a few advantages over the Braun M90 for example, but also some shortcomings.

First, let’s check out the good parts.

Powerful 8500 CPM motor.

The Panasonic ES3831K is powered by a snappy 8500 linear motor, a significant bump in performance compared to other compact shavers.

Panasonic ES3831K inner blade.

This will translate into faster and closer shaves. Don’t expect an Arc 5 level of performance — that one is in a different league — but it’s good enough for a cheap travel razor.

Wet & dry operation.

While the Braun M90 is fully waterproof for cleaning purposes, it can only be used dry.

The Panasonic however can be used with shaving cream, which will improve the comfort and the closeness of the shave.

The Panasonic ES3831K can be used with shaving cream.

I don’t personally think that many men would go through the trouble of carrying and using shaving cream when traveling — after all, you buy a travel shaver to get rid of that — but it’s nice to know you have that option.

Regular AA batteries.

Just like the M90, the ES3831K uses two AA batteries.

Panasonic ES3831K uses regular AA batteries.


The price of the Panasonic ES3831K is usually lower compared to the M90. In fact, it’s among the cheapest travel shavers you can buy.

The replacement foil and cutter are also inexpensive and widely available.

Protective cap and travel lock.

The ES3831K also ticks this box, even though Panasonic’s implementation isn’t as impressive as the one from Braun.

The protective cap of the Panasonic ES3831K.

Located on the triangle-shaped ON/OFF slider there’s a small button that you must press in order to be able to operate the slider. With the cap on you won’t be able to do it, so it doubles as a travel lock as well.

As for disadvantages, there’s no pop-up trimmer, which is a bit of a bummer. The build quality also seems to be better in the case of the M90 and the materials used by Braun are grippier.

Finally, in my experience the Braun was more comfortable and also managed to provide a slightly better shaver when used on a short beard.

In fact, the most comfortable of these inexpensive, battery-powered shavers was nother Panasonic, precisely the ES4815P that I’ve reviewed here. Unfortunately, that one didn’t make it to this list as the replacement foils and cutters are expensive.

The performance of both the Panasonic ES3831K and the Braun M90 is pretty bad when shaving longer, flat-lying hairs, so it’s best to use them daily.

Choosing the two should come down to your personal needs and preference.

The Braun M90 has the edge in terms of build quality and performance, while the Panasonic has the advantage of a lower price and wet/dry use.

Either way, these two are among the best cheap travel electric shavers you can buy.

You can check out my in-depth review of the ES3831K here.

Should you use a travel electric razor?

Well, it depends.

Some men can get away with using a travel razor as their main, daily shaver, while others can’t even stand using one for a few days when traveling.

Travel razors feel underpowered and usually have a single cutting element (in the case of foil shavers) or two shaving heads (rotary shavers), so completing a shave takes more time.

If you want a close, comfortable and fast shave or you have coarse facial hair then just opt for a more capable, regular electric razor. The same goes for men that don’t want to shave daily as travel razors don’t fare well with long hair.

Or if budget is not an issue, the number two spot on this list, the ES-CV51 (ES-CV70) will definitely provide a satisfactory shave.

Using your regular electric razor when traveling

The Panasonic ES-CV51 is currently my travel razor of choice and for my needs, it is clearly the best.

But before that, I would simply take my main shaver with me when traveling.

I prefer to give up a bit of space in my luggage for a proper electric razor and enjoy a decent shave.

When I am away for shorter periods I also leave the charging cord at home as a fully charged razor should easily last for a few days of shaving (I only recommend doing so on short voyages).

I also own a Braun M90, but I rarely find myself using it. It’s very practical as you can just toss it in your glove box, gym bag or keep it in a drawer for some impromptu shaving sessions.

But using it constantly, even for just a few days in a row, simply does not work for me.

Final word

The best argument for travel razors is the price and convenience of replaceable batteries. If they get damaged or lost it won’t be that big of a problem.

In the end, the right electric travel razor can either be just your regular shaver or a dedicated mobile one.

The decision is entirely personal. You might as well use both depending on the circumstances.

Something like the Braun M90 works great if you want to travel light for just a few days. But if a few cubic centimeters in your luggage are not a big deal, then you can bring along a proper razor and really treat yourself.

Or opt for the premium-priced Panasonic ES-CV51 (ES-CV70) that is basically a high-end electric shaver in a compact form factor.

Just make sure to consider the must-have features of a travel razor outlined in this article if you decide to choose one.

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  1. Randy

    I disagree that the batteries should be replaceable – unless of course they’re triple A. Then you can just “borrow” them from the hotel TV remote controller !
    Seriously, it’s a major pain when you’re half way through your shave and the batteries crap out. Then it’s not only a question of where do I go to get some new ones but more importantly do I even have TIME to do this. Even if the hotel has some to sell me I hate being ripped off by the price they charge.

    A better solution is to have a shaver that recharges from something you ALREADY CARRY – a USB cable ! Unfortunately the Chinese ones I’ve found so far are terrible. The heads are very narrow and the shave quality quite poor. I wish Braun would make one.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Randy,

      That’s actually a very valid point. I prefer replaceable batteries so I won’t have to carry a dedicated charging brick. A decent travel shaver fitted with a micro-usb or even better, a USB type C connector would be amazing. I think you’re on to something here.


      1. Bertran

        A Braun user on Amazon said batteries last a month. If that’s true, if you put fresh batteries in before your trip, I wouldn’t worry about them dying unless it was a VERY long trip. In which case, you’d have plenty of time to buy more or just take a couple more with you from home. Alternatively, there are many small AA USB battery chargers. But, has anyone actually tried rechargeable NiMH or Lithium batteries in any of these shavers? I ask because some electronics are optimized or alkaline batteries and don’t work well with rechargeables. For example, does the motor run as well with rechargeables vs alkaline?

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          Hi Bertran,

          Thank you for your comment. I’ve only used the Panasonic ES3831K and the M90 with rechargeable AA batteries and they worked without any issues. I haven’t tried the Norelco yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work just fine as well.


  2. Claudio

    Due to recent air travel regulation for checked luggage, you have to take removable batteries out of electronic devices and bring them on carry-on luggage. So, built-in rechargable batteries became a must for frequent travellers. E.g. my wireless mouse has built-in batteries and makes my life easier. I am now looking for a portable shaver with built-in trimmer, built-in battery, and… 5v USB port. In other words, I don’t want to carry a dedicated charger, but use my regular phone charger to keep my shaver alive for weeks outside home. This just doesn’t exist in US market, and manufacturers are not looking into this.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Claudio,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree, I’ve been wanting to see USB electric shavers for a long time. So far, out of the big brands, only Panasonic offers a micro-USB adapter, but from what I understand it’s not available for purchasing. It’s only offered as a gift in select countries. The other option that I know of is Xiaomi, they have several shaver models, both rotary and foil and all of them can be charged via USB. Can’t say anything about their shaving performance as I haven’t got the chance to use them yet.


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Looks like we’ll have to wait. Except for a few models (mostly Chinese brands), the big players don’t seem too eager to jump on the USB bandwagon and will continue using proprietary chargers.

  3. Nicolas

    Any experience with or heard anything about the Panasonic Twin-X Compact 2-blade Shaver ES4815P? You can find it on Amazon – 2 blades, AA batteries and wet/dry sound good. My problem with the other two reasonably priced Panasonics (ES-RS10 and ES3831K) is they’re only single blades. And in my experience (with facial hair which seems like it’s just like yours) is that 2-blade foil shavers have the potential to do better with thicker moustache-area hair and flat neck hairs. Therefore, I’m curious of this Panasonic Twin-X can do better?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Nicolas,

      I haven’t got the chance to try it yet, but I think I can sort of speculate on its performance compared to the other single blade Panasonic shavers. Since it has two shaving elements, the performance will be slightly better and you’ll probably be able to finish your shave faster and with fewer strokes. However, I wouldn’t expect anything significantly better; for example, it isn’t more powerful than the other two and it only has an extra (identical) foil, so the performance when shaving flat hairs for example will be pretty much the same. There’s no slit foil to capture and cut them more efficiently.

      I will probably order it and do a proper review in the future as well. But for now, that’s unfortunately all that I can say about the Twin-X.


  4. Polly’s Daughter

    I have tried to find the Panasonic ES-CV51 Arc 5 online. It doesn’t seem to exist. Not even at Panasonic.com. I did find a lot of razors with an LS code.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      I think I bought mine from amazon.de, it’s quite easy to get this model in Europe. On Panasonic.com it is not listed as the ES-CV51 (ES-CV70) wasn’t officially released in the USA. You can however get it on amazon.com.


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for the heads-up, Brandon. It’s definitely better to bring along a cable instead of a charger, that’s for sure. I still hope that the major manufacturers will start implementing USB type-C ports on all their shavers, not just on the travel models.


  5. Greg

    Thanks for the informative review. It seems there are a lot of people like me who are waiting for a decent shaver with USB-C. That way one charger can be used for my laptop and phone and shaver when travelling.

    In my experience Xiaomi makes good quality devices. I’d like to see your review of their shavers.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Greg. That was my experience as well with Xiaomi products, although I’ve never used any of their personal care products yet. But I will be getting some Xiaomi shavers and review them soon, they seem intriguing to say the least.


    2. Chan Chui Wan Di Di

      Yes Xiaomi make something good but don’t touch there shaver they are cheap and good looking, very bad performance and all break within a month I have try 3 model none are good.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Marc,

      I actually have that exact model, but it’s still in the box. I haven’t got the chance to try it, much less to review it. But I did buy it for the same reason — it looked promising. I will be posting a detailed review once I test it.


      1. Marc Morano

        I have just ordered the dual razor Panasonic and the catch seems to be that the two blades together are smaller than the one blade of. The cheaper Panasonic. They are two micro blades and the unit seems to spin slower than the one blade version. Not sure it is improved. Will two smaller blades clog more then one bigger one?

        Will try both and see.

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          The two shaving elements on the ES4815P are definitely smaller and narrower — can’t say right now how it will impact the performance.

          1. Marc Morano

            I tried both Panasonic Travel shavers and I can say that for me, the winner is clear. The Panasonic ES4815 with the dual smaller blades is superior by far. The smaller dual razors have much better flex on the contours of my face, shaves a bit closer and there is NO irritation! No matter how many times I go over the same spots, the ES4815 does not cause irritation. It has same comfort level as my Braun 9295 (not as close as the Braun, but just as irritation-free to use).

            On the other hand, the Panasonic ES3831K single-blade razor was brutal on my face, causing redness and bloody spots. It does feel like a miniature orbital sander, more rigid, less flex and lots of irritation.

            I only wish the duel razor Panasonic ES4815 had a trimmer, but otherwise, it is a far better shave for than the other offering from Panasonic.

  6. Marc Morano

    I would add that both of the Panasonic travel razors had trouble cutting longer flat hairs in the neck area. But the dual head ES4815 razor was closer overall of the two.

    1. Marc Peter Morano

      Update: I have decided that for anyone with thick fast growing beards that include longer flat hairs, travel razors without a pop up trimmer are not for you. If I use the Panasonic travel razor ES4815 after two days of not shaving its fine. If I wait 4 or more days, it is a mess. If all travel razors had a pop up trimmer for sideburns, etc, then you could use that trimmer on the longer hairs that the razor heads miss.

      1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

        Thank you for the update, Marc. I agree that it’s really useful, unfortunately not many compact shavers have one. It’s yet another reason why I like the Panasonic ES-CV51 the most. The price is quite high, even though I think it’s worth spending that much on it.


  7. Greg

    I recently bought the Xiaomi Mijia Shaver
    and for less than $16 this is a good shaver. It’s not as close a shave as my Panasonic ES-GA20 but it’s definitely good enough. Most importantly for me it has a USB-C rechargeable battery so I don’t need to pack a separate charger, I just use my phone/laptop charger. It is slower, so what is usually a 2 minute shave with the Panasonic takes about 4 minutes with the Xiaomi. Overall I’m happy with the Xiaomi.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for the comment, Greg. I am yet to try Xiaomi shavers, they seem indeed very decent for the price and as you said, the USB-C connector is something I would sldo like to see on all electric shavers. I have a few reviews coming already, but I will definitely try some from Xiaomi, hopefully sooner than later.


  8. Noel

    I think you may want to give the Braun 190s-1 a try as a travel shaver. I managed to get one by chance for USD$28 while planning on giving the m90 a try, and it’s quite decent.

    Slightly larger than the m90, but a lot lighter than a series 3. Also slightly lighter than my old faithful Panasonic es-st23.

    In comparison to the st23, it’s about as wide at the top, slightly wider at the bottom, slightly shorter, and slimmer. The charging block is similarly sized but a lot lighter (and doesn’t need a charging cradle).

    I usually go on 1 week long business trips with a single carry on luggage bag so both space and weight are a premium to me, and it doesn’t seem to take up much more space than a m90/60/30

    Shave wise, i can get about as clean a shave as the st23 as long as I remember to really stretch my skin and shave against the grain. Shaves terribly especially around the neck if you don’t. Takes longer, and requires more passes, but I do have more time to shave when traveling so its fine.

    The banana phone shape is great for grip and definitely necessary as it vibrates like it wants to give you a hand massage. The trimmer is also great.

    Other than these, the cap fits better than on most shavers and it covers the power button so you can’t accidently start it in the bag. Also it’s 100% necessary as the foil seems very thin and friendly.

    Oh, it’s also not very good for anything more than a day and a half of growth if you have quick growing coarse hair. My workaround was to gently glide it over as a “pre-shave trim” before shaving with the mentioned trick. Q

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for the detailed review, Noel. Those are some great insights. I did use a Series 1 back in the day and I recall that it shaved decently for a cheap single foil razor, but pretty similar overall to the M90. The trimmer is definitely better compared to the really small one on the M90. I will be updating this post soon and add a couple more shavers to the list.


    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Thank you for your comment. It’s definitely one of the better cheap shavers out there.



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