Braun Series 9 PRO+ Review: Better Than The Pro?

Review Summary

Pros: close and very comfortable shaves, powerful, versatile, suitable for sensitive skin, easy to use, great battery life, practical and effective cleaning station

Cons: pricey, not (yet) widely available

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[4 out of 5 stars]

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The Series 9 has been Braun’s high-end line of shavers for more than 8 years.

During this time we’ve seen a few relatively minor updates, the most significant ones being a battery size bump and a tweaked foil head.

And while most of us thought the 2021 Series 9 Pro would be the last hoorah of the Series 9 before its demise, Braun quietly released the Series 9 PRO+ in 2023.

The S9 PRO+ is now the latest and greatest Braun electric razor and competes with the likes of the Panasonic Arc 5/Arc 6 and the Philips S9000 (Prestige).

I finally managed to buy a Series 9 PRO+ and I’ve been testing it thoroughly for a few weeks.

Testing the new Braun Series 9 PRO+.

In this review, you’ll find out how good the new Braun Series 9 PRO+ is, how it compares to the previous Series 9 and Series 9 PRO, and whether it’s worth buying.

If you already own a Series 9 (Pro), you’ll also see if you should upgrade to the S9 PRO+ or hold on to your current shaver.

And finally, we’ll check out some alternatives from the competition that may be more suitable in some cases.

Let’s get started.

Braun S9 PRO+: a quick look

The Series 9 PRO+ first appeared a few months ago on ForMe, P&G’s (the parent company of Braun) online platform for testing unreleased products.

There are quite a few models in this new S9 PRO+ generation and the differences relate to accessories, colors, and of course price.

The performance is identical throughout the entire S9 PRO+ family.

The Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.
The Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.

My review unit is the Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc which comes with an automatic cleaning station and the basic travel case.

Other variations include a charging case (the same one that comes with the S9 Pro), a charging stand and a facial massage attachment (called ProComfort).

The Series 9 PRO+ 9590cc.
The Series 9 PRO+ 9590cc comes with a massage head and a cleaning station. Image credit: ForMe/Braun

The availability of the Series 9 PRO+ shavers was scarce at the moment of writing this review and you had the best chance to cop one from Europe.

Fortunately, many models are now available worldwide.

In the USA, the Series 9 PRO+ was released on October 12 and several variations are available: 9567cc, 9599cc, 9597cc, 9577cc and so on.

The 9567cc for example is absolutely identical to my 9565cc except for the color of the shaver: silver for the 9567cc and a darker Precious Metal for the 9565cc.

This review will be relevant for any other S9 PRO+ variation since the shaving performance is the same for all models.

And speaking of models, here’s a table that quickly summarises the current variations.

ModelTravel caseCleaning station
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9510s, Black (Matte)
TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9515s, Precious Metal (Matte)TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9517s, Silver (Matte)TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9519s, Gold (Matte)TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9520s, Black (Matte)Charging caseNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9525s, Precious Metal (Matte)Charging caseNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9527s, Silver (Matte)Charging caseNo (includes a charging stand)
**Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9550s, Black (Matte)TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
**Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9557s, Silver (Matte)TextileNo (includes a charging stand)
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9560cc, Black (Matte)TextileYes
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc, Precious Metal (Matte)TextileYes
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9567cc, Silver (Matte)TextileYes
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9569cc, Gold (Matte)TextileYes
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9570cc, Black (Matte)Charging caseYes
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9575cc, Precious Metal (Matte)Charging caseYes
Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9577cc, Silver (Matte)Charging caseYes
**Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9590cc, Black (Matte)TextileYes
**Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9597cc, Silver (Matte)TextileYes
**Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9599cc, Silver (Matte)Charging caseYes

** includes the above-mentioned ProComfort brush attachment.

Features overview

Let’s now take a swift look over the main features of the S9 PRO+ and the ones marketed as being new.

As you’ll see, there are a couple of things that could be misleading.

1. 4 shaving elements

Closeup of the Braun Series 9 PRO+ shaving head.

The Series 9 PRO+ comes with the same shaving head (aka cassette) as the Series 9 Pro, the 94M, which has 4 active cutters.

So the Series 9 PRO+ is still a 4-blade shaver, just like all the previous Series 9 variations.

On the official product pages and even on the box (check out the picture below), the copy states that it features 5 ProShave Elements.

Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc box.

The elusive 5th element is in Braun’s view that simple metal bar (called SkinGuard) that sits next to one of the active cutters.

You can see it below:

The SkinGuard element on the S9 PRO+ shaving head.
The SkinGuard bar on the S9 PRO+ shaving head.

That’s not an active cutter by anyone’s standards and should not be counted as one.

The Panasonic Arc 5 for example truly is a 5-blade foil shaver.

The 5-blade shaving head of a Panasonic Arc 5.
The 5-blade shaving head of a Panasonic Arc 5.

Moreover, Braun includes the hair trimmer as well for a total of 5+1.

We can probably all agree that a slide-out hair trimmer is separate from the shaving head unit and shouldn’t be counted alongside the other 4 cutters.

I wanted to explicitly mention the number of blades of the S9 PRO+ just to clear out any confusion — it has 4 active, independent cutters.

As such, there are two foil elements that cut the hair at skin level and two special trimmers for tackling longer, flat-lying hairs.

The Series 9 PRO+ shaving head structure.

The flexing of the shaving head is the same basic but extremely effective front-to-back swivel, just like on the original Series 9.

The flexing shaving head of the Series 9 PRO+.

Unlike Panasonic which makes a highly complex flexing head that’s just wobbly and not very useful, the S9 PRO+ head is a great example of simple and effective design.

The 4 cutters themselves also move independently and do so very smoothly and the range of motion is generous.

2. 40 000 cutting actions per minute

The Braun Series 9 PRO+.

Braun keeps using this somewhat confusing metric to showcase the motor speed.

Precisely, the blades oscillate at a rate of 10 000 cycles per minute and they multiply that by the number of blades (4, not 5), resulting in 40 000 cutting actions.

The S9 PRO+ uses a motor with the exact same rating as the S9 Pro and the standard Series 9, so there’s no upgrade in that regard.

Side note: Subjectively, the Series 9 PRO+ and the Pro feel just slightly more powerful. Specs-wise they shouldn’t, so it just might be my impression or a more aggressive setting for the sensor.

3. Sonic and AutoSense Technology

The S9 PRO+ in action.
Image credit: Braun

This is another carryover from the previous Series 9 generations.

The tiny vibrations induced by the motor help capture the hairs more effectively and feed them into the cutters.

Braun calls this Sonic technology.

The Series 9 PRO+ also automatically regulates the power of the motor depending on the beard’s density and thickness (AutoSense) — again, just like the previous Series 9 variations did.

Braun’s AutoSense is in my opinion one of the less intrusive technologies of this type (I was never able to detect any variations in sound/performance), which is a good thing in my opinion.

4. Wet/dry, cordless-only use

All Braun Series 9 PRO+ models are fully waterproof and suitable for wet/dry use.

The rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of cordless-only use.

None of the S9 PRO+ shavers will work with the cord plugged in.

5. New 6in1 SmartCare station

The new 6in1 Braun SmartCare station.

When I first saw the official pictures of the Braun S9 PRO+, I was immediately intrigued by the cleaning station which seemed to be different than the previous ones.

There was an obvious silver bevel at the top and it had SmartCare written on the front.

But moreover, it was now a 6-in-1 SmartCare center vs the previous 5-in-1, so it had to be different, right?

Well, no, actually.

It’s the same station, Type 5430, just like the one that came with the 93xx (standard) S9 and the 94xx S9 Pro.

The label inside the S9 PRO+ station showcasing the station model/type.
The label inside the S9 PRO+ station showcasing the station model/type.

It even works perfectly fine with those shavers  — I’ve tried it myself (more details in the cleaning section of the review).

The only differences are a couple of visual tweaks: the aforementioned silver bevel and a matte top part where the LED indicators are.

But on the inside the station is the same.

So why 6-in-1 instead of 5-in-1? There must be one extra thing that the S9 PRO+ station does and the previous one didn’t.

Well, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the S9 Pro and the S9 PRO+ box.

Braun 5-in-1 vs 6-in-1 SmartCare cleaning center.

As you can see, for the S9 PRO+ there’s an extra Protects blade lifetime feature.

I think we can all agree that the 5-in1 station also did that and the new one is essentially the same.

6. New ProTrimmer

The ProTrimmer of the new Braun Series 9 PRO+.

Finally, we have something that’s truly new on the Series 9 PRO Plus: a new slide-out hair trimmer.

Called a ProTrimmer, it now features a straight blade instead of the curved one we’ve seen on many Braun shavers (the old Series 5, the Series 8 and all the previous Series 9).

I think it’s a good move by Braun as the curved blade was ineffective and downright annoying to use.

In the performance section of the review I will get into more detail on how good the new S9 PRO+ trimmer is.

This pretty much sums up the main features of the Braun Series 9 PRO+.

As we’ve seen, most of them have been carried over from the Series 9 and Series 9 PRO, the only true novelty being the hair trimmer.

7. Warranty

The Series 9 PRO+ comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

However, if you register your shaver with P&G Consumer Relations you can benefit from an extended warranty.

This offer seems to be limited to only a handful of countries like the UK and Germany where registering your S9 PRO+ will get you an additional warranty of 3 years for a total of 5.

That is really impressive and if you can take advantage of it I think that alone is a major reason to get the Series 9 PRO+ over the Pro.

The 5-year warranty promotion only applies to the Series 9 PRO+ (in select countries).

The USA models unfortunately only benefit from the standard 2-year warranty.

Build quality and ergonomics

Side view of the Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.

The new Series 9 PRO+ looks very similar to the previous Series 9 Pro.

Both weigh exactly the same (207g/7.3oz) and unsurprisingly feel exactly the same in hand.

The Braun Series 9 PRO next to the Series 9 PRO+.
The Braun Series 9 Pro next to the Series 9 PRO+.

Apart from a few visual tweaks and that new trimmer, the S9 PRO+ appears to be essentially the same.

That said, the build quality is adequate for a shaver in this price range.

It doesn’t look or feel as premium as a metal Arc 5 or the Philips 9000 Prestige.

My S9 PRO+ 9565cc comes in a matte Precious Metal finish which looks identical to the previous Graphite color option.

The Series 9 PRO+ in hand.

The S9 PRO+ body is made entirely out of plastic and even the silver and gold accents are plastic, even though they may look like metal.

The plastic does however feel of better quality compared to the old glossy Series 9 models and has a nice texture.

I think the black accents on the front work well with the overall aesthetics of the shaver.

Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.

As mentioned previously, the shaving head is unchanged and that’s a good thing in my opinion.

Braun really nailed the flexing with the Series 9 and it is in my opinion one of the better foil shavers out there for dealing with hair on the jawline.

Closeup of the independently moving cutters.

And the head with the independently moving cutters has a lot to do with that.

Below the head, on the front part of the shaver there’s a textured thumb rest.

On the standard Series 9 the thumb rest used to double as a head locking switch:

The 2-in-1 thumb rest and head locking switch on the standard (non-PRO) Series 9.
The 2-in-1 thumb rest and head locking switch on the standard (non-PRO) Series 9.

But on the Series 9 Pro and PRO+, the switch was moved right below, probably in an attempt to eliminate any involuntary operation of the switch while shaving.

The separate thumb rest and head locking switch on the S9 PRO+.
The separate thumb rest and head locking switch on the S9 PRO+ (unlocked and locked, respectively).

The head locking mechanism works very well on the Series 9 PRO+.

In the free position, the head swivels freely from front to back.

You can lock it in a fixed position by sliding the switch down.

This can come in handy when shaving the hair below the nose and only use the uppermost foil to get into the tight space right below the nostrils.

Even if you force the head when locked, the ratcheting mechanism will simply move it into another fixed position (there are five of them).

The ON/OFF switch is the familiar round Series 9 button; it’s very clicky and doesn’t have a lot of travel.

Long pressing it will activate the travel lock and show a small red padlock icon on the display.

The activated travel lock on the Braun 9565cc.

To unlock it you must press and hold the power button again.

The display is the same one found on the 93xx standard Series 9 and on the 94xx Series 9 Pro.

It shows the battery level in 20% increments using 5 bars that will gradually turn off as you use the shaver.

On certain S9 PRO+ models like the 9565cc/9567cc the battery graphic will actually show a digit when there are approximately 9 minutes of battery life left (and go down as you use it).

The battery level indicator on the Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.

The same graphic is used to show the foil head (cassette) status — basically when the shaver considers you should replace it with a new one.

Right after you turn off the shaver, the battery level indicator will switch to the foil head indicator.

The foil head indicator showing a brand new cassette (5 bars).
The foil head indicator showing a brand new cassette (5 bars).

There will be a small foil head icon at the left of the bar stack. Initially, there will be 5 bars which means a new head.

The bars will gradually disappear as you continue using the shaver.

Other info like cleaning reminder (a couple of droplets) will also be shown.

It’s not the most advanced or impressive display, the graphics are somewhat fuzzy and there’s quite a bit of backlight bleed.

But it does the job and it’s pretty straightforward once you get used to the rather unintuitive way of showing the foil head status and the 9-minute countdown for the battery.

Ergonomically, I think the S9 PRO+ is very good, just like any of the previous Series 9 variations.

It’s lightweight for a 4-blade shaver and the head size is manageable, so I don’t think anyone will need much time to get used to it.

The back and sides are covered in a super grippy rubber-like material and the razor feels extremely secure in hand.

Series 9 PRO+ back.

Also on the back, there’s the new ProTrimmer and the two contact pins to connect the shaver to the cleaning & charging station.

The oval gold knob must be pressed down in order to slide out the trimmer.

On the bottom there’s the usual Braun two-prong charging port.

The charging port of the Braun S9 PRO+.

All Series 9 PRO+ models can be charged either directly with the cord or via the cleaning station.

Overall the wow factor of the S9 PRO+ is pretty much on the same level as it was before with the older Series 9 (Pro), so a bit underwhelming for a shaver in the same price range as a Panasonic Arc 6 or the new Philips S9000 Prestige.

That said, there’s also nothing inherently wrong with it and it gets the basics right which ultimately makes using it quite enjoyable and straightforward.

Included accessories

The accessories included with the Braun 9565cc.

While this review will be relevant for any Braun Series 9 PRO+ (they all shave exactly the same), the accessories will vary.

Here’s what came with my 9565cc.

  • Automatic cleaning & charging station
  • 1 cleaning cartridge
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charger
  • Hard textile travel case
  • Shaver + station instructions

The accessories included with this model are pretty standard for a cc Series 9 variation.

As you can see, there’s no protective cover for the foil head (Braun never made one for the Series 9).

Other Series 9 PRO+ models can come with some extra goodies, like the charging case, charging stand and a special massage brush that fits in place of the foil head.

The 94PS ProComfort massage head.

I managed to purchase the massage head separately (the part number is 94PS) and I will share more details in the performance section.

I already had a Braun PowerCase from my Series 9 Pro 9477cc so I tried it with the S9 PRO+.

The S9 PRO+ 9565cc inside the Braun PowerCase.
The S9 PRO+ inside the Braun PowerCase.

As expected, it works perfectly and it’s a good accessory if you plan on taking the shaver with you when traveling.

But keep in mind that it’s very bulky and heavy and if you’re going for a model with the PowerCase (like for example the 9577cc), you won’t get the textile case.

The standard hard textile case included with the 9565cc.
The standard hard textile case included with the 9565cc.

Braun also doesn’t give you any oil lubricant with the Series 9 PRO+ regardless if it’s a cc or solo model.

But there are of course alternatives available (more on that in the cleaning and maintenance section).

Battery life and charging

Since the 93xx generation, all subsequent Series 9 flankers have been cordless-only, including the latest S9 PRO+.

While this may be a deal-breaker for some, the battery reliability of Braun shavers has been rock solid in my experience.

Moreover, the Series 9 PRO+ comes with a pretty hefty rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can provide up to 60 minutes of use on a single charge.

Charging the Braun Series 9 PRO+.

And in practice, that number is pretty much spot on.

The S9 PRO+ is one of the best high-end shavers in terms of battery life, right up there with the Philips S9000 Prestige.

A Panasonic Arc 5 or Arc 6 will only give you about 40 to 45 minutes worth of shaving time before you need to plug it in.

And speaking of it, the Series 9 PRO+ comes with the typical Braun charger we’ve had for years.

It has a universal voltage adapter, so you can use it anywhere in the world — you may need a basic plug adapter though.

The battery charges from 0 to 100% in about 50 minutes which is quite good.

Again, a Series 9 PRO+ (cc or solo) can be charged either directly with the cord or when placed inside the SmartClean center.

The 5-minute quick charge function is present here as well, allowing you to get just enough power for a quick shave when the battery is completely depleted.

Braun S9 PRO+ shaving performance

Braun S9 PRO+ shaving performance.

Whenever Braun launches a new shaver, especially one that is supposed to be the best one yet, there’s a lot of interest from potential buyers.

And current Series 9 and Series 9 Pro owners may also wonder if it’s a worthy upgrade.

I admit I was just as curious before finally being able to buy and use one.

I’ve been testing my Series 9 PRO+ for a few weeks, trying to shave in a variety of scenarios so I can get a good idea of the shaver’s strengths and weaknesses.

I own all of the previous Series 9 variations as well, so I was able to compare them directly with the S9 PRO+ — I even used three different shavers in the same session just so I could notice even the subtle differences.

So let’s see how good the new Braun S9 PRO+ is in the real world.

As usual, I will break down the performance section into several chunks, starting of course with the closeness.

Closeness of the shave

The Braun Series 9 PRO+.

The Braun shavers in the Series 9 range always have shaved close enough but were never class-leading.

With the introduction of the Series 9 Pro (which felt slightly more powerful and had a new bitier cassette), there was a slight improvement.

But it was still no Arc 5 which is in my opinion the closest shaving razor without any major compromises.

The latest Series 9 PRO+ shaves just as close as the Series 9 Pro, which is again excellent but not the very best out there.

It’s difficult to quantify closeness, so it’s more of a subjective feel.

I usually gauge it by looking at three things:

  • How smooth the skin feels when I run my hand over the face
  • How it looks when viewed up close
  • How fast does the 5 o’clock shadow show up

It’s not the most scientific and accurate way of evaluating closeness but it should still be good enough.

The Series 9 PRO+ shaved really close on my cheeks and neck and even on the jawline.

It was very effective and with minimal effort, I got a perfectly smooth shave.

On my chin however and below the nose where my beard is particularly thick and coarse, the closeness could have been a bit better.

I could feel and even see some stubble if I really tried to.

It was still great for my personal standards, but not quite as good as what I would get from an Arc 5 or Arc 6.

The result was perfectly in line with what I expected, knowing that the S9 PRO+ comes with the same motor and shaving head as the S9 Pro.

The closeness is overall very good in my opinion, but it’s not the standout feature of this razor.


The comfort on the other hand was just superb.

I know I said in the past that the new 94M cassette that debuted on the Pro models is a bit more aggressive than the previous 92 heads, but it’s a very subtle difference.

I think it’ll be perfectly suitable even for men with very sensitive skin.

There’s a very low risk of getting irritation and razor bumps. I know this because I get them with other shavers, especially on my neck and chin.

I didn’t have any such issues while I shaved with the S9 PRO+.

This is again unsurprising considering the similarities with the previous S9 versions which were stellar in terms of comfort.

The highly flexible shaving elements of the Series 9 PRO+.
The highly flexible shaving elements of the Series 9 PRO+.

The four cutters have a lot of give and are very forgiving even if you press too much.

The Series 9 PRO+ always feels adequately powerful and it’s one of the more enjoyable, easy-to-use shavers out there.

I only had one minor issue which isn’t specific to the PRO+, but to the Series 9 in general.

When shaving longer stubble (3 days+) and you move the head too quickly or lift it before stopping, it can occasionally snag some hairs, especially the ones on the chin or neck.

And that can hurt. Luckily this doesn’t happen unless I’m sloppy. I think it’s the gold ProLift cutter with its very wide slots that can pull the hair.

Overall the Braun Series 9 PRO+ is a very gentle, comfortable and forgiving shaver, perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

I recommend using the razor with a good pre-shave lotion when you shave dry.

Speick pre electric shave lotion.

It just makes it a bit better in every aspect, from closeness to comfort and also the time it takes to complete the shave.

My personal favorite is the Speick Pre-shave lotion, it pairs perfectly with all Series 9 variations.

Shaving longer/difficult stubble

Braun markets the new S9 PRO+ as being capable of shaving up to 7 days of beard growth (just like the previous Pro).

And while I don’t think all users will be able to get a great shave with a 7-day beard, it is doable.

But a more reasonable length will pose no problem for this shaver.

It is one of the more capable electric razors for shaving longer, flat-lying hairs or even hairs that grow in different directions.

The Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.

Seen the price on Amazon

I tried it on a 4-day beard (I think that’s the most it can effortlessly handle in my case) and it was very effective and comfortable.

The hair on my neck stays completely flat on the skin and I also have a few areas with swirls of hair which are always tricky to shave.

I got a smooth shave without much effort and I know from past experience that most other foil razors would have struggled.

S9 PRO+ shaving head.

I think the S9 PRO+ would be a great option for men who shave less often or don’t have a very regular schedule.

Then again, the S9 Pro or even the standard S9 will also be very effective in this situation.

Any improvements in the way this series handles difficult hair would have been incremental.

In this regard, I can safely say that the S9 PRO+ really is class-leading.

Shaving the head

Any electric shaver can be used as a head shaver provided the hair is short.

Men who shave their head often use the same tool on the face and it’s just more practical to have a single device to handle everything.

And while I don’t shave my head, I do cut my hair myself (new skill developed during lockdown) and use a foil shaver for a bald skin fade on the sides and back of my head.

The Series 9 Pro was one of the best I’ve used in this manner and so is the S9 PRO+.

It’s impressively effective, fast and conforms so well to the bony parts of my skull and the shave is very close.

The comfort is the best I ever got from a shaver, especially on the back of my head where I would often get serious irritation and even bumps.

I didn’t get any with the S9 PRO+ and I can 100% recommend it as a head shaver should you need one.

I’ve only used it dry on my head, but I am sure it’ll work just as well with shaving cream or gel.

Wet shaving

Regardless of the model you end up buying, the Series 9 PRO+ will be suitable for wet/dry use.

So shaving cream, gel or even shaving in the shower are all available to try.

I’m not a fan of the latter, so I only wet shaved with my S9 PRO+ 9565cc using shaving cream.

I’ve constantly said that for most users, shaving dry with a Braun razor will probably be the best compromise in terms of closeness, comfort, (minimal) prep work and cleaning.

And I still think that’ll be the case with the Series 9 PRO+.

But I’m not saying wet shaving with it is bad — on the contrary.

It’s an extremely enjoyable experience, the comfort is just sublime and the closeness even a bit better, especially on the neck in my case.

But it does take longer and you need to thoroughly clean your shaver afterward.

I recommend using a very thin, slick, and watery layer of lather when shaving, not the fluffy foam from a pressurized can.

For more details, you can also check out my guide on wet shaving with an electric razor.

The new hair trimmer

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the very few true novelties of the Series 9 PRO+ compared to the Series 9 is a new hair trimmer.

The new hair trimmer.

Called a Precision ProTrimmer, Braun says it is enhanced with surgical-grade stainless steel.

The previous iteration of this slide-out trimmer, found on all the Series 9 variations, including the Pro, was underwhelming, to say the least.

It had a curved blade, it was cumbersome to hold at the right angle and wasn’t very effective at catching the hairs.

The old (curved) vs new (straight edge) trimmer.
The old (curved) vs new (straight edge) trimmer.

The new trimmer on this latest Series 9 PRO+ is an improvement over the old one — it is a bit easier to use and more effective, mainly because it is now straight instead of curved.

But this ProTrimmer is essentially the same, it’s not a significant upgrade.

It’s still not very practical since it’s so close to the shaver’s body.

And you can’t really hold it at an optimal angle relative to the skin because the head will get in the way.

It will work reasonably well for trimming the occasional stray hairs or tweaking the sideburns/moustache.

Panasonic and Braun hair trimmers.
Panasonic and Braun hair trimmers.

However, it’s still not as close-shaving, effective, practical or capable as a Panasonic integrated trimmer, the best by far in my opinion.

The ProComfort massage head

The ProComfort massahe head on the S9 PRO+.

Among the usual accessories shipped with the new Series 9 PRO+, there was a novelty as well.

A so-called ProComfort massage brush that was supposed to lift and prime the hairs, allowing you to get a closer and more comfortable shave.

And I must admit I simply thought of it as a mere gimmick. But I was still pretty intrigued, especially after some users told me that it actually works.

Luckily, I managed to buy one soon after and I was able to try it.

The part number is Braun 94PS and at least for now it only seems to be available separately in Europe.

This accessory is essentially a soft silicone brush with short bristles bolted on a cassette frame.

It comes with a handy travel case and the case cover doubles as a drying stand for the massage attachment.

The massage brush comes in a nice travel case.

Using it is dead simple — you just remove the foil cassette of your Series 9/9 Pro/9 PRO+ and snap the massage attachment in its place.

Important: you need to press both foil release buttons on the sides of the shaving head, otherwise the brush won’t fit.

Fitting the massage head.

Once the massage brush is securely in place, slide the head locking switch down in the locked position, turn the shaver on and start massaging the skin on your face and neck, focusing on going against the hair grain.

It’s very important to have the switch in the locked position, otherwise you just won’t be able to apply enough pressure in an efficient manner.

I also like to leave the head in the most angled forward position before locking it in place. This makes it ideal to massage the stubble against the grain.

The ProComfort head works best with the head locked and angled forward.

The bristles of the brush are soft and very comfortable on the skin even though there’s some resistance and don’t just glide on the skin.

The vibrations induced by the motor feel nice and the whole experience is quite enjoyable.

I usually massage the parts that are tricky to shave, like the neck, chin and moustache area.

I do this for less than two minutes, then I apply the pre-shave lotion and start to shave.

So does the Braun massage brush actually work?

Well, to my surprise, it does. And it’s actually very good.

Using the Braun massage head with the Series 9 PRO+.

Whenever I used it, my shave was just better. The hairs were cut with less effort and in fewer passes and I would say that the closeness was better as well.

And it makes perfect sense when you think about what this massage brush actually does.

It loosens the hair inside the follicle and makes it stand clear of any tiny skin tissue that clings to it.

This allows the shaver to cut it really close to the skin and minimizes the risk of nicks.

I think the brush will be particularly beneficial if you have flat-lying hairs. But even if you don’t you’ll still see an improvement.

I did not expect the brush to be that effective but it is and I actually think it’s worth getting.

The availability of the separate attachment is limited, so you might want to purchase a model that comes bundled with it, like the Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9597cc.


The Braun Series 9 (regardless of version or generation) is in my opinion among the quieter foil shavers out there.

It’s better in that regard than other Braun series or other foil shavers from Panasonic.

But it is still loud compared to a rotary Philips for example.

If you’re very sensitive to constant buzzing noise close to your ears, you will probably still be bothered by it.

Noise is subjective and I’m very used to it having used electric shavers for more than 20 years, so my impression may not be the most relevant.

Cleaning and maintenance

With the S9 PRO+, you have the option of cleaning it manually or automatically (if it came with a cleaning station or you have one from a previous 93xx Series 9 or 94xx Series 9 Pro).

I’ll first go over the manual cleaning routine and then check out the new SmartClean station of the Series 9 PRO+.

Manual cleaning

Foil electric razors are generally easy to clean provided they’re waterproof.

And all versions of this series are.

Being able to just rinse the shaver clean with warm water is a huge time saver and makes cleaning a breeze.

And even if current Braun shavers use these cassettes with the blades integrated into a single piece, they’re still fairly easy to clean manually.

The cassette of the Braun Series 9 PRO+.

The S9 PRO+ is in that regard identical to every Series 9 variation before it.

If you opt for a solo model or simply don’t want to use the station after every shave (which is what I personally do), then you’ll need to clean your S9 PRO+ manually.

This is how I usually do it.

Once I finish my (dry) shave, I turn the razor off, remove the foil head and very lightly tap out the bulk of hairs trapped inside.

Always tap just the plastic frame, never the foils as they will get damaged.

The Series 9 PRO+ does a fine job of capturing most of the clipped hairs, so very few end up on my forearm and t-shirt.

After that, I put the cassette back on, turn the razor on and rinse the head with warm tap water for about 10 seconds.

Cleaning the shaver with water.

Every once in a while, I like to also add a few drops of liquid hand soap on the outside of the foil (with the shaver still turned on).

I let it run for another 10 to 15 seconds, using my finger to distribute the soap evenly and coat all the cutters.

Cleaning the shaving head with soap.

I then proceed to rinse the shaving head again with water.

I turn off the razor, remove the cassette and give it one good final rinse.

I shake off the water and pat everything with a clean towel.

I always leave the shaver air dry with the head removed until the next morning.

Air drying the shaving head.

If you put the head back on while is still damp, the water will take a lot longer to evaporate and the head can get a funky odor in time.

The soap part of the manual cleaning is optional but I think it’s highly beneficial in the long run, especially if you don’t have or don’t use the cleaning station.

I would however highly recommend it after every shave if you use shaving cream. Lather from shaving cream/gel is notoriously difficult to remove with water alone.

Faint traces inside the cassette will build up over time and will be difficult to remove later on.

Automatic cleaning

If I had to describe the new 6-in-1 SmartClean station, I’d say it’s the same but (a bit) different.

But at the core is the same — it even has the exact Type (5430) as the stations shipped with the previous 93xx Series 9 and 94xx Series 9 Pro.

However, the cleaner that comes with the Series 9 PRO+ has a couple of visual tweaks.

The most obvious is the silver bevel at the top which does make it look nicer.

The new Braun 6-in-1 SmartClean station.

The slanted top part of the station is now matte, while with 93xx and 94xx stations it used to be glossy.

Glossy black plastic shows scuffs, hairline scratches, and dust a lot easier, so I think it’s a good move.

The LED lights for low fluid and the three droplets for the cleaning program are also now more visible in the off state.

Closeup with the top part of the 6-in-1 station.

But overall, these are minor changes.

The station is essentially the same as before, with 3 cleaning modes and active drying.

My 9565cc S9 PRO+ came with this new cleaning station and a cleaning cartridge.

Setting up the station is very straightforward.

First, you need to connect the cord to the port on the side of the station and plug it into an outlet.

You then pop open the station by pressing the large oval button at the back.

The SmartClean station with the cartridge inside.

The cleaning cartridge has a seal that you must remove before putting it inside the station.

Tip: Make sure you hold the cartridge firmly pressed onto a hard surface while removing the seal — otherwise the cartridge might just tip over or spill when the cover finally comes out.

Braun CCR cleaning cartridge.

Store the cover somewhere safe (you will need it later on) and then slide the cartridge into the station from the back until it clicks securely in place.

Close the station and you’re all set.

Before placing the shaver into the cleaning station, make sure the head locking switch is in the free position — otherwise the shaver may not sit properly.

As soon as the shaver is in the correct position, you will hear a beep confirming that it’s now connected to the station and it will begin charging immediately.

The shaver charging in the cleaning station.
The shaver placed in the cleaning station (notice the three droplets being lit up).

The station will also evaluate the hygiene status of the shaver and automatically select a cleaning program: short, standard or intensive.

It will show the selected mode via the droplet symbols: one for short, two for normal and three for intensive.

If the shaver is considered clean, then no droplet will be shown.

Side note: if no cleaning mode is shown (meaning the shaver is clean), the short program will always be selected if you still decide to run it.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the station can’t really determine how clean the shaver is.

It will only take into account if it was turned on (and for how long) since the last automatic cleaning.

Even if it’s squeaky clean (from a manual cleaning with water and soap), it might still select an intensive cleaning if you haven’t used the station in a while.

And speaking of the intensive mode, the station tends to prefer that one for most of the time.

Mine would almost always select it, sometimes even after a single short dry shave.

That said, the differences between the three modes are not that significant.

The standard cleaning mode (two droplets) being selected.
The standard cleaning mode (two droplets) being selected.

For example, the short cleaning program lasts a little over one minute, the standard mode one minute and 40 seconds, while the intensive one little over two minutes.

So there won’t be major differences between the effectiveness of the cleaning or how much cleaning fluid is being saved.

But getting back to the actual cleaning, once you press the station’s button, it will start the routine.

The Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc during the automatic cleaning.
The Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc during the automatic cleaning.

In the cleaning phase, the shaver will be turned on and off, while the station will pump cleaning fluid from the cartridge into the cleaning chamber, flushing it through the shaving head.

This will go on for 1 to 2 minutes (depending on the selected program).

After that, the drying phase will begin.

The shaver during the drying phase (all lights are turned off on the shaver's display).
The shaver during the drying routine (all lights are turned off on the shaver’s display).

The Series 9 station uses a fan that blows air through a tiny slot at the front of the cleaning chamber.

Other stations use inductive heating and a fan (like Panasonic) which is more effective than only one or the other.

During the drying phase, the S9 PRO+ shaver won’t charge — the charging will only resume once the drying is done.

And speaking of that, it takes around 40 minutes after which the fan will be turned off. You can also do it sooner by pressing the station’s button once.

The shaving head is definitely dryer compared to how it was at the beginning of the drying cycle (dripping wet), but it’s not bone dry.

The foils and especially the inside of the cassette will still be a bit damp, so I usually take it out of the station, remove the cassette, and let it dry for another hour — that should be more than enough.

The Braun cleaning fluid has a high alcohol concentration, so it will dry quickly.

That’s also the reason why I recommend removing the cartridge from the station and putting the cover back on (make sure you don’t misplace it).

This will help a lot with saving cleaning fluid and you won’t have to replace the cartridge as often.

How often then? Well, it highly depends on how often you use the station.

If you alternate between manual and automatic cleaning, you should be able to use the same cartridge for a few months.

You can also buy a few third-party cleaning solutions that work well and cost less.

I find the Series 9 (PRO+) station quite useful and practical and I usually go for the cc models since they don’t cost a lot more.

The shaving head is always perfectly clean and sanitized.

Also, the third-party solutions are very reasonably priced and some users even make their own.

But station or no station — that’s entirely up to you. Some users just don’t want to mess around with cleaning stations and refills.

Also, you can just buy the station later on (Type 5430) if you change your mind, it should work perfectly with a solo Series 9 PRO+ (like the 9527s for example).

An older station from a Series 9 93xx or 94xx will also work.

I generally use the station once or twice a week and just clean the shaver manually as described above in the meantime.

It’s a good compromise that will keep the shaver clean and save cleaning fluid.


If you use a cleaning station regularly, you don’t need to lubricate your Series 9 PRO+ in addition to that.

The cleaning fluid also acts as a lubricant and it’s quite effective.

If you only clean the shaver manually it’s recommended to lubricate the cutters yourself.

Once or twice a week should be enough in most cases.

Oster Blade Lube

You can use either a light mineral oil (like clipper oil) or a spray lubricant for electric shavers.

There’s the Andis CoolCare Plus which is very effective and conveniently priced for its size or even Braun’s very own cleaning spray.

I will however recommend lubricating the blades after every cleaning that involves soap (with either a spray lubricant or oil).

Soap will remove any traces of oil/lubricant, so it’s important to do it after every such cleaning.

Just make sure the blades are dry before applying the oil or spray.

If you choose the spray, I would let the product evaporate completely before shaving.

Replacement parts availability

The 2023 Braun Series 9 PRO+ comes with the 94M cassette that debuted on the previous Series 9 Pro.

It is now readily available and you should be able to source it easily no matter where you live.

Braun 94M Replacement Head


See the price on Amazon

Tip: The previous 92M/92s/92b cassettes that come on the standard Series 9 will also fit the Series 9 PRO+.

The differences compared to the 94M are rather subtle, so the 92 cassettes are a viable alternative if for example you can get one for less money.

94M and 92s cassttes.
94M (top) and 92s (bottom) cassettes.

In the past, the 94M used to cost a lot more than the 92 series heads, but nowadays the prices tend to be similar.

According to Braun, you should replace the foil head (cassette) of your Series 9 PRO+ every 18 months.

In practice, you would replace it when the shaver won’t give you a decent shave anymore (in terms of comfort, closeness and effectiveness — how long it takes to complete your shave).

For that reason, relying entirely on the foil replacement notification is probably not the best approach.

You should always decide when to replace the cassette based on how well it shaves.

That said, you may need to do it sooner (or later) than the recommended 18 months.

A lot of variables will come into play and determine how fast the blades will wear out.

The frequency of shaving, the coarseness of your beard, and regular cleaning and lubrication will have a major impact.

You can reset the foil head replacement notification on your Braun S9 PRO+ by pressing and holding the power button for (at least) 8 seconds.

Or it will reset automatically after a few shaves.

Again, the razor can’t truly assess the state of the cassette; it’s a time-based counter that makes an assumption based on how long it was used since the last reset.

In that regard, it is similar to the hygiene status.

Braun Series 9 PRO+ vs Series 9 Pro vs Series 9

Braun Series 9 PRO+ vs Series 9 PRO vs Series 9: Which one to buy?

If you are planning to buy the Series 9 PRO+ or you’re wondering how it stacks up against the previous Series 9 versions, here is exactly what you need to know.


The Braun Series 9 PRO+ shaves just as close as the Series 9 Pro, no differences whatsoever.

The standard Series 9 is maybe just slightly behind, but the differences are marginal.

Please note that my S9 Pro was only used a couple of times before this and I put a brand new 92M cassette on my standard Series 9.

So the comparison was fair.

If you were to get the S9 PRO+ as an upgrade for a 6-month-old (or more) S9 or S9 Pro, it would be better, but mainly thanks to its sharp, new blades.


No surprises here either — all three are extremely similar, with maybe a slight advantage for the regular (non-PRO) Series 9.

The Pro and PRO+ are a bit grabbier, which makes the standard S9 seem slightly gentler.

But all of them are among the most comfortable shavers out there.

I would also say they’re just as capable for shaving longer stubble and will work great for someone who shaves twice a week or even less.

The PRO 94M cassette is marketed by Braun as being better with longer hair but to me, all of them seem just as good.


The Series 9 PRO+ only brings three actual changes compared to the Series 9 Pro: the new hair trimmer, a few visual tweaks and the cleaning station with the silver bevel and matte top surface.

Series 9 PRO and Series9 PRO+.

That’s really it — everything else is carried over from the Pro.

The older standard Series 9 is itself very similar in terms of features, the main difference being the head locking switch that also doubles as a thumb rest.

On the Pro and PRO+ there’s a separate switch below the thumb rest.

Price and value for money

As with any newly launched shaver, the PRO+ costs more than other Series 9 models.

And since we saw that performance-wise and feature-wise it is very similar, the standard S9 and S9 Pro offer better value for money.


Right now the Braun Series 9 PRO+ is available in several variations (with various accessories) in several countries (from Europe in particular).

However, many of them are out of stock, at least for now.

In the USA the Series 9 PRO+ will be available as of October 12.

More versions will become available later on and in more countries as well, but right now it is a lot easier to buy the standard Series 9 or the Series 9 Pro.

Key takeaway

If you already own a Series 9 (Pro) and it works well, I don’t think you should upgrade.

If you’re looking to buy a shaver, the standard Series 9 or Series 9 Pro will generally cost less, so those would be my personal picks.

I think price should be a decisive factor.

The Series 9 PRO+ is now the latest and I guess we can say it’s the best, although the improvements are minor.

If you don’t mind paying more, it’s an excellent shaver, just like the previous ones.

Wrapup: Should you buy the Braun Series 9 PRO+?

The overall performance of the Braun Series 9 PRO+ is excellent, with close and comfortable shaves no matter the stubble length.

Braun Series 9 PRO+

Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9565cc.

See the price on Amazon

It’s a very powerful, smooth, capable shaver and a safe bet for pretty much anyone.

The S9 PRO+ will be a perfectly suitable choice for men with sensitive skin and can handle very coarse hair as well.

I think a beginner and a seasoned user alike will enjoy shaving with it.

However, the exact same things can be said about the Series 9 Pro. And that one is already widely available and the price is lower.

Braun Series 9 Pro


See the price on Amazon

Moreover, even the standard Series 9 which usually costs even less than the Pro is almost identical performance-wise and is compatible with the so-called 94M PRO head.

So unless you just want the latest version, the older Series 9 and Series 9 Pro are probably a better buy, at least right now.

Further reading: For all the details and differences, you can check out my Series 9 comparison guide.

The Braun S9 PRO+ is a really good shaver, but I would rather save some money and get the S9 Pro which will give me the same shave.

Let’s now check out a couple of non-Braun options.


The Panasonic Arc 6 would be a worthy alternative to the Braun Series 9 PRO+ if you’re mainly interested in a close shave and you usually shave often.

The Panasonic Arc 6 next to the Series 9 PRO+.

These ifs are very important as the Arc 6 will perform optimally on short hair that grows relatively straight.

It’s a great shaver that impresses through its power and the closeness of the shave.

The Arc 6 is also very comfortable for a Panasonic.

The problem with the Arc 6 is still that it costs a lot, even more than a similarly specced S9 PRO+.

For example, a solo Arc 6 like the ES-LS8A (no cleaning station) costs about as much as a Series 9 PRO+ with a cleaning station.

A more budget-friendly alternative would be a Panasonic Arc 5 (aka Series 900) which is very similar to the 6-blade Arc 6 but usually costs a lot less.

A Japan-exclusive Panasonic Arc 5.

The newer Arc 5 models are very similar to the Arc 6, so if that one was a good match for you but out of your budget, definitely consider the Arc 5.

An older Arc 5 model (and no cleaning station) like the ES-LV65 or ES-LV67 can even be bought for a fraction of the Arc 6 price.

Just keep in mind that the older Arc 5 razors aren’t as comfortable as the Arc 6 or the newer Arc 5 (like the ES-LV9Q or Series 900).

But unless you have sensitive skin, those should still be fine — and again they work best on short stubble.

The hair trimmers on the Arc 5 and Arc 6 are also much better than even this new S9 PRO+ ProTrimmer.

That pretty much sums up the new Braun S9 PRO+.

If you have any other questions or you’d like to share your experience using Braun’s new flagship shaver, make sure to leave a comment below.

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Hey. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of ShaverCheck. I independently buy and test electric shavers and I’ve been sharing my findings on this site for more than 10 years, hopefully helping others choose a suitable shaver.

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  1. Ovidiu,

    Thanks for posting! You are the man.

    With regards to wet shaving, my take from your review is that the Pro Plus is better with this than the Pro?

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    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you so much for the comment. It is exactly the same as the PRO, I think my thoughts on wet shaving with the PRO might have come across a bit too harsh. I probably need to update that review to better convey the message.


  2. Very nice review. I don’t know why all the razors that are good have to have a wet feature that makes them not usable when plugged in. Would you be able to suggest a very good Braun razor that can be charged to use cordless but in the case you forgot to charge it you can use it corded. I had an old Braun Series 7 that I used corded after the battery would not charge well. I even used it after the self cleaner stopped working. It was great. In short I am looking for a very good Braun razor that can be used cordless AND corded. It does not even need a self cleaning station. It needs to give a very close clean shave and move around the face smoothly. An attached sideburn trimmer is needed also.

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      My guess is that there are less potential headaches for the manufacturers (safety related).

      Unfortunately Braun only makes cordless-only shavers in the mid-range and high-end series. So the only one still available (with corded and cordless operation) would be the Series 3 ProSkin (for example, the 3000s model). It can come with or without a hair trimmer, there seems to be a new one that has it, but the model name is still the same, so you don’t really know what you’re getting. The 3020s and 3030s on the other hand definitely have it, but it’s not as easy to find them for some reason.

      None of the more advanced Braun shavers like the Series 8 (very similar to your Series 7) or Series 9 will work with the cord plugged in. The original Series 9 (90xx) did include a couple of corded & cordless models but have been discontinued for a long time.

      If you absolutely want a high-end, advanced shaver that also works when plugged in, the only option is a Panasonic Arc 5 made for the Japanse market, so you will need to import it from Japan. You can check out my Arc 5 guide for the exact model names, there are quite a few of them.


  3. I am astounded and grateful for one of the best reviews I have ever read on any product. You are thorough, informative and incredibly detailed. You’re knowledgeable and the helpful reviews are just the crown on the head. Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks Ovi, excellent review as always, thanks for your time and trouble for doing these reviews and savings us money or helping make decisions!

  5. I own the Panasonic ES LV 97, for 2 years.
    Changed the foil & cutters , but it didn’t change the fact that it’s not a close shave anymore..
    What’s the best closer shave shaver?

    • I would still pick the Arc 5 as the closest shaving razor. The Arc 6 shaves just as close, but it costs significantly more.

      Would it be possible you didn’t get an original Panasonic foil+blades set? Normally with the new replacement parts you should see an immediate and obvious improvement.


  6. Great review!

    Did you manage to get the face massager tool or any of the other “accessories” yet?

    I’m not sure where Braun can go to advance past the Series 9 model – the Series X already exists as a beard trimmer (Braun’s take on the Philips OneBlade), so unless they jump to a higher number, we will likely just see the Series 9 monarch continued to be used, albeit subtitled with words like “Pro” and “Plus” and the like.

    • Thanks so much. Not yet I’m afraid, but I will be on the lookout for the massage head and update the review once I try it.

      With the Series 9 I think it would be pretty difficult to keep adding names/numbers/symbols to the already convoluted Series 9 PRO+. They might just come up with a totally new one, but I wouldn’t dismiss Series 10 altogether just because of the Series XT — it has a lot of marketing potential and it is the logical name to follow the Series 9. But of course I could be wrong, so we shall see.


      • They could call their next shaver the Braun Series 9 Pro+ Ultra.

        Thanks a lot for this highly informative and detailed review.
        Braun’s website makes it look like they’re using some sort of new shaving head with the Pro+, because Braun is mentioning that it can shave hairs down to 0.05mm. But since the Plus is using the same 94M head, it’s just a marketing speech.

        I’m so glad for your review and that you mention all these important details. I guess I’ll keep my Braun Series 9 Pro for now and wait for a really good sale for the Pro+ down the road.

        • That’s true — after all, Samsung does it successfully with their smartphones. 🙂

          Thanks so much for the comment, really glad you found the review informative.


  7. Ovidiu thanks for the review, as usual very professional and thorough. I, personally, have owned a Braun series 9 for 8 years and a pandanonic arch 5 for 5 years with which I have obtained good shaves both dry and with foam.
    However, since I purchased the Philips s9000 with dual precision steel blades last year, I have put aside both Braun and Panasonic, as I get a much closer, more precise and faster dry shave than the other two razors. I had purchased the Philips just out of curiosity, having never tried a razor with rotary blades, and I was pleasantly surprised by its performance which I didn’t think could be so superior compared to the other 2 more renowned brands.

    • Hi Giuseppe,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      Your experience with these three shavers just goes to show that things can be different for different users. Seems like a rotary just works better for you and I’m glad you had the curiosity to try it. For most users a foil shaver will be a safer bet but as you can certainly tell, that’s not always case.


      • ovidiu you are absolutely right. I too was a firm believer that foil razors would work better on me. Until I tried the Philips with which I found myself much better. in 30 seconds I can do my daily dry shave with excellent results both in terms of depth and precision even on the chin and throat, where with Braun and Panasonic I obtained poor results despite various measures adopted following the advice of specialized sites including yours which is the best of all.

        • That’s awesome, always use whatever works best for you. A clean shave in less than a minute is outstanding, I can’t even dream of getting it done that quickly no matter the shaver.

          Thank you again for the support and feedback, I’m truly grateful.


      • I like my Series-7, and 9 Braun Shavers but lately have been enjoying the shave I get from my S9000 Philips. Since I swapped in the Prestige shaver head my shaves have been comfortable and smooth. My home-made alcohol free cleaning solution is working well. It is a mixture of liquid dish soap, liquid glycerine, tea tree oil, and filtered water. The Brauns still rule when it comes to doing haircuts and neck shaves.

        • Hi Clayton,

          Thank you for the comment. Sounds great to me. Curious if you’re using the home-made solution for cleaning the Prestige as well as the Braun shavers. I would guess you are submerging the heads and letting the shavers run in the solution.


  8. Thank you for such thorough review. I recently purchased a series 9 PRO and now I’m « relieved » that the main difference with PRO+ is the ProTrimmer, which I do not use anyway 🙂
    It worth noting another difference in favor of the previous PRO series: the standard case that came with my 9465 PRO is in leather while the one with PRO+ is now textile.

    • Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      That is correct, with the PRO+ you’re either getting the charging case or just the standard textile one. The leather case might be available again with some future (region-specific) 95xx models.


  9. Great review Ovidiu as always, and thanks! Might be tempted to try the “Plus” version when it comes to the States, just for the trimmer change, but like you I find the S9 and Pro versions to be almost identical and probably the pinnacle of Braun’s output right now. Currently just switched my Fall shaver from the Prestige to Panny’s Arc 6, and I find for a foil the Panasonic gives me a better shave – marginally quieter, closer, and more comfortable (daily shaver, always wet). I switch regularly because I find long-term foil shaving gives me more ingrown hairs (I attribute to the way they cut the hair at skin level compared to a rotary – Braun slightly worse than Panasonic), but long-term rotary shaving is less comfortable and never as close. I do like Braun’s cleaning system better than Panasonic’s, and you get a cleaner AND sanitized razor with it – in a few weeks I’ll probably switch back to the Pro. Always something new on the horizon, and I’ll be on the lookout for your review of Braun’s Series 10XXX!

    • Hi Allan,

      Thanks so much, I appreciate the feedback.

      Your rotation definitely makes sense. Panasonic really nailed it with the Arc 6, it’s not easy to ace closeness and the ingrown hairs problem. In my case the Series 9 (regardless of variation) is slightly better but both are stellar in that regard.

      I’m also eager to try the Series 9 successor — no idea when we’ll get it, but I will buy it as soon as it drops.


  10. Hi, and thanks for the EXCELLENT review!

    Although it wasn’t something you covered in your review, I wanted to ask about the warranty on these Braun shavers. I noticed that the front of the package on the series 9 Pro+ mentions a 5-year warranty. Is that different than on the earlier series 9 and the series 9 Pro? Is it the same?

    And more importantly, I wanted to ask how important “warranty” is in making a purchasing decision, in your opinion?

    And lastly, if you were choosing between a series 9 Pro and a Pro+, how much do you think price difference be considered? When I look today I’m seeing the Pro+ on “pre-order” here in the States for $20 or $30 more an a Pro. How much difference in the pricing would you think would be enough to have an impact on a decision of which to purchase?

    Thank you for everything you do for us!!!!

    • Hi Skip,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      Excellent point regarding the extended warranty. I haven’t covered it yet in the review because it seems to be somewhat country-specific and the shaver is not yet available everywhere. For example, in the USA, Braun’s official website still has no mention of the S9 PRO+ launch and I don’t know if the 5-year warranty will apply. In the UK and Germany for example you can extend the warranty of the S9 PRO+ from two to five years if you register the product with P&G consumer relations. This is only for the PRO+, it doesn’t apply to other Series 9 models like the Pro.

      In my opinion warranty is important (especially for a premium product) and for a small price difference I would rather have the peace of mind of the 5-year warranty. In the USA it just might be worth getting the PRO+ over the Pro for that alone (again if the warranty extension will apply). But in the UK for example some PRO+ shavers cost almost double than a similar Pro; in that case I would rather get the Pro.


  11. Over the last 10 years I’ve owned and used both Braun 9 series and Panasonic Arc5 shavers … often alternating every week or so. Both are good top class razors with little to choose between them in terms of closeness of shave, comfort and build quality. Perhaps the Braun was slightly more comfortable and somewhat quieter, while the Panasonic shaved a tad closer and a bit faster. Marginal differences … though it did seem that the Braun foil and cutters had to be replaced more frequently and at a higher cost than the Panasonic equivalents.

    When my 6 year old Braun died on me never to go again, I got little help from the company to fix it other than platitudes about it being old. Which was unimpressive customer service considering it was a top of the range model, especially as my even older (9 years coming up to 10) Panasonic LV-65 was still working perfectly.

    So when I decided to replace the Braun I looked at the current offers for both Braun and Panasonic and I was astounded that two similar products were selling at vastly different prices. Ultimately it was impossible to justify the price difference between a new Braun 9 and the latest Panasonic Arc5 offerings. I quickly found that the Braun would cost me more than THREE TIMES the Panasonic LV-67. Given that both do the same job very well and have similar if not the same features, why would anyone pay so much more ? Is the Braun technology better somehow ? Is the build quality superior ?

    I’m not suggesting the Braun isn’t a good shaver … it undoubtedly is. It’s a newer model than the LV-67. But why is that a justification for it being so much more expensive than a shaver which does the job equally as well ?

    • Hi Brian,

      Many thanks for the comment. Those are some great remarks.

      With the Arc 5 there’s a bit of a nuance to the price issue. All Arc 5 models still readily available come from different generations, some of them even 13 years apart, like the ES-LV65 and the latest 2023 Arc 5 Pro models. The ES-LV67, while launched in 2019, uses the exact same foil and blades as the 2013 ES-LV65. Also, both the ES-LV65 and ES-LV67 don’t include a cleaning station. So it would make more sense to compare a new Series 9/Series 9 PRO cc with for example a newer Panasonic Arc 5 like the ES-LV9Q or any of the Series 900 that also have a cleaning station. The prices discrepancy in that case is a lot smaller.

      I would put the ES-LV67 against the Braun Series 9 9330s for example. The Series 9 is still usually the more expensive one (it does include a charging stand while the Panasonic does not), but it’s definitely not three times more expensive. I for example try to recommend the shavers that offer the best value for money and those are often not the latest regardless of the brand.

      Hope this makes sense.


  12. Thanks very much for the review, I’ve gain a great deal of helpful information and many practical tips. The cleaning cartridge advice for retaining the cleaning cartridge separately after every cleaning use is brilliant. I personally soak my shaver heads in warm soapy water every now and then, I find the cleaning fluid then last a great deal longer using this method. In conclusion the latest model seem like a lot of tinkering around the edges and I will probably wait for the next models to enter the market. As a sideline I’m always amazed that a small bottle of oil is not automatically included within the box with the premium product range.

    • Hi Jon,

      Thank you for the comment, I’m glad you found the review useful.

      I actually do the same soaking routine for the shavers I use with shaving cream and it’s very effective.

      Unfortunately there seems to be a trend to include fewer accessories like lubricant or a foil/head cover. And other brands are doing it as well (resulting in some minor cost savings).


  13. Many thanks for your excellent review. I’m using an original Series 9, bought about 4 years in the hope that it would be quieter than my Series 7. (It is a little quieter.)

    Did you mention that the 94M head fits the old Series 9? I bought a 94M as a replacement 10 months ago and never noticed a difference (other than having fresh cutters).

    I suppose like many men, I have the combination of (1) a tough beard growing in crazy directions, (2) easily irritated skin, and (3) ears that dislike all electric shavers. For its quiet, I used a Philips 1260X years ago, but found that the Philips “improved” replacement cutters made a horrible scraping noise. The Braun Series 9 works for me in all three categories. It may not be the absolute best in any category, but it’s the best compromise for ME.

    I believe that a Nobel prize should be awarded to anyone inventing a practical, silent domestic refrigerator. I would say the same for a silent shaver (that didn’t require later and water)!

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      Yes, the 94M will definitely fit the old Series 9 and it’ll just feel like a new cassette with sharp blades and pristine foils. And that’s to be expected since it’s only a slightly tweaked part, the gold cutter being the one that’s supposedly improved and can handle even longer hairs.

      You’ve said it perfectly, the Series 9 is a great compromise in all areas that matter. I currently own quite a few shavers and the Series 9 is still the one I use the most in my rotation. It just works good enough no matter what.

      Hopefully we’ll be here long enough to experience a completely silent electric shaver. 🙂


  14. Can the descaler for espresso machines be used to clean the razor head by soaking it in water with a little descaler added to it, then rinsing and lubricating it, especially since the descaler does not cause damage to the plastic parts?

    • I would only use it if there were some serious mineral deposits on the metal parts (foils and blades) caused by washing it with hard water. Otherwise I think the more conventional cleaning methods (water and soap, cleaning sprays or a Braun cleaning station) are better.


  15. Hi, Ovidieu,
    I think you slightly outdid yourself with this review. Your organization and overall presentation was a bit above and beyond your always excellent reviews, especially of the Braun series 9 shavers. About the only thing you omitted is whether the included cloth or leather travel cases have space for the charger along with the shaver. While I would probably not travel with the cleaning center, and would most likely not pack a charging stand, I would want to carry the charging cable, especially for a trip lasting a week or more.

    As I have mentioned here before in other review comments, I always disregard any manufacturer’s claims about how many shaves you should get on a full charge, since they assume an average shave might take about 3 to 5 minutes. I will be 70 years old in about two weeks, and I have been shaving since age 12. I have never gotten a 5-minute shave with anything, whether any kind of blade combination or any kind of electric shaver. Under 10 minutes is a relatively fast shave for my thick neck, large face, and super coarse, thick, and slightly curly beard that grows in everydirection on the compass.

    I notice that Braun never tried to compete with Panasonic in a motor speed race. My 2003-vintage Braun 6520 Flex Integral shaver was advertised as “Ultra Speed” with a motor speed of 7700 RPM. Since 2011, Panasonic’s mid- to high-end shavers have been claimed to have motor speeds of 10,000, 13,000, and 14,000 RPM. Some of the Chinese-brand foil shavers in the $20 to $30 price range claim motor speeds of 7500 to 8500 RPM, some allowing for user selection among up to three different sppeds.

    My ideal shaver would have an all metal housing, and be operable corded or cordless. I think the safety claim is bogus and a nonstarter, since Braun still sells the Pro Skin 3000S which runs corded or cordless; and Philips still sells the models 2000, 2300, and 2500, all of which can operate corded and cordless. Chinese manufacturers such as Yassun and Pritech sell shavers adversised as operable wet or dry, even in the shower, but can also operate cordless or corded. Apparently Panasonic sellls a few models in Japan that can operate plugged in.

    Judging from the prices I have seen for those Japan-only Pannies, before including shipping costs from Japan, I doubt I will ever get my big hot hands on one of those.

    Now, let’s see if Braun ever tries to score a perfect 10 with a Series 10 shaver!

    • Hi Brent,

      Thank you so much for the comment, I really appreciate the support and feedback.

      You are correct, I omitted that aspect regarding the travel case. As a side note, the charger will not fit, the case just wraps around the shaver without much extra room for anything except a tiny brush.

      A 3 minute shave is not realistic for a vast majority of users, myself included. I also can’t get a perfectly smooth shave in less than 5 minutes with an electric razor. It could be doable for men with lighter beards but again I don’t think it’s representative for most of us. So don’t stress too much about how long it takes you to shave, 10 minutes is still in my opinion a very respectable time.

      I guess cordless-only shavers are less of a headache for the manufacturers and we are getting fewer models these days and mostly in the lower-end segment. Certain Japanese Arc 5 models (and Arc 6 as well) will work corded & cordless, but as you’ve mentioned, the total cost of buying such a shaver will be very high.


    • Back again! I’m not sure if this creates a new reply or adds to the existing one.
      Ovidieu, one comment you made in the Series 9 Pro Plus review is that the onboard trimmer ca, or should, not be considered as a cutting element is definitely true of most currently sold shavers. This was not always true however. In the 1970s I bought the Braun type 5410, an AC (mains) only dry shaver, sold here as an Eltron Model 770. The trimmer was mounted as part of the power switch plate. Slide it up on click and you turned on the shaver. Slide it up another click and the trimmer was activated and lay even with the cutter and foil, so you could use both together. If you shaved against the grain of hair growth, or accross the grain in a straight line, the trimmer could mow down the stubble and the foil following right behind could catch the remainder. If you slid that power switch plate up one final time, the trimmer was positioned above the foil/cutter assembly for use as a sideburn/mustache trimmer. This was also true of the late 1980s-vintage Braun model 3525 shaver I had. I actually ended up with two of those, and they still worked, kinda’ sorta’, until about 2010 or so. The 3525 was a single foil model like the 5410, and of course, predated the “flex integral” pivoting head models that debuted in the some time after about 1993-ish.

      You mentioned in your recent reviews of current Braun models, and other participants to the reply threads also note how newer is not necessarily better, despite the sellers marketing hype. An good example of this is my now 20-year-old Braun model 6520 Flex Integral Ultraspeed shaver. I was recently able to recondition the original NiMH battery by a number of forced discharge and recharge cycles. It still holds more than 2/3 of its original run time after charging, and still works corded and cordless. It is smaller and more compact, yet heavier than even the current Braun Series 3 models, thanks in part to a good amount of metal in its body and frame. It has a fool-proof locking mechanism to prevent it turning on during travel. The trimmer is mounted on the switch plate like on older models. Slide it up once to turn it on. Slide it up once more and the pivoting head locks in place tilting one of the two foils upward so it can get all the way under any shape of nose to shave all the lip hair, and even catch any nose hair sticking out of the nostril. One final click of the switch engages the trimmer, which can actually be used by itself, or along with that one upward-angled foil to shave.

      About a year before the “pandemic”, I had a long discussion with a shaver repair technician in Lincoln, Nebraska who told me about whether or not he could repair, or just replace the battery in that 6520. He said if I could plug it in and have it turn on, even if only the little power light was visible, he could probably replace the battery. At the time if I sent it to him, he could replace the battery, as well as any other small worn parts, as well as doing a thorough cleaning and lubrication, as well as renewing the original level of water resistance the shaver had. While it might cost me close to $100 dollars including battery, parts, labor, and shipping, I would have what would amount to a completely new 6520 shaver, which might be able to run for another 20 years or more.

      I had yet another BFlex integral unit that was five years older, and it was completely dead; the power on or charging light would not even turn on when I plugged it in and turned it on. I could probably have sent him that one too, to be cannibalized for repair parts.

      The 6520 is more compact than even the current series 3 models, and, in its nice leather travel case, with the power cord and cleaning brush, and enough space for a small bottle of lubricating oil, it would take up less space in a travel bag than the 3-3000S, and definitely less space than the series 5-5030S in the hared travel case I bought for it.

      I’m sure that our buddy Ovidieu has heard people say something like, “Why do you need more than one shaver!?”

      While I think the new Braun series 8 might be slightly superior to my 6-year-old 5030S, I would agree with you that it is most likely not eough better in terms or shaving performance, ergonomics, or durability than my 5030S to justify buying it at any price currently available, and it can’t use it while plugged in like I can with the 5030S.

      Maybe I should see about getting that 6520 Flex Integral Ultraspeed reconditioned and renewed. And I’m still looking at at least three different Panasonic models currently available on Amazon, and if CostCo still has that Series 9 Sport (9320S) available, I might consider that one, too. Do I really need that many shavers? You could ask the woman in your life, Do you really need that many pairs of shoes, that many purses or handbags, etc., etc.?

      Now, about that Braun Series 10?

      • Hi Brent,

        That’s an excellent observation regarding the trimmer and I would agree that the one on the Eltron 770 could be counted as another shaving element — it really worked as a non-foil, special cutter that would pre-trim the hair. The one on the Series 9 is however too far from the shaving head and is a lot narrower, so it can never be used reliably in that manner.

        And yes, you can never have too many shavers. 🙂


  16. I posted a note last night, and when I posted my most recent note, it cancelled it out and replaced what I posted then. I’ll try to re-enter most of it.

    Ovidieu, you outdid yourself with this Series 9 Pro Plus review, even by your usual high and thorough standards. The tighness of the presentation, and the thoroughness of your review exceeds your usual high standards.

    About the only thing you really omitted is whether the included cloth or leather cases allow enough space for the charger cord as well as the shaver. I would most likely never pack the cleaning station for a trip, and would probably not even pack along a charging stand, but I would not want to leave home without the carger to plug directly into the shaver, especillay for a trip lasting more than a few days.

    I always disregard any manufacturer’s estimate about how many shaves you should be able to get on a full charge, since they all seem to assume an average shave lasting about 3-5 minutes. I have a very large face and thick neck/ and a very dense, coarse, and somewhat curly beard that grows and lies in every direction known to the compass. I will be 70 years old in a little over 2 weeks, and have been shaving since age 12. No type or combination of blades and shaving cream or soap, at sink or in shower, and no style or model of electric shaver will get me close and smooth shave in anything lose to 5 minutes. It almost always takes me at least ten minutes to get that shave. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but if not careful, I could get a good burn/buzz feeling with any of the more aggressive razors or shavers.

    Now, Braun, about that series 10? Revisit all the good points about every shaver you designed and marketed in the last 40 years, and combine the best features from all of them into that new series 10, or whatever you decide to call it!

  17. Curious about your thoughts on this review…

    • Hi Paul,

      I don’t usually comment other reviews, but I will point out a couple of factually wrong statements in that post.

      First of all it says that the blades are now made of surgical grade steel and the original blades were titanium. That is completely NOT true. Braun only states that the hair trimmer is now made of that type of steel. Moreover, the blades were never made out of titanium, but stainless steel with a coating of Titanium Nitride only on the gold cutter of the foil head (called ProLift on the S9 Pro and S9 PRO+). And that was the case with every Series 9 shaver from the 92xx generation onward, it’s not in any way specific to the Series 9 PRO+.

      The second false statement is that the station uses a new solution that also lubricates the blades. Again, totally not true, it’s the exact same Braun CCR solution from years ago which comes with every Braun cc shaver from the Series 3, 6, 7, 8 or 9. And it always had lubricating properties.

      The author probably just misunderstood some of the marketing copy.

      I would also argue that using a brand new S9 PRO+ felt much better than that author’s S9 Pro mainly because it was new, with unworn blades and foils. Using a brand new Series 9 Pro would have yielded a similar result in my opinion. Which makes sense since the motor and shaving head and pretty much everything are the same.


  18. Hi Ovidiu,
    Thanks for the latest information on Braun shavers. Yes it appear the Series 9 Pro+ Ultra. is a good buy. Very interesting reading for sure. I also use the same pre-electic lotion as you quoted.
    Regards, Peter

  19. Thanks for such a thorough, professional review.
    I was toying with the idea of moving to the 9Pro+ as I am a 9Pro user whose been very happy.
    I felt Braun moved a good deal closer to Panasonic’s C’s closeness of shave and maintained the comfort level. I alternate myself between the Braun and my Panasonic LV9Q which is still a great shaver.
    I know it’s a small point but for what Braun is asking , and getting, for their top of the line shaver using metal as opposed to plastic should be a just cheapens an otherwise very good shaver.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you so much for the comment. I agree 100% with you.

      As a side note, I usually alternate between an Arc 5 and a Series 9/9 Pro as well whenever I’m not testing a specific shaver.


  20. Hi Ovidiu,
    As always great review, I was thinking about upgrading my series 7 flex to a s9 pro so I looked around for a bit,then last weekend ordered a s9 pro from boots in the uk where I live , when I picked it up from the store I got a bit of a surprise, what they had sent me was a s9 pro + ! ,the model number on the the website said s9 pro 9467cc ,the one I got s9 pro+ 9467cc , with pro + cleaning centre.
    I think I have done well out of this but am a bit confused by the model numbering , on some websites I have looked at the 9467cc is a s9 pro and some a s9 pro + , any ideas?

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you so much for the feedback.

      That is indeed odd, the S9 PRO+ models start with 95, while the Pro are the 94xx models. I know at some point several UK websites were displaying S9 PRO+ images for S9 Pro 94xx listings, but I just thought it was by accident. If you could send me a few pictures of the shaver and of the box at I will try to figure out what it’s all about.

      As a side note, the 9467cc sold here in Romania is the Pro model with the previous Pro cleaning center.


  21. I have the series 9 (not pro or pro+) and recently purchased a pro replacement head 94m as opposed to the 92b head I purchased previously. I’ve noticed that it has a weird smell that doesn’t go away with any amount of washing. Have you heard this from anyone or experienced this?

    • Hi,

      I have not. Have you tried washing the cassette with warm water and liquid soap? Does it have like a chemical/harsh scent? If so, that could very well be some pre-applied lubricant.


  22. I’m looking for a new shaver since my Philips 7000 is dying (motor issue) after about four and a half years. I’m now between the new 9000 Prestige (SP9840/32) from Philips and the Braun Series 9 Pro+ (9575cc). In booth cases I like to have a cleaning station, since I have the SmartClean station now with my Series 7000 and I like it.

    I usually shave five to six times a week and use shaving gel. With the rotary I didn’t like to shave without cause it doesn’t glide as well. With the gel the shave felt very comfortable for me. My skin is very sensitive (I got Rosacea) and I got strong beard growth. Before I used a BRAUN Series 3 for a few weeks, but I was getting razor burn an irritations from it. So I switched to Philips.

    First I thought I will go with the Philips, since it is a bit cheaper and I liked the rotary style. But shaving near my side burns and under the nose was always a bit annoying (I usually use a Philips OneBlade for the side burns, since I couldn’t get a clean line with the 7000). I also didn’t like it for dry shaving in my holidays (when I like to have less things with me). So holiday time was OneBlade time.

    I’m tempted by the Braun charging Case (for holiday use), the 5-year warranty (in Switzerland we will get it) and the hope of a better performance under the nose and on my side burns. But my experience with the series 3 was not good and I’m now really into the technique of shaving with a rotary.

    I know that before it was not recommended to clean your Braun shaver with the station after shaving with foam/gel (unless you cleaned it intensive manually before, which kills the purpose of a station imho.). Is this still the case? This would be a killer criterium for me.

    Keep up the good work Ovidiu! This is by far the best resource on electric shavers on the internet.

    Greetings from Switzerland.

    • Hi Markus,

      Thank you for feedback, much appreciated.

      Based on the info you provided (which was excellent and covered all the relevant aspects), you really could go either way. So I will try to weigh in on this and hopefully you’ll lean more towards one or the other.

      The new S9000 Prestige is the best rotary I’ve used so far and that seems to be a recurring theme among seasoned rotary users who’ve tried it. If someone prefers rotaries over foil shavers, there’s a really great chance the new Prestige will be a significant upgrade. Oh and it glides easy on the skin even when shaving dry, better than most other rotaries I’ve used. But I generally shave dry with a pre-shave and it helps with the gliding (Speick is the one I use most of the time).

      That said, the problem when shaving under the nose and around the sideburns is still there. In fact, it will be arguably worse with these new larger angular heads of the Prestige. It’s one of the reasons why I prefer foil shavers. With the Series 9 PRO+ you can get the foil right under the nose and it’s a lot easier to shave right up to the sideburn edge. You can even use the integrated trimmer for some finesse work (instead of the OneBlade). It’s still not as good as a Panasonic trimmer, but better than before with the now straight edge. The Series 9 PRO+ is in a different league compared to the Series 3, but some users just can’t get a decent shave with a shaver of a different type. So there’s the risk of that, even with a top performing shaver like the Series 9 PRO+.

      There’s an important aspect regarding the cleaning systems. The Prestige comes with a Quick Clean Pod and as I mentioned in the review, it has its limitations compared to a true automatic cleaning system. It doesn’t charge or dry the shaver and there’s no filter inside the cartridge, so any previously clipped hairs and gunk can be recirculated. But it is economical, easy to use and to carry/store.

      The S9 PRO+ on the other hand comes with very capable cleaner that does everything. Yes, you should still rinse the shaver and remove the lather which will otherwise end up in the cartridge. It can cause excessive foam and pressure and can affect the electric conductivity of the fluid, causing the station to signal an empty cartridge. You should also wipe the shaver’s body dry before putting it inside the station (for safety reasons).

      The Philips cleaning solution is already detergent based and foams a lot. And the Pod is not connected to an outlet and it cannot signal an empty or contaminated cartridge, so you can be more liberal with how you go about doing this.

      Both the Prestige and the S9 PRO+ work great with or without shaving cream, so it’s a tie in that regard.

      Hopefully this will help you make a choice. Given your previous experience I guess the Prestige would be a safer choice despite its shortcomings (which are rather intrinsic to rotaries in general).


  23. Hi Ovidiu,

    I can confirm Paul Hughes’ comment on the 26th of October as I have just bought a Braun 9467CC from Currys in the UK for £203 and found that I have a Pro+ rather than just a Pro.

    And intriguingly, when I registered it on the Braun website I ended up with a guarantee that expires on 1/12/2029 – which is a 6 year guarantee rather than the 5 year one I was expecting!


    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for the info, much appreciated. It’s clear by now that there’s a good chance you’ll be getting a Series 9 PRO+ in the UK if you buy a 9465cc or 9467cc.

      And with a 6-year warranty, you can’t really get a better deal than that. 🙂


      • Interesting. It seems that Braun are marketing/branding 94xxCC models as being Pro+ models now in the UK.. which is even more interesting as it’s supposed to be the 95xx devices that are the Pro+ models.

        • Sure, but the boxes are clearly marked Pro+, and mention the 6 in 1 SmartCenter, despite having the model 94xx number.

          So it’s a deliberate marketing policy rather than someone putting the shavers in the wrong box!


  24. It’s a strange one for sure. The cleaning centre is actually the same as the previous “5-in1” one, they’ve just added an additional “function word” for marketing purposes.

  25. I currently use a Braun Series 7 shaver (and cleaning station). My question is this: I sometimes, through sheer laziness, won’t shave for several days (and sometimes weeks). I usually use the trimmer first to shorten the hairs, then use the regular cassette. Is there an attachment between the trimmer and the regular cassette that will cut the several-days’ growth? Should I consider a different razor?

    I was previously a faithful Norelco user. Their lift and cut blades gave me the best shaving experience ever. Then they quit making the blades. The “replacement” blades lacked the lifting feature and also were larger, which prevented me from using Norelco’s cleaning station because the shaver would no longer fit the opening.

    • Hi Chuck,

      If your shaver has an integrated pop-up trimmer, it means it’s the old Series 7 generation and there aren’t any attachments available. The new 360 Flex Series 7 does come with a few attachments (trimmer and combs) specifically designed to (pre) trim the beard. The foil head isn’t however as good as the old S7 you’re using.

      Another option would be to buy a inexpensive beard trimmer. There are a lot of models available from Braun, Philips or Panasonic and all of them work well. The most affordable is the Philips OneBlade.

      If you get along better with rotaries, there is the S9000 Prestige (2023 model) that uses Lift&Cut blades and it’s also available with a so-called cleaning pod. It’s not a full-fledged cleaning station but works decently. You can check out my review for all the details. It also includes a click-on trimmer that you can use before shaving if your beard is too long. The downside is that the Prestige is rather pricey.


  26. Hi Ovidiu,
    I have a question about the massage attachment. Do you really recommend this add-on? I can buy for 50€ however I hesitate because the price is high. Does it actually fulfill its function and have this cap?

    • Hi Adam,

      It does work better than I thought it would. However, I do agree with you regarding the price and I think you should rather get a Series 9 PRO+ model that includes this attachment if you can get a great deal for it. Buying the attachment separately is not very convenient and you might as well get a replacement cassette for the same price.

      I think it will be particularly beneficial if you have coarse hair that tends to stay flat on the skin. Using the massage brush before shaving will make the hairs easier to cut the the closeness will be better. Otherwise you should probably be perfectly fine just by using a pre-shave lotion instead.


  27. Happy New Year!

    I managed to get hold of a S9 Pro+ 9575CC and the box lists the colour as being “Graphite” rather than “Noble Metal”.

    I assume this is the same and just a “misprint” of the colour on the box using the old naming convention?

    If I’m honest, to the naked eye, the colour doesn’t look too dissimilar from the standard silver colour – is there actually much of a difference?

    • Hi Gary,

      Happy new year!

      It is a darker shade of silver, but not dramatically different. I think it’s just a mismatch between the printed copy and the online description (which is easier to update).

      I hope you’ll enjoy shaving with your new S9 PRO+.


  28. Hi Ovidiu and Happy New Year! Braun 9577cc Pro+ in hand, just a couple of shaves but agree with all of your observations. Have switched for the new year to a foil from the Philips rotary (for a couple or three months), and this is probably Braun’s best. Marginally over the S9 Pro, but improved as you mentioned – slightly more flexible (and slightly more comfortable), improved trimmer, range of attachments, arguably a cosmetic improvement. Current Pro users won’t see a huge change, at least not enough to switch unless money is no object, but in my opinion this is now Brauns’s top of the line.

    • Hi Allan,

      Happy New Year and many thanks for the feedback — I agree 100%. It is objectively the best shaver in Braun’s current lineup, but is not worth upgrading from a Series 9 Pro.


  29. Thank you for your great review and Happy new year!

    A question, Can I think of the 94M with the Series 9 and the Series 9 Pro+ as exactly the same in the performance?

    I’ve been using the Series 9 for 4 years and bought a new 94M cassette about 12 months ago, but recently I started to feel a few of my beards being strongly pulled(it gives me some pain like pulling out the beard) before being cut off. So I was just wondering if I was having some compatibility issues…
    But after finding this detailed review, I wonder if the cassette is just a little defective, but I’m asking just in case 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

      The 94M is fully compatible with the Series 9, so the pulling is more likely related to the some blade/foil wear. A defective cassette will usually pull the hairs very aggressively right from the start and even inflict some nasty nicks.

      Regarding the performance, a regular Series 9 with a 94M is almost the same as the PRO+. The latter feels ever so slightly more powerful, even though the motor has the same output.

      Happy new year!


  30. I got an Arc 6 but out of order within a year.

    The waterproof design is bad. I opened the battery cover and found water droplets inside the O ring covered area. I called for maintenance but unfortunately the CS said the lower part of the shaver is NOT water proof so it is my fault to make the lower part wet!

    Very disappointed and I will no longer use Pana shaver anymore even I have been using it for years.
    Now I m looking for a Braun 9Pro

    • Hi Stan,

      Sorry to hear about that. The Arc 6 is waterproof and the instructions explicitly say that it is suitable to be used in the shower. That said, there are cases when water ingress will occur. It’s totally understandable if you’d like to switch to a different brand.

      I hope you’ll enjoy shaving with the S9 Pro.


  31. I’ve used Arc 4/5/6 shavers for years and shave exclusively wet – they are completely waterproof (and advertised so), and I’ve never had one fail from immersing them or using them in water. Sorry to hear about the user’s experience, but the information from CS is incorrect. The shaver is within the warranty period so would definitely file a claim (although opening the battery compartment may complicate that).

    • Same here, Allan. I am yet to have one fail because of water ingress, though I’ve read user reports of this happening. I even have a 20 year old pre-Arc Panasonic shaver (with 3 straight foils), used wet for the majority of time and it still works, although the battery is on its last leg.


  32. Thank you for a very thorough review of the new Pro+ shaver. It has given me good input to decide my next purchase. Probably, I will keep my old S9 and just buy the 94M to get new and sharp blades.

    Best regards, Henrik

  33. For anyone in the U.S. with a Series 9 Pro or Pro + model and wants to get their hands on the ProComfort attachment (P/N 94HP which includes the case, 94PS which is just the procomfort head by itself), both are available on The SKU for the case is BR-80729799 and the SKU for the Procomfort Head by itself is BR-80729799. Both items together came out to $82.98, or about $27 more than Braun wants to charge for the 94HP by itself. (

  34. The most unbiased, informative shaver reviews that I have ever come across. Many thanks, this helped me very much.

  35. Thanks for the review! I have the S9 PRO+ without cleaning station (9519s) and was going to order the 5-in-1 (model 5430), but it specifically says it is “not compatible with Series 9 Pro+ (95xx) shavers” on here:

    I can’t find a way to buy the new 6-in-1 station separately and am worried if I order the 5-in-1 it won’t work. Have you tested the S9 PRO+ shaver in the non-PRO+ cleaning station? Thanks!

    • Hi Lyes,

      Thanks so much for the feedback.

      I have tried cleaning my S9 PRO+ shaver with both the 94xx Pro and 93xx cleaning stations and both worked perfectly. Moreover, in the link you shared with the station there’s actually one review from user stating he ordered that particular station for his S9 PRO+ and it works as expected.


  36. I was always under the impression that you are not to use any product on your skin prior to shaving. I see you recommend a pre-shave product. What does Braun have to say about using a pre-shave product?
    Your reviews are the best out there! Thanks.

    • Hi Kent,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      None of the major shaver brands (including Braun) makes any explicit reference to pre-shave lotions. They are however perfectly safe to use, there’s no residue once the product dries (it takes around 20 seconds after applying it to the skin) and most users find pre-shaves beneficial. I think you should definitely give it a try (I like the pre-shave from Speick the most).


  37. Hi Ovidiu,

    I add my admiration and thanks for your detailed reviews, which I have used for years when purchasing a new shaver.

    I am a dedicated daily shower shaver (brush and Nivea cream) with not especially sensitive skin. Given these conditions, would you recommend the Panasonic ES-LV6U over the 9565cc? I own a Braun 3 and a Panasonic ES-RT51: I find the Panasonic performs better (closer) in the shower, but prefer the Braun when dry shaving (more comfortable).

    I would appreciate your advice – it’s a fair amount of money. Thanks!

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thank you for the comment and for being a longtime reader, I truly appreciate it.

      If you’ll be shaving in the shower for most of the time, I would go with the ES-LV6U. I think there’s a good chance it’ll give a closer shave vs the Series 9 PRO+. Comfort wise it’s the best Arc 5 to date, something that’s particularly noticeable when shaving dry. It’s quite similar to the Braun in that regard, something that can’t be said about the older Arc 5 models. So in your case, the ES-LV6U seems to make more sense than the 9565cc.

      As a side note, I use an Arc 5 when I shave wet and a Series 9 for a quick dry shave for pretty much the same reasons as you. I will say however that the Braun is more effective when I haven’t shaved in a while and the hairs on my neck stay flat on the skin (it catches them a lot easier and in fewer strokes). If you shave often however, both should be adequately effective.

      There will be a bit of a learning curve as they are quite a bit larger (especially the Arc 5) than the 3-blade shavers you’ve been using.

      Hope this helps.


      • You’ve pointed me in the right direction for all the reasons you mentioned. My Braun 3 still works fine for dry shaving, so I’ll go with the 6U for the shower. Many thanks. I’ll sleep well tonight!

  38. Great review, great work! Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I achieved Series 9 Pro+, if I had read your review ahead of time, I would have spent less and bought the Series 9 Pro, and I would have saved a fairly significant amount. Anyway, it is another level of shaving, it is a device that increases the quality of life.

  39. After reading this review I decided to buy it. I had not idea what I really wanted since last shaver I used was brAun foil shaver from 27 years ago and I didn’t like it. It irritated my skin, leaving slight rushes I never have otherwise, hairs would grow in. Also while shaving it felt like it is plucking hair from time to time. Razors stuck with me until now… loong long time since then.
    I brought it home, used it to trim 1cm+ beard and short hair (I don’t grow much in either department) and then shaved it clean. Much better than razor that will always cut at least a little bit here and there regardless of how careful I am. I did not expect it to be as clean as it was, not razor like but close enough. It was much more comfortable to use, way less work, faster and since I dry-shaved so much more practical.

    I’m really pleased with the device and this review does not lie. It is good. How much better than other new devices I really can’t tell but a great shaver that will replace razors and gel.

    • Hey,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. Shavers have come a long way in terms of closeness and especially comfort. Enjoy shaving with your new Braun!


  40. Hi Ovidiu,

    I always just tapped mine dry but since 1 cutter fell out of the block I’m running it without the Pro LIft trimmer just so I can get it up that 18 months. So that’s 2 months I’ve been going with one missing trimmer an believe it or not it’s shaving pretty darn good without that cutter. It’ll be 18 months at the end of this month and the Pro Lift Trimmer fell out on me ’bout 2 months ago so only have to go to the end of this month. It works though!

    I think it’s because I got carried away with the tapping. Sometimes the harder I would tap it the more hair would come out and I kept getting harder and harder at it. Now that I figured I may have caused it, it still lasted 14 months even though, I’m deciding to wash it instead.

    When you rinse it under water do you clean the inside of the shaver (that black plastic part dry with the brush?) because in that YouTube video you showed it looks like they rinsed both the head and inside of the shaver with water because they took off the head and also ran the inside or the shaver under the water as well as the head and after taking it off it never showed them brushing the inside of the shaver (that Black plastic part) with the brush dry. So what is it? Was that you in that video or someone else?

    Thanks for your response!

    • Hi,

      The vigorous tapping is most likely what caused the cutter to fail. You should only use a few light taps (always tapping just the silver frame) to remove the hairs that fall out easily — for the rest you would use either water (and optionally some liquid soap) or the cleaning station.

      The ProLift trimmer is mostly involved in trimming the long/stray hairs, so if you shave regularly the impact will probably not be that significant.

      Regarding your question, if you’re referring to the part that swivels (and remains attached to the shaver) then yes, I always rinse that as well. You could also just use the brush if you want to, but since you’re rinsing already the cassette, you might as well clean the rest of the shaver with water.

      As for the video, if you could share the link that would be great, I’m not exactly sure which is the one you’re referring to.


  41. Hello which one recommend me for zero shaver 0mm, comfort, smooth especially in neck and cheek are Braun Series 9 pro plus or Philips Series 9000

    • Hi,

      The closest and most comfortable shaver I’ve used is probably the Panasonic Arc 6. It does cost a lot more than the shavers you’ve mentioned and ideally you would use it more often as it can’t catch the long hairs as easy as the Braun S9 PRO+ or the Philips Series 9000.

      It would also be useful to know what shavers you’ve used before — for example if you ever shaved with a rotary like the Series 9000 and how often you shave.



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