Braun Series 7 (with Turbo Mode) Review: A Worthy Update?

Review Summary

Pros: comfortable, adequately close shaves, easy to clean, beard trimming accessories, useful cleaning station, great battery life, reasonably priced

Cons: somewhat underwhelming performance, a few annoying quirks, better alternatives (some that even cost less)

Our Rating:

[4 out of 5 stars]

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One of Braun’s best-selling shavers, the Series 7, was recently updated and received a rather intriguing feature: user selectable shaving modes, including a high-power Turbo setting.

This latest Series 7 also comes with a new shaving head and can be bought for roughly the same price as the previous models.

As such, the updated shavers appear to be a compelling option in the mid-range segment and Braun even touts significant performance improvements.

Testing the new Braun Series 7 360 Flex (with Turbo mode).

I bought and tested the new Series 7 and in this review I’ll share my thoughts on it and whether it’s a worthy upgrade from the older (non-Turbo) models.

I’ll also present a few alternatives that I consider to be better options in several use cases.

Let’s get right to it.

The Braun Series 7 family: a quick overview

The Braun Series 7.

The currently available Series 7 models (aka S7 360 Flex) are part of two generations:

  • The original Series 7 (models starting with 70, e.g. 7071cc)
  • The updated Series 7 (models starting with 71, e.g. 7185cc).

As mentioned at the beginning, the most important feature of the new 71 models is the ability to select a shaving mode:

  • Gentle
  • Standard
  • Turbo

The original Series 7 (70xx models) came with only one standard shaving mode.

The updated Series 7 (71xx models) allow you to alter the shaver’s power output to better suit your needs.

For example, you can shave in Gentle mode if your skin is very sensitive or you can switch to Turbo mode for maximum power if your beard is very coarse.

This all sounds good but in practice this technology doesn’t always work as advertised.

We’ll see later on in the performance section if that’s the case here as well.

In the USA, the Braun S7 models that feature the three shaving modes are the 7185cc, 7177cc, 7171cc, 7127cs and 7120s.

Braun Series 7 7185cc (with Turbo mode)

The Braun S7 7185cc.

See the price on Amazon

Their shaving performance is identical so the review will be relevant for all of them.

The differences only come down to the included accessories, the most important being the automatic cleaning station.

The Series 7 automatic cleaning station.

As usual, the models ending in cc will come with a cleaning station, while the cs and s variations only include the shaver.

However, you will be able to use an existing Series 7 station or buy it separately later on should you decide to get the single shaver variation.

It’s actually what I decided to do for this review: I bought the 7120s Series 7 and simply used the station from my 7071cc (the older Series 7 with a single shaving mode).

I will discuss the Series 7 station in detail as well to see if it’s worth getting a Series 7 that comes bundled it (like the 7171cc or 7185cc).

With that out of the way, let’s quickly go over the main feature of the new Braun Series 7 (71xx models).

Main features

1. Flexible head with 3 shaving elements

Braun S7 shaving head.

The Series 7 has always been a 3-blade foil shaver.

With the new 71 models we still have the same system, comprised of two foil elements and one slit trimmer that tackles longer, flat-lying hairs.

The entire head is suspended on these flexible struts, allowing it to move sideways but also to tilt front to back.

In my opinion the latter is a lot more useful in practice.

The fact that Braun’s range-topping models, the Series 8 and Series 9, only use front to back flexing is probably a testament of that.

I will talk more about this 360 Flex feature of the Series 7 and how effective it is later on.

2. Three shaving modes

As we know, the updated Series 7 71 models now feature user selectable shaving modes.

By pressing a button, you can cycle through three shaving modes: Gentle, Standard and Turbo.

The new button for selecting a shaving mode.

As the names suggest, Gentle is the slowest and the most comfortable, while Turbo allows you to shave at full power.

Standard is of course a more balanced mode that should still be powerful and gentle enough for most users.

While testing I tried all of them and I even alternated between the 7120s and my 7071cc with its single mode to get a good idea on the effectiveness of these settings.

3. Wet/dry, cordless operation

The Series 7 is a waterproof, cordless-only shaver.

All Series 7 71xx are waterproof and suitable for wet/dry use.

You can shave dry or with your favorite shaving cream/gel for some extra comfort and closeness.

You can even shave in the shower if you want to. Cleaning the razor with water is of course perfectly safe (and effective).

As most current Braun shavers, the Series 7 will only work cordless. You can’t use the shaver while it’s charging as a safety precaution.

The battery is a Li-ion unit that can provide around 50 minutes of use on a single charge.

Interestingly, that 50 minute rating is for the Standard mode.

In Gentle mode the battery should last significantly more, while the Turbo setting will drain it a bit faster.

4. Automatic cleaning station

The Series 7 automatic cleaning station.

If you opt for a cc model or you already have a cleaning station from a previous S7 360 Flex or a Series 6 (they use the same stations), you’ll be able to clean your shaver automatically.

The cleaning solution also acts as a lubricant, so the foils  will remain cooler during use and the wear will also be reduce.

Unfortunately, the Series 7 station doesn’t feature any active drying (like a heating element or a fan) and the protruding arm makes it less practical.

Specifically, you cannot just charge the shaver without also cleaning it.

But even with these shortcomings, I still think the station is worth getting, preferably from the start as part of a cc bundle because it’s usually more advantageous.

In the cleaning and maintenance section I will go over the station in great detail.

You can of course buy just the shaver and clean it manually, it’s quite straightforward and I’ll show you how to do it in a fast and effective manner.

Included accessories

Accessories included with the Braun Series 7 7120s.

My review unit, the 7120s, represents the more basic Series 7 71xx.

It doesn’t come with a cleaning station or other accessories like stubble trimmer or different size guards.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Hard travel case
  • Charger (USA plug)
  • Hair trimmer attachment
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

This is a rather underwhelming kit, but the hard travel case is welcome surprise.

The Braun Series 7 travel case.

It’s compact and sturdy but still roomy enough to accommodate the shaver and trimmer attachment.

For comparison, Panasonic and Philips only include a soft and flimsy pouch with shavers in this price range.

Here’s a table showcasing what you’ll be getting with the other Series 7 (with Turbo mode) available in the USA:

Model nameAccessories
Braun Series 7 7185cc (space grey)Cleaning station, beard trimmer (5 combs), stubble trimmer (no combs), travel case, charger, brush
Braun Series 7 7177cc (space grey)Cleaning station, beard trimmer (5 combs), body groomer, travel case, charger, brush
Braun Series 7 7171cc (space grey)Cleaning station, beard trimmer (no combs), travel case, charger, brush
Braun Series 7 7127cs (space grey)Charge stand, beard trimmer (no combs), travel case, charger, brush
Braun Series 7 7120s (space grey)Beard trimmer (no combs), travel case, charger, brush

Again, all these Series 7 models come with the three shaving modes, have the same shaving heads and perform exactly the same.

So it comes down to the bundle you’re getting with each.

Depending on your needs, you may not need a trimmer with all those combs if you prefer a clean shave.

Those will be useful if for example you alternate between stubble beard and a clean shave.

If that’s not the case, you should opt for a more affordable variation like the 7171cc or even the 7120s if you don’t care for the cleaning center.

Build quality and ergonomics

The new 71 Series 7 models are a lot more similar to the 70 than different, from aesthetics to build quality and functionality.

In fact, the changes are really difficult to spot if you don’t have the two side by side.

The Updated (Turbo) and previous Braun Series 7.

Specifically, the updated models have dedicated button to select the shaving mode and the thumb rest area has a different pattern with stripes instead of dimples.

The foil frame is now matte instead of glossy as is the round trim below the head.

Apart from these tweaks, everything is the same.

That means the build quality is fine, but nothing remarkable about it.

The Series 7 (with Turbo mode) held in hand.

The shavers look rather dull, especially when compared to a Panasonic Arc 5 for example.

There aren’t however any rough edges and the Braun S7 feels solid and well put together.

My 7120s weighs 188grams, so it’s lightweight and also well balanced.

The body, despite being sculpted for a more comfortable grip, has quite a bit of girth.

Braun Series 7 360 Flex side view.

I would have preferred a slimmer handle, but it’s still pretty easy to hold.

The textured rubber sides and thumb rest are exceptionally grippy and positioned just right.

I think the back grip could have extended a bit more towards the bottom though.

The shaving head flexes on two planes: front to back and left to right.

I think the latter is of little to no use in practice and the range of motion is a bit too short for the front to back flex.

Front to back flexing animation.
Front to back range of motion.

Also, there’s no head locking button, so the head will always flex.

I think Braun should have fitted a locking mechanism to the Series 7 like they did with the S8 and S9.

It’s a handy feature when you need more precision and don’t want the head to wobble too much.

The three foil elements on the S7 also flex independently, but again the range of motion is quite short compared to a Series 8, 9 or (surprisingly) the Series 3.

The independently flexing foils of the Braun S&.
The independently flexing foils.

Also unlike the Series 8 and 9, the current Series 7 doesn’t have a foil release button.

So you have to pry it off with your thumbnail when you need to remove and clean it.

Removing the cassette of the Braun Series 7 360 Flex.

You would also do that when swapping the foil head for the included hair trimmer.

It’s a bit fiddly and I personally would have preferred an integrated pop-up trimmer.

The power button doubles as a travel lock switch and you can engage it by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds.

The shaving mode selector button also acts as a status button when the shaver is off.

Pressing it will show the battery level and the shaving head remaining life (more on that later).

Braun Series 7 shaving head health status.

The LED display is pretty basic but does show some useful info like the shaving mode, battery charge (3 levels) and shaving head replacement reminder (more on that later).

The Series 7 LED display.

At the very bottom of the razor there’s the Braun two-prong charging port that’s also used by the station to charge the shaver.

Key takeaway

Overall, I think there are (still) some noteworthy omissions with this updated Series 7, like the lack of a head locking switch and integrated trimmer.

No foil release button means swapping between the foil head and trimmer is a bit annoying.

On the plus side, the shaver seems solidly built and the very simple construction means there are fewer things that can break along the way.

Battery life and charging

The rechargeable Li-ion battery fitted to the new Series 7 71xx has remained unchanged.

This essentially means you’ll still get around 50 minutes of cordless use on a single charge (when shaving in Standard mode).

You will however get a 60 minute run time according to Braun when using the shaver in Gentle mode.

That does make sense as the motor will run at lower RPMs.

I haven’t tested the shaver exclusively in Gentle mode to vet this, but given the solid battery performance overall (Standard + Turbo mode), it’s probably a legit claim.

Charging takes just under one hour which is typical for most current razors.

Charging the Braun Series 7 with the included cord.

And speaking of charging, you can do either by plugging the cord directly into the shaver, via  the cleaning station or via the charge stand (if your shaver came with one).

The charger (model 492-XXXX) is of course fitted with a Universal voltage adapter (100-240v), so you will be able to use it anywhere in the world.

Mine came with a USA plug since I bought my 7120s from the USA, but UK and European models will be shipped with their respective plug types.

You will only need a simple plug adapter to use a USA model in Europe for example (like I do).

When the battery is completely drained, there’s a handy 5-minute quick charge function that should charge the battery just enough for a quick shave.

The Series 7 has a 5-minute quick charge feature.

As mentioned previously, none of the Series 7 models will work with the cord plugged in (while charging).

The battery level indicator is a rather crude progress bar that essentially shows three levels of charge.

As for the battery lifetime, that can only be properly assessed after years of use.

But from previous experience, I can say that Braun shavers are generally very reliable in this regard.

Shaving performance

The old and updated (Turbo mode) Braun S7 360 Flex.

The Series 7 360 Flex has been around for over 4 years, but the updated models with the 3 shaving modes are relatively recent.

So apart from my usual performance review, I will also address the effectiveness of the new shaving settings and how the 71xx models compare to the original 70xx that have a single shaving mode.

Here’s a quick overview of the user selectable modes on the Series 7 71xx.

Gentle, Standard, Turbo: How well do they work?

1. Gentle mode

Braun Series 7 (Gentle mode).

This is according to Braun the right setting for users with very sensitive skin.

I am one of those users and after shaving with my Series 7 in this setting, I’m skeptical about its real-world usefulness.

Specifically, Gentle mode just makes the shaver annoyingly slow and it takes more passes for a smooth finish vs Standard or Turbo.

Also, slower moving blades means you’ll also have to use slower strokes in order to get all the hairs and to prevent any of them from getting snagged.

Yes, the Series 7 is very gentle in this mode, but the drawbacks are significant and overall I just don’t think it’s practical.

I never felt the need to use it and my skin is very sensitive, especially the neck area.

2. Standard mode

Braun Series 7 (Standard mode).

The balanced setting that should be right for most users is the Standard mode.

The shaver feels noticeably faster and it is a lot more effective at catching and cutting the hairs with fewer strokes vs Gentle mode.

Compared to my 7071cc S7 that has a single shaving mode, it feels maybe a bit slower.

I don’t know if this is on purpose in order to make the jump from Standard to Turbo feel even more substantial on the updated 71xx.

The comfort was still perfectly adequate — in fact I wouldn’t say it took any noticeable hit.

The effectiveness and the time it takes to get a clean shave is however vastly improved vs Gentle mode.

3. Turbo mode

Braun Series 7 (Turbo mode).

The full power Turbo mode is the one I’ve used for most of the time.

While the performance bump wasn’t as dramatic as moving from Gentle to Standard, it was still noticeable.

I’d say it makes the Series 7 71xx marginally faster than the previous 70xx models.

So strictly in this regard, the updated Series 7 is not by any means a radically better shaver.

In Turbo mode, the shaver is faster, more effective and overall more enjoyable vs the slower modes as it takes less time to get a clean, smooth shave.

After using my S7 extensively, I’d say that Turbo will be the right mode for most users, and not the Standard mode.

Again, the differences between the Standard and Turbo are not dramatic, but more power will generally be beneficial.

With that out of the way, let’s get into more details.

Closeness of the shave

The Series 7 and Braun shavers in general have traditionally been great all-rounders without excelling in a particular area.

As such, I’ve always found the closeness to be perfectly adequate and even satisfying but not exactly class leading.

This new model fitted with the Turbo mode and new shaving heads should be better according to Braun.

The latest Braun Series 7.

After shaving with it for almost a month, and even using it alongside the previous non-Turbo Series 7, I’d say it’s only marginally better.

In fact, the better way to put this is that it takes me slightly less time to get a satisfactory, smooth shave with the new vs the old one.

The difference is not by any means as dramatic as let’s say using a Series 9 and a Series 7 (non-Turbo), but the Turbo mode on the latest Series 7 feels ever so slightly faster.

In Standard mode I wouldn’t say the closeness is worse, but you will work harder for the same results.

Gentle mode just doesn’t seem to work well enough for me and the shaver is annoyingly slow and needs many passes to get all the hairs.

And even then I would sometimes feel a few rough spots especially on my neck.

I’d even go as far as saying that the Gentle mode feels somewhat pointless.

I think having just the Standard and Turbo settings would have been perfectly fine — as a side note, Braun did just that with the new Series 5 and Series 6.

Overall, the new S7 managed to do fairly well in terms of closeness, but the Series 8 and Series 9 have the edge, but also cost a lot more.

And on that note, the absolute best option for a very close shave for the same price as the Braun S7 is without a doubt the Panasonic Arc 5.

Models like the ES-LV65-S, ES-LV67 or the ES-ALV6HR can cost even less and are among the closest shaving razors you can buy today.

I will get into more details about their specific pros and cons in the Alternatives section.

But getting back to the new Braun S7, I definitely don’t think it brings enough compelling updates to justify the upgrade from the previous non-Turbo generation (70xx models).

If you think it’s a good match for your needs and budget, then yes, get the new 71xx version, but if you already own the old one, just hold on to it.


When I first used the non-Turbo Series 7, I was quite let down by the comfort.

I found it way too harsh especially when compared to the OG (discontinued) Series 7 790cc.

However, I kept using it and even though it’s still not among my favorites, I think the overall performance is quite good for the price.

With the new 71xx generation, I was curious whether the faster Turbo mode would also make it less comfortable.

After all, there’s a dedicated Gentle mode for users with sensitive skin like myself.

I’m happy to report that the comfort is adequate throughout the three modes.

I never felt the need to downgrade to the Gentle setting and even in the fastest Turbo mode the shaver is just a bit more aggressive, but nothing too serious.

I’ve only got some redness and stinging on my neck and I didn’t try to be more careful than usual.

I think there are better options for men with very sensitive skin, like the Series 8 or the 9, but most of us should find the Series 7 gentle enough.

I would highly recommend the use of a pre-shave lotion if you shave dry.

It will make the Series 7 more forgiving and the head will glide easier over the skin.

And on that note, that’s one of my gripes with this shaver and also with the Series 5 and 6 that use an identical shaving head setup.

The wide frame, along with the plastic surrounding the foil elements (the discontinued Series 7 used to have metal as shown in the image below) make the head a bit draggier.

The new and old S7 cassettes.

The Series 8 and even the Series 9 with its 4 cutters instead of 3, just glide effortlessly.

So my advice would be to try a slicker pre-shave lotion, like Speick, Lectric Shave or Lab Series.

In conclusion, the comfort of the new Series 7 360 Flex continues to be good, although not outstanding and it’s not the most enjoyable 3-blade shaver with its wide and somewhat draggy head.

Shaving longer stubble

Braun says the Series 7 should work well on 3-days beards or less and I tend to agree with that.

It would be ideal for someone who shaves often (daily or every other day) because the longer, flat-lying hairs will make its weakness more obvious.

When I shaved a three-day beard, I had to put in more work to catch the hairs with different grain on my neck.

This type of facial hair requires numerous changes of direction (to attack the hair against the grain), and the wide frame and draggy head makes everything more difficult and even slightly annoying.

If you have that type of hair and you shave less often (like twice a week), I think it’ll be worth it investing in a more capable shaver.

Again the Series 8 or even better, the Series 9, work significantly better in such a case.

I have to mention the old discontinued Series 7 that was also a 3-blade foil razor, but worked exceptionally well even on a 4-day beard.

The old (discontinued Braun Series 7 and the new (current) model, respectively.
The old (discontinued) Braun Series 7 and the new model, respectively.

The current Series 7 360 Flex just isn’t as effective at catching difficult hairs.

Wet shaving

The main benefit of using the Series 7 360 Flex with shaving cream/gel is the improved gliding over the skin.

Generally, wet shaving with a Braun razor doesn’t improve the shave massively, but in this case, it just makes everything a lot more pleasant.

When using a very thin and slick layer of lather, the head will glide with minimal resistance and the comfort and closeness will of course be at least as good.

Wet shaving with the new Braun Series 7 7120s.

For me the closeness got noticeably better on my neck with little to no rough spots remaining vs shaving dry with this Series 7.

That said, it may not matter to many potential buyers since most will prefer to shave dry anyway for the convenience.

Wet shaving implies a lengthier prep and more thorough cleaning.

If however you are fine with that, the S7 does work very well especially because it will glide a lot easier on the skin.

You will need to keep the lather properly hydrated throughout the shave though.

Hair trimmer

The inclusion of a separate trimmer attachment (and various accessories) continues with this Series 7 generation.

The 7120s that I have only comes with a trimmer attachment, but without any other goodies like different size combs or a stubbler.

Since I shave often, I only use the trimmer to shape and trim my sideburns.

And for this use case these bulky click-on trimmers are not ideal.

The Series 7 trimmer attachment.

They’re cumbersome to use and don’t work well for detail work nor do they cut the hair as close to the skin as I’d like.

Again I think The S7 trimmer has its pros when you pre-trim an entire beard, but if you shave regularly and just want to quickly tweak your sideburns or moustache, an integrated trimmer is more practical.

The popup trimmer of the Panasonic ES-LV65.
The popup trimmer of the Panasonic Arc 5.

The Series 8 for example has such a trimmer and the Panasonic Arc 5 has by far the best integrated trimmer of any shaver.


The Braun Series 7 is a foil shaver, so it is inherently loud.

Compared to a Series 8 for example, it’s a bit rattlier and less refined.

So if you need a very quiet shaver for a specific reason, this isn’t the one. But in all fairness, no foil shaver is and any rotary will be better in this regard.

Cleaning and maintenance

Apart from the price and beard trimming accessories, the most important thing to factor in when deciding which Series 7 to buy is the cleaning station.

You can opt for a somewhat more affordable solo model like my 7120s or a cc variation that includes a cleaning station (like the 7185cc or 7171cc).

Side note: you will be able to purchase and use a compatible station later on should you decide to buy one.

Also, an existing station from a previous Series 7 360 Flex model will work with solo Series 7 shaver (Turbo or non-Turbo).

The Braun Type 5434 cc station used by the Series 7.

I bought the Series 7 7120s (no cleaning station) as I already had a station from my older 7071cc, so I didn’t really need a cc model.

As expected, the new shaver works perfectly fine with the station, no compatibility issues whatsoever.

I’ll first go over the automatic cleaning process and then I’ll cover the manual cleaning as well.

Both are perfectly viable options and it comes down to personal preference whether you should buy (and use) a cleaning station.

Automatic cleaning

The Series 7 station (Type 5434) is not as impressive and feature-rich as the Series 8 and 9 stations.

It has two main shortcomings:

  1. There’s no active drying system, meaning the cleaning fluid will naturally (and very slowly) evaporate from the shaving head
  2. You can’t charge the shaver without cleaning it first. The protruding holder also makes the station more difficult to store and to travel with.

But apart from these quirks, it’s still a practical and effective cleaning system.

You’ll end up with a clean, charged and lubricated razor, ready for the next shave.

The S7 station uses the same Braun CCR refills and you can also use more affordable third-party cleaning solutions.

Setting the station up is really straightforward.

You first have to remove the cap from the cleaning refill (don’t throw it away as we will need it later on), pop open the station by pressing the button on the back and then slide the cartridge in until it snaps in place.

The S7 station with the cartridge in place.

Unlike the Series 8 and 9 station, you need to insert the cartridge from the front of the station, which is more practical and a welcome change.

After that, carefully close the station (making sure not to tilt it and spill the fluid), connect the cord and you’re all set.

Important: if you shave wet with gel/shaving cream, you must rinse the foam and pat the shaver dry before cleaning it with the station).

The shaver must be placed in the station with the front part facing the holder arm:

The shaver placed inside the station.

At this point, the shaver is still not connected to the station in any way, so it also won’t charge.

You must press the button on top of the holder which locks the shaver and also physically connects it to the station.

Starting the automatic cleaning.

Once you press it, the cleaning process will start automatically.

The cleaning fluid will be pumped from the cartridge and flushed through the shaving head and the razor will turn on and off repeatedly.

Here’s a start to finish video of that:

The whole cycle takes just under 3 minutes during which the light ring on top of the arm will flash blue.

It will continue to blink while the shaver is charging, then turn off.

I then like to take the shaver out of the station, remove the cassette and let it air dry overnight.

I find this way more effective than having the shaver sit in the station. The Series 7 cleaner doesn’t have any active drying feature (fan or heating element).

The light ring on the holder will also signal an overly contaminated fluid by turning yellow. At that point you’ll be able to use the cartridge for a couple more times.

After that, the light will turn red and the cleaning process won’t start until you replace the cleaning fluid or the whole cartridge.

One of the most effective ways to prevent the solution from evaporating (it’s alcohol-based, so it evaporates very fast) is to remove the cartridge from the station and re-seal it with the plastic cap.

You can then store it somewhere safe and only use it when you need to clean the shaver again.

Speaking of which, you can alternate between manual and automatic cleaning and I think that’s the best way to keep your Series 7 clean and also make the refill last longer.

You could for example only use the station once or twice a week.

In the meantime, you can easily clean the razor with water.

Manual cleaning

The Braun Series 7 with its 3-blade shaving head is pretty easy to clean if you don’t have a station or you simply don’t want to use it.

Once you finish shaving, turn the razor off and remove the head.

Gently tap the plastic foil frame on the sink to remove most of the hairs.

Tip: You can do this before an automatic cleaning as well so that fewer hairs will end up in the cartridge.

You can even use the included brush, but only on the plastic parts inside the cassette and never brush the foils directly (they can get damaged).

Give the cassette a very generous rinse with tap water, inside out, and rinse the shaver as well.

Manually cleaning the new Braun Series 7.

Optionally, for a more thorough cleaning, you can put the head back on, pour some liquid hand soap over the foils and turn the razor on for 10 to 20 seconds.

Add more water to lather the soap nicely if needed.

Cleaning the shaving head with soap.

With the shaver still on, rinse the soap with tap water.

Rinsing off the soap.

Turn it off, remove the head and give everything one final rinse.

The soap part is optional, but very effective if you don’t use a cleaning station.

Also, if you shave wet (with cream/gel) and you don’t have/use a station, I would clean it with soap after every shave.

You can now shake off the excess water and let the shaver dry overnight with the shaving head detached.


This part mainly concerns owners who don’t use a cleaning station.

The cleaning fluid also has lubricating properties, so if you clean your Series 7 regularly with the station, there’s no need for additional lubrication.

But without a station, lubrication is beneficial and you can use either clipper oil (Wahl, Oster or Sypryn are all great brands) or a lubricating spray for shavers and clippers (like Andis CoolCarePlus or even Braun’s cleaning spray).

Once or twice a week should be perfectly fine, just make sure the shaving head is dry before you apply the oil or the spray.

Lubricating the blades of the Braun Series 7.

One drop of oil on the outside of each foil, followed by turning the shaver on for about 5 seconds will suffice.

Gently wipe off the excess with a paper tissue and that’s pretty much it.

If you use a spray instead, make sure you let the shaving head detached until the product evaporates.

You also don’t want to shave with it while it’s still damp.

For more info, I wrote a detailed guide on how and when to lubricate an electric shaver.

Key takeaway

Overall, the manual cleaning is very straightforward but the station is still useful and practical, despite its negatives vs the more advanced Braun cleaners.

I think it’s worth getting a cc variation of the Series 7, it only costs marginally more and you can always use an inexpensive third-party cleaning fluid.

However, it is entirely up to you and if you don’t want to bother with a cleaning station, that’s a perfectly fine option as well.

Replacement parts availability

The Braun Series 7 with the shaving head removed.

There are two compatible shaving heads for the Braun Series 7 360 Flex:

  • 73s (glossy silver) / 73b (black)
  • 74s (matte silver)

The 73s/73b cassettes are the ones that come with the older non-Turbo Series 7 (like the 7071cc), while the newer 74s equips the updated shavers (like the 7120s).

Braun says they tweaked the new 74s cassette, but to me the differences are minor.

Both are compatible with the 70xx and 71xx shavers, so you can for example upgrade the head of your older 70xx Series 7.

I think the price should be the decisive factor because the performance seems very similar.

The 74s feels ever so slightly smoother on the skin vs the 73s, but nothing drastically better.

Braun 74s replacement shaving head

Braun 74s replacement shaving head.

See the price on Amazon

According to Braun, you should replace the cassette of your Series 7 every 18 months.

In the real world, that can vary, so you can expect to change sooner than that but also later.

It all comes down to how often you shave, the coarseness of the hair and if you clean (and lubricate) the shaver regularly.

The Series 7 does have a shaving head remaining life indicator on the display, but it’s only a timer-based notification and can’t assess the condition of the shaving head.

The shaving head life status.
The shaving head life status (are at 100%).

Only you, the user, can do that. As such, you should replace the cassette when your Series 7 can’t provide a decent shave anymore.

That usually means a very lengthy shaving session and the need to go over an area repeatedly for a smooth result.

As for the reliability of the 73/74 head, it seems to be quite solid.

It’s a very simple design, similar to the Series 3 cassette so there are fewer things to break.

Should you buy the new Braun Series 7 (with Turbo mode)?

While there are objectively better shavers in Braun’s current lineup, e.g. the Series 8 and 9, the Series 7 costs significantly less than those.

And if your expectations are realistic, I think it’s a solid option for the money.

That said, it doesn’t excel in a particular area — like closeness or the ability to shave longer stubble — so it’s more of a good all-rounder.

I don’t think it’ll wow anyone in any regard.

I think it makes sense getting the Series 7 over other options (which I’ll get to next) especially if you’ll be taking advantage of its particular offerings:

  • An automatic cleaning station at this price point
  • A generous kit of beard trimming accessories

But if you don’t care for any of those and just want a no-frills, good enough shaver, that’s still fine if you can get a great deal on a solo variation like my 7120s.

If you already own the 70xx Series 7 360 Flex, the one with the single shave mode, I’d say it’s not worth the upgrade.

The 71xx Series 7 is largely the same shaver and it won’t feel like a substantial step up.

Let’s now check out a couple of alternatives that make the most sense in my opinion.


1. Braun Series 8 8457cc


See the price on Amazon

I think the Series 8 is a lot closer to what this new Series 7 should have been.

It’s a better shaver in every way and as I mentioned previously, it resembles the iconic old Series 7 a lot.

The Series 8 comes with Braun’s full-option station, it’s more refined, better with longer hairs, more comfortable and shaves a bit closer.

It has an integrated trimmer, a locking switch for the shaving head and a foil release button.

Braun S8 trimmer.
The S8 hair trimmer.

Last but not least, shaving with the S8 is more enjoyable, the head is slimmer and glides easier on the skin.

However, all this come with a higher price, but in my opinion it’s worth the difference.

Braun Series 8 shaving head.

I would get any cc variation that starts with 84 or 85 (they shave exactly the same).

2. Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5

See the price on Amazon

Finally, there’s the older Panasonic Arc 5 that especially in the USA represents a great shaver in the same price range as the Series 7.

In fact, the ES-LV65-S or the ES-ALV6HR sometimes cost even less than a solo Series 7.

The Arc 5 is one of the closest shaving razors out there (regardless of price).

The Panasonic ES-LV65-S is one of the best foil electric razors you can buy right now.

It has a much faster motor and 5 blades that can cut the hair extremely close to the skin.

I find the closeness noticeably better compared to the Braun Series 7 and even the high-end Series 8 and 9.

The downside is that Panasonic shavers in general have to be used more often as they work best on short stubble.

The Arc 5 ES-LV65-S is a very capable electric shaver that can deliver a really close shave.

So these Arc 5s would be ideal for someone who shaves often and wants a really close shave.

For such a use case, I think the Panasonic would be a lost more suitable than the Braun Series 7.

The integrated pop-up trimmer is fantastic as well, a lot better than the one on the Series 8 for example.

There’s no cleaning station with these Panasonic shavers, but cleaning them manually is a breeze.

This pretty much concludes my review of the new Braun Series 7 360 Flex (with Turbo mode).

If you have any other questions or you’d like to share your experience, make sure to leave comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Braun Series 7 (with Turbo Mode) Review: A Worthy Update?”

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  1. Great review. So when you say the Braun 8 and 9 shave closer than the Braun 7, do you literally mean closer (by touch by feeling with your hands) or do you more mean it takes longer with the series 7 to get a comparable shave to the series 8 and 9? I guess another way of asking is, are the 7, 8, 9 performance (closeness specifically) all similar and the main difference is the amount of time to reach a close shave? Or is the final result, regardless of time, still different? Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for the comment.

      In my case it’s both: the amount it takes me to complete the shave and the feeling of running the hand over the skin.

      The Series 7 head is just more draggy compared to the S8 and S9; on top of that, the S8 and S9 need fewer strokes (if I haven’t shaved in a few days) to get all the flat-lying hairs. That’s what makes shaving with them faster as I don’t think the Series 7 (in Turbo mode) is lacking power.

      The closeness/smoothness of the shave is also better with the S8 and S9. I think the quality/performance of the shaving heads is superior. The difference isn’t by any means huge, but I was able to notice it when using these shavers side by side. The Series 7 shave feels slightly rougher to the touch.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Hey, Ovidiu.

    Great review, as usual. It makes me feel “blessed” to have the ‘old style’ Series 7 (7865cc) which his now quite difficult to come by. I’m surprised Braun insists upon using the same name (i.e. Series 7). Anyway…

    Since I have nothing to ask or add to the review, I’ll toss out a couple of “Braun” questions. Firstly, any rumors of a Series 10 in the next year or two? Secondly, will Braun ever return to a “better” cleaning station (i.e. one in which the shaver is not only cleaned and lubricated, but also dried either by fan or by induction coil) or are the stations that come with the newer Series 9 similar to what came with my original Series 9 (i.e. with a fan)?

    Lastly: would an older Series 7 cleaning station (if one could be found on eBay) work with my newer version Series 7 (7865cc)? Curious minds want to know. haha

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks so much for the kind comment.

      Given how popular the old Series 7 was, keeping the old name that had a lot of brand equity totally made sense, especially since the new generation is nowhere near as good. And it’s the same with the Series 5 — the current one has nothing in common with the older, now discontinued Series 5.

      Rumors of the a completely new Series 10 have been around for a few years but Braun kept releasing new Series 9 updates (the Pro, PRO+) instead. I think at this point (after the introduction of the PRO+) the current Series 9 generation has finally peaked. The sales are still strong from what I can tell, so the wait is not over yet.

      I doubt we’ll see a different (and improved) drying system for the flagship series. All the newest variations of the Series 9 and 8 use the same system (with a fan) as the original Series 9 (90xx models). I doubt even the presumed Series 10 will come with a different one.

      The old Series 7 station (with the inductive heating feature) will actually work with your shaver, but you will need to buy a station with the 81365080 part number, that’s the one that has the heating element (plus a quick cleaning mode). These are unfortunately pretty difficult to source nowadays. The model without the inductive coil is a lot easier to buy.


  3. Awesome review, as always, Ovidiu.

    I did some back of the envelope calculations that give out the following:

    Standard mode on S7 operates at 8,000rpms. Sensitive mode is at 7,000rpms and turbo pushes it to 9,000rpms. This is still below 10,000rpms for S8 and S9.

    Numbers were worked out from Braun’s claim that Turbo mode is 28.5% faster than sensitive in their marketing materials. So (9,000-7,000)=2000rpms then 2000/7000=28.5%

    Hope this helps.

    • Hi Miki,

      Many thanks for the comment and feedback.

      You are absolutely right about the numbers, it is still below the S8 and S9 which is consistent with the experience of using all of them.



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