Braun Series 6 Review: Should You Buy It?

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Pros: very comfortable, good build quality, flexible shaving head, rich bundle of accessories, great battery life, wet & dry use, useful cleaning & charging station

Cons: not the best performing shaver in this price range, slightly under-powered, no integrated trimmer

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[4 out of 5 stars]

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In 2020, Braun released 3 new lines of electric shavers for men.

Among them, one stood out in particular: the Series 6.

Not only because we didn’t previously have a Series 6, but the shavers in this range seem to balance cost and performance just right and at least on paper, seem like a very compelling package.

The Braun Series 6 6075cc that I bought is arguably the most popular model and in this review I’ll be sharing everything you need to know after using it consistently for the past few months.

As you’ll see next, there are pros and cons you should be aware of before pulling the trigger on the new Series 6.

We’ll also check out a few alternatives from Braun and from the competition that could actually be better options (depending on your needs).

Let’s dive right in.

Side note:: The Series 6 6075cc is available only in the USA/Canada. The closest model specs-wise available in the UK/Europe is the Braun Series 6 60-B7500cc. Apart from the color, it’s exactly the same, so this review will still be relevant.

Important: Other Braun Series 6 USA models like the 6090cc, 6072cc, 6040cs or 6020s are identical performance-wise, so this review will be relevant for those as well.

Series 6 features overview

Here’s a quick summary of the most important features.

1. Three-blade shaving system

The three blade shaving system of the Braun Series 6.

The Series 6 comes with a familiar shaving system that we’ve seen in the past with many Braun models.

Precisely, there are two foil elements that cut the hairs at skin level and one slit trimmer that captures and trims longer, flat-lying hairs to a more manageable length.

These 3 cutters also move independently, helping them stay flat on the skin.

2. SensoFlex shaving head

The flexible shaving head on the new Series 6 6075cc.

In addition to the three cutters being able to move, the whole head unit can swivel up and down.

It’s the most basic example of a flexing shaving head, but also the most effective one.

The head of the new Series 7 for example can also move sideways, but the benefits are minor if any.

Having used the new Series 5 as well, which is basically a Series 6 with a fixed head, I definitely appreciate the flexing head of the 6075cc.

It makes a noticeable difference, especially when shaving the neck and the area where it meets the jawline.

3. Cordless, wet & dry use

The Braun Series 6 is fitted with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and can only be operated cordless.

The battery should provide enough power for approximately 50 minutes of use.

All the shavers in the Series 6 family, including the 6075cc in this review, are 100% waterproof.

That means you can rinse them with water and also shave in the shower or with your shaving cream/gel of choice if you prefer so.

A direct consequence of the wet/dry operation is that the shaver will not work with the cord plugged in.

4. Automatic cleaning station

The SmartCare cleaning station that's included with the Braun Series 6 6075cc.

Being a cc model (standing for Clean & Charge), the Braun 6075cc comes with an automatic cleaning system.

The station included with the Series 6 automatically cleans, charges and lubricates the shaver.

There are a couple of interesting compromises that Braun made with this station though (more details in the cleaning and maintenance section).

Fun fact: the Series 6 solo models that don’t come with a cleaning station will actually work with one if you choose to buy it later on.

5. EasyClick attachments

The EasyCLick attachments included with the Braun 6075cc.

One of the defining features of the new 2020 Braun shavers is the inclusion of various attachments.

My Series 6 6075cc comes with a beard trimmer and 5 different size combs that you can use to pre-trim or maintain your beard.

The trimmer must be attached manually to the shaver’s head (after removing the cassette).

Other models in the Series 6 range can come with more or fewer accessories.

For example, the 60-B7200cc available in Europe doesn’t have any combs, just the beard trimmer.

On the other hand, the 6090cc also includes a stubble trimmer and 4 special stubble combs in addition to the regular ones.

6. Misc features

Other features worth mentioning are: a (basic) LED display, 5-minute Quick Charge, travel lock, automatic voltage converter.

The Braun Series 6 comes with a 2-year worldwide warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Build quality and ergonomics

With the Series 6 (and the rest of the 2020 models), Braun also moved away from the familiar design language we’ve seen with their previous Series 5 and 9 shavers.

Personally, I think they did a good job and I like the way the Series 6 looks, especially the 6075cc in this dark color scheme.

The 6075cc held in hand.

The shaver is made entirely out of plastic, but it feels extremely sturdy and well-built.

The finishes are excellent and there are no rough edges or uneven gaps between the different panels.

On the front of the razor, there’s a generous, rubberized thumb rest right above the power switch.

The very basic LED display is located below and covered by a glossy plastic cover.

There’s a very large rubber sleeve that covers the back of the shaver and extends to the sides as well.

The back side of the 6075cc.

This, along with the sculpted, thin body and the reduced weight of the razor make it very enjoyable and easy to use.

The ON/OFF switch also doubles as a travel lock and you activate it by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.

A red padlock icon on the display will let you know that the shaver is locked.

The shaver with the travel lock activated.

The charging port is located at the very bottom and it’s the typical Braun two-prong port.

Let’s now talk about some of the negative aspects regarding the ergonomics of the Series 6.

First of all, the LED display is as basic as it gets, with only 3 levels that show the battery charge.

The Series 6 comes with a very basic display.

Other shavers in this price range (from Panasonic for example) will show the remaining charge in 10% increments and even display the duration of the shave.

The Braun Series 6 will however show notifications when you need to clean the shaver (using the station) or when it’s time to replace the shaving head.

Speaking of, another aspect that I feel is a bit of a letdown is the shaving head itself.

While I do appreciate the up and down swivel, I feel like the range of motion is a bit too short.

Secondly, the plastic frame surrounding the foils seems unnecessarily wide and you can definitely notice that when shaving.

It can sometimes get in the way and you can’t really see the area you’re shaving.

For example, the older Series 7 and 5 feel more nimble and are easier to use.

Finally, there are no release buttons for the cassette, so you must remove it using sheer force.

The most effective way to do it is to start from one side, using your thumbnail to pry it off. Don’t try to pull it straight as it will be a lot harder.

Removing the Series 6 cassette.
Removing the Series 6 cassette.

The lack of a release mechanism is in my opinion a cost-cutting decision and a bit surprising for a shaver in this price range. Again, even an entry-level Panasonic Arc 3 has one and it costs a lot less.

Overall, I’d say that the Series 6 fared quite well despite these issues.

Included accessories

The accessories included with the Braun Series 6 6075cc.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the box (6075cc model):

  • The electric shaver
  • Automatic cleaning & charging station
  • One cleaning cartridge
  • Charger
  • Beard trimmer attachment
  • 5 comb attachments
  • Cleaning brush
  • Travel case
  • User instructions

That’s a pretty sweet bundle and the inclusion of the 5 combs and cleaning station makes the 6075cc the pick of the Series 6 range in my opinion.

Braun Series 6 6075cc.

See the price on Amazon

Fortunately, Braun also released these accessories separately, including the stubble trimmer and the cleaning stations.

They are compatible with all the Series 6 models, so you can confidently purchase any of them later on.

Just a heads-up, the user manual is the worst I’ve seen yet. There are basically no instructions, just some illustrations that aren’t particularly useful.

Battery life and charging

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, the Braun Series 6 will only work cordless.

A fully charged battery will allow you to shave for up to 50 minutes before needing to plug it in.

Fortunately, it even slightly surpassed that during my tests, so I’m really pleased with the battery life.

Being a cc model, you can charge the Series 6 6075cc either directly with the included charger or via the cleaning station.

Charging the shaver with the included cord.

There is a caveat though — while in the case of other Braun stations the charging would start as soon as you place the shaver in position, that’s not the case here.

Since the Series 6 lacks the connecting pins on the back of the shaver, the station can only charge it via the bottom port.

In order to physically connect the port to the station, you must press the button on top of the holder which will also start the cleaning cycle.

It’s not a huge inconvenience, but it is there.

Charging the Braun Series 6 from 0 to 100% takes approximately one hour. A 5-minute quick charge will allow you to complete one shave when you’re in a hurry.

Again, the Series 6 will not work while connected to a power outlet (as a safety precaution).

Shaving performance

Let’s now get to the part of the review that matters the most, and that is how well the Braun Series 6 shaves.

I’ve tested my Series 6 6075cc over the course of a couple of months, alternating between it and several other shavers that I thought would make interesting alternatives (and I’ll get to that as well).

Many electric shavers perform differently when used on short vs long facial hair, so I shaved daily and every other day for the most part, but also tried it on a 3-day beard to see if it can handle longer hairs.

Finally, since it’s a wet/dry razor, I used it with shaving cream as well.

I’ll break down the performance into several chunks, starting with the closeness.

Closeness of the shave

For the most part, the closeness provided by the Series 6 was decent. Not great, but definitely not too bad.

I have medium to coarse facial hair just to put things in perspective, and in this case, I’d say that the Series 6 would be borderline adequate.

On the cheeks the closeness was actually really good, but on the neck, chin and below the nose it could have been better.

I happen to have thicker hair in those areas and I could sometimes feel some rough patches left, especially after a dry shave.

There are other foil shavers in this price range like the Panasonic Arc 4 that will provide a closer shave.

Using the Braun Series 6 with a good shaving cream actually improved the closeness a bit, but I still wouldn’t say it was great.

The motor fitted to it is similar in my opinion to the one found on the new 2020 Series 5, if not identical, so if you have a very coarse beard, the Series 6 probably won’t be the best option.

For example, I had to use slower strokes when shaving areas with thicker or longer hairs. With something like a Series 7, I am able to get them a lot faster.

In conclusion, the 6075cc and the rest of the Series 6 variations aren’t going to blow you away with a really close shave.

If that’s the main thing you’re after, you’ll be better off with the aforementioned Panasonic instead.

But if good is good enough, then you’ll likely be satisfied with the results.


After testing the Series 6 extensively, the comfort during the shave was in my opinion one of the highlights of this razor.

Even when using the shaver dry, without any pre-shave, it is adequately comfortable. I have a really sensitive neck, but didn’t have any major issues with the Series 6.

In fact, I find it noticeably more comfortable than the Series 7 70 from 2020.

The key to getting a really smooth shave with it is to go slow, using controlled strokes, always against the grain, and never press too hard.

Just let the shaver do the work.

Moreover, if you press too hard, the head will tend to stick to the skin and it won’t glide so easily.

In fact, it was never quite as smooth as for example the older Series 5 like the 5190cc or the older Series 7.

The culprit is in my opinion the use of plastic on the cassette. Plastic tends to stick to damp skin a lot more than metal.

The foil frame is also quite wide and since the foils don’t stick out as much, it can actually touch the skin and cause the head to drag on the skin.

That’s one of my main complaints regarding the new design of the head/cassette.

But getting back to the comfort of the shave, the Braun Series 6 is definitely good.

If you add a pre-shave or a quality shaving cream, it’s even better, although if you don’t have any skin sensitivity issues you may not see a significant improvement.

Shaving longer hairs

The name Series 6 suggests that performance-wise, the shaver should sit right between the (old) Series 5 and Series 7.

If we refer to the older models (that are actually better than the new 2020 models), things aren’t so good for the Series 6.

In my experience, the Series 6 feels more like a Series 3 ProSkin with a flexible head.

And that is reflected in the performance of the shaver when used on longer hairs.

It’s not really effective at capturing them, especially the ones that stay flat on the skin.

You’ll have to go over those areas multiple times and the rather wide head that tends to stick to the skin clearly doesn’t help here.

This, along with the slower motor can make your shaving session longer.

So I would say that the Series 6 is a good choice if you have light to medium hair and tend to shave more often.

If your beard grows slower, you will still get good results even when shaving every 2 to three days.

But for most men, using it daily or every other day will be optimal.

Wet shaving with the Series 6

I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I used the shaver dry for the majority of the time.

Even though I love using shaving cream with my electric shavers, in this case, the main benefit of doing that was the improved gliding of the head and a slightly closer shave.

So it didn’t really justify the overhead and extra work.

But the shaver worked really well and if that’s something you enjoy, the 6075cc can definitely be used that way.

Do keep in mind that you’ll have to clean it manually and also dry it before using the station.

The shaver must be free of any foam residues that can clog the station and cause excessive pressure in the cartridge.

Using the EasyClick attachments

The EasyClick attachments.

The trimmer and different size combs that come with the Series 6 6075cc can be of great use to some men.

For example, if you sometimes like to alternate between a stubble look and clean shaven or you need to pre-trim your beard before a shave, they should come in really handy.

The Series 6 6075cc with the beard trimmer and comb.
The Series 6 6075cc with the beard trimmer and comb.

Unfortunately, none of those apply to my shaving habits, so I clearly didn’t get the best out of them.

I shave regularly, usually daily or every other day, so I only used the beard trimmer to shape my sideburns (without any combs).

And for that, it doesn’t work quite as well as an integrated trimmer.

The beard trimmer fitted to the shaver (no combs).

First of all, you constantly have to swap the cassette with it and that can be fiddly since there are no release tabs.

A slide-out trimmer would have been a lot more practical since it’s always there.

Secondly, the trimmer is a lot bulkier than a pop-up trimmer and gets in the way. As a result, you don’t always see what you’re doing.

Finally, it just doesn’t cut the hairs very effectively when used in this manner.

So while these attachments can be really useful in several other situations, for me (and for men that just need a trimmer for some quick touch-ups), they’re not really ideal.

I personally would take an integrated trimmer over them any day.

Noise level

Since it’s fitted with a slower motor, the Braun Series 6 6075cc is pretty quiet for a foil razor.

It also doesn’t vibrate excessively, which makes the perceived noise less disturbing.

It’s still nowhere near a rotary razor, but again, not too bad.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Braun 6075cc is one of the Series 6 variations that come with an automatic cleaning & charging station.

Other cc models that are shipped with the station include the 6090cc, 6072cc, or the 60-B7500cc (European model).

The station included with the Series 6 is called a SmartCare Center and it’s actually the same that comes with the new Series 7.

With the 6075cc, you can either use the station or simply clean it manually.

Automatic cleaning

The new SmartCare center looks extremely similar to the Series 3 station and it feels like a downgrade from Braun’s previous stations.

First of all, there’s the fact I mentioned earlier in the review — you cannot just charge the shaver, you’ll have to go through a cleaning cycle as well.

There are no cleaning modes, just a single, standard program.

The station also lacks any active drying system (like a fan or inductive heating), but that’s to be expected. The Series 9 is the only one in Braun’s current lineup that comes with such a feature.

My biggest gripe with the station is actually that protruding arm that holds the shaver in place.

It makes the station take up more space in your luggage and it won’t fit in my cabinet where I usually store the stations I’m currently using.

That said, let’s see if it still does the job right.

Inserting the cleaning cartridge in the SmartCare station.

First, you must open the station by pressing the button on the back and then insert the cleaning cartridge.

Remove the cap, then slide the cartridge from the front until it snaps in place.

Close the station, connect the cord and you’re good to go.

I recommend removing the cassette from the shaver and tapping out most of the hairs so they won’t end up in the cartridge. This allows you to get more cleaning cycles out of a cartridge.

The shaver must be placed with the front facing the arm.

As mentioned earlier, simply placing the shaver in position won’t do anything.

You must press the button on top of the arm that locks the shaver and physically connects it to the station.

Pressing the start button that also connects the port of the shaver to the station.

Once the button is pressed, the cleaning cycle will automatically begin.

During this time, the fluid will be pumped from the cartridge and flushed through the shaving head multiple times.

The cleaning takes approximately 2 minutes and 45 seconds, after which the shaver continues to charge.

The Series 6 6075cc during the automatic cleaning process.

There’s a plastic ring surrounding the button on top of the arm that is actually an LED and it will inform you about the level of the cleaning fluid.

Blue means there’s enough fluid, while yellow means you’ll only be able to use the cartridge 2 or 3 times.

When the ring turns red, the cartridge must be replaced.

Throughout the cleaning and charging process, the LED ring will flash intermittently.

You can leave the razor in the station until it’s completely charged.

After that, I prefer to take it out, remove the cassette and let it air dry completely.

I also remove the cartridge from the station and put the cap back on to prevent the fluid from evaporating.

Since it’s alcohol-based, it can evaporate pretty quickly.

The automatic cleaning is very effective and the shaving head was always perfectly clean.

You absolutely don’t have to use the station after every shave. I tend to clean the razor in the station after 3 or 4 shaves and simply clean it manually in the meantime.

This is a good compromise that allows me to save cleaning fluid and also prevents dirt from accumulating inside the cassette.

The cleaning fluid also acts as a lubricant, so you don’t have to oil the cassette yourself if you use the station on a regular basis.

Manual cleaning

The shaver can of course be cleaned manually.

Since it’s completely waterproof, you can simply rinse it with warm tap water. For more thorough cleaning, just use a bit of liquid soap.

Here’s how to do it.

Once you’ve finished shaving, turn off the razor, remove the cassette and gently tap the plastic frame on the sink to get rid of the bulk of hair clippings trapped inside.

Tapping out the hairs.

You can also blow over it or use a can of compressed air if you have one at hand.

The included brush can be used as well, but only on the inside of the cassette, not directly on the foils.

Put the cassette back on, add a bit of water and place a few drops of liquid soap on the foils.

Turn the razor on to lather the soap. Add a few more drops of water if needed.

Cleaning the shaver with water and liquid soap.

Let the shaver run for 15 to 20 seconds, then rinse it under the tap.

Turn it off, remove the cassette, and give it a final rinse, inside and out.

Rinsing the shaver with water.

Shake off the excess water, pat the shaver and cassette dry with a cloth and let them air dry.

The cassette of the Series 6 contains the blades and the foils and they can’t be separated.

Because of this, some dirt and hairs may be trapped inside over time if you only clean it manually.

This is when the station comes in really handy as it can remove that hard to reach dirt.

Also worth mentioning, if you’ll be using soap to clean your shaver, you will need to lubricate the blades manually as soap will remove any traces of lubricant.

You can use fine machine oil, clipper oil, sewing machine oil or even a spray lubricant for electric shavers.

A single drop of oil on each foil will suffice. Here’s a guide on how and when to do it.

Replacement parts availability

The Braun Series 6 uses a new cassette called 53b (b standing for black).

It looks again extremely similar to the one used by the Braun Series 3 and in my experience, it’s quite similar performance-wise.

That’s a bit disappointing from a shaver that should have been noticeably better, especially considering the price and how Braun positions it in its lineup (between the Series 5 and 7).

Anyway, the cassette is already available which is a pleasant surprise. Usually, that’s not the case with newly released shavers.

Braun Series 6 replacement head (53b)

The new 53b cassette.

See the price on Amazon

The price is a bit on the expensive side in my opinion, but it’s likely to go down as time passes.

According to Braun, you will need to replace the cassette every 18 months, but that will vary a lot in practice.

Other accessories are available as well, like the cleaning station and trimmer + combs.

The station uses the same Braun CCR cartridges, but there are third-party alternatives as well that cost a fraction of the price.

Wrapup — who should buy the Series 6?

First of all, I think it’s important to set your expectations straight.

This is a decent electric shaver, but pretty far from Braun’s best performers like the original Series 7, Series 9 or even Series 5.

To me, it feels more like a redesigned Series 3 ProSkin with a flexible head.

But even so, the Series 6 is my favorite out of all Braun’s new releases.

It strikes the right balance of price and features and I enjoyed using it more than the others.

Braun Series 6 6075cc.

See the price on Amazon

It’s a really comfortable electric shaver, easy to use and will work great as a daily shaver, especially for someone who has light to medium facial hair.

It can eventually handle a coarse beard as well, but your shave will take a long time and the closeness won’t be great.

If you can get the 6075cc or other cc variation for a good price, I think it is a good package overall.

The included accessories can be really useful as well.

That said, if you want a really close shave or you tend to shave less often and have wiry, flat-lying hairs, you should probably look somewhere else.

Alternative shavers

If getting a really close shave is important for you, then you probably shouldn’t get a Braun Series 6.

Instead, for the same price or even less, you can buy a Panasonic Arc 4 that is in my experience significantly better in that regard.

My picks would be the ES-LA63AA or the ES-LF51-A from the Arc 4 family.


See the price on Amazon

Both will shave closer, faster and will be better suited for coarse facial hair.

Do keep in mind that they’ll also work best when used more often as longer, flat-lying hairs can be an issue.

These models don’t come with an automatic cleaning station, but they’re extremely easy to clean, so you don’t really need it.

Another worthy alternative to the Braun Series 6 6075cc would be the older Series 5 (NOT the 2020 Series 5) if you can still buy one.

The 5190cc or 5195cc would be my picks if you can get them at a reasonable price.

Otherwise, the 5140s (no cleaning station) is also a great option.

Unfortunately, as of 2023, the old Series 5 is almost impossible to find, so the most similar shaver in Braun’s lineup is now the Series 8.

Braun Series 8 shaving head.

In my opinion, the Series 8 is superior to the Series 6 in all aspects: more powerful, better with long and flat-lying hairs, higher quality cassette, it comes with an integrated hair trimmer, the cleaning station is more practical (no protruding arm, you can charge the shaver separately, 3 cleaning programs).

The newer models that start with 84 (like the 8457cc) come with the same station as the Series 9, which means it also has an active drying system.

But a solo Series 8 (no cleaning station) will probably be closer in terms of cost to the Series 6.

I think the Series 6 should only be considered if you absolutely need the trimmer and combs to maintain or pre-trim your beard on a regular basis. Although in that case, a dedicated beard trimmer would make more sense.

If you have any other questions regarding the 6075cc or the Braun Series 6 in general, make sure to post them in the comments below.

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Hey. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of ShaverCheck. I independently buy and test electric shavers and I’ve been sharing my findings on this site for more than 10 years, hopefully helping others choose a suitable shaver.

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    • Actually, the instructions depict that the cassette should be removed after rinsing the shaver with water so it can dry properly. So you might as well give it a quick rinse inside out to remove any possible traces of soap or dirt.


  1. The article mentions “pulling the trigger”; I found no need to do that because the cassette pretty much exploded during its sixth shave (while I was shaving). It would not fit back together, so I returned it for a refund. This was to have been my “travel shaver”, but it was apparently not meant to be. I understand this problem may not be common, or maybe it is not uncommon… or something; it could just be a “one in a row” occurrence. Nevertheless, trusting this model is not something I choose to do.

    I found this to be disappointing as I have owned a few Braun shavers in the past and continue to use a Series 7 that has been fantastic. I plan to keep and use that at home for as long as it lasts. As a battery charge lasts, maybe I should just take that shaver with me when I travel and clean/charge it upon my return to home.

    • Hey,

      Sorry about your poor experience with this shaver — I would also be inclined to think it was purely bad luck, but totally understandable if you don’t want to give this shaver another go. By the way, I also enjoy the old Series 7 a lot more and would pick it over the new ones any day.


  2. I have just received a new Braun series 6 with the smart centre and I can say that this is the best shaver I’ve had it’s curves and contour smooth drive over my face it’s a perfect shaver i would recommend this to anyone who is looking at a new shaver 110% beautiful i love it.

  3. Thank you for your detailed review. I just got this razor brand new at an auction for 20 bucks. The instructions were worthless though.

    • You are very welcome — that’s an incredible deal you got for a new 6075cc, hope you’ll enjoy shaving with it. I totally agree with regards to the instructions.


  4. I’m new to electric shavers and started with the Braun 310 which was ok, returned it to Amazon for the Series 6 6020 due to the reviews regarding sensitive skin and have also found this model to be a bit underwhelming as well. I’ve read all your reviews and Ann now considering either the 5190cc or the 5195cc but before I pull the trigger on another return, wanted to get your advice. The series is a bit too expensive for my needs. I don’t have thick facial hair at all and typically shave every other day.

    Since I’m still in the return window at Amazon on the Series 6, I’m looking forward to your recommendation. Thank you.

    • Hi Bill,

      Unfortunately, there isn’t really any shaver in Braun’s current lineup that fills the gap (price and performance-wise) between the Series 6 and the older Series 5 generation (5190cc, 5195cc etc.). That said, those Series 5 shavers are superior in all aspects to the newer Series 6. I would also try to find a solo Series 5 like the 5030s, 5040s, 5140s and so on. Those are usually cheaper than the cc models that come with the cleaning station.

      Other cheaper options would be the Series 3 ProSkin models (like the 3040s), but those aren’t really any better than your 6020.


  5. I just got one of these, there is a water drop sign on the display that appeared half way through my shave, do you know what this is. As somebody else said the instructions are useless

    • Hi Henry,

      That is just a cleaning reminder, it will turn off once you clean the shaver with the station. I wouldn’t mind it too much though.


  6. HI, could you please explain more on “In my opinion, they’re superior to the 6075cc in all aspects: more powerful, better with long and flat-lying hairs, higher quality cassette, they come with an integrated hair trimmer, the cleaning station is more practical (no protruding arm, you can charge the shaver separately, 3 cleaning programs).”. Many thanks. I have bookmarked your website for future use.

    • Hi Atish,

      Thank you for the comment. In that phrase, I’m simply referring to the actual aspects that make a Series 5 shaver from the previous generation (like the 5190cc, 5195cc, 5140s, etc) better than a Series 6. In my opinion if you can get one of those it is a superior shaver. Alternatively, since the old Series 5 is getting more difficult to find, you can consider a Series 8 which is basically a Series 5 with a larger battery.


  7. thank you thank you I agree the directions supplied are awful. Pictures and arrows are not senior citizen friendly, thanks for explaining everything and adding your opinion and direction

  8. Firstly: great site and reviews/articles! I’ve found it all very useful since my old Series 3 packed in a few weeks back…

    Anyway, I just wanted to check something with you. I picked up the 60-B7500cc last Wednesday. Gave it a quick go straight out of the box and the cleaning indicator came on so I thought I’d try out the cleaning station as well. All sorted, worked as expected and the indicator went off. I then used the shaver again on Sunday and, again, the cleaning indicator came on partway through use. So I used the cleaning station again and it went off. I’ve just now (Thursday) run over some stubble with the trimmer attachment and, yet again, the cleaning indicator has come on! Each time I’ve used it, after cleaning it, and I’ve only used it once between each clean… Is this normal?! Should the indicator come on so frequently? It’s hardly been used

    • Hi Phil,

      Thank you, much appreciated. That’s actually not uncommon with Braun shavers, the indicator often comes on even after a quick shave. My suggestion would be to ignore it and simply use your cleaning station whenever you deem it necessary. That could be after every shave or once a week for example (and just clean your shaver manually with water in the meantime).


  9. Hi, Glad to stumble across your site. Agree w/ instructions and senior. Gave DH s6 as present.
    After a bit, discovered wasn’t charging; foils broke. He can’t find included replacements, etc. He’s not gentle and now quite senior. He grew up w/ corded ones of long past.
    Suggestions for moderately coarse or coarse beard, flat laying hairs care? Every other day works. After decade of trimming brows, too, I’m looking for more independence. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

      I think a Braun Series 8 would be a really good option. It’s a powerful but gentle shaver and also good with flat-lying hairs. It does cost more than a Series 6, but maybe you can get a good deal (the 8330s and 8417s are usually priced lower than other S8 models). If you can wait a bit more, I would check out some of the Black Friday deals.


  10. hi Ovidiu,
    I’m trying to replace my old series 7 shavers (I have 6) I have the new series 7 and I don’t like it as it is too harsh on my skin. I’m reading reviews saying the series 6 is actually better for sensitive skins. Have you an opinion on this. Also I have the clean station for the new series 7 could I use that with a series 6?
    I don’t want to go to the 8 or 9 series due to their cost and cost for replacement foils.

    • Hi Mike,

      I would also say the Series 6 is better for sensitive skin than the new Series 7. It is however also noticeably less powerful. Compared to the old Series 7, I’d say the performance difference, ergonomics and the enjoyment factor are inferior. It is very similar to the new one in terms of proportions and the shaving head is more or less identical — I find it wider and draggier compared to the old S7 (hence the ergonomics mention). It will however work with your existing cleaning station from the new Series 7.

      So the S6 is overall a more comfortable and slower Series 7 360 Flex — I don’t know how appealing that is in the context of getting one.


  11. I like the series for it’s save but the head gets dull in a hurry. My head last about 9 months before starting to pull. My Norelco last about 2 years before getting dull. I thought when I bought the Braun it would last at least as long.

    • Thanks for the comment, Charlie. Rotary blades usually last more than foil heads, it’s one of the specific pros of most rotaries. On the flipside, the closeness is usually not as good.


  12. Excellent website, thanks. Two remarks:

    Main advantage of Philips over Braun: the level of noise! I stopped using my Braun serie 9 because I could not stand the terrible noise close to my ears every morning.

    I use as pre shave, either wet or dry, King of Shaves Sensitive shaving oil with excellent results.

    • Hey,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      I agree 100%, rotaries are much quieter and I also mention this in many of my roundups and comparisons.

      Shave oil works great, though I would always consider it a wet shave whenever I apply the oil over the wet skin.


  13. After having used a Philips 9000 for many years, mainly because I could not stand the noise of Braun and Panasonic shavers and did not get a bad result, I tried this morning a Braun Series 6, which I bought at a promotional price (around 95 euros). For the last 50 years or so, I have shaved daily and I am very impressed by my new device: a very easy close shave, using shaving oil on a wet face, no irritations at all and the noise level is acceptable, thanks probably to the less powerful motor compared to the series 8 and 9. So, definitely recommended for daily use!

      • After two weeks of daily use of a Braun Série 6, I can definitely recommend this device for men who shave daily: very comfortable, very close shave (compared to a Philips 9000), acceptable level of noise ( compared to the very loud Brauns of higher series), reasonable price…what’s not to like?


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