Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Review Summary

Pros: compact and well built, USB-C and wireless charging, foil head attachment for sensitive areas, waterproof, easy to clean, integrated LED flashlight, travel lock

Cons: pricey, some quirks and shortcomings vs other groomers, better alternatives available

Our Rating:

[3.5 out of 5 stars]

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The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is the latest iteration of Manscaped’s highly popular body hair trimmer.

Intended to overcome the shortcomings of its predecessor (the 4.0), the new Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra appears to be a very compelling package.

But is it really?

Or just like the previous generation, will turn out to be underwhelming and more expensive to buy and to own vs the competition?

Testing the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

I’ve been testing the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra for more than two months and in this review, I will share everything you need to know about it and whether it’s up to the hype.

I’ll also compare it to the Lawn Mower 4.0 (which is still available and costs less), but also to some of the best body trimmers from competitor brands like Philips and Braun.

Let’s get started.

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra: features overview

1. Two trimming heads: standard blade and foil cutter

The Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra with the two included cutters: a standard blade and a foil head.

Just like all the previous iterations of the Lawn Mower, the 5.0 Ultra is a compact body groomer that uses a standard shearing blade to trim body hair.

The shearing blade fitted to the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.
The shearing blade fitted to the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

However, with the introduction of the 5.0 Ultra model, we’re also getting a foil head attachment which could make a massive difference.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra with the foil head attachment.
The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra with the foil head attachment.

One of my main gripes with the previous 4.0 generation was its poor performance as a pubic hair trimmer.

The standard trimmer blade can only be safely used on sensitive areas with a guard, so you just couldn’t get a close, safe trim on the genitals.

Manscaped probably paid attention to user feedback and with the 5.0 Ultra model they also included a foil head attachment that should provide a close and comfortable trim on the groin.

Closeup of the Lawn Mower 5.0 foil head.
The new foil head included with the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

The foil element is flanked by two shearing blades with rounded teeth that catch and pre-trim longer hairs.

The remaining stumps are then cut at skin level by the foil element.

Side note: a foil cutter is essentially an oscillating blade that sits behind a thin perforated metal screen and cuts the hairs that poke through the foil.

Interestingly, Manscaped’s foil head looks extremely similar in design and function to Philips’ notorious Bodygroom foil heads.

Here’s a picture of the Lawn Mower 5.0 next to my Philips groomer:

The Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 and the Philips Bodygroom 5000.

We’ll see if it’s just as good later on.

3. Different size guards

The three guards included with the 5.0 Ultra.

The aforementioned foil head will only allow you to get a skin-level trim.

But if you need to trim the hair down to a specific length, there are three different-size guards that fit over the standard blade.

  • 1.4mm fixed guard
  • 2mm-4mm-6mm adjustable guard
  • 8mm-10mm-12mm adjustable guard

Manscaped calls the last two adjustable, but as we’ll see, that’s a bit misleading and there are a couple of quirks with this implementation.

4. USB-C and Qi charging compatible

The Lawn Mower 5.0 features USB-C and wireless charging.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is a cordless-only groomer fitted with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that’s good enough for a 60-minute runtime.

Just like the 4.0, the Lawn Mower 5.0 is Qi charging compatible, so you can charge it wirelessly using any Qi charging pad.

But unlike the 4.0, we’re also getting a USB-C charging port which is extremely convenient.

5. LED flashlight

The flashlight feature of the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

One of the features of the otherwise underwhelming 4.0 that I really liked was the flashlight.

It’s a unique add-on that’s surprisingly effective and useful.

The new Lawn Mower 5.0 comes with an improved LED flashlight that now allows you to choose between warm and cold light.

6. Travel lock and 3-level battery indicator

The battery indicator and travel lock switch.

Another extremely rare feature for a body hair trimmer is the travel lock.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 has a dedicated button for it which also doubles as a flashlight switch.

Just like the previous generation, the battery indicator has 3 levels.

The 3-level LED indicator.
The 3-level LED indicator.

Again that’s something we don’t see too often as most other groomers only have a single LED to show an empty battery.

7. Waterproof

The Lawn Mower 5.0 is IPX7 rated, meaning it can be submerged for 30 minutes in 1-meter deep water.

In practice, this means you can use it in the shower and safely rinse it clean with water.

Included accessories

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra accessories.

Let’s now see what’s included with the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

  • Groin & body hair trimmer
  • Standard blade + foil head attachment
  • 3 different-size guards
  • USB cable
  • Travel pouch
  • User manual

The perceived quality of the accessories is excellent.

You get a braided USB-C cable that you can use with any USB-C charger and the travel bag is quite nice as well.

Unfortunately it’s not a hard case, so it won’t be as protective as the ones you get with a Philips Multigroom.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 travel case.

But it is practical and despite the compact dimensions you can easily fit everything inside, including the cable and foil head.

Surprisingly, we don’t get a charger anymore with the 5.0 Ultra. The older 4.0 came with a very compact USB charger as well.

Side note: my review unit was bought directly from Manscaped and wasn’t part of a so-called package or set that includes other stuff like a nose hair trimmer and aftershave balm.

Also, you have the option to buy just the products or the products plus a subscription plan.

According to Manscaped, the plan includes a new blade and an additional product of your choice every three months for a fee of $19.99 + tax in the USA.

Build quality and ergonomics

From the packaging to the way the trimmer looks and feels in the hand, the Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra gives the impression of a premium product.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 packaging.

The 5th generation of the Lawn Mower comes in a slightly larger box than its predecessor to accommodate the extra goodies and it’s made of the same thick cardboard with very nice graphics.

The 5.0 Ultra groomer is 20 grams heavier than the 4.0, weighing approximately 143 grams.

It still feels reasonably lightweight and well-balanced in hand.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 in hand.

We have both matte and high-gloss plastic and the trimmer is put together very solidly, with no creaking sounds or rough edges.

The matte surfaces have a very soft, frosted-like finish, but the grip isn’t the best.

Then again, since it’s compact and not too heavy, you likely won’t have any issues with it.

On the front part, we have the pill-shaped power button and right next to it a round multi-function switch.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 buttons.

The latter is used to operate both the flashlight and the travel lock feature.

Specifically, if you press and hold the button for a few seconds with the trimmer turned off, it will activate the travel lock.

Operating the multi-function switch.
Operating the multi-function switch.

This is signaled by flashing the three LEDs at the bottom and the power switch cannot be operated.

To unlock it, you must press and hold the round multi-function button for a few seconds.

When the groomer is switched on, pressing it will cycle through 3 flashlight settings: warm light, cold light and no light.

The groomer will remember the last setting for the flashlight the next time you turn it on.

Towards the bottom there’s the much beloved USB-C port, something I would like to see on any body trimmer or electric shaver.

So overall, the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra fares quite well with regards to the perceived build quality and ergonomics.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

See the price on Amazon

I do have one minor niggle when swapping between the standard blade and the foil head attachment (and vice-versa).

Removing them is easy and you’ll just have to press it down with your thumb.

Removing the blade from the groomer.

But when attaching either the standard blade or the foil trimmer, you must first insert a small lug located at the bottom of the blade/foil head into a tiny slot and you don’t always get it right.

The blade insertion notch.

It’s a very precise fit and it gets a bit annoying sometimes.

It’s clearly not as easy as in the case of a Philips Multigroom for example that uses a similar system for interchanging the various attachments.

As a side note, when using the standard blade the Manscaped Lawn Mower is what I like to call a push-style trimmer.

That means you essentially push it towards you and against the hair grain during use.

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra "push-style" trimmer.
Push-style trimming.

This is ideal when trimming certain body parts like chest, abs and forearms as you have good leverage and you can hold the trimmer in a very natural way.

When swapping the blade for the foil head attachment to trim pubic hair for example, you will use the Lawn Mower 5.0 as a pull-style groomer for most of the time.

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra "pull-style".
Pull-style trimming.

That means you’ll hold it in your hand in such a way that you’ll pull it towards you and against the hair grain.

It’s extremely convenient to trim pubic or armpit hair in this manner because it’s easier, more natural and you have greater control vs a push-style groomer that tends to be a bit jerky.

But with the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra, you can’t control the hair length when using the foil head as it will always cut it at skin level (the guards don’t work with the foil head).

If you just want to trim down the bulk, you will need the standard blade + a guard and use the groomer in the push style manner.

Battery life and charging

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is a cordless-only groomer fitted with a 700 mAh Li-ion battery, so slightly larger than the 600 mAh of the previous 4.0 model.

So in theory, it should also last longer.

But for some reason, it doesn’t.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra will last for up to 60 minutes on a single charge, so 30 minutes less than the old model.

As for why this happens, it might be because the 5.0 appears to have a slightly more powerful motor and flashlight.

I do not have any official rating for the motor because Manscaped doesn’t make it available anymore.

But the 5.0 Ultra sounds and feels slightly more powerful than the 4.0.

Another improvement relates to the way you can charge the trimmer.

With the old 4.0, you were limited to wireless charging which took a lot of time as it’s considerably slower than wired charging.

The new 5.0 Ultra can still be charged wirelessly, but it now finally has a USB-C port as well so you can conveniently charge it any way you like it.

Charging the Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 via USB-C.

With the 4.0 we did get a wireless charging cradle and a small charger, but with the 5.0 Ultra we’re not getting anything, just a USB-C cable.

You can charge your Lawn Mower 5.0 wirelessly using any Qi-compatible pad, but it’ll take much longer vs corded charging.

Specifically, 3 hours vs 1 hour.

Charging the Manscaped 5.0 wirelessly.
Charging the Lawn Mower 5.0 wirelessly.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra also gets a quick charge function, something the 4.0 lacked, allowing you to charge it for 5 minutes for a quick trim when the battery is completely drained.

Even though the lack of an included charger is surprising, I think overall the 5.0 Ultra fares very well with regards to battery and charging.

Wireless + USB-C charging really is all you can ever ask for.

The 60-minute runtime is adequate for a body trimmer, but not in any way remarkable.

For example, the Philips Multigroom 7000 lasts more than 5 hours on a single charge and the old model would even work while charging.

It is however larger than the Lawn Mower 5.0 and Philips could fit a bigger battery.

Performance — How good is the new Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra?

Let’s now see if this generation of the Lawn Mower is finally worth buying.

As usual, I will address each relevant section separately.

And I’ll start with the way you use the guards because there are some potential issues with this system.

The adjustable guards: hit-or-miss

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra with the standard blade and guard.

With the 5.0, fitting a guard over the blade in the right position is fiddly and cumbersome and you must always make sure that the guard is flush against the blade when you slide it in.

Otherwise, it won’t sit right and the trimmer can vibrate excessively and the guard might even come off during use.

And even when you insert it right, it feels notchy and it’s just not as seamless as it should be.

Then there are a few more issues with the two so-called adjustable combs (2-4-6mm and 8-10-12mm).

The Manscaped so-called adjustable combs.

First of all, these are simple, fixed-size guards/combs.

Here’s a picture of two true adjustable combs from a Philips Multigroom 9000:

The two adjustable beard guards.

They feature a rotating dial and a lever, respectively, to select the desired length. The Manscaped guards on the other hand lack such a system.

So then what’s the deal with the adjustable claim for the two guards that come with the Lawn Mower 5.0?

Well, there are three positions in which you can insert them to obtain three length settings (ie the remaining hair length after the trim).

You can insert a guard to the first position (1), to a middle position (2) or all the way (3):

The adjustable comb in the three length positions.
The smaller adjustable guard: 6mm (1), 4mm (2), 2mm (3).

So with these two guards, you’ll basically have 3 length settings for each one, hence the adjustable reference.

In practice, this just doesn’t work smoothly or even good enough.

Because the notches for the 3 positions are so close to each other, it’s difficult to get it right when you’re not sliding the guard all the way.

Moreover, the guard can end up inserted asymmetrically; and in the first position, it would wobble quite a bit and vibrate when turning on the trimmer.

The guard wobbling on the Lawn Mower 5.0.
The large guard wobbles in the first length setting.

With the old Lawn Mower 4.0 we had a similar system, but the notches were larger and further apart, so getting it right was a bit easier (although still far from ideal).

The Braun Body Groomer Series 5 also uses an adjustable comb, but it’s a lot easier to operate and you can actually see that you’ve selected the right setting.

The Braun Groomer Series 5 (left) and the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra (right).
The Braun Body Groomer Series 5 (left) and the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra (right).

The way you attach, remove and adjust the guards over the blade of the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra feels more like an afterthought.

This is by far the biggest issue with the usability of this groomer.

Trimming body hair (legs, arms, abs)

When it comes to body hair trimming, you’ll most likely use the Lawn Mower 5.0 with the standard blade and a guard.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 with the blade and guard.

This will allow you to safely cut the hair and debulk at a preferred length.

For a very close, skin-level trim, you should use the foil head attachment instead.

Compared to the standard blade with no guard, the foil head is safer, faster and more effective if the hair stays flat on the skin.

With that out of the way, let’s see how the groomer performs with the standard blade and the various guards.

Personally, I prefer leaving the hair on my legs a bit longer (anywhere from 5 to 8mm) and shorter on the abs and arms (2 to 5mm).

As for pubic hair and armpits, I like to trim the hair as close as possible, and I will address that part in the next section.

The three guards that come with the Lawn Mower 5.0 should be enough for most users.

I ended up using the largest 8-10-12mm guard for my legs in the 8mm position and the middle 2-4-6mm guard for my abs and arms in the 2mm and 4mm positions, respectively.

As soon as I started using the 8mm guard, I noticed that it was a bit scratchy compared to most other groomers I’ve used.

Trimming leg hair with the Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

It didn’t cause serious discomfort, but it was noticeable.

What did pose a problem however was the effectiveness of the Lawn Mower 5.0 when trimming body hair that stays flat on the skin using a larger guard.

I tried the smaller guards as well and it was less of a problem.

But the larger the guard/setting, the higher the chance of missing hairs that stay flat on the skin.

When using the smaller 2-4-6mm guard in the 6mm position, it was somewhat easier to cut the hair, but there was another problem.

Because it’s the largest setting, the guard would need to be attached in the first position.

And it’s quite difficult to get it right as mentioned previously.

I found it easier to just slide it all the way in (in the shortest setting), and then push it it forward two notches with my thumb.

Fitting and adjusting a guard.

But oftentimes the guard won’t stay very securely in that first position, would rattle and vibrate and if you happen to even gently bump it against your kneecap, it will just slide to the next notch.

And you may not even notice that and end up cutting the hair at 4mm instead of 6mm.

Overall, this turned out to be quite annoying as I was constantly adjusting the guard and making sure it stayed in the right length setting.

This approach of using simple guards in 3 positions to make them adjustable just doesn’t seem well thought out and practical.

It’s more of a band-aid solution and probably a cost-saving decision. The alternative would have been a better designed system with a proper adjustable comb.

Or just to include more guards — instead of a single 2-4-6mm guard that doesn’t work well, just offer three separate 2, 4 and 6mm guards.

The Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is in my opinion greatly held back by the poorly designed guards system.

If you’re only using them in the shortest length setting, when you push them all the way, it’s not an issue.

But it also means you’ll be limited to the 1.4mm, 2mm and 8mm options — the shortest hair length setting for each of the three guards.

Other trimmers with adjustable body guards like the Philips Bodygroom 7000 or the Braun Body Groomer Series 5 work a lot better and with fewer headaches.

The adjustable trimmer end of the Norelco Bodygroom 7000.
The adjustable trimmer guard of the Philips Bodygroom 7000.

Also, while I wouldn’t say the Lawn Mower 5.0 is sluggish, a Philips Multigroom 9000 or 7000 just feels more powerful and can trim the hair faster and in fewer strokes.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 next to the Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000.
The Lawn Mower 5.0 next to the Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000.

It’s also true that those are larger groomers fitted with more powerful motors and larger batteries.

I did appreciate the Lawn Mower’s compact size and flashlight feature.

But it would still not be my pick for body hair trimming at a specific length because of three issues:

  • The flimsy adjustable guards system
  • The poor performance of the large guards when trimming flat-lying hair
  • The somewhat underpowered feel when trimming areas with denser hair

Trimming sensitive areas (pubic hair, armpits)

For the groin and armpits, you can choose either the standard blade and a guard or the new foil head exclusively available with the 5.0 Lawn Mower generation.

The foil head or the blade+guard can be used for trimming sensitive areas.

The choice should be based on how close you wish the trim to be.

If you just want to remove the bulk you would use the blade and a guard of your choice.

However, the problem of flat-lying hairs will be even more obvious when trimming pubic hair for example vs the legs or arms.

I tried using the 2mm guard for a reasonably short trim below the waist and because the hairs stay completely flat on the skin, the groomer would just go over them and only cut the ones that stick out.

So I can’t say the Lawn Mower 5.0 is very effective when used in this manner.

However, most men prefer a close, skin-level trim on the genital area.

And this is where the new foil head attachment comes into play.

The Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 with the foil head is ideal for a close shave on the genital area.

This accessory should address the main criticism of the previous generation Lawn Mower that simply couldn’t provide a safe way to trim pubic hair at skin level.

The Manscaped foil head attachment is remarkably similar to the notorious Philips Bodygroom hybrid foil head.

The Lawn Mower 5.0 next to a couple of Bodygroom trimmers.
The Lawn Mower 5.0 next to a couple of Bodygroom trimmers.

But other manufacturers drew inspiration from that design as well; for example, the Braun Body Groom Series 5 uses the same head:

Braun Body Groomer Series 5 foil head.

In my experience, Philips is the benchmark for this type of shaving head. Their designs are extremely effective, comfortable and durable.

So the one included with the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra will have to be quite special.

Attaching it to the groomer is a bit fiddly since you must insert a notch in a small cutout.

But once in place, the Lawn Mower 5.0 essentially becomes a pull-style trimmer that should work really well with pubic hair.

Combining a foil element with two blades makes the trimmer effective on both longer and short hair.

The foil can only effectively catch and cut short stubble but the first blade will pre-trim the hair to a reasonable length.

So how does the Lawn Mower 5.0 foil head work?

Let’s say it’s a bit of a mixed bag, but the good parts marginally outweigh the bad ones.

First of all, if you don’t move the head very fast, it is very comfortable and smooth.

The blade teeth are rounded, but still feel a bit rougher compared to a Philips Bodygroom.

Also, the teeth are closer together, so if the hair is thicker and denser, there’s a higher chance of snagging some and that can be very unpleasant.

Closeup of the Lawn Mower 5.0 foil blade.

It did happen to me a few times and I even got a couple of tiny nicks. Again, if you move the head slowly and controlled, it should be fine.

A Philips Bodygroom however is more forgiving in these situations.

And the longer and denser the hair, the slower you will have to go with the Lawn Mower to minimize the risk of nicks.

The Bodygroom 7000 from Philips, with the wider spread teeth and the more powerful motor, is however better.

I feel more at ease and in control knowing that even when I’m a bit sloppier, it will still be comfortable and safe.

Also, the Lawn Mower 5.0 just doesn’t seem as effective at catching the stray, flat-lying hairs as the Philips.

It would often require one or two extra strokes to get all of them.

The closeness is however surprisingly good — the foil used by the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is extremely thin and that allows it to cut the hairs very close.

I’d say it’s at the same level as the Philips Bodygroom if not even slightly better.

But that does come with a tradeoff.

Specifically, the foil will wear out faster. The Lawn Mower foil looks very thin and brittle, while the Philips foil seems very sturdy and durable.

And I know from past experience that the Philips head can last for years of regular use before needing to be replaced.

The Lawn Mower foil head is also flexible, in the sense that it can tilt front to back, similar to the Bodygroom 7000.

The flexing foil head of the Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0.

However, in practice, it will stay pretty much in the same position because the range of motion is very limited you would need to push way too hard to move it.

But I didn’t find this to bother me at all during use.

In fact, because the foil head is not angled forward so aggressively, there’s no need for any flexing as you can hold the groomer at a very comfortable angle relative to your body.

Overall, I’d say I was finally able to get a close and comfortable trim on the groin using a Manscaped groomer.

The Lanw Mower 5.0 is not as good as the Bodygroom which is still in my opinion the best for pubic hair, but it’s not bad at all.

If however the hair is very thick and dense, I don’t think your experience will be great.

The very small spaces between the teeth, along with the less powerful motor will likely cause some pulling, inflict some nicks and it will take longer to get a smooth shave.

I think it’s a very decent effort from Manscaped to address the 4.0 weakness, but their solution is just not as good as the competition’s.

On the armpits however, both the blade+guards and the foil head of the Lawn Mower 5.0 worked better.

Because the hair is a lot thinner and softer, it was easier to cut and the groomer was quite effective and enjoyable to use.

It did require more time to get it done vs a more powerful tool like the aforementioned Philips.

Also, I got only minimal bumps and razor burn from using the Lawn Mower 5.0 foil head on sensitive areas (genitals and armpits).

But that does happen with other groomers as well whenever I cut the hair very short.


In terms of noise levels during use, the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra does pretty well.

It’s one of the quieter body trimmers out there, although not as good as the Multigroom series from Philips that feels and sounds more refined.

When using the foil head attachment, the Lawn Mower 5.0 gets a bit louder as that head tends to vibrate a lot more than the standard blade.

This is an issue with all trimmers that use this type of head, including the Philips Bodygroom or the Braun Body Groomer Series 5.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 is very straightforward to clean and basically maintenance-free.

Once you’ve finished trimming, turn it off, remove any guards you’ve been using, then pop out the blade by pressing it down with your thumb.

Make sure you don’t drop it on the floor as it could get damaged.

You then simply rinse the guards, blade and the inner part of the hair chamber.

Cleaning the Lawn Mower 5.0 with water.

You would do the same with the foil head attachment which is also easily removed in the same manner.

Rinsing the Lawn Mower foil head.

I personally like to remove the foil cutter refill (the one you buy and replace) from the frame and give it a thorough rinse as there will be lots of hairs trapped below it.

Rinsing the foil refill.

You would then shake off the excess water, even pat dry gently with a towel, and let all the parts air dry.

You should not put the blade or foil head back on the trimmer if the moisture hasn’t evaporated completely.

That’s pretty much it.

Optionally, you could use a spray cleaner and lubricant on the blade and foil head (like the Andis CoolCare Plus) which can help with minimizing the friction and also has anti-corrosive properties.

Manscaped doesn’t explicitly mention the need to lubricate the cutting parts, so it’s entirely up to you.

Replacement parts availability and costs

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra replacement blade and foil attachment.

With the 5.0 Ultra variation of the Lawn Mower, we are getting two cutting attachments, namely a blade and a foil head.

So there are two parts that will need to be replaced periodically.

According to Manscaped, you will need to buy them every 3 to 6 months depending on how often you use the groomer.

The SkinSafe blade of the Lawn Mower 5.0 is slightly different than the one that came on the older generation (they are not interchangeable and a 4.0 blade will not fit the 5.0 or vice-versa).

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra SkinSafe blade.
Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra SkinSafe blade.

The teeth of the 5.0 model are a bit rounder and the blade is slightly wider.

It still uses a ceramic oscillating blade, while the static one is made of steel.

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra Replacement Blade

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra SkinSafe blade.

See the price on Amazon

The blade can also be bought from Manscaped’s website.

The price is similar to a Philips Multigroom blade, however, a Philips blade will last for years before needing to be replaced.

And it’s the same story with the Manscaped foil head refill which costs more than a Philips Bodygroom foil head, but only lasts a few months instead of a couple of years.

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra Replacement Foil

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra Replacement Foil.

See the price on Amazon

To me the frequency of replacing the cutters and overall cost of ownership are still the Lawn Mower’s biggest problem vs the competition.

The durability seems to be improved from the previous generation — the 4.0 blade needed to be replaced every 3 months, while with the 5.0 Ultra, we get 3 to 6 months.

However, that’s still just not good enough.

My Bodygroom 5000 uses the same foil head for over two years and it still cuts well. Moreover, the replacement costs less than the Lawn Mower foil refill.

These things just make the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra more difficult to recommend vs other options.

Takeaway — Should you buy the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra?

While with the old generation, the answer was a resounding No, with the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra there are a few compelling reasons to consider it.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

We now have a foil head attachment that can finally deliver a close and comfortable trim on the groin area.

However, it’s not quite as effective or as fast as the Philips Bodygroom, the reference in my opinion for trimming pubic hair.

The 5.0 comes with a very useful flashlight feature, USB-C + wireless charging and the design is sleek with good ergonomics.

The blade and guards system is however a missed opportunity, being very fiddly to adjust the hair length setting and downright annoying to constantly check it.

And then there’s the price and cost of ownership.

You will need to buy new replacement blades/foil heads more often than with other brands.

So even though there are some very good aspects about the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra in isolation, as a whole, there are simply better options that cost less.

So unless someone absolutely must get the 5.0 Ultra for a very particular reason (for example the wireless charging feature or the flashlight), I think most users will be better off with a different groomer.

So let’s check out a few of them.

(Better) Alternatives

As mentioned throughout the review, the Bodygroom line from Philips Norelco is a better option if you’re mainly interested in a close, safe and fast trim on the pubic area or even on the rest of the body.

Considering its price, performance and durability, a Bodygroom would be my number one recommendation.

There are basically two widely available options: the Bodygroom 7000 and 5000.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000

Philips Noelco Bodygroom 7000.

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The former is in my opinion the best as it has some specific advantages over the 5000 (larger battery, flexible head, dual heads, integrated adjustable guard).

It is on the larger side, but still very easy to use.

Philips Bodygroom 7000, arguably the best body trimmer for manscaping.

It is powerful, with 90+ minutes of battery life and the replacement foil head is reasonably priced and lasts at least two years.

Personally, I think it’s the most capable out there for trimming pubic hair close to the skin and with minimal risks of nicks.

The 5000 model has a fixed head with 3 basic guards, but it should be enough for most men.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5000.

See the price on Amazon

The battery is slightly smaller at 60 minutes of use, but the price of the groomer is also lower.

Moreover, it comes with an extra long extension for cutting the hair on your back and the foil head is the same one used by the 7000.

Finally, if you don’t want a skin-level trim, be it on the genitals or the rest of the body and you only want to trim down the hair in a fast and efficient manner, I would consider a Philips Multigroom 7000.

That one has a steel body and a more powerful motor than the Lawn Mower 5.0, the blade lasts for years and it costs a lot less.

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra vs Lawn Mower 4.0 — what are the differences?

Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra vs Lawn Mower 4.0.

Finally, if you happen to own the older Lawn Mower 4.0 and you’re wondering whether it’s worth the upgrade to the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra, here are the main differences.

  • The Lawn Mower 5.0 includes an additional foil head for a close trim on sensitive areas
  • The Lawn Mower 5.0 can be charged via USB-C and wirelessly. The 4.0 can only be charged wirelessly
  • The battery of the Lawn Mower 4.0 lasts longer (90 vs 60 minutes)
  • The flashlight on the 5.0 Ultra has both warm and cold light
  • The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra comes with 3 guards, while the 4.0 only includes 2
  • The blade of the 5.0 Ultra should last more (3 to 6 months vs 3 months)
  • The Lawn Mower 4.0 comes with a wired charger and a wireless charging stand, while the Lawn Mower 5.0 doesn’t include any
  • The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is slightly larger and heavier (143g vs 123g)
  • The 5.0 Ultra has a dedicated button for flashlight and travel lock functions
  • The Lawn Mower 4.0 doesn’t have a 5-minute quick charge function
  • The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra comes with a toiletry case, while the 4.0 doesn’t
  • The Lawn Mower 5.0 doesn’t include a cleaning brush.

Overall, I think the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is objectively a better trimmer than the 4.0, especially with the addition of the foil head and the USB-C port.

However, I would still strongly consider one of the alternatives above as an upgrade; for most users, they will work better while also being more cost-effective.

And that concludes my analysis of the new Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra.

If you have any questions or you’d like to share your experience with a Manscaped product, make sure to leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Manscaped Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra Review: Is It Worth Buying?”

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  1. Thank you for your very detailed review!

    My personal opinion: Manscaped is very good at marketing, but their products are overpriced and underperform in the very basic categories like trimming performance and comfort. USB-C charging and the flashlight are nice, but since Manscaped also wants to sell you the subscription service, one can only wonder if they made the blades last only a few months on purpose.

    No other trimmer from a different manufacturer out there (whether it’s for the head, beard or whole body) has a blade that needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. Those things last for years and then some.

    • Hi Nico,

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I agree, the marketing is on point. There are more affordable groomers that in my opinion also work better — even though without the bells and whistles (flashlight, wireless charging).


  2. Hi Ovidio
    Thank you for such in-depth and informative information. I am currently looking to change my shaver and found your reviews extremely helpful. I am looking at replacing my Braun series 9 with another brand. Whilst it has given me a good shaving experience, unfortunately it has proven to be unreliable. I have replaced the cleaning dock station twice and now the PCB board has a mind of its own.
    Time for the bin.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for the comment, glad you found the site useful.

      I would give Panasonic a try. If you want a shaver that comes with a cleaning station, there’s the ES-LV97-K or the ES-LV9Q. The latter is a bit more comfortable and has a metal body, but it also costs more and it’s more difficult to find in some countries.

      If the station is not a must, then the ES-LV65-S or the ES-ALV6HR would be my picks as those usually offer the best value for money. Performance-wise, they’re identical to the aforementioned ES-LV97-K.

      One thing to consider is that Panasonic shavers in general work best on short stubble, so they’re ideal if you usually shave often. If you shave dry, I would also try a pre-shave lotion like the one from Speick.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Thanks for the detailed review; I have tried multiple shavers seeking the most efficient and cost effective. I have yet to experience any product with all “pros” and no “cons” from this review I concluded the Lawn Mower 5.0 is an excellent choice for my needs. Again thanks.

    • Thank you for the comment, Ray. I hope you found the review useful and you’ll enjoy using the trimmer. I personally think there are better alternatives, but it all comes down to what works best for each of us.



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