Philips Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom Review: A Must Have For Every Man

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Philips Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom Review: A Must Have For Every Man
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The good: suitable for all body parts, very comfortable to use even in sensitive areas, no nicks do to the tapered blades, inexpensive replacement parts, wet and dry use, versatile

The bad: charging takes a long time, flimsy charging stand, no low battery notification led

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Every man should have a trusty body trimmer in his grooming arsenal to help him keep things nice and tidy. Finding one can be a bit of a chore as many of you probably know. The Philips Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom tries to do just that by being a versatile tool that incorporates a trimmer with various attachment combs and a foil shaver.

I’ve been using this trimmer for well over one year and it’s time to draw some conclusions. So let’s get started with the full, in-depth review.

Features overview


BG2020 trimmers and foil assembly

The BG2020 is a grooming product intended to be used as a full body trimmer and shaver, depending on much hair you want to remove. It features two cutting blades, similar to a tipical hair trimmer and inbetween them there is a thin perforated foil that covers the cutting blades.

You can have even more control over the length of the hair by using the three attachment combs included in the pack. Being water-resistant, you can use it wet or dry. It operates cordless and comes with a charging stand.

Build quality and ergonomics

The body of the Norelco BG2020 is made entirely out of plastic, except for the rubberized ON/OFF switch on the front. It has curved, rounded profile that is thinner towards the extremities. However, it feels robust and well built.

The blue attachment combs click securely into place and can be fitted both ways.

The ergonomics are also good, the angle of the shaving head being spot on and allowing easy operation even in tricky areas.

The only part that didn’t quite match the rest of the package was the charging stand. It is made out of thin plastic and it seems a bit too lightweight and flimsy. Also, due to the design of the charging mechanism you have to make sure that the trimmer is firmly placed into the stand; otherwise it won’t charge. More on this in the next section.

Battery life and charging

Philips states that a fully charged battery should last for 50 minutes of use. And that is pretty accurate, I’d say that in practice you should get at least 40 minutes worth of shaving time. That’s a pretty standard autonomy and it’s good enough for most.

Unfortunately there are a couple of negative aspects. First of all, there isn’t a low battery indicator. And this can be a real bummer if you really need to tidy up and run out of juice right after you’ve started. Secondly, charging takes about 8 hours, so can’t just plug it in for a quick charge.

In order to avoid this it’s a good idea to form a habit of always keeping it charged. Depending of the length of a grooming session, this can be done after a couple (or more) sessions.

bg2020 prongs

Close-up of the metal prongs on my BG2020

My other gripe with charging the groomer was the design of the charging mechanism itself. There are two small metal prongs on the back of the trimmer that make contact with two metal blades that are located on the inside of the charging stand. When placing it in the stand make sure that the green led from the adapter will light up to indicate that it is charging. You really don’t want to leave there for 8 hours just to find out that it didn’t charge.

Also, when the groomer is fully charged you have to disconnect the charging plug from the outlet as this can reduce battery life in the long run.

This is no deal breaker by any means, just some things that you have to keep in mind to avoid some unwanted situations.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom is very simple and straightforward. It’s a good idea to do it after every use, but you don’t have to be very thorough every single time.

The foil and cutters assembly can be easily removed by gently pulling it off the groomer. After that, gently brush the hairs off the shaving foil and cutter block with the included brush. You can then reattach the shaving foil and rinse it under running tap water (warm or cold). Never switch the trimmer on during cleaning operations.

After rinsing, shake the excess water and pat the groomer dry with a towel. And that’s about it.

Shaving performance

After using various other products for general body grooming, I must say that overall I’ve been impressed with the Norelco BG2020.

BG2020 blades

Close-up of the round design of the blades

The thing that stands out the most is just how comfortable and pain free it is to use. At first I was a bit reluctant at using it without a comb. If you’ve ever used a regular hair trimmer before for body grooming you know what I’m talking about. But Philips managed to come up with a special design of the two trimmers, making the blades rounded and tapered. No more nicks and cuts, even when shaving sensitive parts like the groin area.

Regarding the shaving itself, you are pretty much in full control over the length of the hair. You can use the three attachment combs if you just want a light trim; these work great for  areas like the chest or wherever you want longer hair (3mm, 7mm or 10mm). By holding the shaver at a certain angle, you can use the two trimmers without the foil touching the surface of the skin. So if you want to trim the hair basically at skin level but without actually shaving it, you can do just that. This can be great for shaving under the arms or the groin area as those can be very sensitive.

Finally, you can completely shave the hair by using the foil cutters. They work like a regular foil shaver and they do a pretty good job.

Even though the design of the cutters minimizes the risk of nicks and cuts, it is still a very good idea to use it gently and take your time. If you just ram it into an area that has lots of thick hair you will eventually pinch the skin.

After using the BG2020 for more than a year, I can say that the result was almost always irritation free. However, your skin may need some time to adjust to shaving.

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Another thing worth mentioning is that no matter what method of shaving you use, if a sensitive area that was recently shaved rubs against clothing you will get some irritation and discomfort. If that’s the case you may want to avoid shaving that area and only use the two cutters as they cut hairs almost at skin level.

Overall, the grooming experience was excellent.

Included accessories

Inside the box you’ll find the following items:

  • Philips Norelco BG2020 trimmer
  • three attachment combs (small, medium, large)
  • charging stand
  • charging adapter
  • cleaning brush

Replacement parts availability

This particular groomer won’t make you spend a lot on replacement parts either. Philips recommends replacing the foil and cutters assembly once a year. In practice, depending on how often you use it and your grooming habits, you won’t have to do it so often. When you do have to replace it, the part can be bought from Amazon at very reasonable price: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Replacement Foil.

Wrapup—Who should buy it?

I think that every man should have a quality body trimmer just as they should have a quality shaver. The BG2020 is an excellent all-rounder, a versatile trimmer that will satisfy most men. It is efficient and very comfortable to use. With that in mind, anyone in search of a good, reliable groomer should consider it.

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Alternative shavers

The BG2040 BodyGroom Pro is a great alternative. Even though it costs a bit more, it does address some of the BG2020’s shortcomings: it has a better charging stand, charging takes only one hour as opposed to eight, has a second adjustable trimmer and a more advanced pivoting head. If it is within your budget, it is a very solid option. The grooming experience should be at least as good as with the BG2020, but all of that in a sleeker, more capable machine.

If however you don’t mind having to wait 8 hours for a fully charged battery, you will definitely be pleased with the BG2020. It is also cheaper to buy and to run. Highly recommended.

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