Remington MS2-390 Review: A Mixed Bag

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Remington MS2-390 Review: A Mixed Bag

Review Summary

The good: inexpensive to buy, provides a close shave, can be used while charging, good battery life

The bad: noisy, rough patches of hair may require additional passes, foil screen and blades need frequent replacement, trimmer is bulky

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(3.5 out of 5 stars overall)

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Remington MS2-390 is an affordable electric shaver that has been around for a long time, being a very popular choice for anyone looking for a basic shaver that gets the job done without any fuss. But as you’ll find out from our review, there are some drawbacks that can be a dealbreaker for some.
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Features overview

Remington MS2-390

Remington MS2-390

Being an electric shaver that uses a foil system, the MS2-390 features two titanium microscreens that use Remington’s ComforTech contour technology for comfortable and efficient shaving.

Features summary:

  • two titanium microscreens with Comfortech technology
  • 3-position pop-up trimmer with titanium coated blade
  • cordless/plugged in operation
  • Quick Charge option
  • low charge/charging indicator lights

Long hair trimmer

The pop-up trimmer has a titanium coated blade and it’s wider than on most shavers. It slides out with a nice dampened effect, so it doesn’t really “pop-out”. It’s a nice touch by Remington, definitely something you’d expect to find on more expensive products.

There are three positions available when using it:

  • completely retracted (the OFF position), when only the cutting blades under the foil are used. This doesn’t really count as a “position” in my opinion;
  • middle position, operated by pressing the left button under the trimmer. In this position the trimmer is used in conjunction with the two screens as it cuts the longer hairs to a manageable length for the screens;
  • fully extended position (right button), used for trimming the sideburns and moustache.

Unfortunately, being that bulky means that it won’t be very practical for any real grooming and trims. It will slice through the stray whiskers without any problems though.

If you’re looking for an electric shaver with a very capable trimmer this isn’t the one for you. There are better alternatives from Braun or Panasonic.

Build quality and ergonomics

In terms of build quality, Remington MS2-390 is a mixed bag. On one hand, the body seems very robust and well screwed together.

The rubbery surface provides and excellent grip even when it’s wet.

On the negative side of things, there is the actual shape of the shaver. Although it is not by any means uncomfortable, holding it just doesn’t feel as good as other shavers due to its flattend and very wide construction.

The ON/OFF switch has a rubber cover that will wear and break after extended use, as it was the case with my personal Remington MS2-290, which is the same model without the Quick Charge option and the low charge indicator.

Finally, there’s the cutter assembly which is a bit flimsy and doesn’t feel as sturdy as the rest of shaver.

The side buttons for releasing it are also too sensitive, you can touch them by accident when handling the shaver and the cutter will just pop-out.

Battery life and charging

Being a cord/cordless rechargeable shaver means that Remington MS2-390 can be used with or without the cord. You should keep in mind though that frequent corded use can reduce battery life.

Another benefit is that you can’t overcharge it and damage the battery, so you can leave it plugged in between shaves. The automatic dual voltage conversion makes this shaver compatible with voltages world wide (110-240V).

Battery life is actually pretty good; a single charge should provide enough power for up to one hour of shaving.

Quick charge is a handy and welcome feature that gives you enough power for a single shave from just five minutes of charging. Like the corded use, you shouldn’t do it on a regular basis as in time it will affect battery life.

Remington MS2-390 comes with two light indicators:

  • low charge indicator that glows red when needs recharging
  • charging indicator that glows green when charging and blinks when fully charged

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning is quick and easy, just remove the screens, brush the cutting blades and trimmer with the included brush and rinse with water.

For the foil, you just blow the debris and can also rinse it with cold or warm water.

This “ritual” should be performed after every use to maintain it in optimal shape.

Shaving performance

For a simple electric shaver, without fancy features and technologies, Remington MS2-390 provides a surprisingly close shave. While it won’t be the most comfortable shaving experience, the majority will be pretty satisfied with its performance.

Rough patches of hair may require multiple passes, especially on the neck and jaw line.

A potential problem is with the cutting blades and the protective screens which tend to wear pretty fast and need to be replaced more frequent.

Remington MS2-390 wear

Remington MS2-290 wear

I also experienced this with my personal shaver, as the cutters have worn through the screens (see the picture on the right). This happened after more than a year of regular use and they use the same cutters and foil.

Remington says that the screens should last 6 months and the cutters 12 months, depending on your shaving technique.

Included accessories

This shaver comes with charging adapter, cleaning brush, protective head guard and a rather posh travel case. Not too bad, I’d say.

Replacement parts availability

The parts that need replacement can be bought in two flavours:

Wrap-up—Who should buy it?

Remington MS2-390 is a low price, simple and effective shaver, without the bells and whistles of more premium priced shavers.

I would recommend it as a first shaver for a young man or for anyone who doesn’t have unrealistic expectations from an affordable and basic shaver —Check price on

However, I wouldn’t recommend it as a gift. If you’re willing to raise your budget a little bit, you can go for something like a Panasonic ES8103S, which is a better shaver and it looks slick. Guaranteed to make a bigger impact.

Another aspect you should consider is the noise. And I’m not gonna sugar coat it, this thing is loud. For some this may not be a problem, but if you’re worried about waking up the children or your significant other, this shaver isn’t for you.

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    Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

    1. ovidiu Post author

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I’m glad you found the information useful. There will be more reviews and articles in the near future.
      Best wishes,

  2. Philip Hilton

    My MS2 390 does not hold a charge very well. I let it charge all night, and when I’m about half through shaving the red light goes on and it starts slowing down.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Usually when a shaver doesn’t hold a charge for at least one shaving session it’s time to get a new one. You can go around this by using your MS2 390 plugged in. I definitely recommend doing that because when the razor starts slowing down half way through, the motor fails to operate at full capacity and the cutting blades oscillate at a slower speed. This is a typical scenario that will often cause some serious pulling and tugging and your overall shaving experience will suffer.


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