Braun Series 5 5018s Review: Is The New Generation Better?

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Pros: very comfortable, reasonably close shaves, lightweight and easy to use, quiet (for a foil shaver), good battery life, travel lock, reasonably priced, compatible with the 5434 Braun cleaning stations

Cons: not as good as the old Series 5, not great with long & flat hairs, slightly under-powered, fixed shaving head, no slide-out trimmer, no travel case

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[4 out of 5 stars]

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The Series 5 from Braun was one of the company’s most compelling lines of electric shavers for men.

It strikes just the right balance between cost and performance, making it a very appealing option in the mid-range segment.

In early 2020, Braun launched a completely new Series 5 line for the USA & Canada markets.

The new shavers are a complete departure from the current Series 5 that we all know.

One of the models in this revamped line is the Braun 5018s (the UK/European version is called 50-B1200s). This particular Series 5 is bound to be the pick of the range thanks to its very reasonable price.

I’ve tested the Series 5 5018s for a couple of weeks and in this review I will be sharing everything you need to know before you buy it, including its pros and cons and how it fares against the old Series 5.

Let’s dive right in.

Features overview

It’s important to note that even though there are five models available in the USA/Canada and even more in Europe, the shaving performance and features are identical throughout the range.

So this review will also be relevant in the case of the other models like the 5050cs, 5020s or the UK 50-B1200s and 50-W4650cs.

The differences only consist of color and included accessories.

As mentioned in the beginning, the Series 5 5018s (50-B1200s) will likely be the best pick in most cases unless you absolutely need a specific accessory.

Also, since all the models in this new release start with 50, I will be referring to it as the Series 5 50 just to differentiate the new shavers from the old Series 5.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the main features of the 5018s in our review.

1. Three-blade shaving head

A closeup of the 5018s three-blade shaving head.

The new Series 5 50 sticks to the same 3-blade shaving system as before.

There are two outer foils that cut the hair at skin level, while the middle trimmer captures and pre-cuts long, flat-lying hairs.

And while the 3 cutting elements can move independently, the head unit of the 5018s (and the rest of the models) is fixed.

This is somewhat surprising since the old Series 5 had a flexible shaving head that worked really well in my experience.

2. EasyClean system

Closeup of the EasyClean system found on the new Series 5.

Braun makes a pretty big deal out of this feature of the new Series 5.

The EasyClean text is even printed right below the shaving head on the front of the razor and it’s also the first feature listed on the product page.

This design of the shaver, with a cutout right underneath the shaving unit, allows you to rinse off the stubble without removing the cassette.

We’ll see how well it works in the cleaning and maintenance section of the review.

3. EasyClick Precision trimmer

The EasyClick trimmer attachement.

The Series 5 5018s doesn’t have an integrated slide-out trimmer like the old Series 5.

Instead, it comes with a separate trimmer that must be manually attached when you need to use it.

It just clicks in place of the cassette, but that also means you’ll have to swap them every time.

The Braun 5018s only includes the trimmer; other models come with various attachments, like different size combs, body trimmers or stubblers for maintaining a beard.

If you don’t need any of those, the 5018s is probably the one to buy as it’s cheaper than the rest.

4. Cordless, Wet & dry use

The Braun 5018s and all the new Series 5 razors are suitable for wet & dry use.

This means you can rinse them with water, but also shave in the shower or with your favorite shaving cream or gel.

It also means the shavers will only operate cordless, so you can’t use them while charging.

The Li-ion battery will ensure up to 50 minutes worth of cordless use, with the option of a 5-minute quick charge function.

The universal voltage converter (100–240v) allows you to use 5018s anywhere in the world, so you can definitely consider it as a travel shaver.

Build quality and ergonomics

The new Series 5 5018s looks and feels nothing like the previous, international generation.

The Series 5 showcases a completely new design language.

The shaver is also much lighter at only 174g/0.38 lbs according to my kitchen scale.

That’s almost 60 grams less and it really makes a significant difference when holding and using the shaver.

Apart from some glossy finish on the front and on the foil frame, the 5018s is entirely made out of matte plastic.

On the back and sides, there’s a dimpled rubber insert that along with the sculpted profile of the handle and the low weight ensures excellent grip and ergonomics.

A side view of the Braun Series 5 5018s, showcasing the rubberized surface.

Like all the other 2020 models, the Series 5 also has a thumb rest on the front part. Its position is just right and it’s covered in the same rubberized material.

The thumb rest is a great ergonomical addition.

The thumb rest area integrates the power button as well and it sits pretty much flush with the surface.

It is very clicky and easy to operate, including when your hand is wet or covered in foam.

The power button is also used to activate the travel lock function; you do that by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.

Further down we have the very basic LED display that shows various information, like battery level, travel lock, charging status, cleaning and cassette replacement reminder.

The back of the 5018s is completely barren, with no slide-out trimmers or charging pins.

Back view of the Braun 5018s.

I would have liked to see that rubber insert extending all the way to the bottom, but it still does the job decently.

On the bottom of the razor there’s the typical Braun charging port.

The 5018s is made in Germany, continuing the tradition from the previous Series 5.

So far things look pretty good for the Braun 5018s.

But as expected, not all is peachy.

My main gripe with this model (and with the new Series 5 in general) is related to the shaving head.

In my opinion, it’s a clear downgrade from the previous Series 5 models.

First of all, it is fixed.

The up and down swivel of the head that we’ve seen on all Braun models from the Series 5 and up was actually very useful in practice.

It allowed me to shave with less wrist work, especially when shaving below the jawline.

My other complaint is related to the cassette itself.

Just like I mentioned in the case of the new Series 7, I think it’s a step down in quality and performance from the one used on the old Series 5.

It actually resembles the one used on the entry-level Series 3 (pictured below in a side by side comparison) and it just feels like a cheaper part.

New Series 5 and 3 cassette comparison.
The new Series 5 (left) next to the Series 3 (right) cassette.

The frames surrounding the three cutting elements are now made of plastic and they don’t move quite as easily and smoothly as in the case of the older Series 5 cassette.

The glossy frame is also wider, making the shaver a bit more cumbersome to use in tricky spots.

There are also no release buttons/tabs, so you’ll have to pry the cassette off using brute force.

Again, it feels like a cost-cutting move.

And in all honesty, the new Series 5 is quite a bit cheaper. I just don’t think that the Series 5 name should be used as it will just cause more confusion.

Overall, the build quality and ergonomics are adequate considering the price of the Series 5 5018s, but the shaver feels underwhelming compared to the old (and pricier) Series 5.

Included accessories

The accessories included with the Braun Series 5 5018s.

My Series 5 5018s came with the following items:

  • Precision trimmer attachment
  • Charging cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

The bundle is as basic as it gets.

There’s no protective cap, travel case or lubricant included.

A travel case/pouch would have been particularly useful, but we’re not getting one with any of the new Series 5 50.

And again I must mention the older models that came with the excellent Braun hard travel case.

Battery life and charging

Since the Braun 5018s will only operate cordless, battery life is particularly important.

All the new Series 5 shavers are fitted with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides up to 50 minutes of use.

Braun mentions 3 weeks of shaving, but that’s not really realistic and doesn’t account for certain variables like the duration of your typical shaving session or how coarse your beard is.

Nevertheless, the battery life has been solid during my tests with the Series 5 5018s.

The claimed 50 minutes of use is definitely within reach.

Important: you must connect the shaver to a power outlet before the first use to activate the battery. Otherwise, it won’t power on.

Charging the Braun Series 5 5018s.

Charging the 5018s from 0 to 100% takes around one hour. The charger (type 492-XXXX) has a USA plug and will work anywhere in the world (100–240v).

If you’re in a hurry, the quick charge function can come in handy. Charging the shaver for 5 minutes should provide just enough juice to complete a shave.

The battery indicator is very basic, with only 3 levels, each one representing a third of the battery capacity.

When the battery is almost drained, the red plug icon will light up, indicating that you must charge it.

Shaving performance

Let’s now get to the part that really matters, and that is the actual shaving performance.

For this review, I’ve been using the Braun Series 5 5018s exclusively for almost two weeks.

I tried to test it in a variety of scenarios so I can get a better understanding of its pros and cons and when this shaver would be a suitable option.

I used the 5018s both wet and dry, daily, every other day and I also skipped shaving on weekends to see how it copes with a longer beard.

I will break down the performance review into several parts, starting as usual with the closeness.

Closeness of the shave

In my case, the closeness was pretty good; in fact, it was better than expected.

Braun Series 5 5018s

See the price on Amazon

Given the striking similarities to the entry-level Series 3 and the obvious cost-cutting decisions in the case of the cassette, I really didn’t have high expectations.

The most surprising part about it was the closeness on my neck during a dry shave.

This is a problem area for me with most entry to mid-range Braun shavers.

But when shaving with the 5018s, it was perfectly adequate.

To my surprise, it was also good on the chin and under the nose, two areas where I have particularly thick facial hair.

It wasn’t as good on the cheeks though; I could still feel some rough patches even after doing more passes than usual.

The results were slightly better when I used a pre-shave lotion or shaving cream, but not dramatically better.

The shave was however more enjoyable and I even managed to finish in a shorter time.

I think the reason was the added slickness as the head of the 5018s tends to get stuck and doesn’t glide as easily on the skin as other shavers, like the old Series 5 and 7.

It tends to be a bit jerky and sticks to the skin occasionally. This can make shaving more tedious and lead to a longer session.

I also have to mention that the motor fitted to the Series 5 5018s is not as powerful as I would have liked.

It sounds and feels a bit sluggish and you will notice it if you have very coarse hair or you’re shaving less often.

I’d say that the 5018s and the rest of the models in this lineup will be suitable for someone with light to medium facial hair.

Otherwise, shaving will just take longer and won’t be that enjoyable.

All in all, the closeness was satisfactory for a Braun shaver in this price range, but if you’re really concerned with getting a very close shave, there are better alternatives from Panasonic.


Another aspect regarding the Braun 5018s that came as a very pleasant surprise was the comfort.

It is a very gentle and smooth shaver provided that you’re not moving the shaving head two fast across the skin.

As long as you stick to slower, controlled, shorter strokes and don’t press hard, it should be perfectly suitable even for someone with sensitive skin.

I personally have very sensitive and dry skin, especially on the neck, but didn’t have any major issues using the 5018s.

For the majority of the time, it was perfectly comfortable and smooth during a dry shave, with no hairs getting yanked and no serious discomfort during or after the shave.

I again recommend using the Series 5 5018s on shorter facial hair to avoid any potential discomfort.

The foils always remained cool, maybe only slightly warm towards the end of the shave.

I tried it with the Beard Lube from Black Jack — a latherless shaving balm — and the comfort was just sublime.

I particularly enjoyed using the 5018s wet mainly because of the added slickness; the head just glides over the skin effortlessly.

Overall, the comfort of the shave with the Braun 5018s was very good.

Shaving longer, flat-lying hairs

This is in my opinion the area where the new Series 5 shows its limitations.

Foil shavers aren’t usually very good at capturing and cutting difficult facial hair.

This includes long, wiry, flat-lying hairs.

Some (more advanced) electric razors like the Series 7 and 9 are very good in these situations, but the cheaper ones tend to struggle.

And while it wasn’t by any means horrible, the Braun Series 5 5018s did require more work when used on a 3 days beard.

First of all, I had to use even slower strokes to avoid hairs getting pulled. On a short beard, it wasn’t usually a problem, but in this situation more attention was needed.

Secondly, the flat hairs on my neck required many passes and even so, a few odd stray hairs just refused to surrender.

I had to switch to the beard trimmer and cut them — this is when I also missed having an integrated trimmer that I could just extend and use.

Shaving flat and long hairs with the 5018s is when the downgrade from the previous cassette is the most obvious.

My older Series 5 was significantly better in these situations.

In conclusion, my recommendation would be to consider the Braun 5018s if you plan on shaving often for the majority of the time.

Ideally, I would use it daily or every other day.


As mentioned previously, I personally find the new Series 5 a bit underpowered.

And this is quite important for getting a quick shave, especially if your beard is dense and thick.

Secondly, the head of the 5018s is fixed, so you’ll have to work a bit more in order to maintain the foils flat on the skin.

The 3 cutting elements also don’t protrude as much and while they do move independently, the range of motion is quite short and the movement is a bit jerky.

The cutting elements of the 5018s have a rather limited range of motion and the head is fixed.

Finally, the foil frame is unnecessarily wide (wider than on the old S5) and the head just doesn’t glide as easily on the skin.

All these aspects combined lead to longer shaving sessions, at least when compared to the previous Series 5 or 7.

I’d say that the experience is very similar to the Braun Series 3 ProSkin, which isn’t particularly flattering.

Precision trimmer attachment

I personally have a preference for integrated hair trimmers.

They’re always there and extremely handy when you need to cut a stubborn hair or shape your sideburns.

If that’s how you use a trimmer in the majority of the time, you probably won’t like the trimmer attachment shipped with the Series 5 5018s.

You’ll have to manually remove the cassette and pop it in its place every time you need to use it.

The EasyClick precision trimmer.

For some light grooming like the situations mentioned above, it is not ideal.

I find it too large and unpractical and I would very much rather have a pop-up trimmer always at hand.

But if you need to pre-trim a beard, it’s definitely better than any integrated trimmer.

It fits both ways, so that’s definitely practical in this case, allowing you to use it both ways depending on the area you’re trimming.

The trimmer can be fitted both ways.

But in my case, it doesn’t make much sense as I tend to shave often — every three days at most — so there’s no need to pre-trim my beard.

The 5018s only includes this trimmer (called a Precision trimmer), but other Series 5 models come with comb attachments, body trimmers or stubblers.

Noise level

The Braun Series 5 5018s is actually quiet for a foil electric shaver.

It is one of the quietest Braun models I’ve used so far, on par with the Series 9 in this regard.

One of the reasons for this is of course the less powerful motor which also contributes to a lengthier shaving session.

It also doesn’t vibrate as much as most Braun shavers when cutting the hairs.

So it’s overall a quiet razor, although not by any means as quiet as a rotary.

Cleaning and maintenance

None of the new Series 5 models are available with an automatic cleaning station.

And that’s a bit odd since all of them are actually compatible with the stations shipped with the 2020 Series 7 and 6 (the station type is 5434).

So if you already own one of those, you’ll be able to use it with the 5018s.

I actually tried the station that came with my 7071cc and it worked perfectly (pictured below).

Cleaning the Braun 5018s in a compatible cleaning station.

However, most users won’t have that possibility and they’ll have to clean the shaver manually.

And judging by the way Braun is making a big deal out of it, the EasyClean system is one of the highlights of the Series 5 50.

Precisely, it’s a workaround that should allow you to clean your shaver with water without removing the cassette.

There’s a cutout below the shaving unit covered by two rubber flaps.

The pressure from the stream of water pushes those flaps inward and enters the head of the shaver, flushing away the hair clippings.

Rinsing the shaver using the EasyClean cutout.

I tried cleaning my 5018s exclusively in this manner for the first 3 shaves just to see how effective it is.

Sadly, it’s not very effective.

While the bulk of the hairs were removed, there were still plenty of finer strands left, especially towards the extremities of the three cutters on the inside of the cassette.

And I was really thorough with it and spent quite a bit of time doing it.

But the truth is that it would have taken me less time to simply remove the cassette and give it a thorough rinse (inside out). And the results would have been much better also.

So in my opinion, while interesting, this solution is more of a gimmick.

The best way to clean a waterproof shaver is with a bit of liquid soap and warm tap water.

You don’t have to use soap after every shave (unless you use shaving cream or gel).

As usual, I start my cleaning routine by removing the cassette and gently tapping out the hairs.

Tapping out the hairs from the shaving head.

Do not hit the foils as they will get damaged.

You may also use the included brush, but only on the inside of the cassette, never directly on the foils.

Snap the cassette back in place, add a bit of water to the foils and then pour some liquid soap on the foils.

Turn the shaver on for around 15 seconds, adding more water if needed so that the soap will lather and coat the cutters.

Cleaning the shaver with liquid soap and water.

With the razor still on, rinse it with warm tap water. Turn it off, remove the cassette, and give it a final rinse inside out.

Rinsing the shaver with water.

Shake off the excess water and optionally pat the parts dry with a clean cloth.

You should let the shaver air dry completely (with the cassette removed) before storing it in a cabinet.

That’s pretty much it.

Cleaning is mostly pretty straightforward in the case of the Series 5 5018s.

The blades and foils can’t be separated (like in the case of Panasonic shavers), so some stubborn hairs and debris may get stuck in hard-to-reach spots.


There’s no lubricant included with the Braun Series 5 5018s, but you can use any light oil like sewing machine oil, clipper oil or even a spray lubricant for electric shavers.

If you clean the razor with soap after every shave, then you should also lubricate it after every shave.

Just make sure the cassette is completely dry before applying the lubricant.

A single drop on each cutting element will suffice.

You should switch the shaver on for a few seconds after that to help distribute the oil evenly across the cutters.

If you only clean your 5018s with the brush or just water, lubricating it once a week should be more than enough.

You can read my complete guide to lubricating your electric shaver for more details.

Replacement parts availability

The 2020 Series 5 models (including the 5018s) use a new shaving head (cassette) called 53b.

Braun Series 5 replacement head (53b)

The new 53b cassette used by the 5018s.

See the price on Amazon

At the moment of writing this review, the cassette is not yet available for purchase.

I will update the post as soon as it’s released.

UPDATE: The part is now available.

I wouldn’t be too worried about this as we’ve seen this happening with other newly launched Braun models in the past.

The part should also cost less than the previous Series 5 cassette (the 52s/52b) given that it’s objectively not quite as good.

Fun fact: the 53b appears to be identical to the 73b and 73s cassettes used by the 2020 Series 7. I switched them around and they fit perfectly.

Apart from having different part numbers, they seem to be identical.

Wrapup—Who should buy the 5018s?

I think the main problem with the Braun Series 5 5018s is its name. Precisely, the Series 5 part.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the current Series 5 as we know it.

It feels like a whole different product in its own right. Something like a Series 4 would have made much more sense.

And that’s because the 5018s is significantly cheaper and the performance is also not quite at the same level as before.

However, it’s still quite a compelling product in this price range.

The comfort is excellent and the closeness is adequate for the most part.

Braun Series 5 5018s

See the price on Amazon

I’d say that it’s slightly more comfortable than a Series 3 ProSkin, while the closeness is pretty much the same.

Men with sensitive skin that usually shave more often can consider the 5018s.

I wouldn’t recommend it to users with coarse, wiry hair or if you plan on shaving every three days for example.

In that case, I think it’s well worth spending a bit more on a better shaver (more details in the next section).

If you already own a previous Series 5, don’t think you’ll get an upgrade with the 5018s. You definitely won’t.

With that said, let’s take a look at a few alternatives to the 5018s that would make more sense in several situations.

Alternative shavers

Braun Series 5 5140s


See the price on Amazon

The old Series 5 generation was one of the more compelling options in the mid-range segment.

While definitely more expensive than the 5018s, the 5140s for example is a better shaver in every way (if you can still find one).

It’s more powerful, better with longer and flat-lying hairs, it has a superior shaving head that can swivel up and down, it comes with a travel case and it also has an integrated trimmer.

I personally prefer it over the 5018s and would gladly pay more for it.

The 5140s is usually less expensive than other old Series 5 variations, particularly the cc models that come with a cleaning station.

If you plan on shaving less often or have a coarser beard, I think you’ll be happier with this one.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

See the price on Amazon

I think this model makes a really good case for itself, especially if you’re on a tighter budget.

The shaving performance is similar to the 5018s, but it costs less, the replacement cassette is cheap and widely available, it has an integrated slide-out trimmer and just feels like you’re getting pretty much the same experience.

As mentioned previously, the shaving heads of the Series 3 and the new Series 5 are strikingly similar.

So definitely consider the 3040s for the same reasons you would consider the 5018s.

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Hey. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of ShaverCheck. I independently buy and test electric shavers and I’ve been sharing my findings on this site for more than 10 years, hopefully helping others choose a suitable shaver.

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  1. Very good Review.

    It´s very strange that Braun starts to do a downgrade to his produts. But according you words, I understand that these machines (serie 5 & 7) are only for USA.
    Someday we´ll have a S9 with a “plastic” cassete.

    • Thank you, I really appreciate it.

      That seems to be the case unfortunately, at least with the 2020 Series 7, 6 and 5 — some cost-cutting decisions have been made. So far they’ve only been released on the USA market.


  2. my dearest ovidiu:
    first and foremost, thank you for this website and thank you for being so thorough and keeping up posts so often. I have super sensitive skin and when i was first considering an electric shaver (much much earlier this year), I consulted your site the most often because i found it the most helpful. cheers! I bought this shaver earlier this year because it was actually the same price as the series 3 in the U.S. I had become sick of trying everything out there, from the “sensitive skin” cartridges to double edged razors, even trying the “cut throat” single blade. I even grew a beard for two years (i grow a good full beard, but it’s just not “me”). so i bought this shaver because you recommend an entry level shaver just to see if it works for you, and i didn’t know if i would like electric shaving or not. turns out i do. it’s way easier on my face. problem is, i have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and while it burns much less than any blade shaving, it still burns quite a bit. (i use lectric shave (ive tried afta (dont like it) and use a good aftershave and keep my blades clean, well lubricated and keep my shaver charged). Also over the past year (almost) I’ve learned good technique and how to be gentile yet thorough. my question to you is this: (after reading your posts) are the older series 7 shavers really that much more comfortable than the series 9? (closeness is not an issue here). Comfort is key here. how much more comfortable is the series 9 over the older series 7 if it all? thanks in advance. Keep up the good work! You actually already made a difference in my life and boosted my confidence. rock on!

      • Hi Danny,

        Many thanks for your kind words, glad you found the website helpful.

        In my experience, the differences between the old Series 7 and the Series 9, especially since you shave more often, would be minor. In terms of closeness, I personally don’t see any differences and I also have sensitive skin. Some users do, others don’t, but I think it would be a very safe choice for you and for anyone that deals with post-shave irritation. I think it will also be a significant update from your current Series 5.

        As a side note, I find the pre-shave lotions from Speick and Tabac to work much better than Lectric Shave. If you can get them, I think it’s worth trying them out. Speick + the Series 7 7865cc is now my go-to setup for a dry shave.


    • Hi Ovidiu,
      I recently purchased Braun Series 5 new generation shaver, and I love it. For me it is a very good shaver, but I don’t have much experience and I need your assistance regarding cleaning and lubricating. There is no cleaning station for this shaver, therefore I wash it only with worm tab water after every shave. Now, I am wondering how often should I lubricate the blades and how?
      Can I use the Philips Jet Clean solution HQ200, that cleans and lubricates? Can I just put the blades in the solution and turn on the shaver for a few seconds? Afterwards, should I just leave the blades to air dry, or I should wash the blades from the solution with tab water, and then let them air dry?
      Will this solution keep the blades lubricated, or I should prefer mineral oil lubricant?
      How often should I perform this operation, considering that I wash my shaver with tab water after every use (daily)?
      Thank you for your advice!

      • Hi Dragan,

        If you’re satisfied with your Series 5, that’s really all that matters. I have been using electric shavers for more than 20 years and I’ve also tested some high-end, very capable models, so my experience won’t always be relevant.

        Regarding the cleaning, warm tap water and optionally some liquid soap would probably be the best option (I posted a detailed guide on that here). Alternatively, you can also throw in your method — using the Jet Clean solution which is detergent-based and should work really well. It also has lubricating properties, but unless you’ll be using it after every shave, I think you’ll still have to oil the shaver yourself once or twice a week.

        Hope this helps.


  3. dear ovidiu:
    i see many series 7 models. you mentioned 7865cc. is this your favorite series 7 model for sensitive skin? if so, then why so? look ima buy whatever you recommend me, i’m just curious as to why i should buy this model? thanks again bro. im not trying to berate you, just curious as to why this is my model. already lookin it up on amazon btw cuz your word is golden as far as shavers go. just curious

    • Hi Danny,

      That just happens to be the one I got. You can safely get the 790cc if you found a good deal for it as the performance will be the same.


  4. i found a 790 for cheap, what would be the best for my sensitive skin, ill buy what you say friend, (i know its on me and not your responsibility), but wanna hear what you have to say

  5. hi thanks for the review. I am in the market for a new shaver. I’m coming from a really old model 8590 activator.

    I frequently only shave once a week, using only the integrated trimmer on my old shaver, leaving a light stubble. a big factor in my purchase decision is how well the trimmer works and in your review you allude to the easy click trimmer of the series 5 doing a better job than the integrated trimmers of other models. is that a safe assumption? if so this may be the model for me. how do you think the series 5 easy click trimmer performs compared to say the integrated trimmer in the 3040? or my old activator integrated trimmer?


    • Hi Gary,

      In my opinion (and experience) a trimmer attachment like the one that comes with the new Series 5 is definitely better than any integrated trimmers for cutting/pre-cutting an entire beard. So the 5018s should be better than your current shaver in that regard and quite a lot better than the slide-out trimmer on the 3040s which is in my opinion pretty bad. Considering that you’ll be using the trimmer most of the time and occasionally the actual shaving head, the new Series 5 looks like a good option.


      • thanks for the advice. the other option to getting this model is to get the 3040 and buy the bt32 trimmer head separately. that way I have a pop up trimmer and a dedicated trimmer head as well. what’s your view on a) difference in shave comfort performance between these 2 with the main foil head, and 2) any difference between the series 5 trimmer head and the series 3 trimmer head?

        • Hi,

          If you can get the 32BT set and the overall price is still decent, I think that would be an even better solution. I personally like the 3040s better than the 5018s. The actual head is slimmer since there’s no foil frame surrounding the cutting elements and it feels more nimble and also glides easier on the skin. It is just more enjoyable to use. The replacement head is also cheaper and easier to find.


  6. Dear Ovidiu,
    Great piece on this Braun. I’m traditionally a twin-blade manual shaver. Shaving when only the need to do so such as going to a wedding or whatever the function may be. But a new position for work requires me to be clean-shaven for food-grade plastic bottle production. I have had my wits end with the task of shaving with being in the military for twenty-two years you know the drill with that. I dislike shaving honestly and hope this new purchase of the 5018s will be beneficial for me. I’ve chosen this razor for its price because I don’t know if an electric razor will fit my everyday needs. I’ll find out soon enough. What is the recommended break-in period for someone who is leaving manual razors to electric razors?


    • Hi Vincent,

      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

      Since you’re switching from a manual razor, you will likely need at least a couple of weeks to start getting good results. The first few shaves probably won’t go as smooth as you’d like, but just keep at it. The 5018s is a decent, but quite basic electric shaver and it’s a pretty good choice for a first electric shaver. As long as you don’t have particularly difficult facial hair (very coarse, dense or wiry) and you don’t need the closest shave, it should be good enough.


    • The Arc 3 shaves closer, but it is a bit more aggressive (especially if you press harder). I also find it more powerful, so if you have coarser stubble, I would lean more towards the Arc 3. It does work best on short facial hair, so you should shave more often for the best results.


  7. I have a series 5 model 5762 without a cleaning station and I am in need of a replacement head and after reading this I think I want a cleaning station seeing that model 5435 will work. For the extra 40 bucks or so over the cost of the 53B and a 5435, how does the series 6 6075cc compare as it would have the cc and a fresh cutting head? Thanks!

    • Hi,

      The station model number is actually 5434, not 5435 and it will work with your Series 5. Regarding the Series 6, I recommend reading this part of my comparison where I go into more details. I personally like the Series 6 more, mainly because of the flexing head, but the performance overall is very similar.


    • I actually found the 53b to be a bit more comfortable. The 73b was just a bit too grabby and harsh. The closeness was about the same when fitted to the Series 5 (the Series 7 with 73b on the other hand cuts a bit closer).


  8. Hello Ovidiu
    Thanks for review
    I had a question. I am hesitating between braun 5140 and 7840. I read most of your articles. Panasonic Arc5 seems to have a more accurate correction, but in our country it is easier to choose between Barun and Philips. Between the two braun model that I mentioned, which model is more valuable? For me, close correction is more important. My skin is not so sensitive. Ofcourse, I can also look at the Philips 5000 series in this range. For example s5588. Thank you for introducing me that best choice these three models

    • Hi Ramin,

      Thank you for the comment.

      I would choose the 7840 from the models you’ve mentioned. It is better than the 5140 and if you can get it for a similar price, go for it. The Arc 5 would be the closest shaving of them all, but if you cannot get it in your country, the 7840 would be my pick. Philips shavers do not excel at providing a very close shave, at least not for most users, so I would not consider the 5000 Series.


  9. Hello Ovidiu
    Thanks for review
    I had a question. I am hesitating between braun 5140 and 7840. I read most of your articles. Panasonic Arc5 seems to have a more accurate correction, but in our country it is easier to choose between Braun and Philips. Between the two braun models that I mentioned, which model is more valuable? For me, closer shave is more important. My skin is not so sensitive.
    I used to have Philips 7810xl, but it doesn’t clean the throat well. Ofcourse, Philips 5588 also is in this range. Thank you for introducing me that best choice between these three model (Braun 5140, Braun 7840 and Philips 5588).

    • Hi Ramin,

      I already replied to your original comment above.

      I will paste the answer below as well:

      I would choose the 7840 from the models you’ve mentioned. It is better than the 5140 and if you can get it for a similar price, go for it. The Arc 5 would be the closest shaving of them all, but if you cannot get it in your country, the 7840 would be my pick. Philips shavers do not excel at providing a very close shave, at least not for most users, so I would not consider the 5000 Series.


  10. So 3 years later i can write something more. I’ve started at 2015 buying my first Braun Cooltec ct2s and must say the performance was horrible. Time spent on shaving that was missing more than half of hair was my nightmare. I am shaving every day to zero, so i was sick and get back to my gilette fusion 5. And that was 2019 i was doing shopping at my local Store and saw Braun series 3 proskin in a very decent price so i give it a chance. Wow the design was not so beauty as the cooltec but the performance was night and day. So after very good buy, in 2020 i saw new 2020 model series 5 and decided Ok i go for it. Decent comfort in my hand, fastness of the shaving increase a little (i feel series 3 and series 5 motor is the same performance and Power) . Was using this one 2 years everyday shaving with one cassette (braun says to change after 18 months) im going to change it but i see performance stop of the cassette is not so huge. Then in the end of 2022 i grabbed a deal to the series 7 . After 3 months of using it i must say its a big disapointment. Yes the motor is much more powerful but the flexing head without possibility of lock it, gives me spending much more time with shaving, and a closeness of a shave is a joke. So i get back to the 2020 S5 and wow fast and close get back. So in its price its a very good shaver that perform as it was made for a Long time. Battery is the same as it was new.

    So another conclusions that makes Braun well performer for a Long time. In the middle i used barber shavers like wahl, and cheap chinese products. Yes they give You close shave, but when battery drops below 95% the motor performance drops linear with every %. So the braun gives its full motor performance Even if You have 20% battery level . Its a major pro on choosing a shaver, You dont need to fully charge it everyday to get full performance.

    P.S. I saw S5 get a little update now but i dont see any info, only that it gets autosense technology from S7

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to share this, Peter.

      I’m also not a fan of the new Series 7. I don’t mind the always flexing head, but I just find the comfort a lot worse compared to the Series 5 and it’s not much better with flat-lying hairs either.

      I agree with regard to the battery lifespan, Braun is really good with that.


  11. Hello ovidiu. Hope you’re well. This just goes to show how different and unique a person’s bristles are. I’ve had the latest series 5 for about 3 weeks now. And as long as i use the same pre shave lotion as i use with my other shavers, it shaves just as quickly and closer as my panasonic arc 5. I know its strange but i actually prefer using it as well. The ergonomics are brilliant, and it’s just the way it seems to mow through the stubble. I’m hooked!.

    • Hi Philip,

      Thank you so much for the the feedback — it sure does. On paper the current Series 5 shouldn’t stand a chance against an Arc 5 in a similar condition (ie the condition of the blades and foil), but in a very specific situation something like this can happen. It’s the same when someone just gets a better shave using a basic rotary vs a high-end foil shaver.

      Enjoy shaving with your Series 5.


      • Hello ovidiu. Its only better than the arc 5 if i shave twice a day with it. Otherwise it struggles with the slightly longer bristles of a once a day shave. That’s where the panasonic shines. I’m not shaving twice a day so I’ll be sticking with the arc 5. Who thought that shaving would be so temperamental!. Kindest regards, Philip.

  12. I just bought this following a poor experience with a Series 9. I liked the series 9 , however over a 2 year period I had it in for 3 in warranty services each time they replaced the electrical board and battery. It died completely at the end of December. Your review peaked my interest on the series 5 even though I didn’t want To give Braun $$$ after my poor experience with the 9. I will say the shave is very good, comfortable and close. It was comparable to the 9 in comfort and closeness (I use it wet with shave soap). I don’t see the series 9 $200 + better. I bought this vs a Arc 3 due to cheaper price

    • Hi Phil,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It is a very comfortable shaver and for the money it’s a good option, although I personally prefer the Series 3 ProSkin (somewhat more nimble shaving head). The Arc 3 prices have spiked in the last couple of years to the point where they stopped being affordable, at least when compared to entry-level alternatives from Braun or Philips.


    • I have similar experience. I have s9 with not proper head lock system, and s5. S5 is a bit underpowered as Ovidiu said, but closeness and comfort are similar. S5 is my daily driver and i like it but i want more Power from motor. Im wondering how new update on s5 with autosense Works

      • Hi Peter,

        Thank you for the comment.

        I haven’t yet tested the updated Series 5, it’s supposed to be around 30% faster with the Turbo mode activated. Hope I’ll be able to get one and try it in the near future.


  13. Hi Ovidiu
    I bought a series 5 and I have to say I am impressed, its alot more comfortable and gentle than the 7 series. Somehow its easier to use and more controllable with the fixed head than the 7 series. The 3 segment battery is clear (i dont know why a clean symbol is included in the display as it never illuminates? do you?) The angled head improves the shaver more than you would expect. I have not tried the series 8 or 9 due to the high cost, but apart from those I think the S5 is the pick of the braun range.

    • Hi Miles,

      That’s awesome, glad it’s working great for you. I also find the S7 to be more aggressive and the ergonomics of the head are a downgrade compared to the old generation.

      I haven’t seen that cleaning indicator on my unit lighting up either, but the S5 shares its chassis with the S6 and some S6 models do come with cleaning stations. So there are some parts that they share, the display being one of them.

      In my opinion the biggest problem for the S5 is Braun’s very own S3 ProSkin. To me, both shave the same, but I find the S3 easier to use since there’s practically no foil frame and the cutters stick out more. The S3 usually costs less and the replacement head as well.

      But nevertheless, the S5 is still a good shaver with a fair price.


      • Hi Ovidiu
        I tried the series 5 in the series 7 station and it cleaned perfectly. Now the clean indicator in the s5 illuminates. It did not illuminate before I put it in the clean station?


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