Andis reSURGE Review: Should You Buy It?

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Pros: very close shaves, excellent battery life, powerful, good build quality, wet&dry use, easy to clean, USB-C charging

Cons: still more of a niche shaver, not suitable for very sensitive skin, no hair trimmer, noisy

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[4 out of 5 stars]

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The new reSURGE shaver from Andis represents a departure from their ubiquitous double-foil shaver favored by barbers and home users alike.

With the addition of a third cutter, the Andis reSURGE should appeal to a broader audience while also being more versatile and practical.

There is a lot to like about this shaver, but also some caveats that may or may not be dealbreakers depending on the use case.

I’ve been testing the Andis reSURGE for a few months and in this review, I will share my impressions after using it as my main shaver.

The 3-blade Andis reSURGE shaver.

Side note: I also cut hair as a hobby, so if you’re a barber interested in upgrading your current shaver to offer your clients that perfect skin fade, I think you’ll find the review helpful as well.

Finally, I’ll share what I consider to be worthy alternatives depending on what you need and how much you’re willing to spend on a shaver of this type.

Models overview

The Andis reSURGE Shaver 17300.

The Andis reSURGE is officially named the PFS-1 and there are two variations of this model name:

  • 17300 (the USA model)
  • 17305 (the global model)

The reSURGE 17300 is sold in the USA, while the 17305 goes to the rest of the world (Europe, Australia, South America, and so on).

The only difference between them is the included charger that has a different plug type.

Depending on the shop, you may or may not see the PFS-1 model name being listed or the 17300 and 17305 region-specific numbers.

Just know that they essentially refer to the same reSURGE shaver.

Also, all the chargers are fitted with an automatic voltage adapter.

For example, my review unit was bought from the USA and I can charge it just fine in Europe with a simple plug adapter.

With that out of the way, let’s check out the main features.

Andis reSURGE features

1. 3-blade shaving head

The 3-blade shaving head of the reSURGE shaver.

The Andis reSURGE is a 3-blade foil shaver.

While that’s hardly a noteworthy feature — we now even have 6-blade shavers — it’s an important difference vs the Andis ProFoil, one of the best-selling double-foil razors out there.

The third element is a so-called trimmer or slit-blade that should capture and pre-trim longer hairs.

Most foil shavers have at least one such element that makes them more capable and more versatile.

While a razor that uses only basic foil elements will be able to effectively capture only short stubble, a slit-trimmer should catch the more difficult longer/flat-lying hairs.

We’ll see how well it works later on.

Like most other 3-blade foil shavers, the Andis reSURGE has 2 internal (removable) blades and the the third one is integrated into the slit-trimmer.

The internal blades of the Andis reSURGE.

Braun electric razors for example usually have all the blades integrated into the foil block (called a cassette).

The foils of the reSURGE feature the golden Titanium Nitride coating, used for its hypoallergenic and anti-corrosive properties.

2. Cordless, wet/dry operation

The reSURGE is a cordless-only shaver.

This is where the Andis reSURGE represents another departure from their own ProFoil or other similar models from Wahl or BaByliss.

The reSURGE is waterproof, which is very convenient for quick, effective cleaning with water.

It also means you can use this razor for a wet shave with your favorite shaving cream or gel.

The downside? The Andis reSURGE is now a cordless-only shaver, unlike the Andis ProFoil for example which can also work with the cord plugged in.

For me, the ease of cleaning outweighs the negatives and the Li-ion battery is excellent, providing one hour of cordless use.

3. USB-C charging

The USB-C charging port.

Andis decided to drop their proprietary two-prong charging port in favor of the popular USB-C.

I can only commend them for this decision and I wish more manufacturers would go the same route.

4. Misc features

Other noteworthy features of the Andis reSURGE include a travel lock, 3-level battery display, a flexing shaving head and a 9900 RPM motor.

Unfortunately, there’s no pop-up hair trimmer, which is a major missed opportunity to make the reSURGE a crowd-pleaser.

For the home user who has a single main shaver, a hair trimmer is really useful for some quick touch-ups (like trimming the sideburns).

At least from my point of view (I use the hair trimmer a lot), this is one of the main negatives of the Andis reSURGE.

5. Warranty

Andis offers only 1 year of warranty in the USA for the reSURGE, which is somewhat disappointing.

Hopefully, it will prove to be a reliable shaver. Since it is newly launched, there’s not much info in that regard yet.

Included accessories

The included accessories.

My USA Andis reSURGE came with the following accessories:

  • USB-C charger
  • Protective cap
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual and stickers

Among the more notable omissions, I could name a travel pouch, lubricating oil, or a charging stand.

The last two items would have been particularly useful with this type of shaver.

There’s significant friction between the blades and the very thin foils and maintaining them properly lubricated is a must.

Luckily you can use any clipper oil (more on that later on).

Unfortunately, Andis also didn’t include a charging stand with the reSURGE and it’s only available as a separate item.

Andis reSURGE charging stand

reSURGE Charging Stand.

See the price on Amazon

Given the price of this shaver and that it’s also geared toward professionals, it should have been provided as well.

This is a cordless-only machine and a charging stand is very practical and handy.

Finally, I must comment on the packaging which is outstanding.

The Andis reSURGE has the most premium retail box I’ve seen so far — and I’ve unboxed dozens of electric razors.

The Andis reSURGE box.

Not even flagship models from Braun, Panasonic or Philips come close to this.

With the reSURGE it felt like I was unboxing an expensive Apple product.

The cardboard of the box is so thick and sturdy that I think it could withstand my weight.

The premium reSURGE packaging.

The side flap of the box is magnetic and everything looks and feels expensive.

This of course doesn’t make up for the lack of the aforementioned accessories like the charging stand or lubricant, but it was a nice surprise.

Build quality and ergonomics

The Andis reSURGE.

Luckily, the quality feel extends beyond the packaging and the Andis reSURGE appears to be a very well-made shaver.

Design-wise, I think they did a great job.

It’s both striking with the very streamlined and minimal body while the dark color scheme with the gold accents gives it a classy look.

The textured rubber sleeve ensures a very secure grip and despite the handle not tapering a lot, it’s comfortable to hold.

The rubber grip.

The weight distribution is good and the reSURGE is quite lightweight at only 167g (5.9oz).

The shaving head is protected by a plastic cap that attaches magnetically with a very satisfying snap.

Fitting the reSURGE magnetic cap.

The head can flex from side to side, but the range of motion is quite limited and it takes a lot of force to move it.

The same can be said about the flexing of the three individual cutters, it’s just not as smooth and effortless as in the case of a Braun shaver for example.

The flexing head in action.

On the front of the razor, we have a round and clicky power button that also serves as a travel lock.

You can enable it by pressing and holding the button for a few seconds.

The padlock icon will light up to signal that the power button is now locked.

Activating the Andis reSURGE travel lock.

To unlock it, you must again press and hold the button for a few seconds.

The battery indicator has 3 levels which is pretty useful.

At the very bottom, there’s a USB-C charging port, while the back of the Andis reSURGE is completely barren since there’s no integrated hair trimmer.

The back side of the shaver.

Overall, the build quality and ergonomics of the Andis reSURGE are more than adequate, but not without some negatives.

There are three main issues that I’ve noticed while using it.

First, there’s the pretty useless flexing of the shaving head.

As mentioned earlier, it’s just too stiff to the point where it won’t flex at all during normal use.

This can affect the experience especially if you’ll be using this as your main, everyday shaver (more details in the performance section).

Second, the rectangular shape of the reSURGE foil frame with the straight, sharp edges does get a bit in the way when using the shaver.

It’s just not as nimble as you’d expect it to be.

Finally, removing the foil frame is a bit fiddly.

There’s no release button which is strange for a shaver in this price range and you’ll have to pry it off with your fingers.

In the user manual, Andis says to simply grab it between the index and thumb and pull it straight off.

Andis reSURGE user instructions screenshot.

In practice, that just won’t work all the time. It’s very slippery, there’s really no grip and it feels like you’re going to break something if you grip it harder.

I found that it’s a lot more effective to push the foil frame with your thumb at one end while also pulling it as recommended above by the manufacturer.

Removing the Andis reSURGE foil head.

You will be doing this a lot when cleaning the shaver, so it’s a shame that they didn’t come up with a better system to remove the foil.

It’s the only thing that doesn’t feel as polished and refined as the rest of the shaver.

Side note: The foil head can fit only one way since the cutters are staggered, so make sure you take that into account when you put it back.

The staggered foils of the Andis reSURGE.

Battery life and charging

As we know, the Andis reSURGE with its wet&dry operation lacks one of the more useful features, namely the cordless&corded use.

So you will need to rely solely on the internal Li-ion battery that can provide around one hour of cordless use from a full charge.

One hour is adequate for a shaver that also caters to professionals, but it’s not outstanding.

For the home user, it’s more than enough. It actually exceeded the 60-minute rating during my test.

The battery indicator on the Andis reSURGE has 3 levels and will show a red light when the battery is low.

The reSURGE battery level indicator.

Charging it from 0 to full with the included USB-C charger takes approximately one hour.

The automatic voltage adapter (100-240V) means you can use it anywhere in the world (you may need a simple plug adapter).

Strangely, there’s no quick charge feature, usually present with cordless only shavers.

Because the reSURGE is fitted with a USB-C port, you are not constrained to use the Andis charger.

Charging the Andis reSURGE.
Charging with a generic cord and USB charger.

However, there’s a weird quirk or rather a limitation in that regard.

Specifically, if you use a USB-C to USB-C cable, the shaver simply won’t charge.

You must always use a USB-C to USB-A cable.

And that is very odd and somewhat inconvenient.

For example, most of today’s phone and laptop chargers have moved toward USB-C ports.

So if you plan to take the Andis reSURGE with you when traveling, you must either bring along the Andis charger or a USB-C to USB-A cable.

Andis reSURGE shaving performance

Let’s now see how this new shaver from Andis performs.

To get a good idea of its capabilities, I used it in a variety of scenarios.

Those include shaving my face (wet and dry) and using it for skin fades, both on myself and on others.

I will be referencing other shavers as well, mainly double-foil models like Andis’ very own ProFoil or the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02.

With that out of the way, let’s start with the closeness of the shave.


I would guess closeness is among the priorities of users considering this type of shaver.

The reSURGE has two foil elements that use very thin Titanium Nitride coated micro-foils and it’s powered by a snappy motor.

The Andis reSURGE shaver.

So the prerequisites for a close shave are there.

And luckily, it does not disappoint in practice.

The Andis reSURGE can shave extremely close.

When used on the face, neck and head, it can cut the hair remarkably close to the skin.

The key here is not to press very hard, especially on sensitive areas like the neck and above the upper lip.

As you’ll see in the next section, it’s not a very forgiving shaver if you’re even a bit sloppy.

On my neck, I wasn’t able to use it at its full capacity as my skin was just too sensitive for a thorough, clean, smooth shave.

But if your skin isn’t sensitive and the hair is relatively short, the reSURGE will give you a very close shave.

When I used it for skin fades, it cut the hair on the scalp very close and very efficiently.

However, I wouldn’t say it was any better purely in terms of closeness than the older ProFoil.

The Andis reSURGE next to the older ProFoil.

The third cutter isn’t of much help here since its purpose is to pre-trim longer hairs.

But nevertheless, the closeness is among the best you can expect from an electric razor.

The flexing of the reSURGE shaving head is pretty much futile.

It takes a lot of pressure to move the three cutters and in practice, you’ll never press this hard as it will be very uncomfortable.

The flexing cutters of the Andis reSURGE.

And that side-to-side flexing of the head has a very short range of motion and again requires a lot of force.

So the head of the Andis reSURGE is essentially fixed.

However, for the use cases where this type of shaver would make the most sense, that’s not really an issue.

It’s probably better since you will need more precision to get close to the beard line or to blend a skin fade.

And having a flexible shaving head in those cases is not really useful — on the contrary.

But when using this Andis reSURGE as your main, everyday shaver, the stiffness of the shaving head does affect the usability.

I noticed it especially when shaving my neck as I had to constantly adjust the angle of the shaver so that the three cutters stayed in contact with the skin and cut the hairs clean.

And when that does happen, the closeness is again really good.

But the takeaway is that it will take more work with the reSURGE vs other shavers that have a better flexing head.

Also, if your skin is very sensitive, you will not be able to use this shaver to its full potential and get that smooth shave.


As hinted above, the Andis reSURGE is not a particularly comfortable electric shaver.

It’s not very forgiving and especially when you press it harder it can be too aggressive.

I think it’s better than the ProFoil comfort-wise, but not by much.

I always got some post-shave redness, razor burn and stinging on my neck, above the upper lip and on the back of my neck.

As a head shaver the reSURGE is quite comfortable again provided you don’t press too hard.

You must be extra careful when shaving the back of the neck as it can cause some painful razor burn in that area.

I would not recommend the Andis reSURGE to men with sensitive skin.

There are gentler shavers out there (I will name a few in the alternatives section).

In my case, the neck and the area below the nose were the most problematic. On the cheeks, the shaver is reasonably comfortable though.

Shaving longer, flat-lying hairs

This is where the Andis reSURGE should be superior to a double-foil razor with the addition of that slit trimmer.

And it is — compared to the ProFoil for example, it is noticeably more efficient with longer, flat-lying hairs.

The ProFoil or the FOILFX02 from BaByliss would often go over that type of hair without cutting it.

The reSURGE is clearly better and needs fewer strokes to catch the hairs.

But it’s still not great in these situations.

It’s somewhat difficult to constantly keep the three cutters flat on the skin (especially on the neck) and if the hairs stay completely flat, it needs more passes for a clean shave.

And in my case that always led to some irritation.

I would not use this shaver on more than let’s say a 3-day beard because it’ll take a lot of time to get a clean shave if the hair stays flat on the skin.

The Andis reSURGE is after all a very basic foil razor, so it’s nowhere near as effective with this type of hair as a Braun Series 9 or a Philips Prestige.

Wet shaving

Apart from being easier to clean, the waterproofing means you to use the reSURGE razor with your shaving products of choice.

In my case, that would be the shave cream from Speick.

Wet shaving with the Andis reSURGE.

Using a very thin, pasty and well-hydrated layer of lather, the result was a more comfortable shave that allowed me to get a closer shave on the neck.

However, it was still not as comfortable as a Panasonic Arc 5 for example that shaves just as close.

Also, even though the rotary motor of the Andis reSURGE has plenty of power, I noticed something strange when shaving wet.

The lather appears to slow down the blades to some degree and the shaver seems to struggle a bit.

Even though I didn’t use too much lather and it was very slick, it created enough resistance and the blades couldn’t move freely.

That’s something I never experienced with the aforementioned Arc 5 from Panasonic which again I think is a better option for a wet shave.

Using it as a barber’s tool: Andis reSURGE vs ProFoil

If you’re a barber, the Andis reSURGE might seem like a very interesting alternative to the likes of the FOILFX02, ProFoil or the Wahl Finale/Vanish.

Shaver recommended for barbers.

The main difference between the reSURGE and those other shavers is the addition of the third slit-trimmer element and the fact that it’s waterproof.

As mentioned earlier, the third cutter is noticeable when shaving longer stubble, so I don’t think as a barber you’ll be taking much advantage of that.

You’ll probably use it to clean the neck/cheeks of stubble or to bald out the sides and back of the client’s head.

So that comes after you’ve used a trimmer/clipper and the hair is already very short.

I personally prefer to use a double-foil shaver like the ProFoil for this type of work.

The very square shape of the reSURGE’s shaving head, along with the slightly farther apart foils makes it a bit less practical and less maneuverable.

The sides of the foil frame are quite thick and this somewhat impacts the visibility.

Andis reSURGE and ProFoil shaving heads.
Andis reSURGE and ProFoil shaving heads.

You can get around these issues, but again, a double foil shaver like the ones mentioned above just feels more enjoyable to use and more practical.

The flat and short body also allows you to hold the ProFoil in such a way that you have more precision when cutting the client’s hair.

The Andis ProFoil.

The Andis reSURGE does have an advantage when you need to clean the shaver.

Just like the ProFoil, it produces some of the finest hair dust I’ve seen.

I really dreaded cleaning my ProFoil as that shaver isn’t waterproof and I could never get rid of all the clipped hair.

With the reSURGE, cleaning is a breeze and I can simply rinse it thoroughly with water.

Being able to clean the Andis reSURGE with water is very convenient.

In fact, I think this is its main advantage over the other shavers.

But I don’t think that alone is enough to justify getting the reSURGE over any of the popular double-foil shavers out there.

Speaking of which, my personal favorite would be the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 because it’s the most comfortable of them all while still shaving just as close as the others.

Moreover, its foils tend to last longer than the ones on the ProFoil or any Wahl double-foil razor.


Powerful foil shavers are always loud and the Andis reSURGE is no exception.

Even though it seems subjectively a bit quieter than the ProFoil, it’s still loud by anyone’s standards.

Then again, only rotary razors are significantly quieter, so I can’t really fault the reSURGE.

Cleaning and maintenance

With the reSURGE being a simple 3-blade foil shaver (with two separate blades), cleaning it is very straightforward.

And because it’s fully waterproof, the most effective method is to rinse it clean with water.

Once you’ve finished shaving, switch the razor off and remove the foil head.

Gently tap the base of the plastic frame on the sink to remove some of the clipped hairs.

After that, generously wash the foil head with water (inside out).

Cleaning the foil with water.

I also wash the two inner blades (without removing them from the shaver) and the shaver’s body.

Rinsing the inner blades.

When I shave dry, the hairs are not contained entirely inside the head and fine hair dust will go all over the place.

You’ll likely find some on your shirt and forearm as well.

Shake off the excess water and then very gently pat the parts with a towel (do not press on the foils as they can get damaged very easily).

You should leave the parts air-dry completely (with the foil head detached) before storing the shaver.

Andis also provides a small brush, but I never use it; rinsing the shaver with water is more effective and safer (you should never brush the foils).

I recommend lubricating the Andis reSURGE regularly to ensure optimal performance and reduce blade and foil wear.

You can use either clipper oil or a lubricating spray for shavers or clippers.

I prefer the latter, a spray is just more effective and also has anti-corrosive properties.

The Andis CoolCare Plus for example is a great inexpensive option.

Lubricating the shaver once or twice a week should suffice in most cases.

Just make sure the parts are dry before applying the spray and let the product evaporate before using the shaver.

Replacement parts availability

The parts of your Andis reSURGE that will eventually need to be changed are the two inner blades and the foil head.

The blades and foil head.

Unlike other manufacturers, Andis doesn’t explicitly mention how often you’ll need to buy the parts.

From my own experience with other similar shavers, I’d say you will have to replace them every 6 to 12 months.

Andis 17330 replacement foil and blades

Andis 17330 reSURGE replacement foil and blades.

See the price on Amazon

That depends on how you use the shaver, how often you shave and how you care for it (cleaning, lubrication).

For example, if you need a clean shave, the blades will wear out a lot faster vs if you were to only clean the top of the cheeks/neck.

Also, a barber who uses the reSURGE on several different clients per day will probably need a new set of blades and foils even more often.

The price of the set is pretty reasonable and it’s readily available (part number Andis 17330).

I highly recommend the use of a lubricating spray (for clippers or shavers) to minimize friction and wear.

Takeaway — Should you buy the Andis reSURGE?

All things considered, it’s a bit difficult for me to recommend this shaver.

And not because it’s not good — it has some remarkable qualities.

It shaves very close, has a solid build quality, it’s powerful and practical with its waterproof build and USB-C charging port.

Andis reSURGE.

Check Latest Price

But it just doesn’t excel in any use case and I think there are better alternatives, whether you need a shaver for yourself or to use on your clients.

Let’s check out some of them.


Panasonic Arc 5

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5

See the price on Amazon

If you need a shaver that can cut the hair very close to the skin and it’s still reasonably comfortable and versatile, I think the Panasonic Arc 5 is a much better choice.

It costs more but comes with a few significant pros over the Andis reSURGE.

The Panasonic ES-LV65-S is one of the best foil electric razors you can buy right now.

The Arc 5 is extremely powerful and in my opinion will shave just as close, but it’s gentler and more enjoyable to use.

It also has an excellent built-in hair trimmer, a useful LED display, and a high-quality 5-blade shaving system.

The popup trimmer of the Panasonic ES-LV65.
The popup trimmer of the Panasonic ES-LV65.

The blades and foils of the Arc 5 will also last longer before needing to be replaced.

It is of course waterproof and easy to clean.

You can use it wet or dry and even as a head shaver — it will work great in all these scenarios.

So the Arc 5 is in my opinion a much better option for the home user who needs a quality, reliable electric razor for a very close shave.

If you need a more budget-friendly option, check out the Panasonic Arc 3. It’s not as powerful and capable, but still very decent, especially as a daily shaver.


The BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 has a double foil cutting system.

See the price on Amazon

As mentioned above, if you’re a barber, this would be my choice for a shaver that can cut the hair very close.

It’s just as good as the reSURGE, but it’s gentler and you can really point it right where you want to as the foils stick out more and the frame isn’t obtrusive at all.

In my experience, the blades also last longer vs the ones from Andis.

The metal body is very durable and has a premium feel.

As for downsides, it is rather pricey and it’s not waterproof, so cleaning it is a bit of a nuisance.

Andis ProFoil

Andis ProFoil.

See the price on Amazon

Even though it’s not as comfortable as the BaBylissPRO and the foils tend to wear out faster, the ProFoil is still a worthy option.

It’s very affordable and the closeness and power are on par with the BaBylissPRO (and the Andis reSURGE).

And just like the BaBylissPRO, it’s very practical for cleanups and balding out the sides and back of the head.

I prefer the Andis ProFoil vs the reSURGE for the same reasons — it’s just easier to see what you’re doing since there’s no foil frame and you can grip it very securely.

The ProFoil is also a lot lighter than the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02.

It’s just not as comfortable and gentle, especially when shaving the back of the neck.

Tip: I recommend getting the Andis ProFoil Plus (TS-2 17255) variation that includes a charging stand, really handy for barbers to always have it charged and ready.

But even if the battery is depleted, you’ll still be able to use it with the cord plugged in.

That completes my review of the Andis reSURGE. If you have any questions or you’d like to share your experience with this shaver, make sure to leave a comment below.

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  1. This shaver looks really nice, and I like that it comes with USB-C charging.
    Andis put a lot of effort and detail into the specifics of this shaver, but they seem to have forgotten about the basics, like an easier removal of the shaver head, a more comfortable shave or better flexibility of the shaving head.

    Too bad, this could have been a great shaver for shaving my head, as an alternative to wet shaving using a razor.

    Ovidiu, thank you so much for another well-written review!

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, Nico.

      I agree and I think they can definitely address at least some parts in a future update. It’s still a good shaver but just doesn’t seem to excel in any particular use case.

      I think there are better alternatives for a head shaver. The Braun Series 9/9 Pro is in my opinion the most enjoyable to use and even though it doesn’t shave quite as close as the reSURGE, it’s so much gentler and easier to use. Also the Panasonic Arc 5 shaves just as close, but it’s more comfortable than the reSURGE and also works better with shaving cream.

      Then there are the double-foil shavers from BaByliss like the FoilFX02 and FX3 which are again more comfortable than the reSURGE without sacrificing the closeness.

      I think any of these would be better picks for men who want a shaver that will also work great on their head.



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