What to Do After Shaving with an Electric Razor – A Simple and Effective Post Shave Routine

While most articles and guides focus on pre-shave prep and shaving technique, a post-shave treatment is often treated as an afterthought. And this is particularly common in the context of electric shaving as most men seem to think that a post-shave routine is not necessary anymore.

And for some lucky few this can be the case and they can get away without doing anything at all once the shaving is completed. But for the majority of us, a simple post-shave routine can be highly beneficial.

In this article I’ll go over what I consider to be the pillars of post-shave skin care that will make a big difference without adding too much extra fuss.

Let’s face it (pun intended): nobody likes to do extra stuff. That’s probably one of the reasons you switched to electric shavers. No more blades, lengthy prep, messy lathering and tedious shaving sessions.

And here I am telling you that you still have to follow-up your shave, even though you’re now using an electric shaver, with the blades safely kept behind a metal guard.

But bear with me, as it’s going to be short and sweet.

Why is a post-shave treatment still needed when using an electric razor?

  • While electric shavers are gentler to the skin compared to a blade, some micro cuts on the skin can still occur. This unfortunate and painful situation is often the result of applying excessive pressure. Small bits of the skin, particularly the ones around the hair shaft that seem to cling to it, actually enter through the perforations in the foil and get cut by the blades. A soothing, calming aftershave balm is highly recommended.
  • An exfoliation of the skin still takes place, even though not to the extent of what happens in the case of traditional wet shaving. A superficial layer of skin cells is scraped off and keeping the skin hydrated and nourished is the single most important thing you can do.
  • Excessive heat during operation or applying too much pressure can cause razor burn. A quality aftershave balm will soothe the skin and reduce the discomfort.

Treat your face right: a dead easy, simple and effective 3 step post shave routine

1. After completing the shave, wash your face with cold water.

Cold water has a calming effect, closing your pores, tightening the skin and relieving the pain caused by razor burn. If you use shaving cream with your wet/dry electric razor, I recommend washing any leftover lather with warm water and then splashing your face with cold water. The calming and refreshing sensation is quite amazing.

2. Use a clean, soft towel to PAT dry your skin.

Note the pat part; do not rub your face with it and only use it on your face.

3. Apply a hydrating, moisturizing and calming aftershave balm.

A quality aftershave balm will calm the irritations of the skin, keeping it hydrated and well nourished. Stay away from the ones that contain alcohol and nasty chemicals, like parabens and phthalates.

My personal favorites are the Proraso Sensitive Post Shave Balm, Truefitt & Hill Authentic No 10 and the Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm. Here is an article I wrote that goes over some of the best aftershaves you can use with your electric razor.

And that pretty much wraps up your post-shave routine after shaving with an electric razor. If that’s not short and sweet then I don’t know what is.

Final word

A post shave routine is not only about the immediate comfort. Well, that too, but most importantly it will have a great contribution towards a healthier skin.

And having healthy skin will indirectly lead to a more comfortable, close and enjoyable shave.

The three simple and quite trivial steps presented above are enough for an effective post electric shave routine. That’s really all it takes, so make sure you’re not skipping it.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I am trying to get into a good routine for facial skin treatment. I am a Black man who suffered from severe bumps when lather shaving. I now use a Braun electric shaver which gives me a very good close cut without the follicultitis. I follow up with an Espa Post shave balm and then an Espa moisturizer. I would like to incorporate a facial cleanser into this routine. When would I apply the cleanser…before or after the shave. Before the shave and my face would have to be completely dry to get the appropriate cut. I think after the shave would not be good because my pores would be open allowing soap in. Need some guidance. Thanks.

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for your comment. I think you made the right choice by incorporating a facial cleanser into your routine. I would try not to cleanse my face right before a dry shave because it can affect the quality of the shave. So if you have the possibility, try shaving after at least 30 minutes. If that’s not an option, I think you can skip cleansing altogether and simply use the product in the evening for example. But you are right, you shouldn’t do it right after the shave for obvious reasons.


  2. My skin has always been pretty sensitive. And as a bad combination…. my beard is very thick and course. When I blade shaved… uugghh… it was pretty bad sometimes with all the nicks and cuts.

    Thank goodness that I happened upon this site and ended up purchasing both the Philips Prestige and the Braun 9 Series. I seriously wonder if I’ll ever need to blade shave again.

    But I digress..

    I’ve tried a gazillion things for my skin pre & post shave.

    Here is what I like now — for the post shave routine.

    A salt or sugar/salt wash.
    I like this one… but there are many. This one actually somehow makes skin feel smoother and more plumped (moisturized)

    Hylauronic Acid (HA).
    Seek a high potency bottle.

    So after you put on a high quality lotion of some sort… finish up with HA on moist skin.

    I now use the really strong stuff… and it’s great. It makes a real difference.

    Something like this..

    Start slowly…

  3. Great article and tips! After reading it, i’ve found that the most important thing to do, is to not apply too much pressure with the shaver and to cool your face with cold water after shaving (which is most important, I don’t know). Then you apply, preferrably, a non-alcoholic after shave-balm or a splash (for the tingling sensation).

    I never thought that, in addition to above, a non-alcoholic after shave-balm could prevent pseudofolliculitis, but it does!


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, Dave. Absolutely, those things alone can make a huge difference. I tend to use (and recommend) non-alcohol post-shave products because they’re simply a safer option for most users.


  4. Hi!

    Thanks for article Ovidiu. I tend to read your blog frequently because it really covers everything, amazing.

    I use Klorhexidin 5% after shaving and I really cant make it without it. Its a mix of Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Alcohol. Its antiseptic and is in healthcare for desinfection of the skin. If i stop using it after my shaves, i tend to get ingrown hair.

    I havent tried anything else tho as aftershave balm, to be honest. Do you recommend any specific for my need?

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

      It seems to me that your skin is particularly prone to post-shave infection, hence a product that contains a disinfectant is very effective. I think you should definitely stick to your routine since it works so well. The aftershaves I recommended are usually safe options in most cases that don’t require the use of specific pharmaceutical products. Maybe an alcohol-based aftershave balm (like the one Tabac makes) will also work well for you, but again, things could be different in practice.


  5. Hello Ovidiu,

    I’ve only felt compelled to leave comments a few times in my life but I truly enjoy and find quite useful your Shaver Check articles.

    I’ve become attached to the Caffeinated After Shave Balm from Pacific Shaving Company. You might try it out if it’s available in your part of the world.



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