Panasonic Arc 6/Lamdash 6: World’s First 6 Blade Electric Shaver

The rumor mill has been suggesting for quite some time that Panasonic will eventually add yet another blade to their already impressive shavers in the Arc 5 lineup.

And after years of relatively minor revisions, most of them released exclusively on the Japanese market, we finally have the official confirmation: the new Panasonic Arc 6/Lamdash 6 will come with a 6-blade shaving head.

The announcement was made in April 2021 and there’s quite an extensive presentation page on Panasonic Japan.

There’s a lot to take in, so in this article I will share my opinion on this new generation of shavers and only focus on the things that really matter for us, the end-users.

However, it will be more like a first impressions post as I will have to buy and properly test the new Arc 6 before I can draw a proper conclusion.

So let’s get right to it.

Top 4 features that could be game-changers

Since the Panasonic Arc 6 will be their new flagship shaver, it will obviously be packed to the brim with the latest technologies and features.

Beard density sensors, fancy smart locking system, complex LED displays, fast linear-drive motors, etc. are all there and I won’t get too hung up on those.

I will be covering them in great detail once I get my hands on the shaver, but for now, I will only address 4 aspects that I consider to be particularly important and relevant.

1. A 6 blade shaving head: Revolutionary or overkill?

The highlight of the new Panasonic Arc/Lamdash 6 is of course THAT shaving head with 6 active cutting elements.

There are no gotchas here like Braun tried to do with their 4 blade Series 9, counting a metal bar as a fifth cutting element.

We truly have 6: 4 foil cutters and 2 trimmer-like cutters.

The 6 individual cutters of the Panasonic Lamdash 6.
Image credit:

Right in the middle of the shaving unit, there’s now a single so-called comfort roller. The previous generation had 2 such rollers, but with the addition of the 6th blade, they probably didn’t have enough room to squeeze in a second one.

The single comfort roller of the Panasonic Lamdash 6.
Image credit:

The purpose of it is to make the shaving head glide easier on the skin, and it makes sense since the total surface of the cutting elements that come in contact with the skin is huge, so the friction will be significant.

The previous implementation with two rollers worked great, so we shall see how effective this one will be.

The shaving head of the previous generation with 5 blades and 2 comfort rollers.
The shaving head of the previous generation with 5 blades and 2 comfort rollers.

Getting back to that whooping number of blades, one can’t help but wonder if it was really necessary.

After all, we know that even 3 blades can be good enough if they’re done right. The Braun Series 7 for example is one of the most successful shavers of all time and it still holds its ground in 2021 against other razors with more blades.

In my opinion, adding yet another blade is undoubtedly a marketing decision, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work well.

They could have probably gotten the same performance with only 5 blades, but that wouldn’t have made the new shavers stand out from the countless Arc 5 revisions of the previous years.

That said, there are some rather significant drawbacks that come with a very complex shaving head like this one.

First of all, the sheer size of the head is something you’ll need to get used to. Secondly, the replacement foils and blades will probably be very expensive in typical Panasonic fashion.

And considering that the current replacement parts for the Arc 5 aren’t exactly cheap, you can expect to shell out some serious money for the 6 blade heads.

2. Completely redesigned cutters for capturing long hairs

While the foil elements of the Arc 6 are nothing new — two finishing foils cut short hairs at skin level and the other two supposedly lift and cut short flat-lying hairs — the true novelty is represented by the new slit trimmers.

Cutting long hairs, especially if they grow in different directions or stay flat on the skin, was always the Achilles heel of Panasonic shavers.

The engineers were definitely aware of that and with the Lamdash 6, they finally made something about it.

Precisely, we have not one, but two slit trimmers designed specifically with that in mind.

The two new cutting elements (2 and 5) that capture and trim longer facial hair.
The two new cutting elements (2 and 5) that capture and trim longer facial hair. Image credit:

They have a distinct gold color as a result of a Titanium Nitride coating, similar to what Braun did with the second generation of the Series 9 line.

Panasonic explicitly mentions that the new blade arrangement is now capable of capturing up to 4 times more long hairs in a stroke compared to the previous generation.

The new trimmers in action.
Image credit:

The new 6-blade Lamdash shavers should also be more effective at shaving the hairs right under the chin, usually a problem area for many users.

I’m definitely intrigued by the completely redesigned trimmer and the addition of a second one because as I mentioned previously, it’s the first significant update I’ve seen in this regard.

3. Independently moving blades

In addition to the flexing capabilities of the shaving head itself, having independently moving cutters is nothing out of the ordinary.

However, Panasonic always had an issue with properly implementing this feature.

Precisely, it would take A LOT of force to press and move the cutters and during normal use, when you have to apply only the slightest pressure, the cutters would basically stay in the same position.

Moreover, the range of motion was too short compared to Braun for example and this, along with the larger heads meant that you had to work a bit harder in order to keep all the cutters flat on the skin while shaving various areas.

This problem went on for years and it was the same with all Panasonic models, regardless of price point.

Well, I’m glad to see that they finally did something about this and completely redesigned the system. Panasonic calls it an Adhesion float blade mechanism and promises a smooth and effortless flexing action.

The new Lamdash 6 independently moving cutters.
The new Lamdash 6 independently moving cutters. Image credit:

I am probably more excited about this part than anything else and I’m really looking forward to seeing how well it performs compared to the previous system (that was honestly pretty bad).

In addition to the 6 cutters that can move independently, the Arc/Lamdash 6 comes with a really impressive shaving head that can flex in 5 directions.

The flexing head of the new Panasonic Arc 6/Lamdash 6.
Image credit:

It’s supposed to be a refined version of their previous system, but I’m still really skeptical about it, to be honest.

In my experience, as impressive as it is as an engineering feat, that one just proved to be annoying during use, making the head really wobbly and not really helping me to get a better shave.

I am still convinced that a proper implementation of a back and forth moving head, with decent range of motion, would be a much better solution. Braun gets this right with the older Series 7 and the Series 9.

4. USB charging

I am a big fan of electronics that use a USB Type-C charging port and I think all electric shaver manufacturers should adopt it so we can use our existing phone chargers.

This would be so much more convenient when traveling and some brands are already doing it.

Unfortunately, Panasonic still went with their proprietary port with the new Arc 6, but at least they included something really neat with the range-topping model: a hard travel case with USB charging.

The Lamdash charging case.
Image credit:

This is really great and I absolutely love the concept. It’s just like the Airpods that are being charged via the case.

It would be an ideal travel setup as you get a practical and compact case that protects your shaver, but you can also plug your phone’s charger in the USB port and charge your shaver.

Unfortunately, this case only comes with the high-end Lamdash ES-LS9AX model and I don’t think it’ll be available separately.

Also, if they do sell it as an individual item, it will only work with the models that come with a cleaning station as those shavers have the three contact pins on the back needed for charging.

Let’s now take a look at the different models and the differences between them.

Panasonic Arc (Lamdash) 6 model comparison

Currently there are only 3 models and in the table below you can check out the most important differences between them.

Cleaning stationYesYesNo
Wet/dry UseYesNoYes
Waterproof (IPX 7)YesYesYes
OperationCordless onlyCordless & CordedCordless only
USB caseYesNoNo
Battery level indicator20 levels20 levels5 levels
Travel LockSmart LockSmart LockConventional

There are two models that come with automatic cleaning and charging stations (ES-LS9AX, ES-LS9N) and one that doesn’t (ES-LS5A). The latter is also the cheapest one because of this.

Also, all the shavers come in a black trim, so you’ll sometimes find them listed with a -K at the end of the model name: ES-LS9AX-K, ES-LS9N-K, ES-LS5A-K.

All three Lamdash 6 variations are waterproof, so they can be manually cleaned with water.

All models are waterproof and washable.
Image credit:

However, only the ES-LS9AX and ES-LS5A are suitable for wet/dry use and as a safety precaution, they can only be operated cordless.

The ES-LS9N is a dry-only shaver and will also work with the cord plugged in.

The two models that come with cleaning stations also feature the so-called Smart lock function that automatically locks the power button and unlocks it when you grip the shaver in your hand.

The Smart Lock system automatically locks and unlocks the power button.
Image credit:

The ES-LS5A comes with a standard electronic travel lock, activated by pressing and holding the power button.

Also, the ES-LS9AX and ES-LS9N are fitted with a battery level indicator that shows the battery remaining charge in increments of 5%, while the budget ES-LS5A only displays that information in 20% steps.

Being the range-topping model, the ES-LS9AX includes the slick USB-charging case. The ES-LS9N comes with a basic hard travel case and with the ES-LS5A, you’re only getting a cloth pouch.

Performance-wise, all three models are absolutely the same, so the differences are only related to the included accessories and a few features that don’t affect the shaving performance in any way, like the travel lock or battery display.

All Arc 6 razors use the same motors and foils/blades.


Panasonic released the new Lamdash 6 line in April 2021, which is a bit unusual as they generally announce new shavers in late summer.

By the way, Lamdash 6 is how they officially call the shavers in Japan, but we’ll probably just refer to them as Arc 6 as that’s way more familiar.

And at least for now, they are only available in Japan and can be pre-ordered on (shipping starts on June 6, 2021).

The last 3 or 4 revisions of the Arc 5 were never released outside Japan and it would be interesting to see what they decide with the new Arc 6/Lamdash 6.

As expected, the price is very high and it’ll probably be the same in the case of the replacement foils and blades.

The cheapest one is of course the Panasonic ES-LS5A that doesn’t include the cleaning station (and to be honest, you don’t really need it) and it’ll probably be the pick of the range.

It’s a shame that you won’t be able to use it with the USB case in case they’ll sell it separately.

Alternatives you can buy right now

Considering the limited availability and price of the Panasonic Arc 6, we can conclude that it’s not really a viable option right now for users in Europe or North America.

For example, I tried to pre-order one and the seller won’t ship to Europe where I’m located.

I’m sure there will be more buying options available later on, but for now, I think we should consider some of the older 5-blade Panasonic shavers instead.

That said, you can’t really go wrong with the ES-LV65 or ES-LV67 (whichever you can get cheaper).

Panasonic ES-LV67.
Panasonic ES-LV67.

They’re still fantastic performers in 2021 and even though they have only 5 blades, that’ll be more than enough even for someone with coarse facial hair.

Of course, the issue of capturing longer hairs is present and you’ll have to shave more often in order to get the best results. If your beard grows slower, you can get away with a few days between shaving sessions.

Finally, there’s the newer ES-LV9Q or ES-LV6Q and those two are particularly appealing options for users in the UK/Europe as Panasonic never released them in the USA.

They come with updated outer foils with the two comfort rollers and are a bit more comfortable than the aforementioned ES-LV65 and ES-LV67. But other than that, they shave pretty much the same.


To say that I’m excited about shaving with the Panasonic Arc 6 would be an understatement. And not because it has 6 blades, but particularly for the improvements made to the cutters that catch longer/flat-lying hairs and for the redesign of the floating cutters mechanism.

Unfortunately, I can’t buy one right now, so any definitive conclusions will have to wait.

That said, I am pretty optimistic about their performance and I will of course be reviewing them in great detail and also compare their shaving performance to the older 5-blade models.

Side note: It would be interesting to see how Braun will respond to this. Will they also be increasing the number of blades, maybe with the introduction of a new Series 10? If Panasonic will release the Lamdash 6 globally, I think there’s a better chance to see that happening.

UPDATE: We only got a Series 9 Pro with 4 blades, just as the regular Series 9.

Over to you now: Are you excited about these new Panasonic razors? Will you be buying one?

If you have any questions, make sure to post them in the comments below and please consider subscribing to stay up to date on this topic.

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  1. is this one better than braun Series 9?

    I am going to buy braun 9 but I am afraid they will release new series this year uh.. maybe with five or six blades.

    what do you think? If you were me would you buy or wait?

    • Hi Peter,

      I’m afraid I cannot answer that question since I haven’t shaved with it yet. But from previous experience, I am pretty certain that it’ll shave closer than the Series 9. Even the older Arc 5 models are better than the Series 9 in that regard, so I expect the Arc 6 to be at least as good. It remains to be seen if it can match the Series 9 in terms of comfort and its ability to shave longer hairs. I honestly don’t know when Braun is planning to release a new Series 9/10 generation, but the launch of the Arc 6 should give them a nudge, especially if it won’t be limited to Japan.

      The Series 9 has the advantage of being cheaper and widely available, you can easily buy it right now. It’s a really good shaver for men with sensitive skin, it can handle longer, wiry hairs very well, and shaves close enough for most users. But it’s not quite as good as the top of the line Panasonic shavers. Also, I prefer Braun cleaning stations to Panasonic simply because you can remove the cleaning cartridge and store it, so they’re a lot more practical.


  2. Hi Ovidiu,
    As you may know, I am excited. Thank you for your excellent summary! I cannot wait to try this new shaver. I will buy it as soon as it becomes available or travel to Japan if travel is permitted to buy it there. Looking forward to reading your comprehensive review!

    • Hey Vasyl,

      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it if you manage to get one. Hopefully I’ll manage to find a Japanese vendor willing to ship to Europe as well.


  3. Hi Ovidiu, if the ArcG shaves anything like the push lawnmower style animation in the promotional materials, it’s going to be pretty amazing. That video shows it mowing down pretty much everything in sight versus the Arc5. Alas, slick marketing is no substitute for your upcoming thorough review of the new Arc6. But if I were to have to made a decision right now, I’m leaning toward getting the one without the cleaning station despite my desire for the USB charging case.

    • Hey Matt,

      Thank your comment, much appreciated. I’m also debating whether to get the ES-LS5A or splash out on the ES-LS9AX. Normally, I would get the former as it’s really easy to clean and quite a bit cheaper, but that case is just so practical when traveling. Anyway, I’m getting carried away here as I can’t pre-order any of them at the moment.


  4. OT

    Hi, can you help me out? I can not choose between Panasonic ES-LV67 and Panasonic ES-CV51… I can get both of them for very similiar price. Which one is better overall? Thank you!

  5. OT

    Addition to the question above about choosing between ES-LV67 and ES-CV51 – I intend to use one of the shavers to shave my head every day… I guess ES-LV67 is gonna be better due to its flexible shaving head. Am I right? Or should I go with ES-CV51 due to its better shaving comfort.


    • Hi Adam,

      For shaving the head, I think having the two rollers in addition to the foil would give the ES-CV51 a slight advantage, especially when shaving the back of your head. The compact size and reduced weight of the shaver are also a plus. I personally don’t see a significant advantage from the flexing head of the ES-LV67 as it’s a bit too springy and wobbly and I don’t feel it helps much. That said, the outer foil of the ES-CV51 will also fit the ES-LV67, so you can actually upgrade it when it’s time to replace it. I would normally recommend the ES-LV67 since it’s usually cheaper, but in this case the compact shaver also makes a lot of sense.


    • Hi Vasyl,

      I definitely plan on doing that soon; in the meantime I’ve been testing the new Series 7000 with the same angular design of the shaving heads. The review should be published during the next few days.


  6. Hi Ovidiu,
    I got a 6-blaldes Panasonic and you should get it too. In short, simply amazing.

    • Hi Vasyl,

      That only makes me even more eager to get one. Can you please tell me where did you buy it from? Amazon jp will not ship to my location, unfortunately.


      • It is too early for Amazon Japan, it could take about 6 months them to start shipping this shaver. I used a proxiservice I could not recommend them more, great service and fast shipment. I got my package faster than ordering from my local Amazon. Looking forward to reading your review.

        • I have tried fromjapan but they refused taking an order for this product for an address outside Japan. They kindly replied that the product had a wireless charging therefore it’s not permitted for selling abroad

  7. Hi Ovidiu,

    Since I live in Japan, I managed to purchase one on Amazon JP. I had to keep an eye on it for sometime till it got a slight price drop over the weekend and Amazon JP was selling it like a hot cake! Within an hour, it sold undoubtedly over 10 units and one was my order scheduling for next delivery.

    Panasonic Japan is offering 10,000 JPY cash back on the purchase until end of July I believe. This is only eligible for the two models that come with cleaning station and only for those who reside in Japan.

    Well, lets get on to the exciting part! I didn’t shave for a couple of days and been waiting for Amazon delivery. Finally it arrived on Sunday evening.

    First impression: I got the packaging opened. It comes with a black cardboard packaging written “CRAFT BLACK” on inside cover. Pretty much everything within the packaging is in black colour!
    The unit comes with a leather carrying case – I purchased the non USB charging model. The shaver is wrapped nicely within the leather carrying case.
    The shaver itself is Made in Japan but the charger and the cleaning station are Made in China.
    Cleaning station looks identical to previous models with an exception that it comes in black colour.

    First shave:
    I tried the shaver with a couple of days worth of facial hair growth. I’ve thick facial hair.
    Speaking of noise level: less or more same as previous Arc 5 models. I should comment that I’ve never had an experience to feel such a massive shaving head on my skin! it takes you some time to get used to it. Since it comes with two cutters, the shaver could manage to do the shave quicker than what I initially thought. However, I was able to smell some burning odor during the shave, which probably caused by the density of my beard.
    The feeling was quite comfortable and the shaver managed to do an outstanding job.

    First charge:
    It surprisingly gets to a full charge quicker than other shavers I had in the past! I wonder if the charging mechanism is adopted from USB C fast charging. The shaver display gets slightly warm during charging.

    Second shave:
    Hard to say but it didn’t impress me too much! I believe the older models which come with 2 rollers glide slightly better on skin. The impression I got from the second shave in terms of moving the shaver on skin was pretty much similar to older models that didn’t use to come with rollers. The single roller in the middle still helps. I’m sure it would be a tough job to shave without a roller.

    I haven’t tried the cleaning station yet, so I cannot comment on that yet.

    I doubt this shaver gets debut overseas for the time being or possibly it is not even manufactured for overseas market due to the high price and logistics or any other marketing reasons.

    I hope this helps. I’m happy to share some photos taken from the shaver during my unboxing.


    • Hi Steven,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience, much appreciated. Those are some really excellent insights. The fact that it doesn’t glide as easily as the older models is not surprising; not only does it come with a single roller, but there’s a sixth shaving element that increases the surface area that comes in contact with the skin, so the friction increases as well. Also, foil shavers tend to glide easier when your beard is longer, so that may also explain why your second shave wasn’t as good.

      I also think that it won’t be released outside of Japan. Panasonic only officially released the C revision of the Arc worldwide 5 and North America for example didn’t even get that one. So it will likely be just a niche, premium shaver with a premium price tag. But I’m really looking forward to trying it.


  8. Hi Ovidiu,

    My pleasure, happy I could share my experience with the new Panasonic Lamdash 6.

    I’m going to give it a 3rd run tomorrow morning and probably will come up with some updates regarding the shaving performance.

    I was actually at the shops tonight here in Tokyo. Panasonic put a massive display showcasing their new shaver. I also had a chance to visualise the charging case. I can definitely say, it’s such a massive carrying case for a shaver ever made! I wonder if anyone would be willing to take it on a trip. The charging case is made in Japan, I checked on that also.

    Back to the shaving head, I wonder if 6 blades physically are in contact with skin all the time. I honestly don’t believe the entire shaving head with 6 blades ever touch corners and neck area! Probably 3 to 4 blades can reach the corners. I was also reading the Japanese reviews, some people complain it’s hard to shave under nose area, in my case it all depends on your expectation. You can still get along easily under the nose area but not with 6 blades at once.

    Speaking of overseas purchase, I honestly think it’s not worth to invest that much on this shaver assuming you’re not eligible for a cash back plus spending on the shipping fees and all that. I believe owning one after the cash back would make sense but without cash back plus spending on the postage fee wouldn’t probably be an idea option. Perhaps keeping an eye on the stock and wait the cash back period over, I wonder if the price will drop down after the cash back eligibility period.


    • Awesome, looking forward to the update.

      From the press images, the charging case didn’t seem excessively large, but if it’s that massive, I would also think twice about bringing it on a trip.

      That is absolutely correct regarding the shaving head — only two, probably three foils will actually touch the skin when shaving below the nose for example. I was actually thinking about the cheeks as in my case that’s the area with the most gliding issues.

      I will still get a Lamdash 6 because I really enjoy electric shavers (Panasonic in particular), but I think most users will be better off with a second generation Arc 5 for a fraction of the price. And they can even upgrade the foils to the newer ones with the two rollers.


  9. Hi Ovidiu,

    I did another round of shaving this morning with new Lamdash 6. Overall experience was much better than yesterday! Probably, it takes some time skin gets used to the new shaver with 6 blades at a time.

    I think an Arc 5 would still be an ideal option in terms of price for regular consumers. But if Panasonic stands out as a brand and you’ve the budget for this latest model, it’s probably worth to get one and give it a try.

    Overall experience after using the new shaver for the 3rd time is positive. Putting Arc 5 and Arc 6 (Lamdash 6) side by side, I believe it takes longer to adapt the skin to new model.


    • Awesome, thank you again for taking the time to share this, Steven. Looking forward to trying it myself.


    • Hi Steven, I envy you, you can claim a rebate. I urge you to try wet shaving with a shaving cream, the shaver provides the best possible shave shaving wet. I agree with your assessment of the charging case, heavy and bulky, not sure who would want to take it on a trip. The noise level stays the same for a shaver, but a cleaning station is actually noisier and a bit bigger than the previous generation. I submitted my review to Amazon Japan, but I bought my shaver at the different store, not sure they are going to publish it.

      • Hi Vasyl,

        I haven’t started using the cleaning station yet. Most likely will set it up over the weekend. Panasonic sells a cleaning liquid which looks like dishwashing detergent, I’ve been cleaning the shaver with that under tap water and apparently it cleans quite well. I also used this cleaning solution with Braun shavers and the outcome was pretty decent.

        True, I wonder what was the idea behind this massive and bulky charging case. It looks quite well made and not that heavy (case by its own), but I don’t believe it’s going to be a perfect accompanying item on a trip since it’s oversize and bulky.
        Amazon JP is out of stock with the shaver since last time I checked. I purchased mine directly from Amazon JP and not from a third party seller.


    • Hi Vasyl,

      Excellent review, especially the part where you compare it to the previous 5-blade Panasonic models — I think that part is particularly important for the potential buyer. I’m sure the Arc 6 is an absolute beast when used with shaving cream. A USB-C charging port on the shaver itself would have been the icing on the cake. But just like you said, until then, the compact 5-blade Arc 5 is the one to get as a travel shaver if the budget allows it.


      • Thank you, Ovidiu, for your kind words. Looking forward to reading your reviews for Arc 6 and Philips 9 series, which would be more detailed and excellent, as always.

  10. Hi Vasyl,

    An excellent review indeed!

    I also wonder what Braun got to come up with. Since 2014 when it debut S9, there hasn’t been any new series in the range, I’m address S10 potentially.


    • Hi Steven,
      Thank you for your kind words. Totally agree with you, I am also curious to see what Braun brings to the table. However, I am so happy with my new Panasonic that I lost all interest in trying new shavers, at least for a little while.

  11. HI ,


    • Hi Amit,

      Try, they’re a proxy service specialized in shipping products from Japan (that normally cannot be delivered overseas).


  12. I just got the ES-LS5A and its Amazing. My only concern is replacement blades which i won’t need for a while but I do not see them for sale anywhere. I am also finally upgrading from a ES-LV61-A Arc5 from 9 years ago which is starting to not hold a charge.

    I ordered mine from and use to import it. It was significantly cheaper than buying from a reseller that imports them. I ordered it on Friday, Delivered to forward2me on Saturday. They shipped it Monday and I got it on Wednesday. If I had ordered it first thing on Monday I might have gotten it the same week.

      • Hi Khan,

        Thank you for your comment. I cannot recommend using a shaver against the manufacturer’s explicit instructions. However, some users have been shaving with gel/shaving cream cordlessly with those models since they’re waterproof. It is entirely your responsibility if you decide to shave wet.


        • Thank you Ovidiu. I understand the issue but if they are waterproof, I will certainly try using them with gel. Really appreciate your insights and reviews.



  13. I’ve been in the market for a new shaver to replace an aging Braun Series 7. Love that shaver. Had a chance to try a Panasonic Arc3 for free and wasn’t too crazy about it, but when I saw this Lamdash 6 in this article it made me curious because everyone seems to rave about the higher end Panasonic models. I picked one up from eBay as it was cheaper than the online stores I could find and some sellers accept offers too. This thing is fantastic, super close shave, not uncomfortable, no irritation. Just a joy to use. Glad I took a gamble on it, just hope I don’t have a problem finding replacement cartridges and such in the future.

    • Awesome, many thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. High-end Panasonic shavers like the Arc 5 or the Arc 6 are phenomenal in terms of sheer power and shaving performance. When switching from an older or less capable shaver the difference is usually night and day.

      Happy shaving!


  14. Thank you for your insights. I have purchased several Panasonic Arc 5s based on your reviews and I am very satisfied with them. I especially enjoy the close shave. I also use Tabac electric pre-shave Should I purchase the Arc 6? I am looking on Ebay at the Panasonic LAMDASH ES-LS9AX-K. Thank you for your blog.

    • Hi Eli,

      Thank you for the comment and for being a reader of this website. I am yet to test the Arc 6, so I’m afraid I cannot recommend it (at least for the moment) over the Arc 5. I’m not saying that it won’t be better, I’m just not certain how much of an improvement it will be, especially since you’ve been happy with the performance of your Arc 5s. I will be receiving mine in a few weeks as I had to import it from Japan via a proxy service.


  15. Hi,

    Great site, great info on the ARC/Lamdash 6 line above.

    I actually found looking for a replacement/fix for my RC9-22 cleaning station I use with my ES-LV97 shaver (more on that in a minute).

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but how much compatibility is there between replacement foils for the different ARC 5 models and between ARC 6 foils and ARC 5 shavers?

    For instance, would it be possible to replace the current 5 blade foil on my ES-LV97 with a 6 blade ES9600 or are the underlying connections on the shaver too different? They look very similar from pictures on Amazon, but can’t find pictures from different angles to really tell.

    What about a 5 blade ES9040 on a ES-LV97?

    — Other Topic —

    Like I mentioned above, I’m having trouble with my RC9-22 cleaning station that came with my ES-LV97. Actually, I’ve had two of them fail in the same way. When I press the clean button, the red Status light comes on and it will only operate in Dry mode.

    Has anyone found a fix for this issue with a RC9-22 or similar cleaning station model? I suspect the second one may have failed when I was changing cleaning fluid and overfilled the reservoir slightly. When I lowered the unit back down to the base, I suspect some of cleaning fluid came into contact with something it shouldn’t have.

    One last question (I promise). I see there is an RC9-23 that comes with the ARC/Lamdash 6 shavers. Does anyone know if Panasonic made any improvements to the RC9-23 that might make them less susceptible to failing?

    • Hi Brett,

      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

      The ES9600 foil (that comes with the Arc 6) will NOT fit an Arc 5. The size and shape of the foil frame are different. On the other hand, the ES9040 will fit your ES-LV97 perfectly. You can check out my Arc 5 foils guide as well for more details.

      Can’t say with certainty if the RC9-23 represents an improvement, in my opinion it’s pretty much the same, but slightly modified to fit the Arc 6.


      • Thanks so much Ovidiu,

        Just a couple of updates.

        I can confirm the RC9-23 appears to be an almost exact match to the RC9-22. The exceptions being the color of the outside shell being black instead of silver and the “status” light of the RC9-22 being changed to “check” on the RC9-23.

        Everything else appears to be identical – the cleaning fluid basins and power cords can be interchanged, the well for the shaving head doesn’t appear to have been modified at all for the ARC 6 units.

        The reason I have a RC9-23 is that my second RC9-22 had failed as mentioned in my comment above and the RC9-23 was the only alternative I could find on EBay in the US. For some reason, there was one for sale in New Jersey…?

        I think I read that you aren’t a fan of the cleaning stations, but I really enjoy how they leave the shaver smelling fresh and clean for each shave. Even so, having to purchase two replacement cleaning stations was making me rethink just how important that aspect was.

        As luck would have it, I stumbled across a fix for the RC9-22 units being stuck in “dry only mode” the morning after the RC9-23 arrived. I’d been cleaning my razor in the sink and using the cleaning station to charge/dry after. It had been about a week of running in dry only mode when it suddenly started working normally again.

        I was able to confirm the fix worked on my other “broken” RC9-22 unit. Running it in “dry only mode” for about the same amount of cycles got it back to working again. My theory is that however the cleaning units sensed that the fluid had been over filled, they required a number of dry cycles to be run to dry things out prior to allowing the pump to work again.

        Hopefully someone in the same situation can save themselves from buying a collection of cleaning stations like I now possess.


        • Brett, thank you so much for the follow-up.

          That’s quite an interesting solution and I’m glad you managed to fix both your stations. Definitely useful for someone facing the same issue.

          I do think Panasonic stations are really good, I just don’t really use them as often. I buy and test lots of shavers and in the case of Braun cleaning stations for example, I can simply remove the cleaning cartridge, put the cap back on and store them somewhere safe until next time. I can’t do that with a Panasonic station and the shavers are also very easy to clean with tap water and liquid soap in less than a minute. But in other circumstances, I would probably rely on the Panasonic stations more.



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