Electric Shavers: Are More Blades Better?

For the past years, we’ve witnessed an emerging trend in the production of electric shavers: more blades. This paradigm shift is familiar to most of us; we’ve seen it implemented with great success in the case of cartridge razors like the Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion. And by great success, I mean the manufacturers’ profit […]

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What’s the Best Aftershave for Electric Razors?

What's the Best Aftershave for Electric Razors?

Applying a hydrating, soothing aftershave balm is likely the most beneficial thing you can do for your skin upon completing your shave. And yes, this still applies in the case of electric razors (I wrote an extensive article detailing why following-up your shave is still necessary, even if you’re using an electric shaver). But to […]

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What’s the Quietest Electric Shaver for Men?

What's the Quietest Electric Shaver for Men?

Among the less obvious factors taken into consideration when buying an electric shaver is noise during operation. It’s also true that this aspect is rarely on top of anyone’s list of features and characteristics of a razor. But there are still cases when a quiet operation is a must, so finding an electric razor with […]

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