What’s The Best Affordable Electric Shaver (2020)?

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What’s The Best Affordable Electric Shaver (2020)?

Electric shavers are often associated with a high upfront cost. And that’s true in the case of most high-end, feature-packed models.

Another important aspect that’s also often neglected is the price of the replacement foils and blades. Usually the more complex and advanced a shaver is, the higher the cost of the replacement parts will be.

These things can make a budget-conscious buyer stay away from electric shavers altogether.

And for good reason — nobody wants to spend a ton of cash on something when there are cheaper alternatives available.

Luckily, there are several inexpensive electric razors as well that offer excellent performance and do so at a reasonable price.

In this article we’ll explore some of the best budget electric shavers out there, see what makes them suitable in certain situations and find out how to get the most out of an inexpensive shaver.

Let’s get started!

Hallmarks of an affordable but high-quality electric razor

The Braun Series 5 line.

Purchase price and cost of ownership are the two important factors to consider when you have a limited budget. Obviously, you’ll want an electric shaver that offers the best value for money.

High-end, advanced electric razors come with a very hefty price tag.

They usually provide superior performance, being fitted with powerful linear-drive motors, have multiple cutting elements and incorporate several advanced technologies (beard density sensors, speed settings, vibrating foils, advanced LCD displays and so on).

The Braun Series 9 is an example of such a shaver.

The shaving head of a Braun Series 9.

The advanced shaving head of the Braun Series 9 9290cc with its 4 cutting elements

However, not all of these technologies will contribute to the actual shaving performance — at least not to a significant degree.

For example, the speed settings and beard density sensors often turn out to be just gimmicky features in practice.

Also, 3 individual cutting elements should be enough for most users; four or five blades can be overkill, particularly in the context of shaving daily.

The inexpensive Series 3 electric shavers from Braun feature a 3 blade shaving system.

The inexpensive Series 3 electric shavers from Braun feature a 3 blade shaving system.

An automatic cleaning station is nice to have, but it adds a lot to the purchase price and most razors are easy to clean manually. The cleaning refills, particularly the ones from Braun, imply a higher cost of ownership.

Another common practice for keeping the price low is to include fewer goodies in the retail package (things like protective caps, travel cases, lubricants, and so on) or to sacrifice build quality.

We definitely don’t want a poorly built shaver, so we’ll steer clear of them.

With that said, the things that matter the most for getting a close and comfortable shave are in my opinion a reasonably powerful motor and a high-quality shaving head.

The Panasonic Arc 3 and Braun Series 3, two of the most compelling affordable shavers out there that offer great performance for the money.

The Panasonic Arc 3 and Braun Series 3, two of the most compelling affordable shavers out there that offer great performance for the money.

We’re interested in finding electric razors that offer these important features and leave out the ones that aren’t absolutely necessary.

In doing so, they manage to offer the best value for money and they represent a great compromise between cost and performance.

Let’s now check out some of the best budget razors you can buy in 2020.

What are some of the best affordable electric shavers in 2020?

1. Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S

The Panasonic ES8103S, an affordable shaver that offer excellent performance

See the price on Amazon

The Arc 3 shavers from Panasonic are in my opinion some of the best budget electric shavers as they really offer fantastic performance for the price.

If you’re interested in getting a very close and fast shave, I don’t think you can find a better option for the same money.

There are a lot of different models in the Arc 3 line, but the older ES8103S is usually the best pick due to its lower price.

If you live in the UK/Europe, getting it will probably be a lot more difficult, in which case a good alternative would be the newer, but still affordable Panasonic ES-LT2N.

The Arc 3 ES8103S is fitted with a very nippy 13 000 CPM (cycles per minute) linear-drive motor, just slightly less powerful than the range-topping Arc 5 models from Panasonic that come with 14 000 CPM units.

This, along with the sharp, high-quality blades make the ES8103S one of the best performing budget electric shavers out there.

Panasonic Arc 3 foils and blades.

Unlike the pricier Arc 4 and Arc 5 models, the Arc 3 only comes with three cutting elements. However, it is still fast enough and suitable even for a coarse beard.

A side benefit of having a less complex shaving head is the lower cost of the foils and blades set (part no WES9013PC).

Another advantage of the ES8103S (and of any other Arc 3 model in fact) is the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning a Panasonic Arc 3 is very easy.

Cleaning a Panasonic Arc 3 is very easy. Pictured here is the newer Panasonic ES-LT3N.

Since the inner blades are separated from the foil block, you have great access for a thorough cleaning. Speaking of which, you’ll only need a bit of liquid soap and you can rinse everything under warm tap water.

All Panasonic Arc 3 shavers are fully waterproof and can be safely cleaned with water or used in the shower.

There’s even a special cleaning setting, called Sonic mode, that makes the blades oscillate at a very high speed, dislodging any stubborn dirt buildups.

I can honestly say that you really don’t need a cleaning station with a Panasonic shaver — they are that easy to clean.

Finally, it is a very robust and solidly built shaver that can really take a beating. It’s also very easy to use and nimble, making it a great choice for a first time user.

As all entry-level, affordable shavers, the ES8103S works best when used daily or every other day.

Usually, cheap electric shavers don’t fare too well with longer, flat-lying hairs and you’ll have to spend a lot more money on something like a Braun Series 7 or Series 9 that can capture difficult hairs more efficiently.

Finally, if you have very sensitive skin, using a pre-shave lotion or even shaving cream may help since Panasonic razors can come across as a bit too aggressive (a small tradeoff for that excellent closeness).

If that’s the case you may be better off with a Braun Series 3 that is gentler to the skin, especially during a dry shave. And it’s cheaper as well.

2. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000s

See the price on Amazon

The Series 3 is Braun’s alternative to the Arc 3 line from Panasonic and both represent viable options for a budget-friendly electric razor.

However, they excel at different things.

While the Arc 3 models are particularly good at providing very close shaves, the Series 3 are more comfortable and more forgiving, especially during a dry shave.

This makes the Braun Series 3 a better option if you have sensitive skin.

They are also better at capturing those longer, flat-lying hairs compared to an Arc 3, even though not nearly as good as the more advanced Braun models.

The current Series 3 generation includes several variations, suitable for wet/dry and dry only operation.

Some of them even come with an automatic cleaning and charging station, like the Series 3 3050cc or 3090cc, but those are a bit pricey and we’re mainly interested in the affordable ones.

With that said, the Braun Series 3 3040s ProSkin is usually my default recommendation.

It’s often sold at a discount, it’s suitable for wet & dry use and it has a long hair trimmer (not all the Series 3 models do).

However, for the purpose of this guide, I think the Series 3 ProSkin 3000s would actually be a better pick.

While it lacks the slide-out trimmer and has a more basic battery indicator, the shaving performance is identical (it even uses the same shaving head/cassette).

However, the Braun 3000s is cheaper and it will also work corded.

These are in my opinion two important aspects.

The ability to operate a shaver corded will come in handy after years of use when the battery can’t hold a decent charge anymore.

So instead of buying a new one, you can continue using it.

As mentioned earlier, the Series 3 excels at providing a comfortable shave.

The closeness is adequate but not quite as good as the one you’ll get from a Panasonic Arc 3. In my opinion the Arc 3 will be better suited for someone that is particularly interested in getting a close shave.

Being a basic shaver, the Series 3 also works best when used on shorter stubble, so you’ll get the best results if you use it daily or every other day.

However, it does fare better than other foil shavers in its price range when used on a 3-day beard for example (it’s definitely better than the Arc 3 in this regard).

Since the 3000s is waterproof, you can also rinse it with water for easy cleaning.

You cannot use it with shaving cream since it’s a dry-only shaver though.

However, I don’t find wet shaving to improve the results in a significant manner in the case of the Series 3 (in my opinion Panasonic razors work way better with shaving cream or gel).

The replacement shaving heads for the Series 3, called cassettes, are the 32B (black) and 32S (silver).

The cassettes are usually priced lower than the foils and blades needed for an Arc 3, so the costs of ownership will be lower in the case of the Series 3.

Deciding which one to get should mainly come down to your needs (closeness vs comfort).

3. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

See the price on Amazon

The above-mentioned 3040s from the same Series 3 ProSkin line still is a solid pick.

Its main advantages over the 3000s are the integrated hair trimmer and the ability to be used in the shower or with shaving cream/gel.

The 3040s with the hair trimmer extended.

The 3040s with the hair trimmer extended.

The wet/dry operation also means that it will not work with the cord plugged in.

If that’s not a deal-breaker for you and you would rather have the slide-out trimmer and wet/dry operation, it’s definitely a solid option.

Everything else regarding the shaving performance is identical to the 3000s listed above.

Price-wise, it’s marginally more expensive than the 3000s and it uses the same 32b cassettes, so the costs of ownership will be low.

4. Braun Series 5 5018s

Braun Series 5 5018s

See the price on Amazon

In early 2020, Braun released three new lines of shavers (initially only in the USA and Canada).

Fortunately, they will be available in Europe as well (starting in July).

Among those newly released models, there’s a new Series 5 as well which is also the most reasonably priced of the 3.

While it’s a complete departure from the existing Series 5 shavers, the new models are a lot cheaper and offer very decent performance.

No, they’re not as good as the old Series 5 like the 5190cc or 5145s, but for the money, definitely good enough.

The Series 5 5018s is the most affordable model and the one I would actually recommend (in Europe, the model name is Series 5 50-B1200s).

Performance-wise, I find it pretty much identical to the Series 3 ProSkin 3000s or 3040s, so the Series 5 in its name is a bit misleading.

So it’s more like a redesigned, glorified Series 3.

But again, given the price point, it’s not really a bad thing.

Just like the Series 3, the 5018s is comfortable during use and will provide a reasonably close shave.

It’s a wet/dry model, so it will only work cordless.

Its selling point is a so-called EasyClean system that allows you to clean the shaving head without removing it.

Rinsing the shaver using the EasyClean cutout.

Rinsing the shaver using the EasyClean cutout.

In practice, it’s not nearly as effective as advertised and I would actually recommend you to remove the head and clean it thoroughly since it only takes seconds to do so.

The Series 5 5018s doesn’t have an integrated hair trimmer, but it comes with a separate attachment that you must use instead of the regular foil head.

The trimmer of the 5018s.

It’s really handy if you need to pre-trim your beard before shaving. It’s definitely better at it than the integrated trimmer of the Series 3.

To summarize, the Braun Series 5 5018s is an affordable, comfortable electric shaver that would be a suitable choice for users that are more interested in comfort than closeness.

For more details, you can check out my review of it as well.

5. Philips Norelco Shaver 3000 (S3310/81)

Philips Norelco 3100

See the price on Amazon

This particular model is one of the best-selling rotary razors, the main reason for that being its low price.

The Shaver 3000 from Philips (Norelco) is a bare-bones shaver, suitable for dry only use that can be a great option in several situations.

First of all, entry-level rotary shavers are usually better than entry-level foil shavers at capturing longer, flat-lying hairs.

The three shaving heads of the Philips Norelco Series 3000

The three shaving heads of the Philips Norelco Shaver 3000

During my review of the Shaver 3000 I also found this to be true and it actually performed surprisingly well in that regard.

It’s pretty comfortable too, though not as good as a Braun Series 3. So if you have sensitive skin, you may want to consider the Series 3 instead.

Being a rotary razor, the Norelco Shaver 3000 is very quiet compared to a foil-based shaver.

Since it’s suitable for dry operation only, you can also shave while the razor is charging.

Charging takes quite a lot though, requiring more than 6 hours to go from 0 to fully charged (although Philips claims 8 hours).

This model uses the SH30/52 replacement shaving heads and again they cost pretty much the same as the ones needed for a Panasonic Arc 3 or a Braun Series 3.

As for the downsides, rotary razors don’t shave as close as most other foil shavers, at least that was my experience.

So if closeness is very important to you, a foil shaver should be considered instead.

If however you’ve decided to stick to rotary shavers and also want a better performing one, the Philips Norelco 6100 is probably the best option out there that won’t break the bank (it is more expensive than the Shaver 3000 though).

TIP: There’s a newer model called Philips Norelco Shaver 2500 S1311/82. It comes with an updated design and uses the same cutters, so the performance will be identical.

However, since charging only takes one hour, I actually recommend it over the shaver 3000 (it also works with the cord plugged in).

The shavers featured so far can be bought at a very reasonable price.

There are cheaper shavers out there as well, including travel shavers, but after using some of them I highly recommend you to stick to the ones presented here and don’t go any lower as your shaving experience will likely suffer.

It’s simply not worth the few extra dollars you’ll be saving.

Now, this guide was about finding inexpensive electric shavers that offer the best value for money. But inexpensive is a relative term and it can mean different things to different people.

With that said, the next shaver costs more than the previous models in this list but still remains affordable in my opinion.

Depending on the situation, it will provide superior results and will be worth the extra money.

6. Braun Series 5 5145s

See the price on Amazon

The original Series 5 from Braun is in my opinion the entry point to Braun’s high-quality shavers (not to be confused with the 2020 Series 5 like the 5018s at number 4 in this list).

The performance leap from the Series 3 is significant.

This comes as no surprise since the Series 5 is basically a more cost-effective Series 7 without the bells and whistles (speed settings, vibrating foils).

The shaving heads of the two are also almost identical:

Braun Series 5 (left) vs Series 7 (right)

Braun Series 5 (left) vs Series 7 (right)

There are quite a few Series 5 models available to buy; the differences include color, accessories, wet/dry or dry only operation and, of course, price.

Since the actual shaving performance will be the same throughout the entire line, we’ll focus on the most affordable models.

The Series 5145s is usually priced lower than the other variations and it’s therefore our pick.

The Series 5 is remarkably comfortable and forgiving, ideal for men with sensitive, irritation-prone skin.

The 5145s is suitable for wet & dry operation, but I would stick to using it dry as it’s already very comfortable and adding a shaving cream won’t really improve the closeness.

Speaking of which, I found it to be quite good and most men will be perfectly satisfied with the results.

Again, a similarly priced shaver from Panasonic like the Arc 4 will get you a closer shave, but at the expense of being less comfortable.

The Series 5 fares very well with longer, flat-lying hairs, especially the ones on the neck.

Foil shavers are usually pretty bad at this, but Braun’s specially designed cutters work great and manage to capture stubborn hairs very efficiently.

This means that you’ll be able to shave less often with the Series 5 and still get very good results.

The Series 5 uses the 51s (silver) and 51b (black) replacement shaving heads. They aren’t as cheap as the ones used by the Series 3 for example, but still cost a lot less than the parts needed for high-end shavers.

To keep the price low, the 5145s doesn’t come with a cleaning station, which means that you’ll have to clean it manually after every use.

And that can be a bit fiddly in the case of Braun shavers since the blades and foils are merged into a single unit that offers minimal access for effective cleaning. That’s pretty much the only real downside of the Series 5.

You can get it with a cleaning station as well in the form of the 5090cc/5190cc, but you’ll have to spend more money on that one.

How to get the most out of an inexpensive electric shaver

Once you’ve settled on a particular razor, it’s now time to put it to good use.

Here are a few easy, but very effective tips for shaving on a budget.

Try to shave more often.

As mentioned throughout this guide, entry-level razors can have some trouble with difficult facial hair. I’m talking of course about hairs that grow parallel to the skin and in different directions.

To minimize this shortcoming, try to shave while your whiskers are relatively short (less than 2mm). I mentioned shaving daily or every other day, but it really depends on how fast your beard grows.

If you have light to medium facial hair you can get away with a few days between shaving sessions.

Use a pre-shave lotion or a quality shaving cream.

Pre-shave lotions are inexpensive and also very effective in most cases.

Pre electric lotion.

They cause the hairs to stand upright, making it easier for the shaver to capture them and overall contribute to a smoother and closer shave.

It only takes seconds to apply a pre-shave, but it can really improve the performance of a basic electric shaver.

My current favorite is the Speick Pre Electric Shave Lotion and it’s a great addition to my dry shave routine.

The other option would be a shaving cream if your razor is suitable for wet/dry operation. I know most men prefer to shave dry for the convenience, but wet shaving can be a great option for someone with very sensitive skin for example.

Panasonic shavers work particularly well with shaving cream in my experience, so if you have one give it a try and see how it goes.

Clean and lubricate your shaver regularly.

This is something you should be doing regardless if you have a cheap or a high-end electric razor.

Cleaning the an electric shaver.

Hairs, dead skin and dirt buildups will definitely reduce the efficiency of the cutters and they will also wear out faster.

Lastly, not maintaining a proper hygiene of your shaver is a surefire way to infections.

Regular cleaning and lubrication will prolong the life of the foils and blades while ensuring that your machine performs as it should.

Having to replace the shaving head more often pretty much defies the whole purpose of owning a budget shaver.

Most modern electric razors can be easily cleaned with liquid soap and warm tap water. Your user manual should include detailed instructions on how to perform a thorough cleaning.

Make sure your razor is charged.

You’ll want to take advantage of all the power of the motor as you’ll generally experience a performance drop when the battery is almost out of juice.

Charging the Braun Series 5 5018s.

Not all electric razors can maintain peak power when the battery is drained and this is when tugging and pulling may occur.

Modern Li-ion batteries aren’t affected by memory effect anymore, so you can charge your shaver as often as you need without any worries.

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    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author


      In the section on lubrication, I also link to an in-depth guide that includes information about the products you can use (and links to buy them).


  1. William White

    I found your site while looking for a replacement for my Braun MicroScreen shaver. I have been happy with it’s performance but can’t get foils for it any more so will have to change.

    What would you suggest? I have an average fairish hair, try to shave every other day and wouldn’t want to wet shave.

    It’s hard to choose a shave isn’t something you can return to the store if it doesn’t suite.

    Thanks for the great info.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Will,

      Thank you for your comment. Was your previous Braun shaver by any means a single foil Series 1? MicroScreen is a really generic term and it would be helpful to know. But in case it’s a Series 1 or other similar shaver, I think a Braun Series 3 would good enough. I would choose the 3000s since it’s usually the cheapest model and it will also work corded.


      1. William White

        Thank you for a personal reply
        I realize I’ve given you duff info. My old shaver is a Remington model no MS2 something – I can’t just remember what – with two small foils and cutters. The replacement was part no SP69 MicroScreen2

        Does the Braun 3000 have a pop-out trimmer at all? The old Remington does and it’s handy sometimes round my ears or on the odd long hair.

        Thanks again for trying to help

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          No problem, Will. I’ve actually owned an MS2-390 many years ago. I think I’ve recently seen replacement foils as well (Amazon or eBay) if you are still considering it. The Braun Series 3 3000s does not have a trimmer at all, but other models do. The 3040s is probably the one to get as it’s widely available and includes a trimmer. It’s a slide-out trimmer that you can use for some minor touch-ups and like you said, for cutting those stray hairs.


  2. Philip Buxton

    I am looking to buy ARC 3 LT41 or ES8103 both models which you recommend. These do not seem to be available anywhere in UK . ARE THERE EQUIVALENT MODELS MORE READILY AVAILABLE IN UK do you know?

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      From the Arc 3 line you can check out the ES-LL21 or ES-LT2N, those are usually available in the UK for a similar price. Other older (and cheaper) Arc 3 models in the UK come with less powerful motors, so I wouldn’t consider them.


  3. Andy

    Hi Ovidiu

    I was interested in the ‘Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000s’ you mention. But I really like a Wet/Dry shaver.

    I see you recommend the ‘Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s’ – But how about the ‘Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s’ that’s Wet/Dry? Is it effectively a Wet/Dry variant on the ‘Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000s’ ?

    Looking for a new Electic due to Philips heads being nearly the price of a new shaver – and the Philips I have not being a patch on my old rotary Remington 🙁

    However, reading your comments I think I might move away from Rotaries 🙂

    Thanks, Andy

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Andy,

      That is correct, the 3010s is basically a wet/dry variant of the 3000s. Also, the 3040s is basically a 3010s with a long hair trimmer (that slides out).


      1. Andy

        Thanks Ovidiu – So you’d recommend the 3010s as a good budget shaver for sensitive skin? I’ve seen if for approx £40 which seems a good deal.

        Also, there seem to be both a ‘Braun Series 3 310’ and a ‘Braun Series 3010s’, with the ‘Braun Series 3 310’ being cheaper – I can see in pics that they are different – Annoyingly similar names – Confusing

        1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

          You are very welcome. Yes, in that prince range I doubt you’ll find a better shaver for sensitive skin. The 3010s is a Series 3 ProSkin model, basically a 3010 with a nicer design and a slightly different design of the foils, but overall very similar performance-wise.


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