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What’s The Best Foil Shaver (2019)? A Complete Guide

What's The Best Foil Shaver (2019)? A Complete Guide

Switching to electric shavers can offer quite a few benefits — convenience and comfort being among the most compelling ones. Electric razors, as you probably know, come in two flavors: foil and rotary. Personal preference aside, there are some specific advantages to using one or the other. In this article I’ll go over what I consider to […]

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What’s the Quietest Electric Shaver for Men?

What's the Quietest Electric Shaver for Men?

Among the less obvious factors taken into consideration when buying an electric shaver is quietness during operation. It’s also true that this aspect is rarely on top of anyone’s list of features and characteristics of a razor. But there are still cases when a quiet operation is a must, so finding an electric razor with […]

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