A collection of useful, practical tips that will improve your shaving experience with an electric razor.

My Electric Shaver Doesn’t Shave – What to do?

I’ve seen this statement pop-up on message boards and comment sections quite often and usually all electric shavers get an unfair, collective bashing. And I say unfair because in the vast majority of these cases the culprit for the sub-par performance of the shaver can be objectively pinpointed and fixed. The typical scenario involves a […]

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Posted in Tips on March 21, 2017

How to Eliminate Razor Burn and Irritation from Electric Shavers

While some men can get away with anything when it comes to shaving, some of us aren’t that lucky. Razor burn is that burning sensation that follows soon after completing a shave and is usually associated with redness and even swelling. While razor burn affects mostly men who shave frequently with a razor blade, it can […]

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Posted in Tips on December 14, 2016

How to Lubricate an Electric Razor

Alongside cleaning, lubrication is a key aspect in prolonging the life of your razor and ensuring optimal performance. Just like your car’s engine needs oil for lubricating the moving parts and reducing the wear, so does your electric razor. In order to provide a close shave, the blades, foils and metal guards of your electric razor […]

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Posted in Tips on November 4, 2016
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