Shaving with an Electric Razor for the First Time: What You Need to Know

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Shaving with an Electric Razor for the First Time: what you need to know

If you’ve never used an electric shaver before, but plan on doing so soon, then this article is for you. After choosing your first razor, it’s now the time to actually use it.

But before that, put down your razor and read this short list of simple, but important things to keep in mind.

8 simple tips for first time users

1. Be patient and careful, just like you would be when using a double edge razor.

I think the vast majority of bad experiences when first using an electric shaver come from the unrealistic expectations of the user.

Just because it doesn’t have an exposed cutting edge it doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you or that it’s infinitely forgiving. Usually the main cause is applying excessive pressure and going over an area multiple times.

Even though the cutters are covered by a protective foil, they can still cause serious irritation and pain. The fact that some of them get hot during prolonged use doesn’t help either.

2. Don’t try to get a close shave.

Focus on your technique instead. Your first shaving sessions should be about getting used to the new razor and minimizing the potential discomfort.

3. Don’t skip post-shave treatment.

Again, just because you’re not using a blade anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow up with a hydrating after shave balm. Thin layers of skin cells are still being shaved off (although not to the same extent) and your face remains vulnerable and prone to irritation.

Make sure to use a quality, hydrating and soothing balm. Avoid the ones containing alcohol, they just sting and dry your skin.

4. Handle your razor with care as foils and cutters can be easily damaged.

Bumping them on the sink or using hard objects for cleaning will likely damage these parts and you’ll have to buy new ones. And yes, they can be pricey.

5. You may need to give your skin more time to heal between shaving sessions.

In every user guide that comes with an electric razor there is a section saying that it takes a few weeks for your skin to adapt to the new way of shaving.

In other words, the first month or so won’t be a joy ride. Not only because it is a different way of shaving, but because you are more likely to make mistakes (like the ones mentioned above).

During this time you may need to increase the time between shavings to at least two days. This simple tweak will make this transition go smoother.

6. Make sure the razor is fully charged.

It is so easy to overlook this one. A brand new shaver will have just enough power to turn on, but most of them can’t maintain peak performance when the battery is almost drained.

Because of this, it won’t cut as efficiently, you’ll be tempted to apply more pressure and to do more passes; also, some tugging and pulling are likely to happen in this case.

7. Stick with it.

Again, these first few weeks won’t be a delight for some and you may even be a bit disappointed at first. The comfort, the closeness of the shave or even the time it takes to complete a shave may not meet your expectations.

But before deciding to give up and return the razor, remember that it takes time for these things to improve. Electric shaving has some undeniable benefits and you will eventually get there.

8. Check out our extensive tips for dry and wet electric shaving.

Besides these points that are specifically geared towards absolute beginners, there are some general rules of thumb that will vastly improve the comfort and closeness of your shave. They’re easy to implement and will make a big difference. Definitely check them out.

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