How to take care of your electric razor: 5 tips to keep it running like new

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How to take care of your electric razor: 5 tips to keep it running like new

Maintaining your electric razor in top working condition is great for both your wallet and your skin. Even though the initial purchase price is rather high when compared to a classic razor, it definitely can be a very good investment in the long run.

If given proper care, an electric razor will last for many years. With a few vital, but easy to implement steps you can definitely achieve this.

Here are our top 5 tips for taking care of your razor the right way:

1. Clean your razor.

This is the single most important thing you can do. Really. Nothing damages the blades and foil of an electric shaver more than build-ups of hair, dead skin, dirt and other nasty things that also form an environment where bacteria will thrive.

This debris will also clog your razor, putting more stress on the motor and the shaver won’t cut the hair efficiently, leading to pulling and tugging.

A clean, sanitized razor will provide closer and smoother shaves and will greatly reduce the risk of bacteria infecting the skin.

If your razor doesn’t have an automatic cleaning station, you should give it a proper cleaning after each use according to your shaver’s user manual. Also, make sure all the parts are completely dry before putting the shaver together and storing it in a cabinet.

Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer when cleaning the razor as it can be easily damaged.

2. Lubricate your razor.

The friction of the cutting blades against the foil or guards will lead to more wear and you’ll need to replace those parts sooner than expected.

Also, this friction can also generate excessive heat, causing irritation and discomfort. There is a very simple fix to this problem: lubricate the cutting blades with a drop or two of fine machine oil before shaving.

Some manufacturers — like Braun for example — will actually include a small bottle of lubricant in the package.

3. Handle with care.

While most electric shavers are very sturdy and built to last, their cutting assembly is very fragile and can be easily damaged.

The blades and foils are very sensitive to mechanical shock; for example, you should never tap the razor on the sink to remove residue or use any harsh method to clean the cutting blades or screen which is particularly fragile.

Always use the protective cap  and take all the necessary precautions.

4. Prolong the shaver’s battery life.

The life span and performance of a Li-Ion battery (the most widely used type) can be altered by how you charge your razor. It is recommended to drain the battery as much as possible before fully charging it again; you should discharge the battery completely at least once every month.

Remember that a Li-Ion battery has a finite number of charging cycles. Therefore, you should use the razor’s quick charge function only when you really have to.

You should never leave it plugged in after the charging is complete as it will eventually lead to voltage depression and (to a small extent) memory effect. In other words, the battery capacity will be reduced. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to correctly charge your razor.

Please note that you should never shave when the battery is almost out of juice. The motor won’t be functioning at peak performance and will have a negative impact on the shaving experience. Pulling and tugging can definitely occur in this situation and you’ll also be tempted to apply more pressure and go over the same area multiple times.

5. Replace the cutters and/or foil.

Regardless if you’re using a rotary or foil razor, the cutting bits will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. Failing to do so will result in poor performance. Never try to squeeze another shave or two from a dull blade or worn foils.

Depending on your shaving habits and your particular shaver, these parts will usually need to be replaced once every year or so. Always buy the original parts recommended by the manufacturer for your particular product.

An important aspect to be considered when purchasing an electric razor is the cost of these parts. Some of them can be quite expensive at more than 50% of the price of the shaver, so you should definitely do some research prior to buying a razor. The running cost is something that can be easily neglected.

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