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What’s the Best Electric Shaver for the Neck Area?

The neck area has always been the Nemesis of a good shave for many men, myself included. More often than not the neck plays a major part in the unpleasant side of shaving: rashes, razor burn, ingrown hairs, irritation. Electric shavers add yet another dimension to the problem: stubborn, stray hairs that are left behind even […]

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What’s the Best Travel Electric Razor?

Electric razors are arguably the best option for shaving on the go: they’re practical, portable and fuss-free to operate. But mobile shavers also exhibit some specific limitations, so choosing the right travel electric razor must take into account various aspects. In this article we’ll take a look at what makes a good travel razor and what […]

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The Best Wet Dry Electric Razor: A Complete Guide

  Electric razors can offer quite a few benefits, with convenience, comfort and cost savings being among the most compelling ones. A wet dry electric razor can further improve these aspects and make things that much easier for us. Moreover, they can be used with a shaving cream or even in the shower, leading to […]

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What’s the Closest Shaving Electric Razor?

This pretty straight forward inquiry is one that pops up in pretty much every discussion related to electric shaving. And there’s really no surprise in that; after all, don’t we all just want a close and comfortable shave? Switching to an electric shaver means making some sort of a compromise; we’re trading off a bit […]

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