What’s The Best Head Shaver (2018)? Our Top Picks For a Smooth Shave

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What’s The Best Head Shaver (2018)? Our Top Picks For a Smooth Shave

A shaved head can look great. Not to mention the coolness factor and the practical side of things: no more bad hair days or styling products. And the ladies seem to dig bald heads. Just ask Jason Statham.

Sporting a bald head can make you look very sharp; forget about comb-overs, hair pieces or other stuff that will just make you look ridiculous.

Whether you have a full mane and shave your head just for the looks or it’s because your hair is really starting to get thinner, once you’ve embraced your baldness you’ll need a proper tool to do the actual shaving.

Choosing the best head shaver for your particular case is quite important since you’ll be shaving the dome quite often. It will be part of your (almost) daily routine.

Most men can get away with shaving their head every two to three days, but that’s still a lot shaving.

Even though there are some very capable blade shavers out there, we are going to address just the electric head shavers in this article.

Some may disagree, but I consider them to be safer, more comfortable and more practical, even though a blade will get you the closest possible shave.

But with some careful planning and informed decisions, a quality electric head shaver will get pretty close performance-wise and the results will satisfy most men.

Shaving the head vs shaving the face

Before going any further, it’s very important to understand a couple of key differences between shaving your face and shaving your head.

First of all, the surface of the head is a large, spherical area; in contrast, your face has (almost) flat surfaces — your cheeks and neck. Secondly, you can’t always see what you’re doing when shaving your head and you have to reach behind your head in a pretty awkward position.

Taking into account these specific differences, the best electric head shaver will ideally be able to cover large areas and conform to the spherical shape of the head; at the same time, it will have to be designed in such a manner that holding it will allow you to easily reach behind your head.

The ergonomics and ease of use are even more important for this type of shaver. Remember that the area to be shaved is pretty large and can be difficult to reach everywhere; again, this is something that you’ll be doing pretty often.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the qualities that a shaver must posses in order to be effective at shaving the head, let’s take a close look at some of the best electric shavers for bald heads.

What are the best electric head shavers?

1. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

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The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart seems to tick all the right boxes. It has 5 rotary shaving heads that flex individually and adjust to the spherical surface of the head.

The main advantage of this razor is the design of the handle; it allows you to hold it with the palm facing your head, making it supremely comfortable and easy to use.

No other shaver with a conventional grip can match the Skull Shaver when it comes to shaving your head. You can use it with circular motions, covering large areas in a short time.

It is easy to clean and the replacement blades are relatively inexpensive.

Shaving with the Skull Shaver is extremely easy

Shaving with the Skull Shaver is extremely easy.

While the Skull Shaver will get the job done, it’s not the best shaver out there to be used on your face as well.

If you choose it as your head shaver, I would recommend having a dedicated shaver just for your face.

Due to its ergonomic design, the Skull Shaver is pretty much in a league of its own.

You may however choose to go for a different one, maybe a more versatile razor that can be successfully used for your face as well.

In this case, the ergonomic factor is pretty much the same for all electric shavers when they’re being used for shaving the head.

The type of the razor — foil or rotary — depends entirely on your personal preference. Both of them can be successfully used for shaving the face and head.

However, I strongly recommend going for a more capable shaver. That doesn’t necessarily mean a very expensive one, but since it’ll have to shave a large area, it must have a fast motor and plenty of cutting power.

Going for a shaver with more cutting elements that can move independently and can easily conform to the surface that’s being shaved is a good starting point.

2. Remington XR1400 Verso

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This one is a very interesting and quirky electric shaver from Remington.

Unlike the Skull Shaver, this one is just a regular electric razor intended for your face. But because of the unconventional grip, it is an ideal machine for shaving your head.

Being a triple head rotary shaver, the XR1400 Verso can cover large areas and adapt easily to the surface of the head.

It’s suitable for wet/dry operation, so you can grab your favorite shaving cream for a closer and more comfortable shave.

The Remington XR1400 Verso also comes with two useful attachments, a facial cleaning brush and a beard trimmer. You can swap them easily depending on your needs.

3. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4


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In the foil camp, we have the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 that’s been getting a lot of praise for being an extremely capable electric razor for shaving the head as well.

It has 4 individual blades that form a large shaving head, ideal for covering large areas.

Panasonic’s 30 degree nano blades are one of the best in business and the motor powering them is a very fast 14 000 CPM (cycles per minute) unit.

It can be used for both wet and dry shaving and can also come with a cleaning and charging station in the form of Panasonic ES-LA93-K (other than that and the color scheme they are identical).

Another more budget friendly option would be the Panasonic ES8243A Arc 4 that is still a very capable razor and will work great for the face and head. It also has 4 cutting blades and a slightly less powerful 13 000 CPM motor.

To keep the price low, the shaving head’s flexing capabilities aren’t as advanced and Panasonic also ditched the second motor of the ES-LA63-S that causes the foils to vibrate and capture flat lying hairs.

4. Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5

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If your budget allows it, you can go for a Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S that features a massive 5 blade shaving head and it’s one of the fastest electric shavers you can currently buy.

As expected, it works great for maintaining a bald head.

The shaving head can flex in many directions and maintain constant contact with the surface of the head, while the sharp blades and powerful motor will ensure a fast and close shave.

However, keep in mind that the Arc 5 is more expensive than an Arc 4 and for most men the 4 blades on the Arc 4 will be more than enough for the job.

5. Philips Norelco 6100

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A rotary shaver has the advantage of using circular motions when shaving, thus covering larger areas in less time.

Philips Norelco 6100 is a very solid option; it is reasonably priced, has contour-following capabilities and three cutting heads that adjust to the surface that’s being shaved. You can read our full of the 6100 here.

6. Philips Norelco 8900


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If however your budget allows it and you want one of the best rotary shavers, the Philips Norelco 8900 is the one to have. The contour-following system allows it to flex outward, pivot and tilt, while the advanced shaving heads are extremely effective at covering large areas fast.

These features make the Norelco 8900 one of the best shavers for your head and your face. In fact, I would say that its performance matches the one of the much more expensive Norelco shavers from the Series 9000, like the 9300 and 9700.

It can be used for wet and dry shaving and comes in two variations, with or without an automatic cleaning station.

Final word — choosing the best head shaver

There are of course other razors out there that will also work very well for head shaving; choosing one comes down to budget, technology used (foil or rotary) and capabilities. This article aims at helping you narrow down your options.

When choosing what should be the best head shaver, make sure you’re taking into account the specific qualities of the razor outlined in this post.

Some of the options are a bit expensive, but in the long run the higher price of a more capable and comfortable razor is well worth it. Just think about all the money you’ll be saving from not getting  haircuts anymore.

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  1. Mark Andrews

    I really like how the bald eagle smart operates but it just doesn’t cut close enough on my head for me. Guess I will keep looking.

  2. G. Shinall

    Bald eagle great shaver but poor design. Had two both stop working after 3 shaves . Great idea but does not work WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      That’s quite unfortunate. The warranty should nevertheless cover it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Mike

    I too had the skull shaver and like the 1000’s of reviews online, it stopped working and the customer service was rude to me. I am sorry to say that this type of experience still goes on today.

    1. Ovidiu Nicolae Post author

      Hi Mike, thank you for your comment. Can you provide more details on your problem and what exactly was the position of the customer service regarding your request? I will update the post and try to provide a better alternative if this is still the case today with the Skull Shaver.


  4. Dene

    Hi Guys

    I, too, had the same issue with Skull shaver. Worked great for a few weeks then suddenly was n’t – motor kicked in and out, motor working but not rotating heads etc – a mess really 🙁


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