What’s the Best Electric Shaver Under $100? Tips for Shaving on a Budget

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What's the Best Electric Shaver Under $100? Tips for Shaving on a Budget

Almost all electric shaver reviews you’ll come across will be primarily focused on the performance of the razors and the technologies they include. And this is without a doubt a key aspect to consider when buying an electric shaver, but often time they seem to neglect another very important topic: purchase price and running costs.

Cost and performance ratio or value for money are things you definitely must consider when trying to decide what’s the best electric shaver under $100 that will suit most of your needs. Later into this article you’ll also find a list of our favorite shavers in this price category.

A higher price tag usually means better quality, better performance and better reliability. And this is generally true for electric razors as well — but we have to put things into perspective.

First, you have to decide if the additional features of an expensive shaver are really worth the extra money.

Second, you must decide if you actually need them. Finding the best shaver is actually a matter of finding the right shaver for a particular situation, and this also includes budget constraints.

For example, let’s look at the Braun Series 9 or the Arc 5 from Panasonic; two fantastic shavers that will satisfy pretty much anyone. The downside is that they come with a price tag that matches their greatness. And this is when you must audit your requirements for an electric shaver.

For example, do you really need a cleaning station? Sure, it’s nice and convenient, but not absolutely necessary; almost all electric razors can be easily cleaned with a bit of liquid soap under running tap water.

Razors that don’t come with a cleaning and charging dock are significantly cheaper to buy and run as you won’t be needing any cleaning cartridges — and they tend to be pretty expensive over time.

The same goes for complex LCD displays, shaving heads that pivot on all axes or an unusually large number of blades and features.

I will say it again, I think these features are beneficial and definitely welcome, but not always necessary, especially in the context of finding the best electric shaver under $100 where compromises must be made to stay within your budget.

What’s the best electric shaver under $100?

Having said that, there are some excellent electric razors out there that will offer great performance and won’t break the bank. Without further ado, here are some of the best electric shavers under 100 dollars:

1. Panasonic ES8243A

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The Panasonic ES8243A is an excellent electric shaver that offers fantastic value for money. This razor is capable of providing close and comfortable shaves, has a 4 blade cutting system (usually found on more expensive shavers), a powerful motor and excellent build quality.

Powered by a very fast 13000 CPM motor and featuring a large 4-blade cutting head, it is without a doubt one of the more capable shavers in this list and a personal favorite of ours.

It performs great when used both wet and dry and is also an excellent choice for men with sensitive skin. All of these make the ES8243A probably the best electric shaver under 100 dollars you can buy today. [Read full review]

2. Braun Series 3 3040s ProSkin

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One of Braun’s best selling models, the Series 3 3040s offers wet & dry shaving capabilities, very good build quality and close, smooth shaves.

Apart from the reasonable purchase price, another aspect worth mentioning is the quality and durability of the replacement parts; they are inexpensive and will last longer than other products in this price range. [Read full review]

3. Braun Series 3 3050cc ProSkin

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If you want the convenience of a cleaning station, it’s difficult to find a better package then the Braun Series 3 3050cc at an affordable price.

Part of Braun’s refreshed Series 3, the 3050cc is identical in terms of performance with the 3040s listed above, but it can only be used for dry shaving and comes with Braun’s excellent Clean & Renew station.

It’s a great shaver for every day use that offers close and comfortable shaves and low running costs. You can also read our full review of the 3050cc here.

4. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

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The second Panasonic in our list is the ES8103S Arc3, one of the company’s bestselling models.

And it’s easy to see why this particular razor is so popular: it is very affordable, it offers excellent wet & dry performance, has robust build quality and features Panasonic’s hypoallergenic Nano Blades and a powerful 13000 CPM motor.

It is an excellent choice for a budget shaver that will get the job done without any problems, especially when used for daily shaving. [Read full review]

5. Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

norelco 6100

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One of the best selling rotary shavers in this price range, the Philips Norelco 6100 has contour-following capabilities with its Gyroflex 2D system and is equipped with cutting heads that can tackle both short and longer stubble.

It can be used dry or with a shaving cream and provides close and comfortable shaves. It’s also a great option for shaving the head. [Read full review]

Tips for making the most out of your budget shaver

As I previously said, a more expensive shaver will usually provide better performance. Therefore, we must somehow try to compensate the shortcomings of a less capable shaver. In our case, shavers that cost less than $100.

Here are a few easy to follow, but very effective tweaks that you can implement right away:

  1. Shave more often (daily if possible). Premium shavers feature powerful motors, more blades and even specially designed slit foils for dealing with longer hair. They also include some sort of mechanism for lifting and catching stray or flat lying hair. Shaving daily will allow you to bypass some of these potential problems. If your facial hair is too long after a few days of growth just use a regular trimmer to cut it to a more manageable length prior to shaving.
  2. Use an electric pre-shave lotion or powder. Again, reasonably priced shavers (in our case under $100) can’t match the closeness and comfort of top of the line razors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to include a pre-shave product in your routine. They are inexpensive and will yield better results for most men.
  3. Give wet shaving a try. A quality shaving cream can make a mediocre electric shaver perform significantly better; any improvements in closeness and comfort are welcome.
  4. Make sure your razor is properly charged. You’ll want to take advantage of all the power of the motor as you’ll generally experience a drop in power when the battery is almost out of juice. Not all the razors can maintain peak performance when the battery is almost drained and this is when tugging and pulling may occur.
  5. Clean your razor after every use. This one is highly recommended for any shaver, regardless of its price. Hair, dead skin and dirt buildups will definitely reduce the efficiency of the cutters and they will also wear faster. Lastly, not maintaining a proper hygiene of your shaver is a surefire way to infections.

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